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Macbeth and the three witches, 25 Root of hemlock digged i th dark . Liver of blaspheming Jew , Gall of goat and slips of yew. Slivered in the moon s eclipse , Nose of Turk and Tartar s lips . Language Coach,30 Finger of birth strangled babe, Word Definitions Shakespeare. Ditch delivered by a drab like other poets invents many. Make the gruel thick and slab compound words by joining. Add thereto a tiger s chaudron a noun and adjective with a. For th ingredience of our cauldron hyphen Reread lines 30 31 . Birth strangled is shorthand for, 35 All Double double toil and trouble strangled at birth Why do.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble you think Shakespeare uses. Second Witch Cool it with a baboon s blood this short version What does. ditch delivered mean , Then the charm is firm and good . Enter Hecate and the other three Witches Stage Direction Enter Hecate . Most experts believe that the, Hecate O well done I commend your pains entrance of Hecate and three. 40 And everyone shall share i th gains more witches was not written by. And now about the cauldron sing Shakespeare The characters were. probably added later to expand, Like elves and fairies in a ring the role of the witches who were. Enchanting all that you put in favorites of the audience . Music and a song Black Spirits etc Hecate exits , Second Witch By the pricking of my thumbs . 45 Something wicked this way comes , Open locks , Whoever knocks .
Enter Macbeth , Macbeth How now you secret black and midnight hags . What is t you do , All A deed without a name , 50 Macbeth I conjure you by that which you profess 50 61 Macbeth calls upon conjure . Howe er you come to know it answer me the witches in the name of their. dark magic that which you profess , Though you untie the winds and let them fight Though they unleash winds to topple. Against the churches though the yeasty waves churches and make foaming yeasty . Confound and swallow navigation up waves to destroy confound ships . though they flatten wheat corn , 55 Though bladed corn be lodged and trees blown down fields destroy buildings and reduce. Though castles topple on their warders heads nature s order to chaos by mixing. Though palaces and pyramids do slope all seeds germens together he. demands an answer to his question , Their heads to their foundations though the treasure.
Of nature s germens tumble all together,60 Even till destruction sicken answer me. To what I ask you ,402 unit 2 the english renaissance. First Witch Speak , Second Witch Demand , Third Witch We ll answer . First Witch Say if th hadst rather hear it from our mouths. Or from our masters 63 masters the demons whom the. witches serve , Macbeth Call em Let me see em , First Witch Pour in sow s blood that hath eaten. 65 Her nine farrow grease that s sweaten 65 66 farrow newborn pigs . From the murderers gibbet throw grease gibbet grease from a. gallows where murderers were hung , Into the flame .
All Come high or low , Thyself and office deftly show . Thunder First Apparition an Armed Head Stage Direction Each of the three. apparitions holds a clue to Macbeth s, Macbeth Tell me thou unknown power future What do you think is. First Witch He knows thy thought suggested by the armed head . 70 Hear his speech but say thou naught , First Apparition Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Beware Macduff . Beware the Thane of Fife Dismiss me Enough , He descends . Macbeth Whate er thou art for thy good caution thanks . Thou hast harped my fear aright But one word more 74 harped guessed The apparition. has confirmed Macbeth s fears of, 75 First Witch He will not be commanded Here s another Macduff .
More potent than the first , Thunder Second Apparition a Bloody Child . Second Apparition Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth a FORESHADOWING. Macbeth Had I three ears I d hear thee Reread lines 79 81 Note the. prophecy s apparent promise, Second Apparition Be bloody bold and resolute Laugh to scorn. of safety What effect do you, 80 The power of man for none of woman born think the prophecy will have. Shall harm Macbeth a on Macbeth , He descends , Macbeth Then live Macduff what need I fear of thee . But yet I ll make assurance double sure, And take a bond of fate Thou shalt not live 84 The murder of Macduff will give.
