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A Study Guide for Sacred Pathways, This study has been prepared by Adalee Lewis and is offered for your benefit It has not been. written by Gary Thomas nor have the suggested books been compiled by him It is a labor of. love offered by a reader to those groups who might appreciate a headstart in their own effort. to study Sacred Pathways in a group format,Copyright Center For Evangelical Studies 2007. Chapter One,Naturalists,Loving God Out Of Doors,DESCRIPTION. Where we worship can have a profound impact on the quality of our worship. The naturalist seeks to leave the formal architecture and the padded pews to. enter an entirely new cathedral a place that God himself has built the out. of doors 36, the Bible is meant to be read outside The phrase river of life seems. quaint when the words are projected up on a wall but its power is nearly. overwhelming when you stand by a swiftly flowing river. God is made known to us by the creation preservation and government. of the universe which is before our eyes as a most elegant book wherein. all creatures great and small are as so many characters leading us to see. clearly the invisible things of God 40 from the Reformed tradition s Belgic. confession, the mending and binding so necessary to heal our stress filled lives may.
flow through creation For the spiritually oppressed or the socially injured. a pleasing or quiet natural environment can help provide a spiritual release. Resting by a clear free running river or sitting on a sunny slope in blooming. desert grassland can bring peace and joy into very clouded souls 42 from. Susan Power Bratton, Earth s crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes and the rest sit around it and pick. blackberries 44 from Elizabeth Barrett browning,SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES. 1 Take your Bible outside and read it meditate while feasting your eyes. and spirit on natural beauty, 3 Work your way through one of Dr Pamela Reeve s books. 4 Worship as the dawn breaks,5 Go for a walk,WELL KNOWN NATURALISTS. St Francis of Assisi Jonathan Edwards Bernard of Clairvaux Charles Haddon. Spurgon Susan Power Bratton Pamela Reeve,SCRIPTURES TO PONDER.
Psa 29 23 84 Isa 41 17 19 Mark 6 31 32 Jn 4 35,SONGS TO ENHANCE WORSHIP. All Creatures of Our God and King,Fairest Lord Jesus Beautiful Savior. For the Beauty of the Earth,Great is Thy Faithfulness. How Great Thou Art,I Wonder as I Wander,I ve Got a River of Life. Jesus Shall Reign Wher er the Sun,Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee.
Like a River Glorious,Praise the Lord from the Heavens. The Tree Song,The Trees of the Field,REFLECTION QUESTIONS. 1 Where and when do you feel closest to God, 2 How is worship different for you when you are inside listening to speakers. etc and outside enjoying nature, 3 What could you do where could you go that would help you worship more. deeply on a regular basis, 4 How do you balance the need for natural beauty and quiet with the.
command to be in community What kinds of community activities are. satisfying to you spiritually and emotionally, Edwards Jonathan The Language and Lessons of Nature. Muench David Marc Muench Francis of Assisi Canticle of the Earth The. Words of Francis of Assisi Celebrated in the Photography of David Muench. 2002 Sorin Books ISBN 1893732452, St Francis of Assisi Frank Missant Shambhala Cantile of the Sun 2002 ISBN. 1570629803, Heaven on Earth The Inspirational Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi 1973. ISBN 0875293220, Song of creation 2003 Laughing Elephant ISBN 1883211344. Dr Pamela Reeve Parables of the forest Parables of the Sea. Chapter Two,Loving God With the Senses,DESCRIPTION.
Sensate Christians want to be lost in the awe beauty and splendor of God. They are drawn particularly to the liturgical the majestic the grand When. these Christians worship they want to be filled with sights sounds and smells. that overwhelm them Incense intricate architecture classical music and. formal language send their hearts soaring These Christians delight in sensuous. onslaught The five senses are God s most effective inroad to their hearts. Truth must be embodied to be realized It must be incorporated to be. understood No religious movement has ever been forceful or popular without. a rich corporeality an image a rite a creed a feeling a feast or vision or a. sacrament has always been used to embody its truth 55 quoted from Von. Ogden Vogt, Biblical accounts of the glory of God in the heavens are elaborate affairs and. rarely quiet 52, Because some very helpful activities in the history of the church i e. walking the stations of the cross using incense and other such activities. have occasionally become polluted or separated from a vibrant faith some. Christians have thrown most of them away We have cut too far however. amputation the arm because we fear an infection in the fingers 58 59. Using our bodies to glorify God is much better response than denying the role. of the body in worship 67 from Vogt, A sensate needs to use discernment when listening to beautiful music looking. at beautiful art participating in sensually fulfilling worship Not all that is. beautiful is of God, Don t deprive yourself of corporate worship just because the building or music. or form of the service isn t beautiful to you,WELL KNOWN SENSATES.
