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A INTRODUCTION,Thank you for your purchase of the Krell STEALTH. AdvancedOne Bit Digital to Analog Converter and, welcometo the Krell family of audio compo n ents You. have joined a select groupof discriminating listeners who. enjoy the finest in musicreproduction,Krell D igital is dedicatedto the d evelopment. 1 o gicady advancedcomponentstor the reproductio n ot. digitally recorded music These designs continue the. Krell tradition of uncompromisingperformancethrough. leading edge technology,To obtain the best performance from your STEALTH. processor careful attention should be paid to its place. ment installation and operation A thoro ughunderstand. ing of these details willhelp insure satistac tory operation. ani l long life for the STEALTH and related system com. This Owner sReferenceis divided into several sections. each designed to perform a different function As you. read throughthis O w ner s reference youwill become. 19et ter acquaintedwitla the features andfunctionstna t. make the STEALTH a superb value A Question and, Answersection is also included where answers to com.
monquestions are provided Should you have any ques. tions or suggestionsplease feel free to contact your au. thorized dealer or the KRELL staff for assistance, In the unlikely event that your STEALTH should require. service you will be pleasedto knowtlaat it is backedby a. comprehensiveCustomerbatisfaction policy and one of. the mostadvancedservic e facilities in the industry For. cletailed informationon tlae terms and conditions of ser. vice please consult your warrantyregistration card or. your authorized KRELL Distributor,B TABLE OF CONTENTS. 3 UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONS,4 BASIC INSTALLATION AND OPERATION. 5 INPUT AND UTPUT CONNECTIONS,7 PROCESSOR OPERATION AND DIGITAL. 9 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS,11 FRONT AND REAR PANEL DESCRIPTIONS.
12 SPECIFICATIONS,14 WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION. C UNPACKINGINSTRUCTIONS,1 Openthe box and removethe top layer of foam The. following items will nowbe visible,STEALTHD A Converter. AC power cord,PacKet containing the OwnersReference and. warranty card, NOTE If any of these items are not included please.
contact your authorized dealer immediatelyf6r assis. 2 Carefully removethe unit and accessories from the. box and removethe protective plastic wrapfrom the unit. NOTE Saveall packingmater ial s If you must ship y our. STEALTHin the future re packtlae unit in its original. packagingto prevent transit damage, 3 Remove the voltage identification sticker on the back. of the unit,D BASIC INSTALLATION,AND OPERATION, Before you install the STEALTH into your sy stem we. recommend that you follow these g uidelines in choosing. the location This will facilitate a clean trouble free. installation,CAUTION Whenmaking connections to this component. or any other makesure tlie poweramplifier is OFFand. the preamplifier is in the MUTE or STANDBY mode, 1 Althoughwell shielded the processor should not be. p laced in close proximity to hum sensitive components. i e preamps turntables tuners etc, 2 As with any high quality component ensure that the.
vent openingsin the chassis are ree fromobstruction. allowingthe processorto dissipate heat created by its. highly regulated powersupply and high bias Class A. output stage, 3 Place the unit on a clean level surface awayfrom. excessive heat or moisture,4 Connectthe ACpowercord to the back of the unit. Oncethe powercord is secured plug the other end into. an ACoutlet The O degree Source and Coax1 LEDs, will illuminate indicating the digital signal processoris. S hould y ouru nit not performas described above unplug. tlae unit trom the ACoutlet and contact your local Krell. dealer or the Krell factory,NOTE While the STEALTH has superb regulatio 9 and. does not require a dedicated ACcircuit we strongly. advise against any connectionsthrough extension cords. or multiple ACadaptors High quality 15 ampgrounded. ACstrips are acceptable,CAUTION Do not remove or bypass the ground pin on.
