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Acknowledgements,Developed by,Peter Levine MD, Department of Pediatrics W alnut Creek Medical Center Primary Author. Janelle Dietler MPH, Health Education Livermore Medical Offices Primary. Consultant Editor,Ian Bartos MD,Pediatrics San Ramon Medical Offices Consultant. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD is also known as Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD or hyperactivity Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a developmental condition. Many children with ADHD are overly active impulsive have difficulty concentrating and are. easily distracted Other children with ADHD just have difficulty concentrating and are easily. distracted, The symptoms of ADHD can affect a child s ability to succeed at school and with friends.
However ADHD can be effectively managed with behavioral therapy medication and. parental guidance Children with ADHD do much better when they have parents who have a. positive attitude and know how to manage their child s ADHD. At Kaiser Permanente we offer services resources and support to help you understand. and manage your child s ADHD The information in this ADHD packet includes. Services and resources to help you with your child s ADHD. Information on school and home management,How to obtain help from your child s school. Information on medications, If you have not signed up for your kp org account please go to kp org mydoctor to find your. physician s homepage Under the Stay Connected with Your Doctor heading left side of the. navigation bar select Set up Access under the Manage Your Family s Health section to. create your own account Once you have your own account you can act for a family. member schedule appointments or e mail your child s physician. For appointments or advice with your child s physician please call 1 866 454 8855 or e mail your. child s physician through kp org For appointments or advice with Kaiser Permanente s Mental. Health Department call 925 777 6300 Antioch 925 847 5051 Pleasanton or. 925 295 4145 Walnut Creek,Table of Contents,ADHD Fact Sheet 1 4. ADHD Classes 5, National Organization for Children and Adults with. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder CHADD 6,ADHD Books 7 8.
Tips for Helping your Child at Home 9 11,How to Help your Child Sleep Better 12 13. Tips for Helping your Child at School 14, Guidelines for Meeting with your Child s Teacher 15. Getting Help for Your Child at School 16 17, Sample Letter Request for an Assessment for Special. Education Services 18,ADHD Medications 19 20,ADHD Resources 21 24. This information is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of medical advice or care you receive from your. physician or other health care professional If you have persistent health problems or if you have additional questions please. consult with your doctor If you have questions or need more information about your medication please speak to your pharmacist. Kaiser Permanente does not endorse the medications or products mentioned Any trade names listed are for easy identification. 2016 The Permanente Medical Group Inc All rights reserved. Pediatrics Department Family Medicine Diablo Service Area. Table Of Contents,ADHD FACT SHEET, What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD affects both children and adults Children and. adults with ADHD have trouble paying attention and may have impulsive behaviors and. hyperactivity Some individuals with ADHD only have trouble paying attention ADHD includes. both those children with attention problems and hyperactivity ADHD also includes those that only. have attention problems Attention Deficit Disorder ADD is the name that some people call. the group of individuals that only have attention problems But the official name is ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder begins in childhood The majority of children show. symptoms at age 7 and some as young as age 3 Approximately 3 to 7 percent of children have. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder occurs more in boys than in girls It is found in. almost all countries and ethnic groups, ADHD is a clinical diagnosis which means there are no tests that directly indicate if a child has. ADHD or not A diagnosis is based on information received through clinical interviews. observations questionnaires rating scales and for some educational evaluations The. information is gathered about a child s behavior in multiple settings such as at school daycare. home and in extracurricular activities, For most children the characteristics of ADHD continue throughout childhood and. adolescence and often into adulthood The major characteristics of ADHD improve with age. However most ADHD individuals remain behind others their age in their ability to pay attention. to control their behavior and regulate their activity level. What Causes ADHD, No one knows exactly what causes ADHD Research has shown that ADHD is not caused by. poor parenting video games immunizations lack of vitamins and or food allergies or food. additives such as preservatives sugar or aspartame There is strong evidence that ADHD is. inherited In others cases ADHD may be associated with problems that occurred during. pregnancy such as drug or alcohol use smoking or mercury from fish birth complications or. toxins in the environment such as lead In a few cases ADHD is caused by disease or. trauma to the central nervous system Individuals who must take sedatives or medications for. seizures may develop signs of ADHD as a side effect of these medications. DSA My Doctor Online Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine Page 1 of 24. Last Updated 10 2014,ADHD FACT SHEET,Table Of Contents. What Are the Major Characteristics of ADHD, Difficulties with Attention Hyperactivity Impulsivity.
