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Table Of Content,SUBJECT PAGE,Table of Content 2,List of Table 3. j List of Figure 4,Introduction 5,Background 6,Palestinian Needs. The Importance Of This Study 9,Research Questions 10. Methodology 11,The Design 11,The Sample 11,Instrumentation 11. Data Collection 12,Survey Analysis 14,Sample Characteristics and Demographic 15.
School Environment 23,Home Environment 31,Findings 40. Summary of Major Findings 44,Recommendation 46,Appendixes 47. LIST OF TABLES,Table s Table s Title Page,1 Distribution of Participants by District 12. 2 Sample Distribution by Gender Grade and Residency 15. 3 Student s Age distribution 16,4 Sibling Information 19. r 5 Parents Educational Level 19,6 Household Number 20.
v 7 Household Income 20,8 Teacher Educational level 21. 9 Teacher Age Distribution 21,10 Student s Satisfaction With School 23. 11 Students Fear 24,12 Parents Level of Satisfaction With Schools 26. 13 Parents Perception Of Children Activities 27, 14 Parental Discipline Techniques as Perceived by 27. 15 Teachers Discipline Methods 29, 16 Parents Expressions of Love as Perceived by Children 31.
17 Parents Discipline Methods 33,18 Use of Free Time by Students 34. 19 Time Parents Spend With Children 35,20 Parents Knowledge of Student s 35. LIST OF FIGURES,Figure s Figure s Title Page, 1 Grade Average Distribution Between Boys and Girls 17. 2 Students Perception of Teachers Reinforcement 25. ir 3 Parents Knowledge of Children s Academic Ability 26. v 4 Teachers Perception of Students Relations With Friends 28. 5 Teachers Perception of Students Relations With Them 28. 6 Home work Help by Father t 32,7 Homework Help by Mother 32. 8 Father Involvement 33,9 Mother Involvement 33,10 Father Social Control 34.
11 Mother Social Control 34,Introduction, Guidance and counseling has been a function which helps an. individual in fulfilling his roles in society in a more perfect way It is. also an essential intervention in forming the personality and building it. in a way that the person can have a balance in accommodating between. individual needs and the environment, There are noted increases in complexity of life in the western. world and the challenges facing people in ail walks of life and. especially in school children Early in this century programs were. designed to assess school teacher capabilities in dealing with not just. subjects and academic issue but also with social emotional career. and economical issues that evolve around school children as part of the. whole society from which they come, Such needs have been increasingly demanding and the. phenomenon has become harsh reality in most societies of the world. The most countries one of the major educational objectives is to. help student in facilitating social emotional and academic growth and. providing students with tools to deal with social and emotional. problems that will help them in achieving a psycho social balance in. life In the end this will enhance their academic achievement. Palestinians recognize the importance of education in the. development process and the place of teaching and learning in. stimulating development in all walks of life Also Palestinians. recognize the value of the individual as a social creature with affect and. his her effect on the social environment Accordingly the educational. system has to find advanced ways aimed to care for counsel and guide. the individual Therefore it was natural that the system developed. programs to deal with social political and economical changes and. challenges that faces the Palestinian society in general and it s. youngest generation in particular, The Ministry of Education acknowledges the importance and. functions of school guidance and counseling services in accomplishing. the educational objectives of providing students with the needed. guidance and counseling services to support their psychological social. academic and vocational growth Therefore the Ministry established. the guidance and counseling section with two objectives. First to improve the educational environment by providing. students with appropriately safe academic and psychological sound. school environments Second supporting students psychological well. being by stimulating their abilities to create well balanced motivated. and ambitious students who are able to meet their needs and becoming. productive and functioning members of society, Due to its early stage of experience in this regard the Ministry.
has acknowledge the need for facts data and information on. perceptions among people involved in this process including teachers. student and parents, This study has been conducted to explore and shed light on school. guidance and counseling services in selected Palestinian schools The. outcome of the study will be used in planing and developing. mechanism to enhance educational resources that help in building the. new Palestinian society,Background, School guidance and counseling services are considered a major. service in the educational sphere Many countries like the United States. of America Canada and United Kingdom have developed systems of. school counseling in all schools with an average of one counselor for. each 300 student The objectives of such systems have focused on. guidance and counseling in academic social psychological and. vocational needs, Providing counseling to assist in the healthy growth of all students. Providing preventive measures to counter and prevent academic. Helping in resolving student s social academic and psychological. Student counseling in these programs has been built on a. continues process, a Collecting data on students academic social and psychological. environment, b Using experienced and well trained counselors to provide services.
to student, c Evaluation and follow up according to a well designed plan. Several research papers and reports have been published on. counselors roles and counseling function including Minnesota study in. 1982 and Kameen study 1985 Both aimed at exploring counselor s. role and counseling programs at the elementary school levels One of. the most comprehensive studies of counselor s role at school primary. level was Miller s study 1989 which detailed the following roles. 1 Providing students with tools for growth vocational counseling and. psychological balance, 2 Providing parents teachers and local community with consultations. for supporting students growth, 3 Providing students with preventive measures to assist in avoiding. academic and social problems failure, 4 Using assessment and measurement tools to assess student needs. 5 Developing managing and evaluating counseling programs. 6 Helping students to arrange their schedules, On the other hand Russ and Kassera 1989 study suggested.
