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7 Sessions divisions and districts , Power to alter divisions and districts . Existing divisions and districts maintained till altered . 8 Power to divide districts into subdivisions , Existing sub divisions districts maintained . C Courts and offices,9 Court of Session ,10 District Magistrates . 11 Officers temporarily succeeding to vacancies in office of District Magistrate . 12 Subordinate Magistrates , Local limits of their jurisdiction . 13 Power to put Executive Magistrate in charge of sub divisions. Delegation of powers to District Magistrate ,14 Special Judicial and Executive Magistrates .
15 Benches of Magistrates , Powers exercisable by Bench in absence of special direction . 16 Power to frame rules for guidance of Benches , 17 Subordination of Judicial Magistrates and Benches to Sessions Judge . Subordination of Executive Magistrates to District Magistrate . Subordination of Executive Magistrates to Sub Divisional Magistrate . Subordination of Assistant Sessions Judges to Sessions Judge. D Courts of Presidency Magistrates,18 21 Omitted . E Justices of the Peace, 22 Justice of the peace for the mufassil . Punjab Amendment,22 Appointment of Justices of the Peace .
22 A Powers of Justices of the Peace ,22 B Duties of Justices of the Peace . 23 24 Repealed ,25 Ex Officio Justices of the Peace . F Suspension and Removal,26 27 Repeated , CHAPTER III. POWERS OF COURTS, A Description of offences cognizable by each Court. 28 Offences under Penal code,29 Offences tinder other laws .
29 A emitted ,29 B Jurisdiction in the cases of juveniles . 30 Offences not punishable with death , B Sentences which may be passed by Courts of various Classes . 31 Sentences which High Court and Sessions Judges may pass . 32 Sentences which Magistrates may pass , 33 Power of Magistrates to sentence to imprisonment in default of fine . 34 Higher powers of certain District Magistrates ,34 A Omitted . 35 Sentence in case of conviction of several offences at one trial . Maximum term of punishment, C Ordinary and Additional Powers.
36 Ordinary powers of Magistrates ,37 Additional powers Conferrable on Magistrates . 38 Control of District Magistrate s investing power . D Conferment Continuance and Cancellation of Powers. 39 Mode of conferring powers ,40 Powers of officers appointed . 41 Powers may be cancelled ,GENERAL PROVISIONS, CHAPTER IV. OF AID AND INFORMATION TO THE MAGISTRATES THE POLICE AND PERSONS. MAKING ARRESTS,42 Public when to assist Magistrate and Police . 43 Aid to person other than police officer executing warrant . 44 Public to give information of certain offences . 45 Village headman accountants landholders and others bound to report certain. Appointment of village headmen by District Magistrate or Sub Divisional Magistrate in. certain cases for purposes of this section , OF ARREST ESCAPE AND RETAKING.
A Arrest generally,46 Arrest how made , Resisting endeavour to arrest . 47 Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested . 48 Procedure where ingress not obtainable , Breaking open zenana . 49 Power to break open doors and windows for purposes of liberation . 50 No unnecessary restraint ,51 Search of arrested persons . 52 Mode of searching women ,53 Power to seize offensive weapons . B Arrest without Warrant,54 When police may arrest without warrant .
55 Arrest of vagabonds habitual robbers etc , 56 Procedure when police officer deputes subordinate to arrest without warrant . 57 Refusal to give name and residence ,58 Pursuit of offenders into other jurisdiction . 59 Arrest by private persons and procedure on such arrest . 60 Person arrested to be taken before Magistrate or officer incharge of police station . 61 Persons arrested not to be detained more than twenty four hours . 62 Police to report apprehensions ,63 Discharge of person apprehended . 64 Offence committed in Magistrate s presence ,65 Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate . 66 Power on escape to pursue and retake , 67 Provisions of Sections 47 48 and 49 to apply to arrest.
under Section 66 , CHAPTER VI,OF PROCESSES To COMPEL APPEARANCE. A Summons,68 Form of summons , Summons by whom served . 69 Summons how served , Signature of receipt for summons . 70 Service when person summoned cannot be found , 71 Procedure when service cannot be effected as before provided . 72 Service on servant of State or of Railway Company . 73 Service of summons outside local limits , 74 Proof of service in such cases and when serving officer not present .
