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INTRODUCTION, Last year Automation com released its first Advancing Automation eBook focusing on IIoT and. Industry 4 0 We shared how IIoT is starting to deliver tangible value in several areas across many. industries One year later and we continue to see new innovations every day connecting all areas. of the factory floor and generating mountains of data Working with some of the biggest names. in business Automation com continues to track the growth of IIoT and Industry 4 0 and has put. together another edition of Advancing Automation in order to help you get up to speed on the. latest trends that you need to know about , This eBook will look at some of the complex barriers that are currently hindering IIoT efficiency as. well as discuss ways in which to overcome them It will also share some of the new technologies. that have impacted the industry throughout the last year and how they are enabling businesses to. solve productivity and maintenance issues away from the factory floor With in depth resources from. names like Siemens and Opto 22 and automation expert Bill Lydon s dive into the IIoT impact in. process automation this latest Advancing Automation eBook will keep you on the cutting edge and. abreast of all IIoT and Industry 4 0 strategies to help drive enhanced productivity and connectivity. for your organization ,TABLE OF CONTENTS, Connectivity The Backbone of the Digital Enterprise Page 4. by Jonathan Simpson Siemens, Edge Computing in Industrial Automation IIoT Intelligence Starts at. the Edge Page 13, by Opto 22, Bringing Remote Wireless Power to the IIoT Page 21.
by Sol Jacobs Tadiran Batteries, Insights on the Impact of Industry 4 0 for Process Automation. by Bill Lydon Automation com Page 27, IT OT We speak. both languages , Industrial Networks by Siemens, The strength of any industrial network depends on the. collaboration of operations and information technologies . Siemens not only speaks these languages we also translate . We have the expertise products and services to help you create. dynamic networks systems that deliver high performance in. terms of security transparency flexibility and uptime . usa siemens com industrial networks,Advancing Automation eBook Vol VIII PAGE 3. Connectivity Backbone of the Digital Enterprise,By Jonathan Simpson Siemens.
For decades the world s many industries have invested errors Industrial communication the so called digital. heavily in information technology IT to reduce costs thread has also helped interconnect what were once. improve operational efficiency and visibility and islands of activities and information while also breaking. ultimately to boost profits In doing so IT professionals down operational silos Another benefit is full process. have laid a the foundation for what s called the, Digital Enterprise But for extractive manufacturing transparency where for example it is possible to have. and logistics industries the Digital Enterprise also instant access to quality data or stock levels be more. involves another form of IT on the shop floor side flexible and reduce reaction time to changing demand . of an organization which is commonly referred to as In addition companies can achieve vertical integration . Operational Technology OT This includes benefits such as instant access to. service teams via internet immediate response to, Over the same decades that gave rise to IT companies product changes through automated download of. have invested hundreds of billions in OT much of it for new production data from R D implementation of the. increasingly smart machines and systems to automate digital twin in Engineering and PLM processes and. discrete production tasks and continuous processes real time global data availability . This includes automation control and,higher level OT management platforms to. efficiently operate monitor and optimize OT,performance and maximize the utilization of. capital assets as much as possible It also,includes various industrial communication.
technologies that keep all these systems,talking to each other and to their human. operators ,The benefits have been many including,major reductions in costs latencies and. cycle times as well as fewer data collection, Caption Benefits of a digitalized manufacturing environment . Advancing Automation eBook Vol VIII PAGE 4, Different perspectives Connecting these two worlds role particular data may play in a critical process or. IT and OT for a truly end to end Digital Enterprise workflow . is ideally the role of modern industrial communications. that are fast reliable and secure Unfortunately for far Ultimately by understanding the full potential of modern. too many organizations sharing data between these industrial communications IT and OT can work together. two worlds can be a struggle because their network to ensure more operational efficiency visibility flexibility. infrastructures could be more up to date and better and security in production This can help companies. connected fully realize the promise of the Digital Enterprise to gain. greater competitiveness and profitability both in the. Another important reason that makes connecting IT and short term today and the long term tomorrow . OT a challenge is this The perspectives of enterprise. IT and OT professionals are typically very different Marking the IT OT Divide Different Roles . Although their jobs are inter related in many ways each Perspectives and Motivations. tends to have dissimilar educational and on the job. backgrounds than the other Classic corporate IT is a big job although no more. so than OT Day to day IT teams must be extremely, For example IT staff often come from computer science tactical in support of end user productivity identity.
