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Every second counts,Every move con dent,Every choice matters. More control, St Jude Medical is focused on reducing risk by continuously. nding ways to put more control into the hands of those who save lives. Experience Control AATS booth 1013,2008 St Jude Medical All rights reserved. ST JUDE MEDICAL logo is a trademark of St Jude Medical Inc. AATS 88th Annual Meeting Daily News San Diego Convention Center May 10 14 2008 3. Lillehei Forum presents exciting cutting edge research. unday s C Walton Lillehei Resident to leaflet closure and coaptation throughout inflammatory response which if mediated pulmonary dysfunction following CPB. Forum showcased some of the most the cardiac cycle however is unknown through the lung can potentially result in Basel Ramlawi M D of Harvard Medical. exciting leading edge research being Dr Itoh said the mitral hinge angle postoperative pulmonary dysfunction School gave the third presentation Apro. done in thoracic surgery changes significantly during the cardiac cycle Several stud tinin Attenuates Genomic Expression Vari. Moderated by David H Harpole M D in concert temporally with changes in MAA ies have shown that ability Following Cardiac Surgery. and Gus J Vlahakes M D the session pre and D adenosine A2A recep Aprotinin a commonly used antifibrin. sented eight outstanding papers The hinge angle reflects the interactions tor A2AR activa olytic agent was the subject of recent con. Akinobu Itoh M D of Stanford Univer between the muscular annulus fibrous an tion attenuates lung troversy regarding adverse clinical outcomes. sity presented the first selection Is Mitral nulus and aortic root he said A steeper ischemia reperfusion following cardiac surgery Dr Ramlawi and. Valve Hinge Motion Important for Leaflet hinge angle may contribute to pre systolic injury he said The his team compared. Closure annular area reduction and rapid leaflet effect of A2AR activa the role of Aprotinin. Dr Itoh said mitral closure which enhance valve competency tion on CPB induced and e aminocaproic. annulus MA is com Rigid complete annuloplasty rings would Turner C Lisle lung injury has yet acid on clinical out. posed of two struc abolish any such hinge angle motion M D to be evaluated We comes and the attenu. tures the fibrous Further quantification of hinge angle dy hypothesized that ation of the post car. annulus contiguous namics in pre and post repair patients with specific A2AR activation by ATL 313 an diopulmonary bypass. with the aortic root mitral valve prolapse and FMR should shed A2AR agonist would attenuate lung inflam CPB response at. and the muscular light on how important this intrinsic motion mation following CPB the genomic expres. annulus subtending is and aid in the design of new annuloplasty The data showed that the addition of Basel Ramlawi sion and cytokine. Akinobu Itoh M D the commissures and M D l, devices Dr Itoh said the A2AR agonist ATL 313 to the standard protein level. posterior leaflet The University of Virginia s Turner C bypass priming solution prior to the initia Preoperative. Three dimensional echocardiographic Lisle M D presented the second study tion of CPB resulted in significantly less baseline characteristics were similar in. studies have demonstrated that the MA is Inflammatory Lung Injury After Cardiopul lung injury and pulmonary edema as well both characteristics with respect to age. saddle shaped and becomes flattened and monary Bypass is Attenuated by Adenosine as decreased levels of several proinflamma sex re operative status type of operation. dilated in humans with functional mitral A2A Receptor Activation tory cytokines Dr Lisle said that the data or intraoperative factors pump time. regurgitation FMR he said The contri Dr Lisle said cardiopulmonary bypass indicated ATL 313 could play an important temperature etc he said The serum. bution of saddle shape configuration change CPB has been shown to exert a systemic role in reducing systemic inflammation and see Lillehei page 4. New technologies techniques New plenary session debates Live. help predict future practice Surgery and CT Certification. or those who want prognostication about ally been at greater risk from the surgery he Controversies in Cardiotho ing opportunity especially for surgeon. where cardiothoracic surgery is headed than they would be from the alternative of racic Surgery Plenary Session is a colleagues who do not have ready access. the Emerging Technologies and Tech stroke but the new approach being present new feature of the AATS Annual to viewing live surgeries at their medical. niques Forum is one of the best venues to gain ed at the forum has the potential of changing Meeting and will take place at 8 45 a m centers. an understanding of the future Scheduled that ratio according to Dr Svensson Wednesday in Ballroom 20A C of the The second topic is Should the Cer. for 7 00 a m Wednesday in Room 25 of the The transcatheter mode of valve replace Convention Center The session will tifying Authority Provide Two Certifi. Convention Center the forum presents novel ment would allow aortic valve replacement include a stimulating debate on