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Vol 5 Issue 3 2019 IJARIIE ISSN O 2395 4396,CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAIL. Multipurpose farming machine consist of following components. 1 Chassis frame 2 Engine 24 cc 3 Sprayer 4 Auger bit drill tool 5 Hopper 6 Fertilizer tank 7 12 V Motor 8. 12V Battery 9 Switch 10 Accelerator 11 Lever 12 Cultivating tool 13 Hub wheel 14 Shank 15 Handle. CHASSIS FRAME,Fig Chassis, A consists of an internal framework that supports a man made object in its construction and use It is. analogous to an animal s skeleton An example of a chassis is the under part of a motor vehicle. consisting of the frame on which the body is mounted If the running gear such as wheels is included. then the assembly is described as a rolling chassis. The chassis is considered to be one of the significant structures of an automobile It is the frame which. holds both the body of machine and the power train Various mechanical parts like the engine and the. drive train the axle assemblies including the wheels the suspension parts the brakes the steering. components etc are bolted onto the chassis,ENGINE 24 CC. Fig Engine 24cc, Engine is mounted on front of the chassis it is used for digging operation The auger bit drill tool. connected to the engine for dig a hole The speed of engine can be increased or decreased by the accelerator. which is given near to the handle,10214 www ijariie com 111.
Vol 5 Issue 3 2019 IJARIIE ISSN O 2395 4396,Fig Hopper. Hopper is mounted on chassis back to the engine for stored seeds. Shank is the shaft of hopper for bowing seeds,FERTILIZER TANK. Fig Fertilizer Tank, It is mounted on the back of the chassis between the battery and motor. For spraying operation pipe connected to motor from the tank. Fig Sprayer,10214 www ijariie com 112,Vol 5 Issue 3 2019 IJARIIE ISSN O 2395 4396. Sprayer is mounted between the engine and hopper,AUGER BIT DRILL TOOL.
Fig Auger bit drill tool, An auger is a drilling device or drill bit that usually includes a rotating helical screw blade called a. fighting to act as a screw conveyor to remove the drilled out material The rotation of the blade causes the. material to move out of the hole being drilled Drill mechanism consists of drill tool with machine to in this. project we are using engine auger drill,WORKING OF MACHINE. India is a country where farming is main occupation and culture then also in India most of farmers. attempt suicide reason behind this is machine as in India 10 20 of farmers are rich but rest of farmers don t. have much source to purchase heavy equipment and machines So we have decided to design a machine. which can fulfil basis need of farming and price of machine should be very less as compared for market. Main objective of machine is drilling fertilizer spraying seed sowing cultivating For solving this. purpose we have designed this type of machine, When engine is started the auger bit drill tool will activated to drill hole for seed sowing after that. operator press lever for drop a seed from hopper then the digging and sowing operation will be completed. The sowing operation can be done by semi manual, Cultivating tool is easily assemble and dissemble This operation is done by the manual force For. spraying operation motor battery and switch is given When switch is on fertilizer pump from the motor. and enter to the sprayer nozzle then it spray with high velocity to the crops. Fig Actual machine, In above model of machine we can see in front of machine we have used 24 cc petrol engine from bottom.
of that engine we will place auger bit for drilling purpose on bottom side of engine we can see sprayer. 10214 www ijariie com 113,Vol 5 Issue 3 2019 IJARIIE ISSN O 2395 4396. which is having 4 nozzles and we can adjust height of that nozzles these nozzles are connected through. pipe with pump and water tank water tank is shown at end of machine. We have used hopper for seed sowing and that hopper is connected to lever at handle so handler can press. lever to drop seed, Cultivating tool is detachable component of machine which can be attached at the end part of machine. when cultivating has to be done Machine has 2 wheels as to move machine is y direction for drilling. MATERIAL USED,Chassis MS pipe 2 x 1 inch 14 gauge,Handle 1 inch round pipe MS 14 gauge. Wheels centre plate MS upper grip rubber tire,Water Tank GI 6 0. Engine 24 cc petrol engine 6000 rpm 1 ltr petrol tank. Bit N8 material bit dimension s 3,inchs x 1 inch,Hopper 18 inches height x 12 x 12 input top.
CONCLUSION, After the manufacturing and trail on the Multipurpose Agricultural Automobile conclusion which. made are as follows, Based on the overall performance of the machine we can definitely say that the project will satisfy the. need of small scale farmer because they are not able to purchase costly agricultural equipment The machine. required less man power and less time compared to traditional methods so if we manufacture it on a large. scale its cost gets significantly reduce and we hope this will satisfy the partial thrust of Indian agriculture So in. this way we solve the labour problem that is the need of today s farming in India. FUTURE SCOPE, 1 We can interface sensors to this Machine so that it can monitor some parameters. 2 We can add Wireless Technology to Control Machine. 3 We can add More Drill for different crops, 4 We can add water tank fertilizer tank in Machine to reduce more efforts. 5 There are to be proper provisions are needed to couple the machine with the tractor. 6 We can add solar panel for spraying system,REFERENCES.
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24 Rayapura V R 1947 Design and Development or Reaper for Indian Conditions India 8 Laukik P. et al 2014 Design Development and Fabrication of Compact Harvester IJSRD. 9 Thomas D Etal Development Of Working Prototype Of For Ragi Harvesting And Threshing 10. Sharmin A 2014 Identification of the Functional Problems of Reaper Available India 11 Godfrey. M 2013 Development of Power Tiller Operated Rice Combine Harvester for Small Holder Firmest. A REVIEW PAPER ON MULTIPURPOSE AGRICULTURE MACHINE SHARATH T D Cultivating tool is easily assemble and dissemble This operation is done by the manual force For spraying operation motor battery and switch is given When switch is on fertilizer pump from the motor and enter to the sprayer nozzle then it spray with high velocity to the crops Fig Actual machine In above model of

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