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Table of Contents,About Biddy Tarot,Major Arcana,Magician 9. High Priestess 12,Empress 16,Emperor 19,Hierophant 22. Chariot 30,Strength 33,Wheel of Fortune 39,Justice 42. Hanged Man 45,Temperance 52,Judgement 72,Minor Arcana Suit of Cups. Ace of Cups 78,Two of Cups 82,Three of Cups 85,Four of Cups 87.
Five of Cups 90,Six of Cups 93,Seven of Cups 95,Eight of Cups 98. Nine of Cups 101,Ten of Cups 104,Page of Cups 106,Knight of Cups 109. Queen of Cups 112,King of Cups 115,Minor Arcana Suit of Pentacles 119. Ace of Pentacles 120,Two of Pentacles 123,Three of Pentacles 125. Four of Pentacles 127,Five of Pentacles 129,Six of Pentacles 131.
Seven of Pentacles 133,Eight of Pentacles 135,Nine of Pentacles 137. Ten of Pentacles 140,Page of Pentacles 142,Knight of Pentacles 144. Queen of Pentacles 146,King of Pentacles 148,Minor Arcana Suit of Swords. Ace of Swords 153,Two of Swords 156,Three of Swords 159. Four of Swords 162,Five of Swords 165,Six of Swords 168.
Seven of Swords 170,Eight of Swords 173,Nine of Swords 176. Ten of Swords 179,Page of Swords 182,Knight of Swords 184. Queen of Swords 186,King of Swords 189,Minor Arcana Suit of Wands. Ace of Wands 192,Two of Wands 196,Three of Wands 199. Four of Wands 202,Five of Wands 204,Six of Wands 207.
Seven of Wands 209,Eight of Wands 212,Nine of Wands 215. Ten of Wands 218,Page of Wands 220,Knight of Wands 223. Queen of Wands 226,King of Wands 228,About Biddy Tarot. Biddy is an experienced and certified professional Tarot reader recognised by the. Australian Tarot Guild and has been reading and studying Tarot intensively from. 199 6 She has read for over 1 000 pe ople on the Internet through her website. http www biddytarot com the Free Tarot Ne twork the Free Re ading Netw ork the. World Tarot Readers and a num ber of advice web sites As a result of accurate. readings affordable prices and a compassionate and ethical approach Biddy has. many returning clients, Additionally Biddy has mentored 15 20 students on the Free Tarot Network. providing guidance and coaching to readers of varying experience and was the. Manager of the Free Tarot and Free Reading N etw orks for over a year. The following materials are a collection of Tarot card meanings useful for both the. learning and experienced Tarot reader Please note that while Biddy has included. her own interpretations of the cards a number of the interpretations have been. collected from a wide range of sources on the internet Therefore Biddy cannot. claim these interpretations as her own She is instead providing readers with an. easy to access collection of Tarot card m eanings, Illustrations from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck reproduced by permission of U S.
Games Systems Inc Stamford CT 06902 USA and Visionary Networks Further. reproduction prohibited,M AJOR A RCANA, The Major Arcana consists of twenty two cards and forms the foundation of the Tarot deck The cards. represent the archetypes consistent directing patterns of influence that are an inherent part of. human nature The Major Arcana relates to important events in one s life and is often representative. of long term influences W hereas the M inor Arcana highlights small incidents and p assing influences. the Ma jor A rcan a hold s far m ore w eigh t in a re adin g high lighting ong oing inf luenc es in th e qu ere nt s. Key Word Meanings,Fool Beginning innocence Justice Justice fairness. spontaneity carefree karma cause and, Magician Power skill Hanged Man Suspension letting go. concentration action sacrifice martyrdom,High Intuition Higher Death Endings beginnings. Priestess power my stery life cycle transition, Empress Femininity nurture Tem perance Balance moderation.
Mother Earth nature patience,birth fertility,Emperor Authority father Devil Bondage addiction. figure structure sexuality materialism,reg ulation solid. foundation, Hierophant Group identification Tower Disaster shaken. conformity tradition foundations sudden,religion change revelation. Lovers Love union bonds Star Hope spirituality,alignment renewal inspiration.
relationships,Chariot Control will power Moon Illusion fear. victory assertion insecurity mystery,Strength Strength courage Sun Fun warmth love. patience soft control positivity,enlightenment vitality. He rm it Soul searching Judgme nt Judgme nt rebirth. introspection being inner calling,alone guidance,Whee l of Luck karma destiny World Completion. Fortune turning point integration,accomplishment,Description.