B Warrant of Arrest,75 Form of warrant of arrest . Continuance of warrant of arrest ,76 Court may direct security to be taken . Recognizance to be forwarded ,77 Warrants to whom directed. Warrants to several persons ,78 Warrant may be directed to landholders etc . 79 Warrant directed to police officer ,80 Notification of substance of warrant .
81 Person arrested to be bought before Court without delay . 82 Where warrant may be executed , 83 Warrant forwarded for execution outside jurisdiction . 84 Warrant directed to police officer for execution outside jurisdiction . 85 Procedure on arrest of person against whom warrant issued . 86 Procedure by Magistrate before whom person arrested is brought . 86 A Procedure for removal in custody to Tribal Areas . C Proclamation and Attachment,87 Proclamation for person absconding . 88 Attachment of property of person absconding ,89 Restoration of attached property . D Other Rules regarding Processes, 90 Issue of warrant in lieu of or in addition to summons . 91 Power to take bond for appearance ,92 Arrest by breach of bond for appearance .
93 Provisions of this Chapter general applicable to summons and warrants of arrest . E Special Rules regarding processes issued for service or execution. outside Pakistan and processes received from outside Pakistan for service. or execution within Pakistan, 93 A Sending of summons for service outside Pakistan . 93 B Sending of warrants for execution outside Pakistan . 93 C Service and execution in Pakistan of processes received from outside Pakistan . CHAPTER VII, OF PROCESSES TO COMPELL THE PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS. AND OTHER MOVABLE PPORERTYAND FOR THE DISCOVERY OF. PERSONS WRONGFULLY CONFINED, A Summons to produce,94 Summons to produce document or other thing . 95 Procedure as to letters and telegrams , B Search warrants. 96 When search warrant may be issued ,97 Power to restrict warrant .
98 Search of house suspected to contain stolen property forged documents etc . 99 Disposal of things found in search beyond jurisdiction . 99 A Power to declare certain publications forfeited and to issue search warrants for. 99 B Application to High Court to set aside order of forfeiture . 99 C Omitted , 99 D Order of High Court setting aside forfeiture . 99 E Evidence to prove nature or tendency of newspaper . 99 F Procedure in High Court ,99 G Jurisdiction barred . C Discovery of persons wrongfully confined,100 Search for persons wrongfully confined . D General Provisions relating to Searches,101 Direction etc of search warrants . 102 Persons incharge of closed place to allow search . 103 Search to be made in presence of witnesses , Occupant of place searched may attend .
E Miscellaneous,104 Power to impound document etc produced . 105 Magistrate may direct search in his presence , PREVENTION OF OFFENCES. CHAPTER VIIl, OF SECURITY FOR KEEPING THE PEACE AND FOR GOOD. A Security for keeping the Peace on Conviction,106 Security for keeping the peace on conviction . B Security for Keeping the peace in other cases and security. for good Behaviour, 107 Security for keeping the peace in other cases .
Procedure if Magistrate not empowered to act under sub section 1 . 108 Security for good behaviour from persons disseminating seditious matter . 109 Security for good behaviour from vagrants and suspected persons . 110 Security for good behaviour from habitual offenders . 111 Proviso as to European vagrants Repeated ,112 Order to be made . 113 Procedure in respect of person present in Court . 114 Summons or warrant in case of person not so present . 115 Copy of order under Section 112 to accompany summons or warrant . 116 Power to dispense with personal attendance ,117 Inquiry as to truth of information. 118 Order to give security ,119 Discharge of person informed against . C Proceedings in all cases subsequent to order to furnish. 120 Commencement of period for which security is required . 121 Contents of bond ,122 Power to reject sureties . 123 Imprisonment in default of security , Proceedings when to be laid before High Court or Court of Session .
