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Pearson Education Limited, Edinburgh Gate Harlow . Essex CM20 2JE England, and Associated Companies throughout the world . ISBN 978 1 4082 6404 1, This edition first published by Pearson Education Ltd 2012. 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2, Text copyright Izabella Hearn 2012. Illustrations by Alek Sotirovski, The moral rights of the author have been asserted in accordance with.
the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, Set in 12 5 16 5pt A Garamond. Printed in China, All rights reserved no part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a. retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical . photocopying recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers . Published by Pearson Education Ltd in association with Penguin Books Ltd both. companies being subsidiaries of Pearson PLC, The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their. photographs , Key b bottom c centre l left r right t top . Alamy Images Peter Barritt 12 Danita Delimont 22b Corbis Aurora Photos Andy Richter 16t . DLILLC 17b epa Jon Hrusa 10b Jake Warga 16b Fotolia com Kitch Bain 4br Eric Issel e 22tl 22tr . Bastian Linder 4bl Christian Musat 22tc Getty Images Globio Gerry Ellis 11 Ralph Lee Hopkins. 5b Visuals Unlimited Inc Adam Jones 4t Photolibrary com Radius Images 5t Reuters Radu. Sigheti 17t The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 10t. All other images Pearson Education, Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders and we apologise in advance for any.
unintentional omissions We would be pleased to insert the appropriate acknowledgement in any. subsequent edition of this publication , For a complete list of the titles available in the Penguin Active Reading series please go to www . penguinreaders com Alternatively write to your local Pearson Longman office or to Penguin Readers. Marketing Department Pearson Education Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England . B 5 B5 B B B 3 LQGG 30, African Safari, Izabella Hearn. Series Editors Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter, B 5 B5 B B B 0 LQGG . PENGUIN LEVEL 1, African Safari ACTIVE 1 PENGUIN ACTIVE READING. Izabella Hearn, PENGUIN ACTIVE READING, British English.
300 headwords African Safari, Contemporary, Izabella Hearn. Adam and Lily are on holiday in Africa They want to see. the animals the Big Five But one person in their group A1. is not very happy or very friendly Who is she What is. she doing in Kenya What is her problem , African Safari. Number of words excluding activities 1 980, Series Editors Jocelyn Potter and Andy Hopkins. For correlations to English Language Teaching exams . please visit www penguinreaders com, Izabella Hearn. Penguin Active Reading provides reading and language. learning at five levels through full colour beautifully. illustrated Readers As well as enjoyable stories and texts . each book provides a range of integrated activities designed. to develop reading skills and consolidate vocabulary and. offers personalised project work Each book is supported. by an interactive CD ROM which contains additional. activities and the complete audio recording , Easystarts 200 headwords.
Level 1 300 headwords Beginner, Level 2 600 headwords Elementary. Level 3 1200 headwords Pre intermediate, Level 4 1700 headwords Intermediate with. Cover photo Corbis DLILLC and, www penguinreaders com. 95B 5 B5 B B LQGG , Activities 1, 1 1 What s the book about . Talk about these pictures Where can you see these animals Which. animals live in your country , cow rhinoceros rhino.
buffalo giraffe, hippopotamus hippo, 1 2 What happens rst . 1 Look at the new words in bold on page 1 What are they in your. 2 Look at the pictures on pages 1 and 2 and underline the right words. in these sentences What do you think , a Adam and Lily are going on safari in Africa Asia . b They want to see animals meet people , c Joseph an old friend is waiting for them with his plane jeep . d There are three American visitors students with him . e Later a lion leopard has breakfast near their jeep . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 2 10 11 2011 09 14. African Safari 1, Breakfast Time , The aeroplane is arriving at a. small airport in the Maasai Mara , It is very early in the morning 1 2.