the end of the ACcord This maycause RFI radio fre, quencyinterference to be induced into your playback. E INPUT AND OUTPUT,CONNECTIONS, 1 Connectthe Stealth analog output to the line level. input of your preamplifier,The STEALTH is equipped with two output configura. tions Single ended via RCAconnectors and Balanced, via XLRconnectors If your pr eamplifier has high lev. balanced inputs we recommenclthe balanced outputs ot. t e processorb e us ed Thereare considerablesonic ben. efits associatecl witt the use of this type of interconnec. tion H igh quality tri axial cable shouldbe usedfor bal. ancecl interconnects This type of cable is considerably. different from cable normally used for single ended. nterconnects, NOTE The two outputs can be used to simultaneously.
feed two different systems,NOTE If you decide to use the single ended analog. outputs the type of interconnect cable should be ctiosen. carefully Highquality shield ed cable is suggested. The red bandedconnector inoicates the rigtit channel and. the white indicates the left channel, Care should be taken to insure that the channel orienta. tion betweenthe processor and the high level inputs of. your preamplifier are maintained, 2 Connect the digital ou tput of your CDtransport and. other digital sources to t ae inputs of the STEALTH Coax. 1 Coax2 Fibre Optic or XLR If you are using multiple. digital sources take note of whereeach input and corre. spondingswitch setting is located,The STEALTH is equipped with two coaxial digital. inputs a stan dardfibre optic digital input and a balanced. digital input tor use with CompactDisc players Laser. Disc players DATsor satellite receivers AnAT T wide. bandwidthfibre optic input is also available as a special. option All of tlae inputs can accep a signal fromany. digital source When apowereddigital sou rce is intro. duced to an input anti tlaat input is selectecl witla the Input. switcla the signal LEDwill uminate, NOTE If the digital source is ONand the signal LED.
does not illuminate checkto makesure the digital inter. connectcable is secure at both ends or is not in need of. NOTE Care should be taken in selecting the type of. cable usedto link the digital source to your processor If. coaxial cable is to be used it shouldbe non capacitive. and have a bandwid Snexcess of 10MHZ to prevent,drop outerrors. NOT E If an optical cable is selected westrongly re com. menclthat it be a high quality Quartzfibre cabbie or the. optional AT T fibre optic cable A benefit ot using an. optics interconnect is that it reducesthe groundloop. problemsoften associated with quality audio systems. 3 Connectthe digital output of the STEALTH to the, i n put 9f a digita l recordingdevice Thenconnecttlae. oi ital output ot tlae recorcler to the TAPEinput on tlae. A digital Tape Record Output is provided via an RCA. co n nector This output is usedto feed the digital input ot. a Oig ital recordingdevice TheTapeinput is provi d ed for. any cligital source and can be usedas an additional input. It shouldbe used for the output of a digital recording. device to avoid the possibility of creating a feedbacl. 4 Onceyou have completedthe necessary input and, output connections seIect the input of your choice For. each input selected the correspondingLEDwill illumi. nate wfien the digital input source must have its power. ON and the processor have linked,F PROCESSOR OPERATION AND. DIGITAL TAPE LOOP, 1 Select an input with the Input switch Notice the Signal.
LEDwill illuminate whenthe digital source is turned on. and has linked with the processor Oncethis link is com. plete the processoris ready to pass a signal, 2 Be sure that your preamplifier s volumecontrol is. completely turned to the OFF lowest volume position. 3 Turn ONyour components rememberingthat the last, componentto be energized should be your amplifier The. amplifier should only be turned ONafter all other com. ponents in the systemhave been on for at least two min. utes This will nsurethat there will not be any large. pulse created whenthe amplifier is turned on, 4 Switchthe selector source of your preamp tothee pgsi. tion correlating to your choseninput connectiontor the. 5 Youmaynowstart playing your digital source DAT,CDor satellite. 6 Slowlyturn the volumecontrol up to the lowest level. you can hear Checkto see that both channels are work. lng correctly before advancingthe volume,NOTE While your STEALTH will perform beautifully.