Madeleine L Engle Mozart Handel,SCRIPTURE TO PONDER. Rev 8 24 Deut 6 5 Ezra 1 1 3 1 26 27 3 12 13 43 3 Psa 45 1 Mal 1 11. Luke 7 36 38 Rev 1 10 13 17 Rev 4,taste Psa 34 8 I Pet 2 3. touch I Sam 10 26 Mt 14 36 Lk 5 12 13 24 39, look Lk 24 39 Jn 1 36 4 35 19 37 Rev 5 6 I Sam 16 7. hear Deut 30 20 Psa 96 147 140 150 Isa 3 9 John 10 27 Jas 1 19. smell Psa 141 2 2 Cor 2 16 Eph 5 2,speak Psa 34 1 119 171 Isa 6 15. All Hail King Jesus,As We Seek Your Face,Blow Oh Cleansing Wind.
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today,Come and See Graham Kendrick. Crown Him With Many Crowns,High and Exalted,Holy Holy Holy. How Beautiful,I See the Lord,I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light. I Will Come and Bow Down,Jesus You Are My Life,Let It Fill the Room. Let Your Glory Fall,May the Fragrance,Purify My Heart Refiner s Fire.
Open My Eyes Lord,Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord,See the Conqu ror Mounts in Triumph. The Light of the World Is Jesus,SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES. 1 Listen to worship producing music,2 Absorb worship producing art. 3 Sing scripture, 4 Create a worship space for yourself light a candle set out meaningful. articles e g a cross,5 Use a pocket piece, 6 Enter into a scripture passage Be one of the characters Experience the.
7 Vary prayer posture stand sit kneel lie prostrate. REFLECTION QUESTIONS, 1 How do you feel when you are worshipping in a plain unadorned church. How does it affect your ability to focus on God, 2 Have you been in a service that incorporated incense an orchestra or pipe. organ ritual dance signing processions of banners or crosses other How is. your worship experience enhanced or hindered by these sensory additions to. the worship service, 3 Have you yourself participated in dance or some other physical expression. during a worship service How did it affect your whole worship experience. 4 How does having something to touch smell look at or listen to affect your. personal worship time, 5 How do you react to the statement we must take care that our worship of. God doesn t become worship of the worship experience alone. Whitfield and Stoddart Hearing Taste and Smell Pathways of Perception. Nouwen Henri J Return of the Prodigal Son,Chapter Three.
TRADITIONALISTS,Loving God Through Ritual and Symbol. DESCRIPTION, Traditionalists are fed by what are often termed the historic dimensions of. faith rituals symbols sacraments and sacrifice These Christians tend to have. a disciplined life of faith Some may be seen by others as legalists defining. their faith largely by matters of conduct Traditionalists have a need for ritual. and structure 24, Many of the religious obligations I had felt delivered from in my own youth. I later discovered as potential avenues of spiritual growth Instead of feeling. delivered I felt cheated as if I had been taught to live the Christian life. without being given something very helpful to assist me 93. Rituals provide structure for our faith Once we learn to use them. traditionalists can also incorporate the use of symbols which provide. meaning 81, Some people react to the word religion like a child reacts to the work. bedtime They rightly fear a form of faith that has no substance so they stress. Christianity is a relationship not a religion However in the context of a true. faith religious practices and rituals can be a powerful force for good a friend. not an enemy of a rich and growing relationship with God 70. There are three elements of the traditionalist pathway ritual or liturgical. pattern symbol or significant image sacrifice 73, Imbued with a vibrant faith the repetition of ritual is a powerful force for.
good Without present attention however ritual becomes an empty exercise. that floods our souls with insincerity 91, Do not let the form of your worship become an idol If any other way to. worship seems wrong you may want to explore just why this is. WELL KNOWN TRADITIONALISTS, Kathleen Norris Walt Wangerin Clement of Alexandria Bonhoeffer. SCRIPTURES TO PONDER, Gen 12 7 8 Ex 25 40 40 12 15 Lev 10 8 11 Num 15 37 40 21 4 9 Josh. 1 8 2 Kings 18 4 Ezra 8 32 35 Neh 8 3 Jer 7 4 7 Amos 5 21 24 Mt 23 27. Lk 4 16 Acts 3 1 10 16 13 21 26 Rom 3 25 8 3 Col 2 16 17 I Tim 4 1 5. SONGS TO ENHANCE WORSHIP,All Glory Laud and Honor,Come Ye Disconsolate. Glory Be to Jesus,God Works His Purposes in Us,He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions.
