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A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING,COMPILED AND EDITED BY. Maribelle Cormack,Harriet L Laird,Wilhelmina A Null. Constance H Reed,Ralph C Patton,W Edwin Stevens Chairman. 75TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION,Introduction by Dave Huestis. Edited by Jim Hendrickson,Photos by Dan Lorraine Tracey Haley.
The Alvan Clark refractor in late 2006 Al Hall is rebuilding. the yball governer to replace the electric motor that drives the. INTRODUCTION i,Notes on the 2005 Edition,FOREWORD ii. FOUNDING FATHERS 1,CHARLES HUGH SMILEY 3,Founder of the Skyscrapers. THE REVEREND JOHN G CRAWFORD 6,First President of the Skyscrapers. HOW THE SKYSCRAPERS ACQUIRED AN 10,OBSERVATORY AND OTHER PROPERTY. HIGHLIGHTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS 16,THE SCHMIDT CAMERA 25.
Smiley MacKnight Reed Hoffman,THE SCHWARZSCHILDTELESCOPE CAMERA 28. EXPEDITIONS 29,RALPH CLIFTON PATTON 35,President 1956 1957. APPENDIX A 38,Past Presidents,APPENDIX B 39,Of cers 1957 1958. APPENDIX C 40,Members 1957 1958,A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING. INTRODUCTION,Notes on the 75th Anniversary Edition.
To commemorate the 25th anniversary 1932 1957 of Skyscrapers Inc. the society decided to publish a private book highlighting the history and. achievements of the organizations rst 25 years Though I currently have. no information to support this assumption many of us believe only 100. copies of this book were ever published, I became a member of Skyscrapers in January 1975 and much of my initial. knowledge of our history often presented itself at a monthly meeting. when then historian Bill Gucfa would often relate a single tidbit during his. historical moments report I soon learned of the 25 Year Book and was. able to make a zerox copy of Bill s volume It was then that I fell in love with. the rich history of our society, For many years I searched through antiquarian books stores in the hope. that I would happen upon a copy of my own It was more than a 15 year. search before I turned up a copy in a Wells Maine book store And another. 5 to 7 years would pass before I located another one from a book dealer out. in Wisconsin Recently Dan Lorraine located another copy and donated it. to the Skyscrapers library In all I guesstimate there are probably 20 or less. that we can currently account for, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone seriously interested in Skyscrapers. history borrow that volume from our library There is nothing like reading. this rare little gem in its original form, However with Skyscrapers 75th anniversary approaching on May 5 2007. there is little time for even a small percentage of our members to read this. single volume Webmaster and newsletter editor Jim Hendrickson thought. it would be nice to re issue A Quarter Century of Skyscraping on our web. site for all to read and enjoy,A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING.
Jim has made some minor changes to the text for clari cation He has also. added some images which were not in the original book I encourage all. Skyscrapers members to take a little free time and review the rst 25 years. of our organization I think you will nd it fascinating and informative. It will also prepare you for our upcoming 75 anniversary celebration Our. rich history didn t stop in 1957 though it almost did during the mid to. late 60 s Within six months Skyscrapers will be publishing in one form or. another a summary of our entire 75 years compiled by yours truly Whether. you re an old timer or a newbie to the Skyscrapers organization you ll be. amazed at what this great society has accomplished over the decades. I hope I will be privileged to be around as we celebrate our 100th anniversary. in 2032 Will I be history or still the historian,David A Huestis. President Historian,Skyscrapers Inc,The Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island. A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING, During the past several years it has been suggested that the Skyscrapers. publish a book which would contain important information relating to the. club s growth from its birth on Thursday evening May 5th 1932 to the. present time, May 1957 being the 25th anniversary of the Skyscrapers Inc it was felt that. this was the appropriate time to publish such a book. A committee was appointed to gather all important information relating to. the Skyscrapers and to publish it in book form This has been accomplished. so that the Skyscrapers and their friends now and in the future by reading. this book can see the growth and accomplishments made by the club in its. rst twenty ve years, The material in this book has been taken from accurate records or written.
