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13 12 11 10, DANSK PORTUGU S ESPA OL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRAN AIS ENGLISH DEUTSCH. 1 button unlatches the flip 9 button opens the flip release. release panel panel,2 Volume control Arrow key block. 3 Button switches the radio and OK button confirms menu en. mute function on off tries and starts the scan function. 4 RDS button switches RDS con DEQ button digital equalizer. venience function on off radio switches the equalizer on off. data system AUDIO button adjusts bass, Selects variable radio texts treble X BASS balance and. 5 BND button band source se fader,lection for radio mode Key block 1 6. selection of FM memory levels,TRAF button activates the traf.
and the wavebands MW and LW,fic information standby mode. TS starts the Travelstore func,tion SRC button selects between. CD MP3 CD changer Compact,6 Display display field,Drive MP3 if connected and. 7 DIS change display contents AUX sources,button indicates the time on. the display,8 MENU button selects the menu,for basic settings.
TABLE OF CONTENTS,Notes and accessories 40 MP3 mode 54. Flip release panel 41 Preparing the MP3 CD 54,Switching to MP3 mode 55. Switching on off 42 Selecting a directory 55,Volume adjustment 43 Selecting tracks 56. Fast searching audible 56,Radio mode 44,Random track play MIX 56. Setting the tuner 44,Scanning tracks SCAN 56,Switching to radio mode 44.
Repeating individual tracks or,RDS function AF REG 45. whole directories REPEAT 57,Selecting the waveband memory 45. Tuning into a station 45 Pausing playback PAUSE 57. Setting the sensitivity of the station Setting the display 57. search mode 46 CD changer mode 58,Storing stations 46 Starting CD changer mode 58. Storing stations automatically Selecting a CD 58,Travelstore 46 Selecting a track 58. Listening to preset stations 46 Fast search audible 58. Scanning receivable stations Changing the display 58. NEDERLANDS,SCAN 47 Repeating individual tracks or,Setting the scanning time 47 whole CDs REPEAT 58.
Programm Typ PTY 47 Random play MIX 58, Optimising radio reception 48 Scanning all tracks on all CDs. Selecting radio text display 49 SCAN 59,Setting the display 49 Interrupting Play PAUSE 59. Traffic information 50 Naming CDs 59,CD Mode 51 CLOCK Time 60. Starting CD mode 51 Tone and volume balance 61,Selecting a track 51 ESPA OL. Quick track selection 51 Equalizer for Acapulco MP52 63. Fast search audible 51 Equalizer for Daytona MP53 66. Random play MIX 52 External audio sources 69,Scanning tracks SCAN 52.
Repeating a track REPEAT 52 TMC for dynamic navigation. Interrupting play PAUSE 52 systems 69,Changing the display 52 Technical data 70. Traffic announcements in CD mode 52,Naming CDs 53,Displaying CD text 53. Removing a CD 54,NOTES AND ACCESSORIES,Notes and accessories Installation. Thank you for deciding to use a Blau If you would like to install your car radio. punkt product We hope you enjoy us yourself please read the installation and. ing this new piece of equipment connection instructions at the end of the. Please read these operating instruc manual,tions before using the equipment for Accessories. the first time,Please use only Blaupunkt approved,The Blaupunkt editors are constantly accessories.
working on making the operating in, structions clearer and easier to under Remote controls. stand However if you still have any The most important functions of your car. questions on how to operate the equip radio can be selected safely and con. ment please contact your dealer or the veniently from the steering wheel using. telephone hotline for your country You the remote controls RC 08 RC 10 or. will find the telephone numbers printed RC 10H available as an optional ex. at the back of this booklet tra, We provide a manufacturer guarantee The radio cannot be switched on off via. for our products bought within the Eu remote control. ropean Union You can view the guar,antee conditions at www blaupunkt com Amplifiers. or ask for them directly at All Blaupunkt amplifiers are suitable for. Blaupunkt GmbH use with the radio,Hotline Calibration microphone. Robert Bosch Str 200,You can use the calibration microphone.