The Fool is numbered 0 the number of unlimited potential and. doesn t actually have a place in the sequence of the cards He can. com e either at the beginning of the Major Arcana or at the end In. fact the Major Arcana could be considered the Fool s journey through. life and as such he is ever present therefore needs no num ber. When the Fool is seen as the beginning of the Majors he is depicted. as just beginning his journey with unlimited potential Like a. newborn bab y the Fool is facing a w orld of choices and opportunities. and only he can decide the fate of his life The rising sun behind him represents the. beginning of his adventures He is facing the North West the direction of the. unknown He is looking upwards toward the sky or Spirit He s a newb orn soul. about to step off a cliff into the material world Is he prepared W ell he has all the. tools he needs in the bag on the staff but he hasn t ope ned the bag yet The staff. itself represents his will The white rose represents purity and innocence Like any. newborn he is about to enter the world as a pure and innocent soul He has. unlim ited pote ntial but at this point it is all unrealized He does have a guardian in. the little white dog The dog will protect him throughout his journey but he will also. push him to learn the lessons the Fool came here to learn Notice the dog nipping at. his heels urging him forward Life is wasted if no lessons are learned While the dog. will protect him he will also push him into experiences whereby the Fool can grow. and learn The mountains behind the Fool represent the realms of Spirit that he has. just left and will spend his life trying to attain again The valley he is about to step. into re presents our own physical material world, The Fool represents the beginning of all creativity and desire to accom plish goals. Each of us faces m any choices in life The choice is there choose wise ly. This is a card of potential new be ginnings innocence It may represent a choice to. be m ade one of vital importance This is the card where anything can happen and. the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of If you get this card and. it is upright it is a positive card for the Fool is one w ho is the divine innocent. This is an excellent card to meditate on if you are expe riencing a lot of fear in your. life The Fool enhances courage risk taking and the creative expression needed to. open up new areas in your life The Fool is always whole healthy and without fear. He is the spirit of who we are the spirit expressed and experienced as wonder awe. curiosity and anticipation We never know what s in the future but like the Fool we. must blindly go forward He teaches a lesson about making right choices It s good. to be focused on spiritual matters but stay grounded at the sam e time in the. physical world, The Fool represents a new journey a new perspective and fresh ideas It represents. that time when you are just starting out and you haven t been tainted by the m ore. negative aspe cts of the experience which often follow after time You are happily. naive and oblivious to anything negative around you and all you want to do is just. enjoy your new e xperience You are feeling carefree and youthful again. You do need to be careful however The Fool is awfully close to the edge of the cliff. and potentially ruining his journey You need to keep an eye out for those taking. advantage of you and ruining your own experience even if you just want to be. positive There will always be a danger so keep your eyes peeled. Someone who is naive gullible child like in their w ay of think ing but not necessarily. innocence The subject of the re ading is a dreamer One w ho lives in their own little. happy w orld when it comes to the way they perceive things He or she has desire to. succeed but must be careful, Trust You need to trust that you are a spirit born into flesh to enjoy life and grow in. experience Take a chance and see w hat happens Be ope n as a child Risk seeming. a bit foolish naive or optimistic A sense of humor is vital As Card 0 the Fool lies at. the end and at the beginning of the Major Arcana but also somew hat apart from the. other cards In Medieval courts the court jester was someone who was not expected. to follow the same rules as others He could observe and then poke fun This makes. the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises He reminds us of the unlimited potential. and spontaneity inherent in every moment There is a sense with this card that. anything goes nothing is certain or regular The Fool adds the new and unfamiliar. to a situation, The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some m ight call the Fool too innocent but his innocence sustains him and brings. him joy In readings the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction. one that will guide you onto a path of adventure wonder and personal growth He. also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses If you are. facing a decision or mom ent of doubt the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and. follow your heart no m atter how crazy or foolish your im pulses may seem. The fool is the beginning of som ething which will bring you happiness You w ill begin. a new e nterprise which will afford you the opportunity to work with or teach the. public on a grander scale and if you ve been thinking about leaving your current job. or taking a leave of absence in time you w ill A relative w ill be job hunting or a. major decision will be required from you that can be put off no longer If it concerns. a change of residence you ll decide against it, Thoughtlessness folly extravagance lack of discipline Immaturity irrationality.
Insecurity Frivolity Delirium Frenzy Enthusiasm Naivety. Som eone represented by the Fool promises to be unforgettable unconventional and. challenging whose social or cultural background is likely to be very different from. your own requiring adjustments on both sides Often the Fool symbolizes a partner. who is much older or younger than you Whatever the differences this person can. open your eyes showing you a wider world that you ever dreamed possible All you. ideas w ill receive a serious shaking up as a result of your connection with this. individual His lust for life is undeniable accompanied by a hunger for knowledge. and passion for ideas which are catching Together you will discover the playful side. of love for this person loves to have fun and longs to make you laugh He m ay not. hold down a steady job but will usually find the money to buy am using gifts for you. or spring im aginative surprises, Som e see T he Fool as the obvious someone foolish and or naive someone so. stupid that he doesn t look where he is going Others see him as someone taking a. leap into the unk now n The Fool is often portray ed as w ild youth dancing in ecstatic. abandonm ent at the edge of a precipice or standing on the edge of a precipice cliff. of some kind with one foot up and out ready to step off the edge Depending on. the reading the Fool is someone about to begin a new journey or new phase of life. Hence the first card or beginning of The Fool s journey He has a fresh outlook. childlike wonder exciteme nt and abandon He is full of trust and faith as he sets out. on his journey Beginnings of any kind often involve a leap of faith and The Fool. has the faith to believ e that life is good and w orthy of trust. On the other hand The Fool could also represent someone who does not think ahead. and takes foolish risks He reminds of us the warning look before you leap He. could also re present som eone w ho is fearful of stepping out into the unknow n. Keywords Beginning innocence spontaneity carefree, The choice made most likely is faulty Fear might hold you back from taking on new. opportunities Bad decision Inde cision Apathy Hesitation Negligence. Spell Ritual Meditation, Blow soap bubbles and think of nothing If thoughts of the world intrude see them as. soap bubbles floating by and watch them pop one by one Play with children and let. them not you guide the play D o not try to learn from these activities just. experience them Before you take their leave sing a round of ring around the rosy. this game like the tarot is a remnant of the ancient time and religious which survived. persecution by hiding their wisdom in a game,Description. The Magician is the bridge betwe en the world of the spirit and the. world of humanity His right hand holds a staff upraised toward the. sky and his left hand points to the earth He is the transmitter of. spiritual power the mediator between God and m ankind Over his. represent the archetypes consi stent directing patterns of influence that are an inherent part of human nature The Major Arcana relates to important events in one s life and is often representative of long term influences Whereas the Minor Arcana highlights small incidents and passing influences

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