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Introduction, How wonderful it is to be free How exhilarating to feel. free and to know God loves me and to experience ever increasing. freedom from sin s cruel grasp while resting secure in the love of. For many years as a Christian I was unable to rest in. God s love while trusting Him to bring me into wholeness Perhaps. you struggle now with the same restless panic that held me captive. Perhaps you wonder How can I rest in God s love in my. wretched state Yes God is love But the Bible also says He hates. sin and it warns us of God s eternal wrath and judgment. That was my state of mind for decades It finally resulted in. my hospitalization and living for a year without sanity and for. many months being sustained by prescription anti depressants. I was brought up in a legalistic Christianity that taught Jesus. loves you but watch out No sin will enter Heaven and He may. return when you are not ready and let you die on one of your bad. days Sheesh As a young adult it suddenly dawned on me. that concept of the gospel had to be wrong for it was anything but. So I found friendship with Christians who understood the. gospel differently Their version and for years my own was. Jesus loves you and if you ll receive Him as Lord and Savior. before it s too late He will save you And once you re saved you. will always be saved And once you are truly saved you will want. to obey and serve Him though sinless perfection will never happen. in this lifetime, Problem was so much wreckage still remained in my life. my reflexes thoughts mind and emotions I could see what. appeared to be evidence of God s Spirit working in my life I even. received on occasions what seemed to be positive proof God was. affirming and loving me actually speaking inside my heart. On the other hand I saw what appeared to be proof, positive repeatedly that I had never been truly saved Uh oh. there s the catch Right There were times when nothing inside. me wanted to obey the Lord not even to try Not even a little I. found myself filled with rage lust and rebellion Seasons came. and thankfully went in which I didn t want to think about God. or Jesus let alone hear or speak about spiritual issues. Then I would wake up again filled with fear shame, self loathing and remorse Had I ever truly been saved How could. I have been in light of all the havoc I was causing Had all my so. called God encounters been only demonic delusions Perhaps I. was a counterfeit an evil and deluded dreamer who only thought. he was one of the elect Given the parameters of my Scriptural. understanding Biblically speaking there was no way to know. God was an agonizing blur in my tormented brain I found that I. loved Him yet also hated Him and recoiled in horror from Him. Can you relate, If you can this message is for you What follows may at.
first seem dry and appear to be only another boring theological. presentation But do us both a favor and,HANG IN THERE WITH ME. I believe you ll be more than pleasantly surprised and. perhaps bursting into tears of joy as you journey with me to. discover afresh the love of our Wonderful God,LAMENTATIONS 3 31 33 NKJ. For the Lord will not cast off forever,Though He causes grief. Yet He will show compassion,According to the multitude of His mercies. For He does not afflict willingly,Nor grieve the children of men.
For men are not cast off by the Lord forever,Though He brings grief He will show compassion. So great is His unfailing love,For He does not willingly bring affliction. Or grief to the children of men,Four Views of the Good News of. Jesus Christ,I The Good News of Once Saved Hardly Saved. Arminianism, Christ bought us all back from satan and sin by His blood shed.
on Calvary However Christ will NEVER get all He paid for. a God s commitment to redeem us depends on the strength and. steadfastness of our commitment to follow Christ in. consistent obedience for faith without works is dead. b Our heavenly Father desires all to be saved Yet He also. has known from eternity past that His desire is only futile. sentimentality because it will not ever be fulfilled For. narrow is the way that leads to life and few ever will find it. c God s will being accomplished depends on the faithfulness. of our human sin weakened wills to help Him succeed in. d In theory Christ is the Savior of all men and yet many. people will be eternally damned So as it turns out Christ is. actually the Savior of those whom He will never save And. worse He is the Savior of those whom He KNOWS He will. never save, II The Good News of Once Saved Always Saved Calvinism. Christ s blood has bought only an elect few that God has chosen to. be saved The Lord is furious with the human race because we all. sinned while in the loins of Adam Furthermore He s furious. because all of us subsequently born with sin impaired natures have. continued to violate His holy law Therefore He owes none of us. the debt of love for it is very kind of Him to choose to save. anyone So in short, a Christ will inherit all He has bought with His blood but the. majority of mankind he will rightly and justly send to. endless torment, b Since a certain few have been chosen for salvation once they. are truly saved they can never be lost for a predestined. person cannot logically be unpredestined, c For it is not of him who wills or runs but of God who shows. mercy For many are called but few are ever chosen, d In theory God loves everyone but He values only a few.
sufficiently to save them That is because His absolute. holiness and hatred of sin is a quality altogether different and. more important than His love This is a great mystery. summed up in the phrase God is Sovereign, The above have been the prevailing views for most of the. church since Augustine and Pelagius set them into motion in the. fourth and fifth centuries In the 1500 s John Calvin expounded. on and refined Augustine s theology This refinement came to be. known as Calvinism in theological circles In the same era Jacob. Arminius further developed the theology of the fifth century mond. Pelagius in an attempt to oppose Calvin s gospel of despair His. view came to be known as Arminianism yet another gospel of. despair based upon human effort In modern times some. Christians seek to adhere to a muddled mix between these views. Shall we call it Calv Arminianism for lack of a better term. III The Good News of Once Saved Nearly Always Saved. Calv Arminianism, This muddled mixture between Calvinism and Arminianism. takes so many forms that books could be and have been written. to describe them This understanding of the gospel is the kindest. yet most inherently self contradictory of views generally held. Calv Arminianism takes on the more attractive and less despair. inducing features of each system and tries to blend them together. The most popular form of Calv Arminianism assures us. a that Christ probably died for all mankind, b that the Lord is probably no longer angry with the human. c that we are saved only by God s grace Yet in the end our. ultimate salvation probably depends to some significant. degree on the success of our own effort but to what degree. is uncertain, d that once we re truly saved we can never be lost Or at least. it s probably next to impossible to be lost according to. whoever happens to be trying to clarify his or her own. doctrinal persuasion, e it is probable that only the most flagrantly wicked will perish.