I Am Not My Own,I Want to Walk As A Child of the Light. I Worship You O Lord,Immortal Invisible God Only Wise. In the Bleak Mid Winter,Jesus the Very Though of You. Now Greet the Swiftly Changing Year,Praise My Soul the King of Heaven. Thou Who Wast Rich You Who Were Rich,We Rest on Thee Our Shield and Our Defende.
SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES, 1 1 Contemplate the three elements of the traditionalist pathway. 2 Read Scripture aloud, 3 Select a Psalm to say every morning and one for each evening Practice. liturgical prayer see Book of Common Prayer, 4 Set a regular time and place to meet with the Lord each day. 5 Follow the Church calendar and celebrate significant days e g Pentecost. 6 8 Develop meaningful rituals Make plentiful use of symbols or ritualized. 7 Find areas of sacrifice,REFLECTION QUESTIONS, 1 In what ways did men and women in the Bible and in church history use. ritual to embody spiritual truth, 2 What rituals symbols etc would you like to incorporate into your life How.
do you think they would affect your personal worship time What would you. like them to do for you, 3 What rituals are necessary for you to be able to worship easily. 4 What happens to your ability to worship when you are fellowshipping in a. church of a denomination that has little formal liturgy. Bethge Eberhard 1972 Letters and Papers from Prison New York MacMillan. Heath Sidney 1909 The Romance of Symbolism London Francis Griffiths. Jungmann Joseph 1978 Prayer Through the Centuries trans by John Coyne. New York Paulist, Nelson Gertrude Mueller 1986 To Dance with God Family Ritual and. Community Celebration New York Paulist,Norris Kathleen Amazing Grace Cloister Walk. Underhill Evelyn 1936 Worship New York Harper and Row. Wangerin Walter 1992 Reliving the Passion Grand Rapids Zondervan. Book of Common Prayer,Chapter Four,Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity. DESCRIPTION, Ascetics want nothing more than to be left alone in prayer Take away the.
liturgy the trappings of religion the noise of the outside world Let there be. nothing to distract them no pictures no loud music and leave them alone to. pray in silence and simplicity, Ascetics live a fundamentally internal existence Even when they are part. of a group of people they might seem to be isolated from the others. uncomfortable in an environment that keeps them from listening to the. It is in these dark intense lonely times that ascetics souls awaken 97. Ascetics live strict lives of self denial so that they would be free to. contemplate God 102, True ascetics are strict with themselves but treat others with supernatural. gentleness 103, modern ascetics don t have time to find a desert to express our faith inner. detachment allows us to find a lonely desert in the midst of the busiest city. He St Francis devoured fasting as a man devours food He plunged after. poverty as men have dug madly for gold 100, An ascetic will need to be intentional in seeking out other Christians with whom. to fellowship We need feedback from our brothers and sisters to be able to see. ourselves clearly,WELL KNOWN ASCETICS, Michael Card John the Baptist Daniel Jerome St Francis of Assisi.
SCRIPTURES TO PONDER, Num 6 Isa 64 6 Dan 9 3 Joel 1 13 14 2 12 Zech 7 1 10 Mt 4 1 6 5 6. 16 17 14 13 22 23 Mt 26 36 39 Mk 1 35 6 30 32 14 32 36 Lk 22 39 46. SONGS TO ENHANCE WORSHIP,Ah Holy Jesus,Cause Me To Come. Give Ear to My Words Psa 5,Glory To the Lamb,He is Lord. Hide Me in Your Holiness,Holy and Anointed One,Holy Spirit You are Welcome in This Place. A Study Guide for Sacred Pathways This study has been prepared by Adalee Lewis and is offered for your benefit It has not been written by Gary Thomas nor have the suggested books been compiled by him It is a labor of love offered by a reader to those groups who might appreciate a headstart in their own effort

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