Adam and Lily are going on Joseph is standing near his jeep . safari in Kenya Their friend He works in the game reserve . Joseph is waiting for them Today he is meeting Adam Lily. and some American visitors , Look Adam I, can see him . The friends say hello and get 3 I know that 4, into the jeep face . This is Anne Behind, her are Jeff and his, Hi Is this your. UVW VDIDUL , HV FDQ W ZDLW , breakfast EUHNI VW n I always have a big breakfast on Sunday mornings . safari V I UL n This safari is in Kenya I often go on safari because I love animals . jeep G L S n You can drive on bad roads in that jeep . game reserve JH P U Y n There are a lot of elephants in Kenya s game reserves . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 1 10 11 2011 09 14. Tom wants to see, the Big Five 1 2, Hey listen Can.
RX KHDU WKDW , HV RRN YH , got a book about, That woman is OLRQ 4XLFN OHW V JR . very quiet Who, Joseph drives the jeep 3, across the country . Look zebra for 4, breakfast , Quiet Jeff You, GRQ W VHH WKLV . very often , M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 2 10 11 2011 09 14. African Safari, RH LO V IULHQG , is at home in 1, Look Dan this is.
from Lily Is she in Africa, Yes she is Listen 2, Hi Zoe We arrived in. HQ D HVWHUGD 1RZ ZH UH , on safari in the Maasai, Mara Joseph is with us . H ZDV GDP V VWXGHQW LQ , 1DLUREL H V D GULYHU QRZ . Dan I know that 3, There are three Americans, woman in the. LQ RXU MHHS P VHQGLQJ RX , KDW EXW FDQ W , some photos The woman.
remember her, GRHVQ W VPLOH RU WDON WR , name Do you. us We were lucky this, morning A lion had a zebra. for breakfast in front of, RXU MHHS YH JRW DERXW . SKRWRV RI LW W V 2 , there was no danger , HW V VHH WKH . 7RPRUURZ ZH UH JRLQJ WR , photos , JHW XS DW YH H ZDQW WR .
see some elephants , lucky O NL adj She s a lucky woman She s got a beautiful face and a lot of money . danger GH QG adj Danger Don t swim in that river Swimming is dangerous there . Some animals are endangered Not many people see them . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 3 10 11 2011 09 15. The Big Five, J oseph loves his job The day starts very early at 5 o clock Every. day he drives visitors across the Maasai Mara Often breakfast is. in the jeep They stop near the River Mara and watch the hippos . They see the giraffes in the trees Families of zebras are eating grass . Then Joseph and his visitors look for the Big Five . The Big Five are big strong animals They are lions leopards . elephants buffaloes and rhinoceroses They are all very dangerous . Lions and leopards usually hunt for food at night and sleep in the. day Lions hunt and kill big animals They eat giraffes zebras and. other Big Five animals , Leopards eat meat too but they like to eat small animals First . they kill them Then they often take the dead animals up into the. trees There they eat them slowly , grass JU V n It was very hot but the grass under the trees was green . hunt K QW v Many people hunt animals for food , kill N O v He kills animals with his knife .
other adj det I ve got two pens One of them is red and the other pen is blue . meat PL W n My sister loves animals She never eats meat . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 4 10 11 2011 09 15. African Safari, Buffaloes live in big groups They are very strong and they can. kill a lion They eat green food tall grass and other plants They like. the rain and they like to be near water They live for about seventeen. Rhinos are, endangered animals , There are only about. forty black rhinos, in the Maasai Mara, today Some people. hunt rhinos because, of their horns In, some countries . people give a lot of money for a rhino horn This is a big problem . The police and the keepers want to stop them but that is difficult . Rhinos eat grass and fruit but no meat They sleep in the day . Sometimes they sleep on their feet , Elephants live in big family groups They don t eat meat They.
only eat trees plants and fruit They are very intelligent and they. can understand other elephants They make noises but people can t. always hear them , group JUX S n The teacher talked to a group of students after school . plant SO QW n These are new plants for the garden . horn K Q n Some cows have big horns on their heads . keeper NL S n The keepers stay with their animals and give food to them . intelligent Q WHO G QW adj Susan is a very good student She is very intelligent . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 5 10 11 2011 09 15. Activities 2, 2 1 Were you right , Look at your answers to Activity 1 2 on page ii Then nish these. sentences , Adam and Lily are going on 1 The game reserve is in the. Maasai Mara in 2, Joseph is waiting for them , He has got a jeep and he is going to be their 4. Some American, are with him They are all staying in the same 6 .
