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Interestingly the manuscript predates the,printing of the Fama Fraternitatis 1614. the first of the Rosicrucian Manifestos by,two years and also Maier s own published. works The document itself is quite large,and measures 83 82 centimeters by 60 96. centimeters 33 inches by 24 inches and,although it may have been originally rolled up. like a scroll it is quite clear from examining,the document that at some point it was.
folded longitudinally four times to enclose,its contents These four fold lines whether. deliberate or not conveniently delineate each,of the five column components that comprise. the manuscript The two outside columns are Central figure on the Rosicrucian Christmas Card. not as broad as the three inner ones,wished to the Kingdom the King. Once the two columns that flank either,and the Court. side of the center have been unfolded there, is inscribed along the top of the manuscript Arranged around the rose are eight.
and above the rose head a formal greeting to inscriptions to which the above text refers. the king 3 1 COELESTE BONUM, A greeting on the birthday of the The blessing of heaven. Sacred King to the most worshipful 2 SANITATEM CORPORIS. and energetic lord and most eminent The health of the body. James King of Great Britain and 3 PACEM TEMPORALEM. Ireland and Defender of the true faith A time of peace. with a gesture of joyful celebration of 4 AFFLUENTIAM OPUM. the Birthday of the Lord in most joy The rewards of work. and fortune we enter into the new 5 VICTORIAM CONTRAHOSTES. auspicious year 1612 Dedicated and Victory against enemies. consecrated with humble service and 6 LONGAEVUM VITAM. submission from Michael Maier A long life,German Count Palatine Doctor of. 7 FEARVOREM PIETATIS,Medicine and Philosophy Knight. Fervent piety,and Poet Laureate,8 AMOREM IN LITERATOS. Looking at the central illustration one Love of learning. can see that the body of the rose is supported,One cannot fail to admire the ingenuity.
by a stem attached to a base both of which,of Maier when the relationship of the text. are modeled from Latin texts The stem,within the petals and the radiating eight arms. followed by the base read together,forming the divisions between the petals. SCEPTRUM LAETITIAE QUO are examined It can be seen that the letters. TIBI DAN TE PRECO FAUSTA making up each arm in gold on the original. OCTO OMNIA A REGVM REX begins each line of text in red on the petal. REGE VOVENS to the immediate right forming an acrostic. Rosicrucian, Digest The Scepter of joy which I pray An example will suffice to demonstrate. No 1 is given to you Luck in all eight is this the bold type below indicates the arm. between the first and second petals On the,second petal then under SANITATEM.
CORPORIS the text reads,Beatis omnibus,Est et Conorum. Divina merces,In sanitate,With all happiness and enterprise. the Divine Reward is to live in health, and be strong Matth us Merian Engraving of Michael Maier. If one traces the path of the letters of the at age forty eight From Atalanta Fugiens 1617. arms beginning at twelve o clock and reading Through the Divine the King of. toward the center in each arm then going Kings may the King obtain all good. clockwise one gets fortune, VIVE IACOBE DIU REX May England be guarded well by the. MAGNE BRITTANNICE SALVE angelic hand, TEGMINE QUO VERE SIT May twice four blessings speed to his.
ROSA LAETA TUO joyous scepter, Long live James King of Great May the ROSE not be gnawed by. Britain hail may the Rose be joyful the canker of the North Wind. under thy protection,May the bounty of Almathea flourish. In the center of the rose we find VIVAT with the fruit of the cornucopia. REX ET REGNUM Long live the king,May the gloomy Eris be banished. and his reign which from its positioning,from the Kingdom and let Eros. suggests that Maier was making a deliberate,link between James and the symbol of the.
Rose Placed directly around the perimeter So that the Golden Age of the. of the rose and along the line traced by the double faced Janus may return. petals in red ink is a poem addressed to King May JESUS who is both Divine and. James which adds emphasis to this 4 human grant all this Amen. Flanking the Rose Cross emblem are,two lengthy allegorical poems full of classical. mythological overtones5 even though they, refer to the biblical Nativity The one to the left. forming the second column is entitled The,Chorus of the Angels Gabriel Raphael Uriel. Michael and the one to the right making up,the fourth column Menaleas and Thirsis. the celebration of the Shepherds Beneath,the Angels chorus is a four part musical.
