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RADIESTHESIC TABLES OF VIBRATIONAL,REMEDIES Pag 44. RADIESTHESIC TABLES OF VIBRATIONAL,REMEDIES Pag 45. After having deeply examined and studied in depth from various angles in the previous BASIC. COURSE how to make a radionic therapy through some radionic remedies commonly used and. fundamental knowledge of radiesthesia together with radionic and radiesthesic graphics which. helped us to energetically discover how to use a radiesthesic tool like a pendulum and to improve. our natural radiesthesic faculties in order to test the more targeted radionic therapy now we are. going to concentrate on some advanced and clever radiesthesic and radionic methods in order to. create to find and channel always in a radionic way all natural and non natural vibrational. remedies used in past and present times and also more complex psychic intents. In this case we have also given space to the MEDICAL RADIONICS techniques with the general. relevant radiesthesic table for the localization of physic diseases. We ll also explain techniques about the healing at a distance and preparation of particular. therapeutic fluids through the realization of particular object witnesses on some specific radionic. These object witnesses will be created also according to the complete result of the guided. radiesthesic test which will be after mentioned on an initial radiesthesic table where the operator. can test on the patients a series of different natural and holistic therapeutic methods more suitable. and known then each one method will be referred to the relevant list of remedies on other. radiesthesic tables all this in order to do a more targeted and effective treatment. Lastly we are going to explain in a clear way other particular radionic remedies for free use like the. other of the basic course which will complete these lecture notes of the Advanced Course of. Radionics and Radiesthesia,A NEW PROFESSIONAL FIGURE. THE RADIONIC PRACTITIONER,THE FUTURE S THERAPEUTIST. Some of natural vibratory remedies that we usually buy or that our patients buy for prices which. are often little affordable to the big mass often discourage the holistic approach to the alternative. therapies on the other hand and as far as we re concerned it is possible like we ll see in these. lecture notes to reproduce in a radionic way any kind of remedies for example allopathic and. natural remedies psychic phenomenon and or mental intents which have been expressed according. to the operator etc we can t forget that radionically creating also an object or a physic remedy. like the aspirin an essence or a thought it s always a mental issue like the study about waveforms. and radiesthesia look at the initial chapter of the basic course THE RADIONICS so we can say. that having now the big advantage to radionically and radiesthesically reproduce the vibration of. any our intent the methods after described will offer us the great advantage to make any kind of. therapy through any kind of approach ON NO ACCOUNT. Trough this new wide and fascinating science of the future which is the radionic and radiesthesia. anyone approaching the issue can realize an own treatment according to the training philosophy. and approach of every operator always in the therapeutic field and for general and holistic and non. holistic wellbeing for example a doctor could create a good catalyst of antibiotic or other things a. psychiatrist could create Valium a dentist could make an ant inflammatory an homoeopathist some. ipericum a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist some positive messages for the subconscious in. addition to utilize the mental synthesis radionic graphic n 16 of the basic course an herbalist. some thyme a flower therapist some Bach Flowers a crystal therapist could create a rose quartz a. cromo therapist some colours an astrologer will be able to direct some planetary and of galaxies. influences and in order to treat diseases a Reiki operator or a spiritual healer will be able to. channel respective healing symbols without directly treating the patient etc in conclusion every. therapist led by his own professional knowledge will be able thanks to some radionic graphics after. mentioned with the present lecture notes to further take advantage for the healing of his own. patients and also thanks to his evolution and experience he will be able to continuously personalize. more targeted various and good methods on no account. AT THE END EACH ONE OF THESE HOLISTIC NATURAL AND NON NATURAL. THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES WILL BE COMPLEMENTARY EACH OTHER. On the bases of such considerations a new figure of operator born. THE RADIONIC,RADIONIC PRACTITIONER, But now let s go to the hearth of this pioneer experience starting from the examination of every.
aspect about the radionic reproduction of the active and energetic principles of any therapeutic. remedy besides creating some other new by ourselves depending on our experience and. requirements,RADIONIC REPRODUCTION METHODS,OF ANY KIND OF VIBRATIONAL AND MENTAL REMEDY. AND OR PHENOMENON,FIRST METHOD, The radionic graphic N 1 THERAPEUTIC WATERS PRODUCER. Thanks to the radionic graphic THERAPEUTIC WATERS PRODUCER N 1 we can. reproduce the frequency or radiation of any word witness and or any vibratory remedy tested also. through the radiesthesic guided way on the respective radiesthesic tables of p 19 writing clearly the. name in black ink and in capitals inside the three upper identical right angles as for example Aloe. Vera Hipericum Aspirin ecc In this way you ll create an object witness of the remedy itself and. it will optimize and complete this radionic graphic which in turn will charge the glass of natural. water positioned in the centre of concentric circles which are in the centre of the decagon note for. the same therapy you can t insert in the three identical right angles more than n 6 remedies. The presence of the decagon which attracts and amplifies the vibration of the word witness. mentioned inside the three upper right angles and the presence of concentric circles further. broadcasts and amplifies always the vibration of the object witness of the remedy itself to the glass. of water positioned in the centre and make this radionic graphic a very valid and simple therapeutic. instrument on no account, Thanks to the standard guided radiesthesic course carried out upon radiesthesic tables from pag 19. where all a series of holistic natural and vibratory known remedies are mentioned it is possible to. gather the methodology as well as the respective remedies are used to optimize a more targeted. radionic therapy for any pathology on any subject such tables can be inserted or substituted with. other tables made by the operator on the basis of therapeutic methodologies more suitable for the. requirements of any kind of approach and or illness. In order to take on the beneficial frequencies or radiations of this optimized graphic it is necessary. every time to magnetize some natural water in a white glass with a maximum capacity of 20 cl. And with a flat bottom not goblet and without promotional writings the typical trattoria glass by. putting it for about 1 hour in the middle of the concentric circles of the graphic afterwards it is. possible to drink the magnetized water on an empty stomach if it s possible Do this operation 3 4. 5 times a day for one month or more test through the pendulum daily glasses and the treatment. Note it s necessary to use the graphic for the charge only in the fixed magnetization time that is no. more than 4 5 hours a day if we take 4 5 glasses because the remaining time of the day will be. useful to the waveform of the radionic graphic to restore its original magnetic charge. SECOND METHOD, RADIESTHESIC TECHNIQUE OF NUMBERS ON THE RADIONIC RADIESTHESIC GRAPHIC. N 2 THE COSMIC NUMBER, Through this unique radionic radiesthesic graphic it is possible to radiesthesically reproduce any.
