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Agencies that have statutory grant programs should submit ten year capital budget requests within. the limits established by statute Agencies whose grant programs have no specified appropriation. limits should submit two year biennial appropriation requests based on their historical biennial. expenditure history for the grants Grant projects should be linked to the agency s strategic plan and. to the statewide goals objectives and outcomes through the agency s activities. If a draft or final project list is available competitive grant or loan program requests in. paper copies and in CBS submittal must include a list of projects with an agency summary. and a project summary for each project noting the city legislative district and. latitude longitude for each project address If a competitive grant or loan funding request. is for the biennium the estimated grant or loan funding request for the second fiscal year must be entered. as Competitive Project with Statewide for location The project summary should consist of a short. description of what the particular project will accomplish DO NOT WRITE See parent for the agency. summary and project summary, If a draft or final project list is developed after the release of the Governor s budget agencies are required. to update and resubmit the project funding request in CBS to include a list of projects with a project. summary for each project noting the city legislative district and latitude longitude for each project. address The project summary should consist of a short description of what the particular project will. accomplish DO NOT WRITE See parent for the agency summary and the project summary. An updated project list may be requested by OFM or legislative staff during the legislative session or at any. time the need requires A reasonable list of alternate projects for each program is allowed This requirement. applies to new appropriation requests only, Narrative for each project included in the budget is required to explain and justify the request This. information will appear on the Capital Project Request CBS002 required for each project Answers to the. following questions are necessary to evaluate the project. What is the proposed project Briefly describe the nature of the project and what will be constructed. What problem or business opportunity is being addressed. What kind of change in results or performance can be expected if this proposal is implemented. Why is this project necessary, In addition information is required for the following items or questions. Preservation projects Describe whether this project reduces needs on the agency s deferred. maintenance backlog, Grant projects Include statutory requirements and limitations for the grant program. Effects of non funding Describe the consequences to stakeholders and client groups of not. funding the requested project, How does the project support agency and statewide results Briefly describe how this project.
does one or more of the following 1 supports the agency s strategic plan and master plan 2. contributes to a statewide goal area or 3 enables the agency to do a better job with one or more of. its activities,Specific benefits of this project, What will this investment buy For example does this project increase capacity to accommodate. anticipated changes in caseloads or enrollments, Will this project reduce the deferred maintenance backlog. Within the Facilities Inventory System FIS does this project change the condition of a needs. improvement facility to adequate or superior,What economic impact does the project have. Does this extend the life of the facility or enhance health and safety. The impact of the change on agency clients and services. How will clients be affected and services change if this project is funded. What levels of service are provided today and at what cost and staffing level. How will existing services be altered by the project. Are additional FTEs involved for either operating or capital If so how many. The impact on other state programs or other units of government. How will other state programs or units of government be affected if this project is funded. Describe how the project impacts other agency programs agencies or another unit of local or. federal government, The relationship if any to the state operating budget. What is the impact on the state operating budget, If the project adds reduces or alters space for the agency describe any changes in maintenance and.
operating requirements, Preservation projects How much has the agency spent from its maintenance funds in the operating. budget over the life of this asset If none why was the asset not maintained. Discussion of alternatives explored by the agency, Why is this project the best option or alternative Include the pros and cons of the alternatives why. they were not selected and why the recommended alternative was chosen Include known risks of. the options considered such as lease lease purchase or build. How does this cost estimate compare to projects of a similar nature. Program projects more than 5 million 10 for higher education projects Has the predesign. or design been completed If so what new information did this work reveal. Discuss the proposed funding options for this project. What is the agency s proposed funding strategy for the project. What is the proposed funding option for this project long term financing alternative financing or. Are these dedicated fund sources,Are matching funds available federal or local. Are there conditions related to these matching funds that may influence the decision. A Capital Project Request Report must be completed for each project In addition to the required. components in Chapter 2 3 the report should include the following. Project identification,Project title,Project number. Project description,Project class program preservation or grant.
Type of project e g new facility remodel etc,Agency priority. City and county,Legislative district,Project latitude and longitude. Project published summary summarized project description. Project description and non minor works subproject description in response to questions identified. in Chapter 2 3, If these project classes apply supply information specified below. Is there a process and established criteria for evaluating projects If so please describe. If applicable provide a list of projects noting the city county and legislative district. If applicable provide the project latitude and longitude. What are the growth management impacts if any,Preservation. Where is this located,What are the growth management impacts if any.
Programmatic, If this is a new facility how does this fit into the agency s master plan. If this is tied to a decision package in the operating budget what are the assumptions for needing. this project,What are the growth management impacts if any. If these elements apply to your project supply information specified below in the CBS. Operating impacts List one time and ongoing FTEs and costs and the year in which they will. impact the operating budget Identify affected funds and estimated current and future two to three. biennia amounts needed in the operating budget, Project funding by biennium Funds and amounts expended to date and needed in the future by. biennium prior biennium current biennium reappropriations and new appropriations. Project statistics For buildings gross square feet usable square feet and escalated maximum. allowable construction cost MACC per square foot, Project schedule Start and end dates of the predesign design and construction phases. Cost summary Costs for consultant services construction and other expenses necessary to. complete the project, The Office of the State Treasurer OST asks agencies to complete the Expected Use of Bond COP.