two hot cates One for Cardiac Surgery and One. technologies and techniques that will soon in the high risk topics Thoracic surgeons will step to the for Thoracic Surgery Arguing in favor. make their way into cardiothoracic surgery elderly patients who podium and make compelling arguments will be Walter Klepetko M D a general. New technologies are always interesting would not otherwise on whether live surgery at meetings is a thoracic surgeon from Vienna Medical. because they give an indication on which be candidates for good thing or a bad thing and whether University Vienna Austria Presenting a. direction the specialty is moving said open surgery valve the cardiothoracic certificate should rationale against the split will be Douglas. forum co moderator Lars G Svensson M D replacement Dr remain as one certificate or be separated J Mathisen M D a thoracic surgeon. Cardiac surgery is increasingly branching Acker said As the into two certificates from Massachusetts General Hospital. into other diverse areas and we are develop transcather valve The title of the first topic is Live Boston Bruce W Lytle M D AATS im. ing new fields such as replacement evolves Surgery at National and Regional Cardio mediate past president will moderate. wire skills implanting Michael A Acker it will be applicable thoracic Meetings Should Be Outlawed Cardiothoracic surgery really is two. percutaneous valves for more patients I Arguing his case against live surgery at specialties bonded with a majority of. and increasingly believe this has the meetings will be Duke Cameron M D surgeons practicing exclusively either car. placing stents and potential to have a real impact on patient pediatric cardiac surgeon from Johns diac surgery or thoracic surgery Dr Kron. performing other less safety and on quality of life Hopkins Cardiac Surgery Baltimore said It s controversial Some believe we. invasive procedures Dr Acker also touched on other tech Arguments for the practice will be made should offer two different certificates. for atrial fibrillation niques that will be presented The surgical by Hugo K I Vanermen M D cardio because it will do a better job of defining. Patient expecta sutureless aortic valve for example offers thoracic and peripheral vascular surgeon who we are Others believe this move will. Lars G Svensson tion is clearly driving the benefit of faster safer operations The from Onze Lieve Vrouw Hospital Aalst potentially lead to a destruction of the. cardiothoracic innovative approach of delivering radio Belgium Serving as moderator for this specialty and further division. surgery innovations frequency ablation in a minimally invasive pro and con session will be AATS Presi The Controversies in Cardiothoracic. as well Patients want less pain with surgical operation for atrial fibrillation shows prom dent D Craig Miller M D Surgery Plenary Session is designed to. procedures and faster recovery Dr Svensson ise as a potential technique for the future Right now there is a great deal of focus on issues that are important to the. noted Fellow forum co moderator Michael New technologies in coronary artery by interest in trainees or other surgeons specialty but that currently lack consen. A Acker M D concurs pass surgery include the use of anastomotic watching live surgery said AATS Secre sus opinion The pro and con format is a. The theme of all these technologies is to devices allowing for smaller incisions in the tary and plenary session chairman Irving lively way to engage the audience. make surgical incisions smaller to be mini surgery even robotically Dr Acker said L Kron MD It can by like watching a We don t get a chance to talk about. mally invasive and to expand the number of One particularly exciting paper explores cell hockey game waiting for a fight to break these things often enough Dr Kron said. people on whom we can safely perform these therapy for idiopathic dilated cardiomyopa out or waiting for a disaster That s the whole concept behind the. procedures Dr Acker said thies in heart failure That is sort of the Holy When live surgery becomes a specta controversies session We are trying to. Among the most exciting advances is non Grail right now Dr Acker said Whether cells tor sport a concern could be whether voice concerns about certain practices. invasive transcatheter aortic valve implanta are injected through catheter or during sur the surgeon might conceivably be playing and this session gives us a chance to dis. tion the subject of two presentations during gery we don t know the mechanism by which to the audience rather than looking after cuss these things in a formalized debate. the forum The risk benefit ratio has always they operate but there is a lot of suggestion the patient Dr Kron said On the other format Surgeons can then formulate their. been an obstacle for treating patients with that there is a benefit here We have a long way hand live surgery offers a valuable teach own conclusions. atrial fibrillation These patients have gener to go before this becomes mainstream. 4 AATS 88th Annual Meeting Daily News San Diego Convention Center May 10 14 2008. Monday s Simultaneous Sessions PRESIDENT,continued from page 1.
