A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada

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What is mental health,Defining mental health,Diagnosing mental health. Brain vs Mind,Perspectives on mental health,History of mental health in Canada. Mental health of Canadians,Epidemiology and mental health. Defining Mental Health, A state of emotional and psychological well being in. which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and. emotional capabilities function in society and meet the. ordinary demands of every day life World Health,Organization 2010.
Note no single definition of mental health is widely. Cultural differences,Competing professional theories. Canadian Senate s Standing Committee Report on,Mental Health Kirby Keon 2004. Mental health includes ability to,Understand oneself and one s life. Relate to other people and respond to one s environment. Experience pleasure and enjoyment,Handle stress and withstand discomfort. Evaluate challenges and problems,Pursue goals and interests.
Explore choices and make decisions,Mental Status Examination. Series of observations structured questions and tests of. concentration memory and other mental functions, E g Subtract seven from the number 100 Then subtract. seven from the answer then subtract seven again and. continue doing so without a paper and pencil, Tests ability to concentrate use certain memory functions and apply. arithmetic calculation, Take into account the individual s cultural and educational. background,Examine a range of mental activity,There are thousands of psychological tests.
Evaluate a range of mental,abilities personality traits. and individual,characteristics,E g Rorschach test, Figure 1 1 The first ink blot in the Rorschach test. Can these tests provide meaningful picture,of a person s mental health. Cross sectional view examining only one brief point in. There are fluctuations in various facets of mental health. Influences include the environment stressors life events. substance use,Brain vs Mind,Brain Mind, The physical organ of the body Set of functions and experiences. that produces mental activity resulting from a combination of brain. Computer hardware activity and the environment in,which it operates.
Actual physical object,Overall function of computer with. several software programs operating,A construct,Multiple factors influence the development. of the human mind, Figure 1 2 Multiple factors influence mental health and mental illness It is difficult to keep. these many factors in mind when seeking to understand mental health issues There is a. tendency to narrow down to one or two groups of factors and create a reductionistic. explanation In this book we seek to help the reader adopt a multi layered understanding of. mental health and mental illness,Perspectives on mental health. Social Sciences E g anthropology,criminology economics geography.
Physical Sciences e g biology history political science psychology. chemistry physics neurosciences sociology, Emphasis on function of the brain Effects of family life culture society and. neurotransmitters and endocrine system political and economic environments. Explore factors that may affect the Popular in the mid 20th century. function of these biological systems e g,Popular in the 19th century again in the. second half of the 20th century, Shifts back and forth between the two perspectives described as pendulum swings. Can lead to reductionist thinking,Problems with reductionist explanations. Example Depression, Biological explanations in the second half of 20th century would.
find that depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain. Ignores other factors e g relationships loneliness. Narrows treatment options to include only prescription of. medication or other biological treatment to alter brain s chemistry. Traditional Mental Health and Spiritual,First Nations Inuit and. M tis developed practices,that addressed mental and. spiritual health,Passed down through many,generations by oral tradition. E g ritual chants ceremonial,dances drumming ritual. journeys communal sweats,Figure 1 3 Sweat Lodge,Historical Treatment of Mental Illness in.
At time of Confederation,presumed that mental,illnesses caused by. physical disease or damage,to the brain,No clear understanding of. cause of mental illness,Established residential, Figure 1 4 Building K of the historic Mimico Lunatic Asylum of. 1880s has been renovated by Humber College in Toronto. Increased Use and Acceptance of,Psychotherapy,By 1950s Freud s. psychoanalysis became,popular in North America as,treatment for common.
mental health problems,Commonly accepted that,average person likely to. experience emotional,Figure 1 5 Sigmund Freud,Dominance of psychosocial. c introduction of antipsychotic medication d rise in community based treatment e b c 7 The creation of community based services and supports has proven to be a difficult and largely unmet challenge as a result of a fiscal restraints b competing demands for health budgets c broad social factors d a and b e all of the above 8

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