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Introduction, Do you ever feel confused about which members of your digital content team should make. what decisions and when Do you even know who all the team members are and what. they do Do you sometimes smell ROT information that s redundant outdated or trivial. and wish that your organization had a better process for maintaining its old content so that. customers were more likely to discover only content that s relevant up to date and useful. If so you re yearning for digital governance, To help content marketers deal with governance we ve gathered some guidance from Lisa. Welchman author of Managing Chaos Digital Governance by Design and president of digital. governance solutions at ActiveStandards This primer covers the following topics. Digital governance defined,Getting started with digital governance. A four step process for developing a digital governance framework. Creating your framework document,Digital governance defined. Digital governance is a discipline that focuses on establishing clear accountability for digital. strategy policy and standards The phrase digital governance by design conveys that a. governance framework must be effectively designed if it s going to work Over the last couple. of decades the organizational use of websites mobile applications and social media channels. has grown organically and so have the digital teams that support them After 20 years of. organic growth it s important to take a step back and intentionally design how digital. operates so that it can scale effectively in the decades to come. Most digital governance challenges come from not knowing who s. supposed to decide things We re not talking about micromanaging Most digital. We re talking about supporting people in doing their jobs governance. challenges, For example if you need to establish a standard for your online color.
come from not, palette or content strategy it s not a community decision It s a con. knowing who s, versation among informed internal resources and then the decision. is made by an identified decision maker That sort of process scales supposed to. effectively and speeds up time to web because your digital team isn t decide things. locked in constant debate about who gets to decide digital standards. Digital governance yields effective collaboration, The concept of governance often gets a bad rap because people assume that if you try. to govern something then you will also stifle creativity But that s not true There are lots of. creative collaboration models from which digital teams can learn. A small digital team like a small jazz ensemble can get away with improvising making things. up as it goes along with some basic guidance from a musical lead sheet A large team on the. other hand needs to operate more like a symphony orchestra with clear leadership and a. detailed musical score to follow Large digital teams that try to continue to improvise around. digital development will inevitably make a mess online sounding more like noise than music. To be effective modern digital teams need to follow standards just as an orchestra needs to. follow sheet music Unfortunately a lot of large digital teams. haven t matured into the standards based orchestra model. To be effective modern, digital teams need to How do standards help a large group function like an. follow standards just as orchestra Standards provide the structure needed for. an orchestra needs to people to prepare and deliver content on a large scale. follow sheet music while still allowing for creativity and a beautiful outcome. Getting started with digital governance, Governance presupposes that you have a desired outcome in mind and that you have a plan for.
getting there You don t need formal governance for every content effort For example when you. launch a new channel or do something experimental governance could get in the way But after. you ve found out what works and what doesn t work and want to effectively scale your content. strategy or other digital functionality across the full organization governance becomes crucial. At this crucial point you should think Okay how are we going to put some standards and. mechanisms in place to scale our content effort This includes a full life cycle approach to content. creation which means you should be thinking about the. standards for content publication updates retirement. archiving and to be complete content destruction,Most people don t consider all this when they put. content and applications online They put things,online in a haphazard way and often never take. them down Their online presence falls into chaos,as represented by the blue dots in the middle of. This primer focuses on the middle part of this, arrow moving from chaos to basic management this arrow. A four step process for creating a digital governance framework. Lisa Welchman has developed a process for creating a digital governance framework that can. help companies advance from content chaos to basic management of their digital content. This process has four steps,1 Organize the whole digital content team.
2 Identify the strategists,3 Identify the policy makers. 4 Establish workable standards,Let s take a detailed look at each of these steps. 1 ORGANIZE THE WHOLE DIGITAL CONTENT TEAM, The first step in designing your governance framework is to find out who s on your. digital content team and get them organized and it takes some effort The team may. be broader and more dispersed than you expect,For most large organizations the digital team has. factions all over including in various business units. in corporate and in multiple countries,The whole team the full set of resources required.
to keep your digital presence functioning for your. organization comprises these subteams,The core team. The distributed team,Working groups and committees. The extended team,These nested circles show the full set of. teams required to keep your digital presence,functioning for your organization. The Core Team, The core team consists of the people who need to understand the full digital beast.