Surgeons tend to forget they, Counter clockwise from left Marshall L country would be fired and would have to be. Jacobs M D presents the con position are not masters but servants. during the Simultaneous Scientific Ses of the patient and patients. sion Congenital Heart Disease discussion Dr Miller said that Roemer s Law of De. Antegrade Cerebral Perfusion Improves mand supply may induce its own demand must come first. Neurologic Outcomes with Aortic Arch where a third party practically guarantees. Surgery in Neonates Robert A Meguid reimbursement of usage is playing out in D Craig MIller M D. M D addresses the Simultaneous Scien the US with physicians spending billions of. tific Session General Thoracic Surgery, dollars on unnecessary tools and procedures way I want to spend the last few years of my. on Decreased Operative Mortality for, Esophageal Cancer Resection at Hospitals that do nothing to improve the lives of their life. with Thoracic Training Programs Should patients post op Dr Miller said one of the few bright. Esophagectomies Only be Performed by Why is it so expensive to die in certain spots in the battle to save medicine is the. Thoracic Surgeons Munir Boodhwaini US regions he said Look at the cost differ Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Educa. M D led off Monday s Simultaneous ence between the Mayo and Cleveland Clin tion JCTSE created by the leaders of the. Scientific Session Adult Cardiac Surgery,with his presentation Effects of Mild. ics and Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles There American Association for Thoracic Surgery. Hypothermia and Rewarming on Renal is a two fold cost difference and you still end AATS American Board of Thoracic Sur. Injury Following Coronary Artery Bypass up dead anyway gery ABTS Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Surgery And while those in favor of aggressive care STS and Thoracic Surgery Foundation for. say it is saving lives and worth it Dr Miller Research and Education TSFRE to change. said he disagrees the current training paradigm and to coor. I may save a life for two moths but it costs dinate all thoracic surgery education in the. a lot of money and the end result is no better United States. he said And more importantly who knows In order to live we need to dream big and. what the operation does to the quality of life dare to fail he said Surgeons tend to forget. How many of these patients will return they are not masters but servants of the pa. home to their own zip code That is not the tient and patients must come first he said. KARLSON stem cells randomly in fibers in the left, continued from page 1 ventricle wall without consideration of.
a precise orientation would not create, we can correct Dr Karlsson said significant benefit. Through imaging Dr Karlsson and fel In patients with aortic stenosis and. low researchers have been able to compare aortic deficiency it s now possible to map. Cleveland Clinic Kaufman Center for Heart Failure, normal versus dilated ventricles in terms out areas of turbulence and therefore. the American College of Cardiology Foundation of the differences in diastolic kinetic en large areas of disturbed flow distal to the. and the American Association for Thoracic Surgery ergy What they discovered is that during valve according to Dr Karlsson Eliminat. hile AATS President D Craig Miller left off the signature Stetson for Monday s Presidential Address he didn t forget the bullets In his presentation Anti Memoirs of Rocinante Dr Miller focused his sights and a good helping of free market philosophy on the current ills infecting the health care system in the US advocating a single payer system an overhaul of the current educa

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