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TABLE OF CONTENTS,TABLE OF CONTENTS 2,PURPOSE SCOPE AND RESPONSIBILITIES 4. Health and Safety Policy 5,Roles and Responsibilities 5. HEALTH AND SAFETY RESOURCES 6,Environmental Health Safety EH S Department 6. UW Departments 6,Safety Coordinators 6,Safety Bulletin Boards 7. Health and Safety Committees 7,Safety Teams and Safety Meetings 8.
Building Coordinators 8,NEW EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND SAFETY ORIENTATION 9. REPORTING ACCIDENTS INJURIES ILLNESSES AND CONCERNS 10. Workplace Accidents Injuries Illnesses and Near Misses 10. Safety Problems Reporting and Resolving 10,Youth at THE UW 10. EMERGENCIES 12,Obtaining Emergency Assistance 12,Public Safety 12. Emergency Management and Business Continuity 12,Building Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans 13. First Aid 13,Automated External Defibrillators AEDs 14.
RECOGNIZED SAFETY HAZARDS 15,Slips Trips and Falls 15. Indoor Air Quality 15,Chemical Hazard Communication 15. Asbestos Awareness 16,Ergonomics 16, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 2 of 21. Transportation Safety 17,Working Outside OF Regular Business Hours 17. Facilities Work 18,Workplace Violence Prevention SafeCampus 18.
IDENTIFYING AND MITIGATING HAZARDS BEYOND THIS PLAN 19. Hazard Identification 19,Design and Engineering Controls 20. Training 20,Personal Protective Equipment 20, RESPONSIBILITIES BEYOND THE ACCIDENT PREVENTION PLAN 21. UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 3 of 21. PURPOSE SCOPE AND RESPONSIBILITIES, This document serves as the University of Washington Accident Prevention Plan the. Plan It applies to all schools departments units and organizations within the University. excluding the University of Washington Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center. The term departments will be used to represent the entities supported by this plan. The purpose of this document is to cover occupational hazards that generally apply to. employees across the University It outlines policies and procedures implemented to. reduce or eliminate these hazards Employees include all paid staff faculty students and. volunteers in permanent part time or seasonal positions To be effective all employees. must know about the Accident Prevention Plan where to find it and how to use it. The Accident Prevention Plan replaces the Departmental Health and Safety Plans that. departments were expected to develop and maintain Departments can continue to. maintain worksite specific elements of their former Departmental Health and Safety Plan. that address health and safety topics not covered in this document. The Accident Prevention Plan does not replace existing documents records or policies. such as those listed below,Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan FSEP. Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan,Biosafety Manuals.
Training records, Radiation Safety Manual RSM or radiation safety records. Administrative Policy Statements APS, Standard operating procedures SOPs specific to a department. The documents above supplement the Accident Prevention Plan and remain crucial to the. total health and safety program of a department Departments may choose to add some or. all of these documents as addendums to this core Accident Prevention Plan. Departments with hazards that extend beyond those covered in this document are. required to maintain separate or supplemental documentation that addresses how. employees are protected from these additional occupational hazards This documentation. can be maintained separately from the Accident Prevention Plan or added as an addendum. to the core plan, The Accident Prevention Plan is kept as a PDF document on the Environmental Health. Safety EH S website and will be updated annually by EH S and the official University. health and safety committees Any suggestions or proposed improvements to the Plan can. be directed to EH S at ehsdept uw edu, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 4 of 21. HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY, The Accident Prevention Plan furthers the University s commitment to provide a safe and.
healthful environment for all employees It follows the UW policy set in Administrative. Policy Statement APS 10 3 and is consistent with requirements in the Washington State. Industrial Safety and Health Act WISHA WAC 296 24 296 62 and 296 800 which is. administered by the Department of Labor and Industries L I Division of Occupational. Safety and Health,ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES, Executive Order No 55 outlines the health and safety responsibilities for University faculty. staff students and volunteers, This Order states that all University staff faculty students and volunteers are responsible. for observing and following health and safety policies and procedures participating in. mandatory training and reporting safety hazards injuries and illnesses. The University provost vice presidents vice provosts chancellors deans directors chairs. and supervisors are all responsible for ensuring that individuals under their supervision. have sufficient authority to support and properly implement health and safety programs. They must ensure compliance with health and safety training act in support of the. Environmental Health Safety Department EH S to monitor policy adherence to. applicable health and safety regulations and policies and establish priorities for. committing resources to correct health and safety deficiencies. EH S is responsible for implementing federal state local and University policies related to. the safety of the public employees and students at University owned operated and. controlled sites, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 5 of 21. HEALTH AND SAFETY RESOURCES,ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SAFETY EH S DEPARTMENT. EH S partners with departments and members of the UW community to ensure a healthy. and safe environment in which to advance learning teaching research and service EH S is. responsible for addressing occupational safety health and environmental concerns EH S. provides resources knowledge and tools to help departments meet their health and safety. compliance responsibilities,UW DEPARTMENTS, Multiple departments in addition to EH S work collaboratively to ensure the health and.