D 31139 Hildesheim available as an accessory for the. equalizer s automatic sound calibration,Road safety. CD changer,Road safety has priority Only op, erate your car radio if road and traf The following Blaupunkt CD changers. fic conditions allow Familiarise your can be connected to the radio. self with the unit before setting off on CDC A 02 CDC A 08 and IDC A 09. your journey Compact Drive MP3,You should always be able to hear. police fire and ambulance sirens in As an alternative to a CD changer you. good time For this reason set the can connect a Compact Drive MP3 to. volume of your car radio at a suita access MP3 music tracks If you con. ble level nect a Compact Drive MP3 you will first,need to use a computer to store the MP3. NOTES AND ACCESSORIES FLIP RELEASE PANEL, music tracks on the Microdrive hard Flip release panel.
disk inside the Compact Drive MP3, Then when the Compact Drive MP3 is Theft protection. connected to the car radio you can play Your car radio is fitted with a flip release. the tracks like normal CD music tracks panel to guard against theft Without this. The Compact Drive MP3 is operated in panel the unit is worthless to the thief. the same way as a CD changer Most Protect your unit from theft by taking the. of the CD changer functions can also flip release panel with you every time. be used with the Compact Drive MP3 you leave the car Do not leave the panel. Amplifier sub out behind in the car even if it is out of sight. The constructive design of the panel, The car radio provides connections for makes for simple handling. connecting external amplifiers and a,subwoofer Note. Do not drop the flip release panel,We recommend you use well matched. products from the Blaupunkt or Velocity Do not expose the flip release pan. product ranges el to direct sunshine or other sourc. es of heat,Interface for vehicle specific display,Keep the flip release panel in the.
NEDERLANDS,and steering wheel remote control,case provided. Some vehicles are already fitted at the,Avoid touching the contacts of the. factory with a display in the dashboard,flip release panel Please clean it. and a steering wheel remote control,when necessary with some white. There are specific interfaces available,spirit on a lint free cloth.
for various vehicle types so that you can, use the remote control and the display Removing the flip release panel. for the car radio,You can find out for which vehicles such. an interface is available from your Blau,punkt dealer or from the Blaupunkt tel. ephone hotline,FLIP RELEASE PANEL SWITCHING ON OFF. Press the button 1 Switching on off, This unlatches the flip release panel There are various ways of switching the.
First pull the flip release panel car radio on and off as described be. straight and then to the left out of low,the unit Switching on off using the ignition. After removing the flip release pan If the car radio is correctly connected to. el the unit switches itself off the ignition and has not been switched. All the current settings are saved off using the button 3 it is switched. If there is a CD in the unit it re on off simultaneously with the ignition. mains there You can also switch on your car radio,when the vehicle ignition is off. Attaching the flip release panel,To do so press the button 3. Slide the flip release panel from left,to right into the unit guide Note. To protect the vehicle battery the unit,Press the left side of the panel into.
switches off automatically after one,the unit until it slots into place. Switching on off using the flip,release panel,Remove the flip release panel. The unit switches itself off,Replace the flip release panel once. Note The car radio is switched on The last, Do not press against the display settings radio CD CD changer Com. while attaching the flip release pan pact Drive MP3 or AUX are activated. Switching on off using the button,If the device was still switched on when.
you removed the control panel it will, automatically switch on again with the To switch the unit on press the but. last settings activated i e radio CD CD ton 3, changer Compact Drive MP3 or AUX To switch the unit off hold the but. when the panel is replaced ton 3 down for more than two. The car radio is now switched off,VOLUME ADJUSTMENT. Volume adjustment Mute setting, The system volume can be adjusted in This feature enables you to lower the. steps from 0 off to 66 maximum system volume instantaneously mute. To raise the system volume turn Briefly press button 3. the volume control 2 to the right MUTE appears on the display. To lower the system volume turn Telephone Audio Navigation. the volume control 2 to the left, Setting the switch on volume If your car radio is connected to a mo.