85 That I may tell pale hearted fear it lies Macbeth a guarantee bond of his. fate and put his fears to rest , And sleep in spite of thunder . Thunder Third Apparition a Child Crowned with a tree in his hand . What is this, That rises like the issue of a king 87 issue child . And wears upon his baby brow the round 88 89 the round and top the. And top of sovereignty crown , macbeth act four scene 1 403. All Listen but speak not to t , 90 Third Apparition Be lion mettled proud and take no care 90 94 The third apparition tells. Who chafes who frets or where conspirers are Macbeth to take courage He cannot. be defeated unless Birnam Wood, Macbeth shall never vanquished be until travels the 12 mile distance to.
Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill Dunsinane Hill where his castle is. Shall come against him He descends located , Macbeth That will never be . 95 Who can impress the forest bid the tree 95 impress force into service . Unfix his earthbound root Sweet bodements good 96 bodements prophecies . Rebellious dead rise never till the wood 97 100 Macbeth boasts that he will. never again be troubled by ghosts, Of Birnam rise and our high placed Macbeth. rebellious dead and that he will, Shall live the lease of nature pay his breath live out his expected life span lease. 100 To time and mortal custom Yet my heart of nature He believes he will die. pay his breath by natural causes, Throbs to know one thing Tell me if your art. mortal custom , Can tell so much shall Banquo s issue ever.
Reign in this kingdom , All Seek to know no more . Macbeth I will be satisfied Deny me this ,105 And an eternal curse fall on you Let me know . Cauldron sinks Hautboys , Why sinks that cauldron And what noise is this 106 The cauldron is sinking from. sight to make room for the next, First Witch Show apparition . Second Witch Show , Third Witch Show ,110 All Show his eyes and grieve his heart .
Stage Direction A show , Come like shadows so depart Macbeth next sees a procession. A show of eight kings the eighth king with a glass in his hand and show of eight kings the last. carrying a mirror glass According, Banquo last to legend Fleance escaped to. Macbeth Thou art too like the spirit of Banquo Down England where he founded the. Stuart family to which King James, Thy crown does sear mine eyeballs And thy hair belonged . Thou other gold bound brow is like the first 112 124 Macbeth is outraged that. 115 A third is like the former Filthy hags all eight kings in the procession look. Why do you show me this A fourth Start eyes like Banquo The mirror held by the. last one shows a future with many, What will the line stretch out to th crack of doom more Banquo look alikes as kings . Another yet A seventh I ll see no more The twofold balls and treble scepters. And yet the eighth appears who bears a glass pictured in the mirror foretell the. union of Scotland and England in, 120 Which shows me many more and some I see 1603 the year that James became.
That twofold balls and treble scepters carry king of both realms Banquo his hair. Horrible sight Now I see tis true matted boltered with blood claims. all the kings as his descendants , For the blood boltered Banquo smiles upon me What do you think is going through. And points at them for his Macbeth s mind , The Apparitions disappear . What is this so ,404 unit 2 the english renaissance. Behind the, Curtain Blocking, tion The placement and movement of actors on. s 1976 produc, akespeare Company the stage is called blocking These photos.
The Royal Sh, from different productions of Macbeth show. Act Four Scene 1 in which Macbeth sees, the apparitions What different ideas about. the scene do you get from the different, positions of the actors Which arrangement. has the most visual impact Explain , The Royal Shakespe. are Company s 1952, production, The 2003 production by Utah s Pioneer Theatre Company.
macbeth act four scene 1 405, 125 First Witch Ay sir all this is so But why. Stands Macbeth thus amazedly , Come sisters cheer we up his sprites. And show the best of our delights , I ll charm the air to give a sound. 130 While you perform your antic round , That this great king may kindly say. Our duties did his welcome pay , Music The Witches dance and vanish .
Macbeth Where are they Gone Let this pernicious hour 133 pernicious evil . Stand aye accurs d in the calendar 134 aye always . 135 Come in without there 135 After the witches vanish . Macbeth hears noises outside, Enter Lennox the cave and calls out . Lennox What s your Grace s will , Macbeth Saw you the We rd Sisters . Lennox No my lord , Macbeth Came they not by you . Lennox No indeed my lord , Macbeth Infected be the air whereon they ride . And damned all those that trust them I did hear,140 The galloping of horse Who was t came by .