that a counselor should do academic counseling follow students. growth consult with parents and assume some management. responsibilities, Dally and Feler 1992 indicated that counselors role should be. connected with the changes in the academic system and objective. They also suggested that counseling plans should accomplish the. following objectives, 1 Combining academic with vocation achievement methods. 2 Understanding directive counseling methods, 3 Knowledge of practical training programs that connect academic. with vocation needs, 4 Provide individual counseling which builds a student needs interest. and abilities into a dynamic means of ensuing success. Other studies such as Johnson and Wales 1967 have focused. on a discrepancy between counselor s expectations and what. counselors actually do The study also found that most counselors do. not like to do administrative duties Such findings also supported by. Lopeez 1977, It is important to note that the American school counselors.
association defined planning and management as part of counselors. duties and responsibilities 1981, In Palestine school counseling experience is still in its early. stage of implementation More efforts energy and experience is. needed to carryout well designed progressive respected and. standardized research to help the system school to accomplish a. balanced academic social and psychological growth for students. Palestinian Needs, During the past three decades the Palestinian educational system. grew and developed within the context of extraordinary events and. circumstances In essence military occupation shaped and modified. every aspect of Palestinian life including education in ways that led to. the creation of a disjointed unevenly developed and under coordinated. educational system, Palestinians view education as a mean of survival a way to gain. social standing and as the commodity that no military occupation can. take a way This explains high rates of literacy among the younger. generation of the Palestinian population according to FAFO report in. 1993 The same report suggested that Palestinians enjoy a better rate. of literacy compared to the less developed countries. With the handing over of the education sector to the Palestinian. Authority and despite the continued presence of political and logistic. hardness Palestinians find themselves in a position where for the first. time they are able to influence changes in the existing structures of. education The World Bank report 1993 suggested that the major. problem confronting education in Palestine is quality It has also noted. that the system has been designed to transmit knowledge rather than. developing people who are capable of critical thinking skilled in. solving complex problems and becoming productive at the personal. social and economical levels, The need for a counseling and guidance system is greater than. e yer for the Palestinian children who have faced hardship and trauma. This include a lack of security political economical and social. curfews imprisonment home demolition losing political identity. economical pressure and high unemployment rates Such an. environment has greatly effected the personal academic social and. psychological security of Palestinian children, Within the educational systems there are also many problems.
Principals are not trained in counseling and or understanding the role of. all school staff Suliman 1987 and teachers who are over loaded with. academic responsibilities Consequently the Ministry of Education has. defined the following objectives for the counseling and guidance. program at the school, 1 Improving the educational process by providing students with. support in feeling safe and the fulfillment of student needs of respect. 2 Providing the students with problem solving skills. 3 Supporting student self actualization by exploring his her interest. abilities and capacities, 4 Using preventive measures to facilitate academic achievement. 5 Helping student in fulfilling their psychological well being as an over. all goal of the counseling process, 6 Helping students in having a balance between himself and his her. environment with appropriate and acceptable behavior. The Importance of This Study, The aim of this study was to assess the existing situation and. needs that could be addressed by a school counseling program No. other study has been ever conducted to explore the status of guidance. nor to define the role of the Ministry of Education in school counseling. in Palestine,The major objectives of this study, 1 Identify students social academic health and psychological status.
in and out side the school, 2 Determine the type of problem students face in and out side the. 3 Establishing a data base to be used by counselors in their planning. for new counseling and guidance programs, 4 Help counselors in developing scientific methods of data collection. and establishing a channel of communication with teachers parents. and students,ST Research Questions, This study aimed at analyzing students parents and teachers. responses to explore the status and potential development of a system. of school guidance and counseling therefore we are looking to answer. the following questions, 1 What condition a student is facing in school that influence his her. academic well being, 2 What is the status of student s environment outside school that.
influence students academic social and psychological well being. 3 What are the problems that students face, 4 Can the data of this survey be used as foundation for counselors. teacher and education leader in planning and decision making. involving counseling and guidance,METHODOLOGY,The Design. This study employed a survey approach to gather information on. guidance and counseling in the educational system in Palestine. According to Isaac and Michael 1990 survey studies are descriptive. studies the purpose of which is to describe systematically the facts and. characteristics of a given population or area of interest factually and. accurately Survey studies hold the characteristics that are inherent in. descriptive studies They are the accumulation of data bases that do not. necessarily seek or explain relationships test descriptive hypothesis. make predictions or get at meanings and implications. The Sample, This study called for input from students parents and school. teachers on their experience perception and views of a number of. A Survey on the Students9 Social Family and Academic Status through Student A Parent and Teacher Report School Counseling and Guidance Report Prepared by Professor Osama Samaneh Supported by UNICEF j Table Of Content SUBJECT PAGE Table of Content 2 List of Table 3 j List of Figure 4 Introduction 5 Background 6 Palestinian Needs The Importance Of This Study 9

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