You can set the volume at which you bile telephone or a navigation system. wish the car radio to play when switched the volume will be muted as soon as. on you pick up the telephone or the radio,relays voice output from the navigation. Press the MENU button 8,system and the conversation or voice. Press the or button repeat output is heard through the radio s loud. edly until ON VOLUME appears speakers In order for this to work the. on the display mobile telephone or navigation system. Use the buttons to set the has to be connected to the car radio as. NEDERLANDS, switch on volume described in the instructions For this. you need adapter cable Blaupunkt no,If you select LAST VOL the volume 7 607 001 503. played before the unit was last switched, off will be reactivated To find out which navigation systems are.
compatible with your car radio please,Note consult your Blaupunkt dealer. To protect your hearing the maxi,If a traffic announcement is received. mum switch on volume under the during a telephone call or navigation. LAST VOL setting is 38 If the system voice output the traffic an. volume was higher before the unit nouncement will not be heard until the. was switched off and LAST VOL conversation voice output is over. has been selected the volume will, be set at 38 the next time the ra The volume at which telephone conver. dio is switched on sations and voice output from the navi. gation system are switched on is ad,When you have completed setting the justable. Press the MENU button 8,press the MENU button 8 or OK.
Press the button repeatedly,until TEL NAVI VOL appears on. the display,VOLUME ADJUSTMENT RADIO MODE,Use the buttons to set the Radio mode. desired volume This unit is equipped with an RDS radio. When you have completed the set receiver Many of the receivable FM sta. tings press either the MENU but tions transmit a signal that not only car. ton 8 or OK ries the programme but also additional. information such as the station name,Note and programme type PTY. You can adjust the volume for telephone The station name appears on the dis. conversations and voice output while play as soon as it is received. they are being heard by using the vol,ume control 2 Setting the tuner. Automatic Sound In order to guarantee the perfect func. tioning of the radio element the unit, This function adjusts the volume of your must be set for the region in which you.
car radio automatically to your driving are located You can choose between. speed This requires your device to be Europe EUROPE and America N. connected as described in the installa AMERICA The tuner comes from the. tion guide factory set for the region in which the. The automatic volume booster can be unit was sold Should you encounter. set in six stages 0 5 problems with radio reception please. Press the MENU button 8 check this setting, Press the button until AUTO This set of instructions refers to the EU. SOUND appears in the display ROPE setting, Set the volume adjustment with the Press the MENU button 8. buttons Press the button repeatedly, When the setting process is com until TUNER AREA appears on. plete press the MENU button 8 the display,Press the or button for. Note longer than two seconds to switch, The right speed adjusted volume set between EUROPE and N.
ting depends on noise levels inside your AMERICA, car Try various values 0 5 until you Press the MENU button 8 or OK. find the best setting,Switching to radio mode,If you are in CD CD changer Compact. Drive MP3 or AUX mode,press the BND TS button 5,RADIO MODE. RDS function AF REG The RDS convenience functions are. The RDS functions AF Alternative Fre active when RDS lights up on the dis. quency and REG Regional extend play with a symbol When the RDS con. your radio s range of functions venience functions are activated REG. ON or REG OFF appears briefly on,AF If this RDS function is activat. the display,ed the unit automatically tunes into, the best receivable frequency for Selecting the waveband.
the station that is currently set memory, REG Some radio stations set This unit can receive programmes. aside some of their broadcasting broadcast over the FM as well as MW. time for regional programmes that and LW AM waveband There are. Equalizer for Acapulco MP52 63 Equalizer for Daytona MP53 66 External audio sources 69 TMC for dynamic navigation systems 69 Technical data 70 40 Notes and accessories Thank you for deciding to use a Blau punkt product We hope you enjoy us ing this new piece of equipment Please read these operating instruc tions before using the equipment for the first time The

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