fugue singing praise to God while under the, The message of Christmas greetings set out in the shape of Shepherds chorus and accompanying the. a rose and sent by Michael Maier to King James I in 1612 fugue is a repeating cantus firmus 6 The red. Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart as King and Queen of Bavaria with Four Lions 1619 Engraving. created in Prague in honor of their coronation Collection of the National Portrait Gallery. ink of the libretto is barely visible like that of Card and certainly demonstrating Maier s. the red text in the Rose figure intent to promote the Order of the Rose. The two outside columns one and five Cross Although it is not certain that Maier. contain addresses to the king in the form presented these manuscripts personally 7 he. of an epigram Epigramma ad Reg and an was certainly in England by November of. elegiac poem Elegia ad Reg respectively 1612 for on the sixth of that month he was. humor on the one hand and lament on the attending the funeral of Prince Henry as a. other Both are signed Maier Supplicans representative of Frederick V the Elector. which seems to reflect the nature of these Palatine now Southern Germany. personal appeals and strengthens the idea of Frederick had already visited England. the document as a propitiatory or conciliatory the previous month to court King James s. device No doubt this is in line with Maier s daughter Elizabeth A political and religious. political motives Beneath the epigram in the alliance was being forged between the. first column the text of the radiating arms strongly Protestant Britain and the equally. of the rose figure and the text surrounding Protestant Palatinate For Rosicrucians their. the rose head are both duplicated Similarly utopian aspirations could only be realized by. the text from the stem and base of the rose living and working freely in a country where. emblem is repeated under the elegiac poem Protestantism flourished and so it was in. in the fifth column their interest to promote this union. Background Another event occurring in 1612 that, It is interesting to note that a similar seemed to thwart the plans of the Order was. manuscript was later discovered in the early the death of Emperor Rudolf II the ruler. nineteen eighties at the British Library of the Habsburg Empire in Europe This. showing the same handwriting and style and monarch was quite extraordinary and from. addressed to James s son Prince Henry This his Bohemian capital of Prague8 had actively. Rosicrucian manuscript was sent at the same time as the encouraged and promoted esoteric studies. Digest document we are considering confirming particularly alchemy The loss of this patron. 2011 the authenticity of King James s Christmas made the task of ensuring the success of. the marriage of Frederick V to the Princess was offered the throne of Bohemia and. Elizabeth crucial to the advancement of reigned in Prague during the winter of 1619. Rosicrucianism in seventeenth century 1620 The two were known as the Winter. European society King and Queen of Bohemia However. the Catholic armies were moving against,Conclusion. him culminating in the Battle of the White, The manuscripts speak for themselves Mountain outside Prague on November 8. of course but Maier who incidentally was 1620 in which Frederick s forces were totally. employed by Rudolf II as physician and advisor defeated It was the end of any immediate. before his death certainly had an agenda in plans of establishing the Rosicrucian dream. coming to England He was preparing the of a utopian state. ground for the political alliance and marriage,mentioned above He was also moving in Postscript.
the circles of high society and meeting many Readers may be interested to know. important figures including Robert Fludd It how they can see the subject of this article. is not to be forgotten that Francis Bacon was for themselves The catalog number for the. also a contemporary personality document is GD241 212 and is described. It is interesting to speculate how the as MS Poems and music dedicated to King. king may have received his presentation of James VI by Michael Maier the German. a Rosicrucian Christmas Card Would the alchemist and Rosicrucian Count Palantine. symbolism have been lost on him or did he sic and doctor of medicine and philosophy. have some knowledge of the import of the 1612 It is not possible to view a digital. Rose and Cross combination that Maier image online and you have to arrange a visit. knew would have an accord with him At to the search rooms in Edinburgh to view the. any rate the royal event went ahead and the subject All the information you require can. Elector Palatine Frederick V was married to be gained at www nas gov uk searchRooms. Princess Elizabeth on February 14 1613 in default asp If the reader wishes to enquire. the royal chapel of Whitehall about the second manuscript to Prince. Unfortunately the joy was short lived Henry the reference number is British. After having reigned in Heidelberg Frederick Library Royal MS 14B XVI. 1 Frances A Yates The Rosicrucian Enlightenment 5 Adam McLean A Rosicrucian Manuscript of. London Routledge and Kegan Paul 1972 Michael Maier The Hermetic Journal 5 Autumn. 2 In European history a series of wars fought by various 1979 6. nations for various reasons including religious dynastic 6 Joscelyn Godwin Michael Maier s Christmas. territorial and commercial rivalries Its destructive Greeting to King James I and VI 1611 Atalanta. campaigns and battles occurred over most of Europe Fugiens Glasgow Magnum Opus Hermetic. and when it ended with the Treaty of Westphalia in Sourceworks 1987 177. 1648 the map of Europe had been irrevocably changed 7 Ron Heisler Michael Maier and England The. Encyclopedia Britannica 15th ed s v Thirty Years Hermetic Journal 43 1989 119. War 8 Rudolf moved the imperial court of the Habsburgs. 3 All Latin translations from Adam McLean, from Vienna to Prague which became a center for those. 4 Adam McLean The Impact of the Rosicrucian interested in esoteric studies He had a large library in. Manifestos in Britain in Das Erbe des Christian his palace and entertained the most famous alchemists. Rosenkreutz ed F A Janssen Stuttgart E Hauswedell and astrologers of the time among who were John Dee. Sacred King to the most worshipful and energetic lord and most eminent James King of Great Britain and Ireland and Defender of the true faith with a gesture of joyful celebration of the Birthday of the Lord in most joy and fortune we enter into the new auspicious year 1612 Dedicated and consecrated with humble service and submission from Michael Maier German Count Palatine Doctor

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