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PEACE PRIDE ACTIVISTS SOCIAL ACTION,ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME. Objectives, To read or listen to an Aboriginal creation myth of the Dreamtime. To write an original creation story read it aloud dramatically sing it and publish. To explore art techniques of Aboriginal artists of Australia. To introduce the many strange fascinating animals such as the kangaroos. koalas pygmy mice flying possums pouched wolf the bandicoot and the. wombat that are images in Aboriginal art and stories. Spirit Country Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art Jennifer Isaacs 2000. PEACE PRIDE ACTIVISTS SOCIAL ACTION,ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME. Definition a member of the cultural group of people who were the original. inhabitants of Australia, Context The Aborigines have painted on walls of rock for at least a. Definition to act using only movements and gestures. Context The events of this distant time have been passed down in the. oral tradition of folklore and are still enacted in ceremonies that include. dance in mime form to the accompaniment of clap sticks. Oral tradition,Definition through the spoken word or verbal.
Context There is early evidence from the 18th century that Aboriginal. families were creating paintings for use in rituals and oral traditions. Definition an ancient story dealing with gods and heroes. Context They are the subjects of the Dreamtime myths and legends. Definition from the time of the origin or the beginning. Context According to Aboriginal belief all life as it is known today can be. tracked to the Dreamtime or the era of Creation,PEACE PRIDE ACTIVISTS SOCIAL ACTION. ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME,Activities, In Australia before Europeans arrived there were no fences or barriers. marking land ownership So when Europeans came to Australia they. concluded that no one owned the land, Indigenous people divided the land up into traditional lands using. geographic boundaries such as rivers lakes mountains and so on. The elders passed down their knowledge about boundaries to the younger. people and children through songs dance art and storytelling. Myths are stories invented by a people to explain why things are the way. they perceive they are The stories themselves are not expected to be. true in every detail but they contain truth that helps to support the views. and values of the people who retell them People have told myths since. language was created keeping them alive and vital through the centuries. by word of mouth Myths are important in every culture. For example there are commonly retold myths found today in the United. States that all involve apples, The apple that William Tell never shot off his son s head with a. crossbow to demonstrate what risks people may have to take when. fighting tyranny, The apple that never hit Sir Isaac Newton in the head giving him the.
insight to develop the concept of gravity, For thousands of years songs and stories have been part of the. Aboriginal oral tradition and belief Compare origin and creation stories. from various cultures, Read Pheasant and Kingfisher a story recorded and translated by. anthropologist Catherine Berndt, The animals of Australia seem to be at the center of all Aboriginal stories. and art They are the subjects of the Dreamtime legends They are. depicted in bark paintings rock carvings and take center stage in the. corroborees or festivals The Aborigines are talented mimics and like to. perform dances in which they imitate animals Find pictures of the. fascinating animals such as the kangaroo koala pygmy mice flying. possum pouched wolf the bandicoot and the wombat and attach them to. the story dance song artwork in which they are depicted. On the Internet site Stories of the Dreaming there are Dreamtime stories. that you can read or listen to by the original author You can also read. original creation stories written by students from Australia England and. other countries inspired by the Aboriginal creation myths. http www dreamtime net au main htm, After reading and listening to Dreamtime stories write and publish online a. creation story of your own Enter the story on the Kids Stories website. http www dreamtime net au stories, Spirit Country Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art Jennifer Isaacs 2000.
An Australian Experience Jack W Kukuk Washington DC John F Kennedy. Center for the Performing Arts, Animal Dreaming An Aboriginal Dreamtime Story Paul Morin New York New. York Harcourt Brace and Company 1998, Dreamings Tjukurrpa Aboriginal Art of the Western Desert JoAnne Birnie. Danzker New York New York Prestel 1994, Pheasant and Kingfisher Catherine Berndt Greenvale New York Mondo. Publishing 1994, Spirit Country Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art Jennifer Isaacs San. Francisco California Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 2000. Talking Walls Margy Burns Knight Gardiner Maine Tilbury House. Publishers 1996 Book and CD Rom,PEACE PRIDE ACTIVISTS SOCIAL ACTION.
ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME,Internet Links,Dreaming Online Kids Stories. http www dreamtime net au stories,Teachers Students. Australian Museum Online Stories of the Dreaming,http www austmus gov au index1 htm. Petroglyphs and Petroglyphy,http www sunspot sli unimelb edu au auro. Time Detectives,Literacy Place,Grade 3 Unit 5,Scholastic.
Invitation to Literacy,Level 1 Theme 3,The World Outside My Door. Houghton Mifflin Company,Standards and Expectations. MPS Standards Level 3 English Language Arts A 3 3, Read and discuss literary and nonliterary texts in order to understand human. experiences, Wisconsin s Model Academic Standards for Visual Arts. Students will reflect upon the nature of art and meaning in art and culture. Wisconsin s Model Academic Standards for Science D 6 3. Understand that many cultures have made and continue to make contributions to. science technology and society,PEACE PRIDE ACTIVISTS SOCIAL ACTION.
ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME,Assessment, Students will write and illustrate a creation myth which will be published online to. share with students in Australia,Teachers will develop appropriate rubrics. ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME The land owns us we don t own the land The land owns us we don t own the land We are part of the land From the time we are children we learn the songs and stories about the land For thousands of years these songs and stories have been part of the people s oral tradition and beliefs Aboriginal Dreamtime Animal Dreaming Painting by Paul Morin Grade Level Grade

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