vibration or mental intent in the form of numbers see the mentions in the chapter THE. RADIONICS on the lecture notes of the basic course that will be used as object witnesses in all the. radionic graphics linked to them besides the ones for the broadcasting of the therapeutic frequencies. themselves as in the previous therapeutic waters producer graphic or on the graphic the 4. lozenges of which we ll see the use later on for the healing at a distance. This second method of the Cosmic Number introduces the first steps on the radiesthesic. methods for the creation of particular frequencies and for the reproduction of complex. psychic phenomena for a more targeted therapeutic and non therapeutic action help yourself. also with the radiesthesic tables from p 45 to p 46 testing the key word about the nature of your. mental intent or action more suitable for any therapy and not. PRELIMINARIES, as a first preliminary activate the radionic radiesthesic graphic n 2 of the basic course The. Yogi Amplifier by applying the radiesthesic operator s photo yourselves in this case upon. the yogi s head in the high part of the graphic then realize an object witness on a white. paper leaflet writing clearly in black ink and in capitols. SEARCH FOR THE COSMIC NUMBER FOR simply and clearly mention the. object you are looking for which will be a situation a specific healing message etc as for. example SEARCH FOR THE BENEFICIAL NUMBER THAT MARIO ROSSI NEEDS. THE MORE or FOR MARIO ROSSI S LIVER DESEASE or FOR THE. RESTORATION OF MARIO ROSSI S VITAL FORCES or FOR MARIO. ROSSI S FUNCTIONAL EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL MENTAL SPIRITUAL. REBALANCING etc and in the end for any therapeutic action tested to afterwards. realize a more targeted therapy for any purpose, that you ll make more energetically reliable by keeping it in the centre of the decagon the. radionic radiesthesic graphic n 1 of the basic course for 30 minutes to after put it together. with the object witness of the person you ll look for provided that it will concern a person in. the centre of the radionic radiesthesic graphic n 2 the Yogi Amplifier so that it will be active. as a second preliminary simultaneously and or not with the previous one you can also. impregnate your pendulum with the intent energy of the healing message at issue by putting. your pendulum besides the subject witness for 30 minutes in the centre of the radionic. radiesthesic graphic n 5 of the basic course the Amplifier together with an object witness. that you ll realize and where you ll clearly write on a white paper leaflet in black ink and in. capitals the message concerning your search that will be RESTORATION OF MARIO. ROSSI S VITAL FORCES or MARIO ROSSI S, EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL MENTAL SPIRITUAL REBALANCEMENT or. MARIO ROSSI S LIVER HEALING etc and in the end for any action that you ve. tested for the realization of a more targeted therapy for any purpose. In this way you ll make use of valid energetic aids to use the radionic radiesthesic graphic N 2 The. Cosmic Number that we ll see in a short while at best and more precisely. In order to get a number corresponding to any vibration lay the graphic N 2 the cosmic. number in front of you with the symbol of OMEGA down and the symbol of ALFA upwards now. take your pendulum and let fall down in the middle of the graphic between the digit 15 and the digit. 9 if you have to look for a beneficial number for any therapeutic action and not or a number. corresponding to the vibration of a yet inexistent remedy that will be then aimed at any problem. previously set on by you for any patient you can put in this point object and subject witnesses then. absorb their vibration with the pendulum letting it rotate in a clockwise direction for a few minutes. however if you want to search for a number corresponding to the vibration of any remedy and or. non remedy always put in the middle of the graphic between the digit 15 and 9 its object witness. realized with the decagon s method or yet better put the object itself of any witness like for. example a pill then absorbing their vibration with the pendulum for few minutes letting it rotate in. a clockwise direction after few minutes when you have impregnated the pendulum with the. witnesses energy and correctly completed all the preliminary steps about THE USE OF THE. PENDULUM in the lecture notes of the basic course put your pendulum the following question. IS THERE A BENEFIC NUMBER FOR MARIO ROSSI S LIVER DESEASE or. FOR MARIO ROSSIS S VITAL FORCES RESTORATION or FOR. MARIOM ROSSI S EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL MENTAL SPIRITUAL. REBALANCEMENT etc or IS THRE AN ACTIVE NUMBER OF THIS COLOUR. REMEDY MENTAL ACTION etc and finally for any tested action to realize afterwards. a more targeted cure for any purpose or IS THERE A NUMBER CORRESPONDING TO. THE VIBRATION OF mention the object remedy situation etc. At this point if your pendulum will swing along the straight line linking ALFA and OMEGA. symbols the answer will be affirmative vice versa if your pendulum will continuously swing in a. circle or it doesn t move at all the answer will be negative and in this case you ll have to plan a

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