from the momentyou turn it on it requires a minimum. warmup period of 8 hours before it will reach its full. son c potential Discre te componentsare utilized in the. analog output stage and the warmup period allows them. to reach thermal equilibrium, fYuO Uhr installation is nowcomplete Sho uldyouhave any. er questions whichare not covered in the remainder. of this manual contact your authorized Krell dealer We. wish you manyhours of listening fulfillment,STEALTH FEATURES. DIGITAL TAPE LOOP, TheTapeoutput is used as a direct digital output for a. digital recordingsystem Thedigital source you wa nt to. re cord is selected by the Input switch To listen to the. clig ital source select S ourceon the Source Monitor. switch To listen to th6 Tapeoutput during or after the. recording select Monitoron the Source Monitorswitcla. NOTE The Tape input can also be used as an additional. source input, CAUTION The Tape output is a dig tal signal and can. not be used as an analog output to clrlve front end compo. nents such as a preampfifier,PHASE SWITCH,The Phase Switch can reverse output phase In some.
studio recordings the master tape wasrecorded out of. phase creating unusually poor sounding recordings The. STEALTH can reverse the normal 0 degree output plaase. 180 degreesto correct for this anomaly Utilizing tlae. PhaseSwitchcan in someinstances restore lif6 to a,previously dull soundingrecording. EMPHASIS LED, Youwill notice that somediscs or tracks within a disc. activate the EmphasisLED This signifies that the re. corded material had emphasisfiltration used during the. recor ding process Emphasisis a recording industry. equalization network similar to phonoRIAAequaliza,tion intended for noise reduction. G QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS,Q MyCDplayer has both fibre optic and coaxial. outputs Whichone should I use, A Givena choice we prefer the AT T optical link due.
to its ability to completelyisolat e the groundsbetween. the digital source componentanti the Processor This. minimizesthe possibifity of groundloops in the digital. components The optional AT T format also has the, added benefit of substantially higher bandwidththan. coax or the standard fibre optic interface,Q Will I damagemy STEALTH. if I leave the power,ON all the time,A No The Class A discrete analog circuits perform. moreconsistently once they reach thermal equilibrium. This processor has been designedto be left on at all. times The STEALTH draws less than 25 watts out ot tlae. ACmains socket, NOTE For the protection of your processor we recom. menddisconnecting the ACcord from the wall outlet, before any electrical storms or if you plan on being away.
from homefor prolonged periods of time,Q Do I have to switch the SamplingFrequencywhenI. go between my CD and DAT,A No Your STEALTH automatically senses the input. frequency and does all necessary switching,Q I amnot etting an vsoundthrough the processor. What could oe wrong, A Mostlikely there has been a simple mistake in instal. lation Checkall connections IN and OUTfrom the,erOCessor Checkallsource.
poweronconnections Have youthe,cted the correc t your preamp Check. front panel LEDs forpowersupply stability If you still. have no sound turn off the power nd contact your, Q I have somevery fine audiophile interconnect cable. whichhas superior sonic characteristics CanI use this. for mycoaxial digital input,A Youmayexperiment with any high quality cable Do. note that most audio interconnect cable is not designed. to carry the ultra high frequencyinformationof the digi. tal bit stream,NOTE For the STEALTH we recommendnon capaci. tive coaxial cable whichhas a bandwidthin excess of. 10MHZand excellent shielding properties,Q While listening to mySTEALTH I experience occa.
sional periods of silence through myspeakers Is my. processor malfunctioning, A Dropouts are caused by two primary reasons First. drop outs can be caused by Data corruption Corrup tion. in the data maybe due to a poor input connection dam. aged or dirty source material or interconnects whichd o. not have a wide enoughbandwidth The second item tlaat. causes the processorto reset is the presenceof a transient. spike on the incomingACpowerline The processor is, resetting all of its digital processingcircuits so tlaat it can. be assured that all its circuits are properly synchronized. Try changing your source material and check your con. nections If these are not the cause speak with your. dealer about obtaining different cabling If you are using. fiber optics and source material and connectionsare not. the problem speak with your authorized dealer, Q Since I installed the processor in mysystemI have a. low level humthat increases as I turn up the volume. 4 Connect the AC power cord to the back of the unit Once the power cord is secured plug the other end into an AC outlet The O degree Source and Coax 1 LEDs will illuminate indicating the digital signal processor is powered S hould y our u nit not perform as described above unplug tlae unit trom the AC outlet and contact your local Krell

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