especially things that cut across the entire organization These folks are responsible for. the conceptualization and integrity of the full online experience They do things like this. Develop standards,Shape policy, Fund and implement the core digital systems like content management systems. Build effective collaboration among stakeholders,Measure effectiveness. In organizations where the core team is less than mature the. core team typically focuses on making content and putting. it online spending little time defining and orchestrating. standards Then when other digital team members put. things online that the core team doesn t see as effective. debates transpire With no clearly established standards. those debates can go on and on often escalating to more. senior managers The result is often a drawn out debate. that stalls production and may get nowhere, So core teams often need some work and some fine tuning In their defense they re. overloaded They re accountable for the full website but they have no authority to get. anyone else to follow their standards That s what a digital governance framework will. help fix It will clarify who has the authority to write standards. But you shouldn t write those standards without understanding the full needs of your. organization Are you on the core team Do you help create your organization s standards. If so here s some advice Do not make standards in a silo You may be a domain expert about. some things but you are not when it comes to the business as a whole Get input from your. internal stakeholders or people won t follow your standards or worse your standards. could be ineffective If someone told you he or she was doing something that impacted. 100 of your job and didn t include you in the decision making process what kind of attitude. would you have This is how you create people who want to go against the standards. So if you re on the core team remember the importance of collaborating with the other. teams This isn t a power play It s about working together. Do not make standards in a silo,The Distributed Team. Members of the distributed team are the people who follow the standards outlined by. the core team These are the makers They have a job to do that is usually attached to. a particular sub area of your organization These team members are often responsible. for a particular result for example increasing online sales of a particular product or. getting certain information out to a key audience,The distributed team does the following.
Ensures the quality of particular aspects of the digital. Develops and maintains content applications or data. to support the digital presence, Provides input for the development of digital standards. The distributed team can contain some real digital domain. experts and therefore can often be at odds with the core. team when there isn t clear decision making authority for. digital standards It s important to effectively collaborate. and share knowledge with these powerful stakeholders to. ensure alignment in digital development,Working Groups and Committees. Certain kinds of working groups and committees can make helpful contributions to the. larger team You can form and break up working groups and committees as needed. At the lowest level a working group or committee may be simply a community of. practice It might include the guy who updates the lunch menu on the intranet or. somebody who s making an app in her spare time or somebody who s writing a. treatise that s going to end up on your web server You probably do not want to. stifle this type of behavior because a lot of innovation can. stem from these efforts But you do want to get these. people in a group so that you are aware of activities and. can ward off the scaling of nonstandard practices where. that makes sense A digital community of practice is also a. good forum for educating the broader digital team about. best practices and standards, Working groups and committees at the executive level can. also add value Often though teams at this level lack the. understanding they need to engage with technical topics. executives often delegate these decisions Sometimes this delegation may be appropriate. particularly when it comes to tactical production concerns On the other hand it s always. important to have executive input to a digital strategy The more aware executives are the. more relevant digital strategies will be from a business perspective At some point you re. likely to need significant support such as a head count or other funding If executives are. not dialed in they won t get it At this high level working groups and committees may. want to set up special meetings to focus on digital strategy and governance or they may. add digital governance as an agenda item that s brought up quarterly in an already. established meeting, Finally you will want to form meat and potatoes working groups and committee staffed by. your most informed digital and business stakeholders These teams typically help define. standards and choose technologies Creating this sort of group is one way to get input from. business stakeholders so that the decisions will stick. Often these working teams form based on need for,It s always important to.
example a need to establish a new content strategy. have executive input to and when the work is done the team disbands Some. a digital strategy times the teams formed are so effective in supporting. better collaboration that they continue to meet,The Extended Team. The extended team consists of people who are not part of the organization This support. can range from vendors that help develop a content strategy to hands on writers and. editors It can include vendors that help you implement a content management system. In some organizations where a large part of digital development is outsourced the. extended team may be the biggest part of the digital team. Your whole extended team must understand all relevant. policies and standards The only way to track what content is. being made and how is through effective communication. with the entire extended team especially if your organization. works with a large number of external vendors,2 IDENTIFY THE STRATEGISTS. ON YOUR TEAM,After you ve got a handle on your whole digital. content team you need to identify the leaders in,the realm of strategy. Include not only people who can establish the,vision people with a leadership focus but also.
people who can enable that vision people with,a digital focus. Many organizations have a problem in that,the people with digital savvy are much more. junior than the executives so there s a big gap,Even when there s a chief digital officer often. that person is not as senior as the other C, executives which can often mean that they have This diagram shows the importance of including. both people who can establish vision and people, less authority and less power when it comes to who can enable that vision.
harnessing budget for their initiatives, Another dynamic is that content experts are often not business experts and business. experts are not content experts And more broadly sometimes content experts and business. experts are also not digital experts Therefore collaboration has to take place regarding. If so you re yearning for digital governance To help content marketers deal with governance we ve gathered some guidance from Lisa Welchman author of Managing Chaos Digital Governance by Design and president of digital governance solutions at ActiveStandards This primer covers the following topics Digital governance defined

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