backgrounds while OT staff have industrial engineering management cybersecurity office networks and. backgrounds IT professionals tend to focus on cost departmental file servers and printers to name just. optimization and security while OT professionals tend some of their many day to day chores Hours can be. to concentrate on production throughput and machinery long and demands high . availability Both share concerns for productivity and. efficiency These distinct pedigrees can result in At the same time especially in large enterprises their. sometimes suspicious and occasionally adversarial jobs can also involve the deployment and management. perspectives toward the work each other does of large strategic assets and capabilities enterprise. resource planning ERP systems customer relationship. It doesn t have to be that way and indeed shouldn t management CRM systems big data analytics and. be if organizations are to realize the full promise of an other core applications residing in either data centers or. end to end Digital Enterprise That s because modern the cloud . industrial communications can tie the IT and OT sides of. the Digital Enterprise together while also enabling major Mission critical Sophisticated IT often can be core to. transformations in how raw materials are sourced and what many companies do and be the foundation of their. transported products are made and finished goods get customer value propositions if not their competitive. to market differentiators as well , Been there done that As one of the world s largest Take FedEx for example Back in the 1990s the. organizations and manufacturers Siemens has company deployed technologies such as wireless. experienced and bridged this IT OT divide in its own handheld scanners for its courier and counter staff. global operations We have deep insights into how supported by giant back end databases pioneering. to bridge this gap which we want to share in this self service package tracking for customers via a web. paper The solution has both human and technology portal For a time this capability gave FedEx a big. dimensions competitive edge although it s now a standard in the. logistics industry , For example we ve learned that only through an active. IT OT collaboration based on the mutual understanding IT was so vital to FedEx that company founder and. of each other s respective roles and backgrounds can CEO Frederick W Smith once described his firm as. data flows be optimized over a company s networks the an IT company that just happens to ship boxes to pay. backbone of the Digital Enterprise And we know that for it all In fact the public networks and FedEx s own. not all data spanning the Digital Enterprise is equal private networks were critical enablers of that package . some deserve special treatment given the specific tracking functionality . Advancing Automation eBook Vol VIII PAGE 5, Hands full While IT teams keep their companies OT networks differ from enterprise IT networks too . front and back office operations running their OT Data packet routing between network nodes in the. counterparts have their hands plenty full keeping former must operate deterministically compared to. production running Disruptions and downtime of the latter s best effort routing Deterministic means. components instrumentation or systems can potentially the routing of data packets must be pre determined. have not only bottom line consequences but also in advance of their transmission so the packets and. cascading downstream impacts on customer delivery their information payloads get to where they need to go. commitments and satisfaction within the cycle times required by a machine or process . Life safety can be at stake too The Texas City refinery Why Cyclically executing process programs need. explosion in 2005 for example killed 15 people and constantly updated input data in order to issue the. injured more than 100 The cause was found to be appropriate control commands to components Those. the failure of several level indicators which led to the commands have to arrive when expected within. overfilling of a vapor liquid separator As a hydrocarbon milliseconds In other words a network hiccup that. geyser erupted its flow was ignited by the engine of a might delay an outbound email by a couple seconds. pickup truck idling nearby might not be noticed by a user but a similar delay in. a controller command arriving at its destination could. Many OT professionals are always on call That s disrupt an entire production line . because lots of industrial facilities nuclear plants . oil platforms and public communications to name Bridging the IT OT Divide Time to Bring. just three must operate around the clock in real or Teams Together. near real time and with 99 999 percent uptime or better . Reliability durability and availability are of utmost. To be sure more and more companies the world over. importance In contrast most enterprise IT networks. are moving toward greater integration that will help. must simply work during business hours , make them truly end to end Digital Enterprises They re. bridging the divide separating IT and OT in part by. OT teams also need to ensure that a complex often, purposefully bringing both teams together to facilitate.
heterogeneous technology landscape at the field level. greater understanding and cooperation , including sensors actuators valves instrumentation . and other devices even conveyors are all functioning. They re also facilitating a vibrant digital thread of data. properly often in harsh operating conditions At the. throughout their businesses by modernizing their, same time all these elements feed and draw operational. network communications with advanced technologies . data into and from a dynamic vertical infrastructure. while incorporating OT s precision requirements for. consisting of a wide range of controllers operator. production networks and data functionality into a. systems and manufacturing execution systems , strategic plans for their overall enterprises . In sync In addition OT solutions used in discrete, Aligning perspectives By aligning the different. manufacturing typically must be finely tuned across. perspectives of IT and OT functions these companies. their operating network structures and constituent. are helping to eliminate legacy information islands and. components both hardware and software Those, silos that can slow down the speed of production and.
always on components must use fixed IP addressing . business limit operational visibility and delay time to. resulting in different bandwidth cost models compare. to enterprise IT networks that typically use dynamically. assigned IP addressing , They are leaving data synchronization and transcoding. issues in the past so they no longer experience time . What s more cycle timings usually in milliseconds and. consuming error ridden data handoffs and cycle time. data communications need tight synchronization across. latencies Quality has risen rework has dropped , all of those components This is true regardless of the. Operational visibility has improved too And they have. industry and is much more so in critical infrastructures. gained greater operational flexibility and new business. such as power communications and transportation , Advancing Automation eBook Vol VIII PAGE 6. agility that enables them to respond faster to dynamic In contrast for companies intent on building an end . customer demands and wholly new opportunities to end Digital Enterprise the question of who owns. This eBook will look at some of the complex barriers that are currently hindering IIoT efficiency as well as discuss ways in which to overcome them It will also share some of the new technologies that have impacted the industry throughout the last year and how they are enabling businesses to

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