Suddenly Adam hears a noise A lion is having 7, It is eating a. 2 2 What more did you learn , 1 Are these sentences right or wrong . a The Big Five are all strong dangerous animals , b Rhinos are endangered animals . c Lions and leopards sleep at night , d Elephants are very intelligent . e Buffaloes can t kill lions , f Rhinos sometimes sleep on their feet .
2 Write ve sentences about the Big Five , eat meat . taw 11 montage of the big five , plants and, don t eat grass . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 6 10 11 2011 09 15. African Safari, 2 3 Language in use Today he is meeting Adam Lily and some. 1 Read the sentences on American visitors , the right Tomorrow we re going to get up at ve . Then nish the, sentences below , a Joseph and the Americans are meeting us at the airport meet .
b The plane early arrive , c Anne very quiet be , d I hippos and giraffes see . e Zoe to me write , f Adam and I a lot of photos take . 2 Finish the sentences , AAW 12 AAW 13 , dangerous big slowly quickly famous short. a Elephants live in b Rhinos are for, groups They are strong their horns They have. animals but they legs but they, walk run , 2 4 What happens next .
1 Talk about the pictures on pages 8 and 9 Why isn t Lily happy . 2 Look at the photos on pages 10 and 11 Where are these elephants . Why What do you think , M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 7 10 11 2011 09 15. African Safari 2, A Long Afternoon, The jeep stops. near a river 1 2, DLW P , eXd k nfdXe j, j Il , J j k Jki. 8d k , j c i Z X e, m j e Ylk , i g Cf, fkf n e fe . Look hippos e nj Xj e k, gXg , p jk ij , Xi cf K gf.
fb c Z , Look at that mouth He i J e fi , wants to eat your bag Lily fiej pj i . fi X e f , 1R KH GRHVQ W , Look buffaloes , But where are. WKH HOHSKDQWV , H UH JRLQJ HW V JR W V , WR QG WKHP going to rain . HV SOHDVH OHW V JR , M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 8 10 11 2011 09 15. African Safari, Suddenly it was, dark and the P JRLQJ WR 5.
rain started VWRS FDQ W , GRQ W OLNH WKLV , V WKDW DQ HOHSKDQW . PRWKHU V , behind him , Lily wants to adopt, DQ HOHSKDQW LO 7 RRG K WKH UDLQ V 8. VWRSSLQJ HW V JR , FXVH PH 2K HV , I want to visit the. elephant orphanage 2K LO V LW , adopt G SW v The children have no mother or father and the American family are. going to adopt them , I m going to give 1 a week because I m adopting an elephant .
orphanage I Q G n She lives in the orphanage because her mother and father are. dead She is an orphan , M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 9 10 11 2011 09 15. Adopt an elephant, T his is Shukuru She is, from Tsavo Today she. lives in the Sheldrick Elephant, Orphanage near Nairobi She. arrived at the orphanage in, September 2009 She was only. three days old , Now she has a new family, and a lot of friends Visitors can.
meet her They can adopt her, too but she is always going to. live in Africa , A lot of people visit the orphanage At 11 o clock in the morning . the elephants come out with their keepers The elephants run and. play Then the keepers give them their food Sometimes a young. rhino comes out and plays too The visitors stand very near the. animals and take a lot of photos , The animals are. in the orphanage, because they haven t got, families The keepers. are their mothers After, some time perhaps ten, years the elephants go.
back into the wild , wild ZD OG n adj In Africa you can see animals in the wild These are wild animals . M01 AFRI REA 01GLB 3969 U01 indd 10 10 11 2011 09 15. For a complete list of the titles available in the Penguin Active Reading series please go to www penguinreaders com Alternatively write to your local Pearson Longman office or to Penguin Readers Marketing Department Pearson Education Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow

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