safety of UW employees Each department has its own scope of responsibilities as they. relate to occupational safety, Please review the information on the websites listed below to understand the scope of. responsibility of each department,UW Emergency Management. University of Washington Police Department,UW Tacoma Campus Safety Security. UW Bothell Campus Safety Department,SafeCampus,UW Compliance Risk Services. Hall Health Center,UW Facilities, In addition to the links above the Campus Safety Emergency Resources webpage is a.
resource to help employees navigate the various health and safety resources offered at the. SAFETY COORDINATORS, EH S strongly encourages departments to designate at least one person to serve as a. safety coordinator for each school department or unit EH S recommends that the safety. coordinator is provided with support and the authority to address safety issues. Safety coordinators may have a range of responsibilities including but not limited to. Promoting the Accident Prevention Plan within their department. Scheduling employee safety training as requested by supervisors. Coordinating with EH S to address health and safety issues as needed. Providing assistance as needed to supervisors and employees to resolve safety. Keeping safety bulletin boards current, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 6 of 21. Maintaining departmental safety records, Keeping the department head aware of current safety concerns. SAFETY BULLETIN BOARDS, Every UW department is required to have a designated space to post health and safety. information for its employees Departmental safety bulletin boards are used to post the. required Labor Industries posters safety notices and safety newsletters Health and. safety committee meeting minutes training schedules safety posters accident statistics. building coordinator contact and other safety education material may also be posted. A safety bulletin board must be located in a common area where all employees can view. the posted information such as a break room hallway or lunch area Departments may. choose to share a common bulletin board as long as all employees of the intended. departments have access to the bulletin board, Health and safety posters that are required to be posted are listed below The safety.
bulletin board can also be used for other required workplace posters identified on the UW. Human Resources website These include,Job Safety and Health Law rev 09 2015. Notice to Employees If a Job Injury Occurs rev 12 2012. Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State rev 08 2017. Signed OSHA 300A Summary Posted from February 1 to April 30 each year. HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEES, The University is divided into ten organizational groups Each is represented by an. organizational health and safety committee Health safety committees required by WAC. 296 800 130 assist in the determination of unsafe conditions and procedures evaluate on. the job accidents suggest corrective measures and communicate health and safety. information to their respective departments Committee members are comprised of. employee elected and management appointed representatives Elections are held every. two years Committee information and current rosters are on the EH S website. A University Wide Health and Safety Committee U Wide was established to address safety. issues relevant to the entire University community and to provide consistency and. oversight to the health and safety committees Each organizational committee elects two. members to represent their committee at the U Wide level More information on the U. Wide committee can be found on the EH S website, Health and safety committees also partner with EH S to conduct the annual review of this. Accident Prevention Plan and discuss recommendations for revision if needed. UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 7 of 21. SAFETY TEAMS AND SAFETY MEETINGS, Departments may develop health and safety teams among its employees to address safety. concerns independent of the health and safety committees Large departments may. benefit from this approach to address safety issues by providing a pathway for. communication between different divisions of a department. All departments should have a process for communicating and sharing health and safety. information such as during staff meetings through departmental correspondence or. during one on one meetings with supervisors,BUILDING COORDINATORS.
Building coordinators are responsible for managing building related needs and services. These include security requirements maintenance and custodial service requests and. reporting property loss to the University of Washington Police Department Building. coordinators also inform and update occupants during utility shutdowns or building. renovation activities, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 8 of 21. NEW EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND SAFETY,ORIENTATION, Departments must ensure that all new UW employees including those who are temporary. and part time undergo a health and safety orientation. The health and safety orientation must cover the following topics. 1 Information on how to find and utilize this Accident Prevention Plan and any. supplemental department specific health and safety policies. 2 Reporting procedures for fire police and medical emergencies. 3 Building evacuation procedures during an emergency. 4 Location of fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers. 5 Procedures for reporting all accidents and incidents to their supervisor and. completing a written online report using the Online Accident Reporting System. 6 Procedures for reporting unsafe conditions or acts to a supervisor and when. possible taking action to address unsafe conditions. 7 Location of first aid kits, 8 Information about chemicals or hazardous materials used in an employee s work. environment including how to identify them and where to locate the safety data. sheets for hazard information, 9 Identification and explanation of all warning signs and labels used in their work area. 10 Use and care of any required personal protective equipment PPE. 11 Description of any work related safety training course s the employee is required to. A safety orientation checklist for supervisors to orient new employees can be found on the. EH S website The checklist may be modified to include Department specific orientation. requirements, UW Accident Prevention Plan Revised July 2019 Page 9 of 21.
REPORTING ACCIDENTS INJURIES,ILLNESSES AND CONCERNS. WORKPLACE ACCIDENTS INJURIES ILLNESSES AND NEAR MISSES. All injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace must be reported to the employee s. supervisor and to EH S as soon as possible WAC 296 800 320 and 296 27 Employees are. also encouraged to report near misses and unsafe conditions Near misses are valuable. opportunities to correct unsafe situations which could result in serious injury A report can. be completed by the employee involved a supervisor or a university representative using. the Online Accident Reporting System OARS, Copies of OARS reports may be distributed to University representatives for appropriate. Radiation Safety Manual RSM or radiation safety records Administrative Policy Statements APS Standard operating procedures SOPs specific to a department The documents above supplement the Accident Prevention Planand remain crucial to the total health and safety program of a department Departments may choose to add some or all of these documents as addendums to this core Accident

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