by members personally connected with the events, The success of the Skyscrapers Inc has been attributed to the splendid. cooperation of its members and friends,A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING. FOUNDING FATHERS, This year Skyscrapers Incorporated reached its twenty fth year of studying. scanning and enjoying the heavens The organization was founded to. bring together for material bene ts persons really interested in astronomy. either as teachers craftsmen or laymen The vigor and enthusiasm of its. members have helped it in its growth through the years. It was the creative imagination of Professor Charles H Smiley of Brown. University that was responsible for the birth of the society He believed that. such an organization was needed in the community On Thursday evening. May 5th 1932 at the invitation of Professor Smiley a group of persons. interested in forming an astronomical society met at Ladd Observatory. in Providence Some had been frequent visitors to Ladd Observatory and. others had been students in Professor Smiley s extension courses. The names included Professor and Mrs,Smiley The Reverend John G Crawford. Elizabeth H Morpeth Maribelle,Cormack Philip G Newmarker.
Genevieve M Fogarty George H Euart,John L Euart Paul Eberhart R Maitland. Coleman J S Coleman William E,Ekman and Alma W Bishop. The Reverend John G Crawford was,elected the rst President and was. appropriately chosen for he had all the,ne qualities of leadership had built. his own telescope and observatory,and was an enthusiastic astronomer.
Elizabeth Morpeth was elected Vice,President and Maribelle Cormack. Secretary Treasurer,The name The Skyscrapers with,the words Amateur Astronomical. Society appended to it was suggested,by Crawford and was voted on at the. rst meeting It was considered one, Founding Letter Dupicates of this letter were sent by Dr Smiley of the most appropriate names ever to. to those who attended the founding meeting May 5 1932 have been chosen by any astronomical. club in the country,A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING.
At the following meeting on June 6 1932 a carefully drafted constitution. was submitted to the members and accepted Plans were made for future. programs It was suggested that there be monthly talk meetings and monthly. action meetings the former to consist of a lecture and answering questions. the latter for actual work on making a telescope for star observations or. visit to a telescope As for material for programs The Providence Sunday. Journal on May 8 1932 congratulated the new society stating that the subject. matter would never give out for it is a live subject and it is a growing. subject They claimed too that amateurs were welcomed by professional. astronomers for they observe meteors eclipses take photographs and. often discover comets and novae The Providence Sunday Journal wished the. newly formed society success, By the end of the rst year the membership had increased to sixty six and. meetings were being held at Wilson Hall at Brown University instead of. Ladd Observatory or the Roger Williams Park Museum For the leadership. and vigorous conviction that such an organization could thrive we extend. our thanks to our revered founders,A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING. CHARLES HUGH SMILEY,Founder of the Skyscrapers,Charles Hugh Smiley was born in. Camden Missouri on September 6,1903 His parents Hattie McCurry. Smiley and Herbert Leslie Smiley,were of Scotch Irish ancestry He.
started school in Glasgow Missouri he,completed grade school and graduated. from high school in Clifton Hill,Missouri in 1919 He then moved to. Los Angeles California with his family,where he worked for a year in the. Security Trust Savings Bank before,entering college After two years at the. University of California at Los Angeles,he transferred to the University of.
California at Berkeley From the latter,institution he received the AB in 1924. the MA and the PhD in 1927 with a,major in mathematics and a minor in. In 1928 he married Margaret Kendall Holbrook of Wellesley Hills. Massachusetts After two years at the University of Illinois as an instructor. in mathematics he was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. Fellowship With Mrs Smiley he spent the year 1929 30 abroad on the. fellowship about nine months at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and. three months at the Astronomische Rechen Institut in Berlin Dahlem. with short visits to Cracow and Copenhagen During this year he had the. privilege of working with Drs L J Comrie A C D Crommelin P H Cowell. G Stracke and Th Banachiewicz, He came to Brown University in the fall of 1930 as an Assistant. Professor of Mathematics Asked to assist in the teaching of. astronomy he arranged a series of open houses for the public at. Ladd Observatory in 1931 32 which were well attended He met. many people who were interested in astronomy there had been a. series of monthly articles on astronomy in the Providence Journal. since about 1887 The Reverend John G Crawford an Episcopal. minister of Saunderstown and Weke eld came to Brown University. to borrow some lantern slides to illustrate a talk on astronomy he. was to give before a Knights of Columbus group At his suggestion. A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING, Professor Smiley invited a number of people interested in astronomy to. Ladd Observatory the contagious enthusiasm of Reverend Crawford led to. the formation of the Skyscrapers in May 1932, Over a period of fteen years 1932 47 the Skyscrapers joined Brown.
