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MAXIMUM RESULTS FROM MINIMUM EFFORTS Operating At Peak. Performance to Get the Highest Best Results from Everything You Do. Participant Name Web site Recommended Books, Dan Millman www peacefulwarrior com The Way of the Peaceful. Wisdom of the Peaceful, The Journeys of Socrates, The Life You Were Born to. Live A Guide to Finding, Your Life Purpose, Everyday Enlightenment. Living on Purpose, Body Mind Mastery,Marshall Thurber www posdev net. www whatsworththinkingabout com , Michael Masterson www earlytorise com Ready Fire Aim.
Kathy Kolbe www kolbe com The Conative Connection, Pure Instinct. Power by Instinct, Five Rules for Trusting Your, Leadership Analytics. Tom McCarthy www tommccarthy com Fire Up Your Presentations. www transformationaltechnologies com and Fire Up Your Results. Josh Waitzkin www joshWaitzkin com The Art of Learning. http jwfoundation com , How the Ideas from this Panel get translated into Business Growth. This action document is designed to help you increase your credibility and the trust of. your target market We have synthesized the key points from the panel discussion into. the specific actions you can take to use trust and credibility for business growth . An Overview of this Action Document 5,Part 1 Introspection Adds Insight and Focus 6. Choose to Dream Big but Start Small 6, Never Ask Can I Do This 7.
Memory Training Exercise 7, What Else An Exercise of Expansion 8. There is No Wrong Track 8, Trust the Process of Life 9. Accept the Fundamental Nature of the Entrepreneurial Path 9. The 12 Gateways 9, Self Worth 9, Exercise Do You Practice Self Sabotage 10. Reclaim Your Will 11, To Energize Your Body 11, Manage Your Money 11. Tame Your Mind 11, Trust Your Intuition 12, Accept Your Emotions 12.
Face Your Fears 14, Exercise Let s Focus on Fear 15. Illuminate Your Shadow 16, Embrace Your Sexuality 16. Awaken Your Heart 16, Serve Your World 16, We Always Come Back to the Moment 16. What s the Biggest Challenge Facing Us 17, The Key Elements to Peak Performance 17. Make a Commitment to Do Nothing 21,There are Twelve Ways to Solve Problems 21.
Being Authentic is Essential In All Things 22, It s Not Just Your MO You Must Find Your Learning Style 22. Be Relentlessly Introspective 23,Journaling 23, Exercise Look for Interconnections 24. Meditation Again 25,A Peak Performance DYI Assessment 26. Part 2 Clarity Prediction and Value 29,The Four Stages of Business Growth 29. Shift the Focus from Results to Process 31,Marshall Predictability and Achievement 31.
How Do You Know You ve Got it Right 32,Peak Performance Revisited 32. Exercise What are Your Most Common Disempowering Thoughts 33. The Panelists Their Web sites and Extra Resources 33. Dan Millman 34, Josh Waitzkin 34, Kathy Kolbe 34, Marshall Thurber 35. Michael Masterson 35, Tom McCarthy 36,Appendix 1 Dream Small 37. An Overview of this Action Document, Naturally when we speak of peak performance we ve got to speak of it on two levels . that internally focused level and the external business operational level . Panel 6 brings us an opportunity to go inside and then take what we ve learned from. introspection into the wider world through the vehicle of our businesses It s truly. transformational , Part 1 has to do with introspection and offers activities to take you.
inside your mind Be relentless in your introspection shared Josh. Waitzkin who along with our other participants offers us tools to do. just that , Part 2 on the other hand focuses on your business Again we discussed the way you. think about it but also the way you take action within that framework But there s a. feedback loop going on behind the scenes , Prediction Introspection. Introspection Prediction, Assessment, Part 1 Introspection Adds Insight and Focus. One legend has it that the Buddha when asked for one last bit of advice before his. death simply said Just do your best But what is your best It s not giving 110 as. so many motivational speakers argue In real life we usually do the best we can. moment to moment And sometimes it s better than at other times . Peak performance is like Satori for Zen Buddhists that place where the emotions are. just open and free flowing and unobstructed We call it motivation this is when energy. moves us to where the mind is focused and clear undistracted and the body is relaxed . sensitive and energized , You should always strive for excellence in the moment Ask yourself in this moment . what will I do now And work to uncomplicate your decisions . We can control our efforts in life We cannot control the outcomes Trying to do so can. be crazy making The fact is by making a good effort over time we increase the odds of. getting our desired outcomes Dan Millman,Choose to Dream Big but Start Small.
It is fine to dream big but start small and connect the dots shared Dan Millman . Those with small modest dreams are more likely to achieve them In the arena of. romance shift your vision from Prince Charming or the head cheerleader to a nice . caring person and from a castle to an affordable apartment and someday perhaps a. home You don t need to become a Consultant and get rich right out of the gate You. just need enough to live on as you explore your talents and life s options 1. So what is your dream Now ask yourself is your dream too large Does it really. serve you to dream in that way , , , , Instead of striving for extraordinary experience the joy of being ordinary Dan. http www peacefulwarrior com blog p 38, Never Ask Can I Do This . Always put the how in front of that How can I do this Everything is difficult until it. becomes easy In fact Tom McCarthy was clear when he said that every time you ask. yourself can I do this always answer Yes You can do anything you want to do . but it will take work it may even take a tremendous amount of work Here s an. example from the panel which you can try on your own . Memory Training Exercise, Here s a list of 20 unrelated words Take the next four minutes and train yourself to. recite them from memory Not just forwards but backwards . 2 Persimmon, 5 Elephant, 6 Anteater, 7 Navigator, 8 Firefighter. 9 Venerable, 11 Yearly, 12 Hospital, 13 Transom, 14 Intrusion.