Difficulty listening focusing or paying Fidgety and restless. Difficulty staying seated,Easily distracted,Excessive movement such as. Avoids doing things that require wriggling feet and legs tapping fingers. ongoing mental effort and objects rocking or shifting position. while performing tasks, Difficulty following through on Runs or climbs excessively. instructions or assignments,Busy and on the go,Procrastinates often. Cannot play quietly,Goes from one activity to another. Interferes with and disrupts others,Does not pay close attention to details.
and makes careless mistakes Impulsive and acts in unexpected. Loses or misplaces things,Talks too much or interrupts. Forgetful and disorganized conversations blurts out. Lack of response to discipline, Other Characteristics that May Occur Along with ADHD. Moody Bossy,Anxious Low self esteem,Tics Speech and or coordination. Temper outbursts difficulties,Stubborn Learning disabilities. How is ADHD Treated, Your child s ADHD is a life long chronic health condition No treatments have been found to.
cure ADHD However with the right treatment ADHD can often be managed The right. treatment can help a child with ADHD pay better attention control behaviors cope with. daily problems feel better about himself herself and gain a better self image Treatment of. ADHD will require a long term strategy Your involvement as a parent is critical in the. DSA My Doctor Online Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine Page 2 of 24. Last Updated 10 2014,ADHD FACT SHEET,Table Of Contents. treatment of your child It will help you manage the ways ADHD affects your child and your. family With help and support from parents family teachers and physicians children with. ADHD can improve in school with friends and at home. Medications, The most proven treatment for ADHD is the use of medications For most children diagnosed with. ADHD stimulant medications are a safe and effective way to treat symptoms These. medications improve attention and concentration and decrease impulsive and overactive. behaviors Some children respond to one type of stimulant but not the other It may take some. time to find the best medicine and dosage Your child s physician may vary the dosage over time. to help get the best dosage with the fewest side effects Side effects often occur early in the. treatment They are usually short lived but in rare cases can be prolonged For more information. about medications please see the medication section of this packet In addition to stimulant. medications other types of medications can be helpful in treating ADHD However these other. medications do not work as well as stimulant medications Physicians do not generally. prescribe other medications for initial treatment, After first starting ADHD medication your child s physician will see your child within 3 to 4. weeks to check his her progress and check for any side effects from the medication Your child. will then need several visits in the next 6 to 9 months to be sure the medication and dose are. working properly,Non Medication Treatments, Other treatments can be used with medications or may be useful before trying a medication. These other treatments include parent training in more effective child management skills time. out in earning and losing rewards or privileges therapy counseling and support groups and or. school interventions such as making special arrangements and modifications in the classroom. and with assignments The goal of non medication treatments is to change the child s physical. and social environment Additionally non medication treatments help parents teachers and other. caregivers learn better ways to work with and relate to children with ADHD. What are the Consequences of Untreated ADHD, Without treatment a child with ADHD may fall behind in school have behavioral problems have.
difficulties with friendships and relationships have trouble with family life since ADHD can. increase the strain between parents and children and even have problems securing and retaining. employment later in life,What is the Long term Outlook of ADHD. While ADHD is not a curable condition it can often be managed W e use to think children. DSA My Doctor Online Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine Page 3 of 24. Last Updated 10 2014,ADHD FACT SHEET,Table Of Contents. would grow out of their ADHD W e now know that this is not true for most children Symptoms. of ADHD often get better as children grow older and learn to adjust. Hyperactivity usually stops in the early teenage years However up to two thirds of children who. have ADHD continue to be easily distracted have mood swings hot tempers and are unable to. complete tasks as adults Long term consequences of untreated ADHD include poor academic. performance low self esteem poor interpersonal relationships and substance abuse. A child who has loving supportive parents who work together with school staff mental health. workers and health care professionals have the best chance of becoming well adjusted. adults Parents are the most important people in helping a child with ADHD lead a successful life It. is critical for you to read about ADHD and talk to people who understand it This will help you. manage the ways ADHD affects your child and your family Your child s physician and this packet. will provide you with information and resources to help your child. DSA My Doctor Online Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine Page 4 of 24. Last Updated 10 2014,Table Of Contents,Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Classes for Parents,Offered by Kaiser Permanente, The following classes are offered by Kaiser Permanente s Department of Mental Health. 3454 Hillcrest Avenue Antioch CA For class dates and times as well as more. information please call Antioch Department of Mental Health at 925 777 6300 All classes. offered are subject to change, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Overview Class.
This class will educate parents about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Nurturing the Developing Mind, Learn skills to help children and teens plan strategize organize set goals pay attention and. manage difficult emotions and behaviors,Home Improvement. Learn skills to decrease acting out and improve positive behaviors in your child ages 2 12. Offered in the Community, The Parent to Parent training is offered by Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. Disorder CHADD a non profit organization serving individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. Parent to Parent Family Training on ADHD, Learn about ADHD parenting strategies educational services for your child managing the impacts. of ADHD on your family and more, This training is offered as a seven week class meeting for 2 hours once a week It is also offered.
on two consecutive Saturdays meeting for 7 hours for each class Participants receive. extensive materials including articles reference materials and handouts about ADHD All. trainings offered are subject to change, For locations fees registration and more information visit http chaddnorcal org. DSA My Doctor Online Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine Page 5 of 24. Last Updated 10 2014,Table Of Contents,Children and Adults with Attention Deficit. Hyperactivity Disorder, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder CHADD is a national non. profit organization CHADD provides information resources and support to individuals with. ADHD Resources 21 24 This information is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place of medical advice or care you receive from your physician or other health care professional If you have persistent health problems or if you have additional questions please

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