University in sponsoring a series of solar eclipse expeditions led by Dr. Smiley to Sweden Maine on August 31 1932 to Punta Callan Peru on. June 8 1937 to Thomasville Georgia on April 7 1940 to Curema Brazil on. October 1 1940 to Roblin Manitoba on July 9 1945 and to Araxa Brazil on. May 20 1947 He had the generous support of individual Skyscrapers in. Brown sponsored expeditions he led to observe solar eclipses in Charleston. South Carolina on September 1 1951 to Mastung Pakistan on June 30. 1954 and to Bang Pa In Thailand on June 20 1955 The only solar eclipse. expedition led by Smiley and in which no other Skyscraper participated. was the one to BangKien Thailand on May 9 1948 one of ve sponsored. by the National Geographic Society As of 1957 Smiley was tied with Dr. S A Mitchell of the University of Virginia in the number of solar eclipse. expeditions led each had led ten, In 1935 Smiley completed the mathematical design of an 4 f 1 Schmidt. camera With the generous assistance of Harry A MacKnight Donald S. Reed and F W Hoffman this camera was completed in time to be used. at the 1937 eclipse in Peru It was then the fastest camera ever used on a. solar eclipse expedition the eclipse had the longest duration of totality in. more than a thousand years In an effort to photograph more of the outer. corona than the human eye could record the zodiacal light in the immediate. neighborhood of the sun was photographed for the rst time. In 1938 Dr Smiley was named Associate Professor of Astronomy and. Director of Ladd Observatory In 1945 he was promoted to Professor of. In 1939 40 a 12 f 3 5 Schwarzschild camera the second of its kind in the. world was constructed according to Dr Smiley s design by members of. Skyscrapers The optical parts were made by Arthur Hoag and Dr Smiley. and the mount was designed and constructed by J Frank Morrissey Harry. MacKnight F W Hoffman and W Edwin Stevens This was used for the. rst time at the total solar eclipse of October 1 1940. Between 1947 and 1951 Mr and Mrs Donald S Reed Miss Mary Quirk and. Mrs Smiley joined Professor Smiley in a study of atmospheric refraction. at low angular altitudes They observed along the Labrador Coast from. the top of Mt Washington from ships in the Atlantic and Paci c Oceans. and from Punta Callan a pass in the Black Andes in Peru over 14 000 feet. above sea level The early part of this research was supported by a contract. A QUARTER CENTURY OF SKYSCRAPING, with the Of ce of Naval Research In connection with this work Dr Smiley. traveled aboard the USS George Clymer from Seattle to Point Barrow. Alaska and back to San Diego and later ew with the U S Air Force across. the North Pole in September 1949, In 1953 54 Dr Smiley developed a tidal trigger theory of the formation. of hurricanes Early in 1954 he suggested that a peak in New England. hurricane activity was indicated by the theory perhaps in September 1956. It now appears that there was such a peak but that it arrived somewhat. earlier than it was expected, In 1956 57 Professor Smiley was on sabbatical leave from Brown University. and spent some of the time in Europe and Mexico He had traveled over. However with Skyscrapers 75th anniversary approaching on May 5 2007 there is little time for even a small percentage of our members to read this single volume Webmaster and newsletter editor Jim Hendrickson thought it would be nice to re issue A Quarter Century of Skyscraping on our web site for all to read and enjoy

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