forever And among Calv Arminians as a whole the subject. of the fate of those who have never heard of Christ is. studiously avoided, What has given rise to all the above views which turn the. Good News of Christ into bad news NONSENSE It is a cruel. dogma found nowhere in the original language of Scripture. It is a lie It is the lie that God is Infinite Holy Love yet in the. end He will consign most or some of His creation to agony. forever In short it s the illogical idea that God is love and yet. He creates people whom He plans in advance already knowing. their unwise future choices to get rid of forever This is the lie of. hate that calls itself love The lie of forgiveness that practices. eternal vindictiveness when the story is over The lie that All. Powerful Love is either biased or will eventually fail This is the. lie that lurks within the root of all these systems So is it any. wonder that despite all heroic efforts of their advocates these. gospel presentations fall miserably short of landing on our ears as. Now let s be merciful If you sincerely believed God is. love God spawns eternally doomed creatures was an essential. truth taught in the Bible would you be able to come up with a. better message than all the aforementioned, I couldn t For thirty desperate years I tried diligently to. present the Good News of Christ as Glad Tidings while trying to. preserve the toxic lie mentioned above at the same time And I did. it sincerely I honestly thought the double talk God is love but. was a foundational truth of the gospel To my mind it was a vital. point of Scriptural orthodoxy sound doctrine Even so I did. everything in my power to believe and present this contradictory. message as unconditional love, Is it any wonder I finally fizzled out and became a. blithering basket case and actually was hospitalized It only takes a. little yeast to leaven the whole loaf So in the end even my Calv. Arminian gospel understanding rendered it impossible for me to. completely trust or love the Lord I could affirm and voice trust. and love for the Lord Problem was I couldn t actually do them. How could I The Good News message programmed into my. poor brain kept telling me that God could not be trusted For in the. end He would lose a good number of people forever Thus I felt. compelled to trust in my own strength so as to make my calling. and election sure which to my mind meant my ultimate salvation. This made it impossible for my heart to rest Though the Lord had. blessed me often in wonderful ways deepest serenity evaded me. from age twelve until age forty nine I did not know how to trust. my heavenly Father and at the same time believe all His Word as I. then understood it All I could do was try not to think much about. those dark passages that made me feel afraid Yet they still. thrived beneath the surface of my conscious mind and often came. out in my dreams, So the deep inner wounds that caused my obsessions and. compulsions could never heal An unconscious undercurrent of. terror only intensified my bondage However when through. Scripture the Lord at last assured my heart of His unfailing love. inner transformation rapidly began to happen, I could then say with the psalmist David Lord I have.
hoped in Your judgments I began to rejoice in all of God s. words for His statutes are indeed right rejoicing the heart Ps. 19 8 119 43 Finally it dawned on me that any true word from. God will pass the meditation test As we mull it over in our minds. a true word from God will impart life and hope It will build not. sabotage our trust in the Lord and His unfailing love. Try meditating on the truth so called by some that God. will abandon any person to misery forever and see what happens. to your trust Christ tells us that His words are spirit and life So. shouldn t we be able to meditate on all His words and increase our. faith This includes all He has to say about judgment and. everlasting fire, That is provided we do so with a right understanding. Does your present understanding about judgment and hell cause. your trust and love toward God to increase as you meditate on it. If not why would His Spirit communicate a truth that only. weakens our trust when we think deeply about it If God s whole. agenda is to win our deepest trust why would He tell us He has. created people in the certain and calculated knowledge that they. would suffer forever, He would not and He has not His heart and His plan for. all His creation is better by far than that Now I ll share the. fourth view of the gospel which every human heart knows is the. true one The view that reveals the heart of a Heavenly Father all. of us can count on,IV The Good News of Christ s Total Victory. Christ bought us ALL back by His own blood shed at Calvary. He came to earth for this purpose to destroy the devil s deceptive. works and to save that which was lost Eventually our Lord will. fulfill His sure purpose and inherit ALL He paid for That is. a God is Holy Love and love means COMMITMENT, b God s commitment is stronger than our weaknesses our. foolish choices our stubbornness and our SIN For if God s. commitment to us is only as strong as our commitment to. Him perish the thought that means He is no better than we. are Thank you Staley Molsbee for that notable quote. c God s fires of purifying judgment are unrelenting though. not of endless duration contrary to tradition but not. Scripture So He persistently and patiently corrects us. until He succeeds in redeeming us For our heavenly. Father s judgments arise not from vindictive rage but from. His loving mercy He loves us too much to let sin and death. destroy His dreams for us Christ s death on the cross. DEMONSTRATES the depth of God s love as well as His. commitment to destroy sin and death It shows us that to His. own hurt and agony the Lord is absorbing all the death. free and to know God loves me received on occasions what seemed to be positive proof God was affirming and loving me actually speaking inside my heart On the other hand I saw what appeared to be proof positive repeatedly that I had never been truly saved Uh oh there s the catch Right There were times when nothing inside me wanted to obey the Lord not even to try Not

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