Kind of imprisonment , 124 Power to release persons imprisoned for failing to give security . 125 Power to District Magistrate to conceal any bond for keeping the peace or good. behaviour ,126 Discharge of sureties ,126 A Security for un expired period of bond . CHAPTER IX, UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLIES, AND MAINTENANCE OF PUBLIC PEACE AND SECURITY . 127 Assembly to disperse or command of Magistrate or police officer . 128 Use of civil force to disperse ,129 Use of military force . 130 Duty of officer commanding troops required by Magistrate to disperse assembly . 131 Power of commissioned military officer to disperse assembly . 131 A Power to use military force for public security and maintenance of law and order . 132 Protection against prosecution for acts done under this Chapter . 132 A Definitions , PUBUC NUISANCES, 133 Conditional order for removal of nuisance .
134 Service or notification of order , 135 Person to whom order is addressed to obey or show cause or claim Jury . 136 Consequence of his failing to do so ,137 Procedure where he appears to show cause . 138 Procedure when he claims jury , 139 Procedure where jury finds Magistrate s order to be reasonable . 139 A Procedure where existence of public right is denied . 140 Procedure on order being made absolute , Consequences of disobedience to order . 141 Procedure on failure to appoint Jury or omission to return verdict . 142 Injunction pending inquiry, 143 Magistrate may prohibit repetition or continuance of public nuisance .
CHAPTER XI, TEMPORARY ORDERS IN URGENT CASES OF NUISANCE OR. APPREHENDED DANGER, 144 Power to issue order absolute at once tri urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended. CHAPTER XII, DISPUTES AS TO IMMOVABLE PROPERTY, 145 Procedure where dispute concerning land etc is likely to cause breach of peace . Inquiry as to possession , Party in possession to retain possession until legally evicted . 146 Power to attach subject of dispute , 147 Dispute concerning rights of use of immovable property etc .
148 Local inquiry , Order as to costs , CHAPTER XIII . PREVENTIVE ACTION OF THE POLICE,149 Police to prevent cognisable offences . 150 Information of design to commit such offences . 151 Arrest to prevent such offences ,152 Prevention of injury to public property . 153 Inspection of weights and measures , INFORMATION TO POLICE AND THEIR POWERS TO INVESTIGATE. CHAPTER XIV,154 Information in cognisable cases ,155 Information in non cognisable cases .
Investigation into non cognisable eases ,156 Investigation into cognizable cases . 157 Procedure where cognizable offence suspected , Where local investigation dispensed with . Where police officer incharge sees no sufficient ground for investigation . 158 Reports under Section 157 how submitted , 159 Power to hold investigation or preliminary inquiry . 160 Police officer s power to require attendance of witnesses . 161 Examination of witnesses by potted , 162 Statements to police hot to be signed use of such statements in evidence . 163 No inducement to be offered ,164 Power to record statements and confessions .
165 Search by police officer , 166 When officer incharge of police station may require another to issue search warrant . 167 Procedure when investigation cannot be completed in twenty four hours . 168 Report of investigation by subordinate police officer . 169 Release of accused when evidence deficient , 170 Case to be sent to Magistrate when evidence is sufficient . 171 Complainants and witnesses not to be required to accompany police officer . Complainants and witnesses not to be subjected to restraint . Recusant complainant witness may be forwarded in custody . 172 Diary of proceedings in investigation ,173 Report of police officer . 174 Police to inquire to report in suicide etc ,175 Power to summon persons . 176 Inquiry by Magistrate into cause of death ,Power to disinter corpses .
PROCEEDINGS IN PROSECUTIONS, CHAPTER XV, OF THE JURISDISTION OF THE CRIMINAL COURTS OF INQUIRES AND. A Place of Inquiry or trial,177 Ordinary place of inquiry and trial . 178 Power to order cases to be tried in different sessions divisions . 179 Accused triable in district where act is done or where consequence ensues . 180 Place of trial where act is offence by reason of relation to other offence . 181 Being a thug or belonging to a gang of dacoits escape from custody etc . Criminal misappropriation and criminal breach of trust . CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ACT V OF 1898 PART I PRELIMINARY CHAPTER 1 1 Short title and Commencement Extent 2 Repealed 3 References to Code of Criminal Procedure and othe

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