15 Juniper, 16 Mandible, 17 Licorice, 19 Original. 20 Knowledge, And remember don t ask can I do this Instead seek the how find a way . What Else An Exercise of Expansion, Here s a big question Maybe you re not interested in learning to ride a unicycle like Dan. Millman but we ll wager there are some things you spend too much time thinking I. can t do that What would the top three things be Write them here we ve done the. first one for you to plant the seed of expansion ,1 Learn to scuba dive . Now comes the fun part Pick just one of those things and write down three ways to. start small on the path to achievement Again we ve done the first one for you . 1 Call local dive instruction shops for class times and prices . There is No Wrong Track, We can never know if someone is on a wrong track or path Wherever you step the.
path appears beneath your feet Your path will guide you You cannot lose your way . While some choices may make life more difficult and others may make it easier every. choice ultimately leads to wisdom , Do you ever feel you re taking the wrong path And how would it feel if you were able. to accept that there is no wrong path , , , , In the real world our gifts may remain hidden for years and even those with great. strengths also have blind spots and weaknesses Dan Millman. Trust the Process of Life, Trust it s even mentioned on the back of the dollar bill In God We Trust But for. many of us trust is hard to come by Perhaps we ve suffered abuse or simply struggled. for far too long and have the tendency to think life is out to get us . Trusting the process of life as it unfolds may be the hardest thing to do because we. often play God we think we know what we should be and what we should do It s. really about just trusting the process shared Dan Millman . Sometimes he continued the downs turn out to be ups and sometimes the ups. aren t what we thought they would be So it s a matter of trusting our life and taking a. deep breath now and again , Accept the Fundamental Nature of the Entrepreneurial Path. It is a path of personal growth But what defines personal growth Dan Millman. believes that it s when we strive for growth in the 12 gateways or arenas of life which. define the bigger picture of success Life isn t easy but we re here to tackle all it. brings to take on the challenges , All of the top achievers I know are life long learners looking for new skills insights .
and ideas If they re not learning they re not growing not moving toward excellence . Denis Waitley,The 12 Gateways, Dan Millman spoke candidly about those twelve arenas of life what he calls gateways . that define the bigger picture of success ,Self Worth. You are born with self worth As one of the creations of the universe you are. worthwhile and have value While you can t lose it you can lose sight of it You can. forget your value , How much do you feel you deserve life s blessings This is the foundation the first key. because it opens us to life where we can say yes thank you It allows more life to. An ocean of abundance can rain down from the heavens but if you re only holding up. a thimble that s all you re going to get Ramakrishna. Those of us who have self worth issues tend to self sabotage Have you ever gone out. of your way to work against yourself Do you ever ask yourself Why did I do that . The dictionary definition of sabotage is an act or process tending to hamper or hurt or. deliberate subversion Hmmm Why on earth would we sabotage ourselves That s a. complicated answer And a simple one We choose to , Sometimes it s so frightening to imagine changing growing or making conscious. choices that we deliberately hamper our own efforts I make choices every minute of. every day My life is up to me Those are intimidating thoughts And doing things the. way we ve always done them feels safe and comforting . So how do you deal with your self sabotage The first step is to identify how you re. sabotaging yourself That awareness brings the issue into the forefront Then you can. take deliberate steps to change the self sabotage habit . Exercise Do You Practice Self Sabotage , To start create two columns on a piece of paper On the left list the healthy habits.
that you would like to be doing Now think about times in your life when you may have. tried to implement them What happened In the right column write down next to each. healthy habit the actions or thoughts that stopped you from doing it or keeping it up . Think carefully and take responsibility where it s due Yes there are other people in. your life who affect how you spend your time And you still always had and have a. Now you have a list of ways that you may be sabotaging yourself congratulations . Please don t judge yourself or use this as evidence to fuel your inner saboteur whose. favorite saying may be You can t do this You CAN do this This list is your line of. defense against your inner saboteur Everything s out in the open just like with my. The next step is to create your own self care plan a list of daily practices to foil your. inner saboteur and develop the healthy habits that will make you feel more. energized relaxed and balanced , Reclaim Your Will. Turning what we know into what we actually do Anyone who has gone through a drug. or alcohol rehab program knows that reclaiming their will is the key to their sobriety in. both the short term and the long term , The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength not a. lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will Vince Lombardi. Will or what we used to call willpower is your ability to set a course of action and say . Engage It provides an intensely powerful boost Think of it as a one shot thruster . When directed intelligently it can overcome inertia and create momentum . To Energize Your Body, It s all about health healing and wellness Feeling fit and healthy means you ve got. more energy and that s a must for peak performance don t you think Join a local. gym use an exercise DVD or simply take a brisk walk every day . Manage Your Money, This involves achieving sufficiency and financial stability There are many ways to do. this one free online self study course we found is part of the Ohio State University. Extension program All you have to do is reach out and you ll find someone there to. help you manage your personal finances ,Tame Your Mind.
We need to learn to develop that quiet at the center of the storm The mindfulness. meditation is a fine tool to start to tame what Buddhists call the monkey mind What is. one of the biggest obstacles that you can face in achieving personal mastery and peak. performance in all areas of your life , It s your mind your thoughts Master them and you master yourself Then there is. little you cannot do over time Happiness character external success they all begin in. the mind As the famous saying goes As within so without . Jay Abraham amp Rich Schefren 2 Panel 6 MAXIMUM RESULTS FROM MINIMUM EFFORTS Operating At Peak Performance to Get the Highest Best Results from Everything You Do Participant Name Web site Recommended Books Dan Millman www peacefulwarrior com The Way of the Peaceful Warrior Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior The Journeys of Socrates The Life You Were Born to Live A Guide to Finding Your Life

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