Proceeds form for projects expected to be funded by bonds or certificates of participation Chapter 4 3. to help determine whether IRS regulations will require taxable financing rather than tax exempt financing. This form can be found at http www ofm wa gov budget capitalforms expecteduse doc. The Office of Financial Management asks for periodic updates to allotment expenditure patterns for. projects funded by bonds Typically these adjustments will be required on a quarterly basis These. adjustments should reflect actual spending plan changes where there is a significant variance between the. previous expenditure pattern and actual cash disbursements For projects behind their original schedule. the revised expenditure pattern should indicate an anticipated reappropriation rather than just. consolidating the remaining expenditures in future fiscal months of the biennium unless a project. acceleration plan has been developed Consolidating the remaining expenditures in future fiscal months for. delayed projects artificially inflates the anticipated need for future bond sales and is counterproductive to. the update effort For projects with delayed spending patterns the pattern should simply be shifted to. reflect the delay, The OST also asks selected agencies to provide information about bond fund cash flow estimates and. descriptions of the expected use of bond proceeds This information along with OFM allotment updates. is used by OST to prepare sales plans for state bond sales Sales plans are also used to calculate the bond. retirement principal and interest expenses included in the operating budget Information provided by. agencies for this purpose will not be used to calculate re appropriation amounts Chapter 2 10. The OST will contact agencies listed below to obtain information on debt service to complete its own. budget request If you are contacted please reply to OST by August 12 2014 to. Wendy Weeks Office of the State Treasurer,P O Box 40200. Olympia WA 98504 0200,Phone 360 902 9020,Fax 360 902 9045. wendy weeks tre wa gov,Department of,355 State Taxable Building Construction Account. Department of 051 State and Local Improvements Revolving Account Waste. Ecology Disposal Facilities, State and Local Improvements Revolving Account Waste.
Disposal Facilities 1980, State and Local Improvements Revolving Account Water Supply. Facilities, 10P Columbia River Basin Water Supply Development Account. Columbia River Basin Taxable Bond Water Supply Development. Department of,099 Puget Sound Capital Construction Account. Transportation,108 Motor Vehicle Account,215 Special Category C Account. 218 Multimodal Transportation Account,511 Tacoma Narrows Toll Bridge Account.
550 Transportation 2003 Account Nickel Account,16J SR 520 Corridor. Recreation and,070 Outdoor Recreation Account,Conservation Office. 09C Farmland Preservation Account,09G Riparian Protection Account. 10T Hood Canal Aquatic Rehabilitation Bond,244 Habitat Conservation Account. Transportation 112 Urban Arterial Trust Account,Improvement Board.
144 Transportation Improvement Account, Major capital projects have one or more of the following features. Cost more than 5 million regardless of fund sources. Take two or three biennia to design construct and occupy. Are privately owned buildings under development, Projects involving contractual arrangements for space or facilities that provide for the title of the property. to transfer to the state by the end of the term are considered alternative financed projects They include. Construction or renovation projects that are financed by certificates of participation COPs See. Chapter 4 for more information about COPs, Development or use of space by state agencies through a contractual arrangement with a developer or. financing entity where the sale of debt obligations or COPs through the OST may be involved or. financing may be offered by a private developer Title to the property involved may transfer to the. state for a nominal amount or for a price determined without reference to fair market value. Examples include conditional sales contracts financing leases lease purchase contracts or refinancing. contracts but do not include operating or true leases. Projects funded by alternative financing mechanisms are identified in the ten year capital plan because they. represent long term occupancy proposals and result in long term costs Lease or debt service costs may be. requested as part of an agency s operating budget during the biennium in which they occur. Three major phases are associated with completion of major capital projects of more than 5 million. Predesign The predesign phase is defined as the first phase of a major capital project of more than. 5 million 10 million for higher education projects and provides a clear definition of the project. plan Predesign work may be required for projects that have significant policy implications or may. have technical logistical or cost concerns to a program or agency. OFM has identified several types of acceptable predesign formats depending on the cost and scope of. the capital project Each predesign report type varies by depth and focus of content Agencies should. confirm the correct format with OFM prior to the predesign effort See OFM Predesign Manual at. http www ofm wa gov budget instructions predesign predesign asp. Design The design process incorporates all prior predesign or information from the administering. agency into written and graphic documents These documents form the basis for taking bids and. applies to new appropriation requests only Narrative for each project included in the budget is required to explain and justify the request This information will appear on the Capital Project Request CBS002 required for each project Answers to the following questions are necessary to evaluate the project What is the proposed project

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