Lennox Tis two or three my lord that bring you word. Macduff is fled to England , Macbeth Fled to England . Lennox Ay my good lord , Macbeth Aside Time thou anticipat st my dread exploits 144 156 Frustrated in his desire. 145 The flighty purpose never is o ertook to kill Macduff Macbeth blames. his own hesitation which gave his, Unless the deed go with it From this moment enemy time to flee He concludes. The very firstlings of my heart shall be that one s plans flighty purpose . The firstlings of my hand And even now are never achieved o ertook . unless carried out at once From, To crown my thoughts with acts be it thought and done now on Macbeth promises he will. 150 The castle of Macduff I will surprise act immediately on his impulses. Seize upon Fife give to th edge o th sword firstlings of my heart and complete. crown his thoughts with acts He, His wife his babes and all unfortunate souls will surprise Macduff s castle at Fife.
That trace him in his line No boasting like a fool and kill his wife and children Why. This deed I ll do before this purpose cool does Macbeth decide to kill Macduff s. 155 But no more sights Where are these gentlemen , Come bring me where they are . They exit ,406 unit 2 the english renaissance, Scene 2 Macduff s castle at Fife . Ross visits Lady Macduff to assure her of her husband s wisdom and. courage Lady Macduff cannot be comforted believing that he left out of. fear After Ross leaves she tells her son who is still loyal to his father that. Macduff was a traitor and is now dead A messenger warns them to flee but. is too late Murderers sent by Macbeth burst in killing both wife and son . Enter Lady Macduff her Son and Ross , Lady Macduff What had he done to make him fly the land . Ross You must have patience madam , Lady Macduff He had none . His flight was madness When our actions do not 3 4 Macduff s wife is worried that. Our fears do make us traitors others will think her husband a. traitor because his fears made him, Ross You know not flee the country our fears do make.
5 Whether it was his wisdom or his fear us traitors though he was guilty of. no wrongdoing , Lady Macduff Wisdom To leave his wife to leave his babes . His mansion and his titles in a place, From whence himself does fly He loves us not . He wants the natural touch for the poor wren 9 wants the natural touch lacks the. 10 The most diminutive of birds will fight instinct to protect his family . Her young ones in her nest against the owl , All is the fear and nothing is the love 12 14 Lady Macduff believes her. As little is the wisdom where the flight husband is motivated entirely by. fear not by love of his family His, So runs against all reason hasty flight is contrary to reason . Ross My dearest coz 14 coz cousin a term used for any. 15 I pray you school yourself But for your husband close relation . He is noble wise judicious and best knows 15 school control for as for . The fits o th season I dare not speak much further 17 fits o th season disorders of the. But cruel are the times when we are traitors present time . And do not know ourselves when we hold rumor 18 22 Ross laments the cruelty of. the times that made Macduff flee , 20 From what we fear yet know not what we fear In such times people are treated like.
But float upon a wild and violent sea traitors for no reason Their fears. Each way and move I take my leave of you make them believe hold rumors . though they do not know what to, Shall not be long but I ll be here again fear and drift aimlessly like ships. Things at the worst will cease or else climb upward tossed by a tempest . 25 To what they were before My pretty cousin , Blessing upon you . Lady Macduff Fathered he is and yet he s fatherless . Ross I am so much a fool should I stay longer 28 30 Moved by pity for Macduff s. It would be my disgrace and your discomfort family Ross is near tears my. disgrace He will leave before he,30 I take my leave at on. act 4 Scene 1 A cave In the middle a boiling cauldron The three witches prepare a potion in a boiling kettle When Macbeth arrives demanding to know his future the witches raise three apparitions The first an armed helmeted head tells him to beware of Macduff Next a bloody child assures Macbeth that he will never be harmed by

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