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IF THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF A WIND TUNNEL,THIS MUST BE YOUR IDEA OF A TRUCK. User Guide Contents, If you re the type who knocks the world down to size you need a truck durable. enough to help you do that Ford F 150 It s got the strongest frame of any half. ton pickup Maybe that s why F Series has more trucks on the road with 250 000. miles than any other brand Check it out at fordvehicles com 08 FORD F 150. Based on vehicle registration data and latest odometer readings available to R L Polk Co for 1992 and newer model year full size pickups still. on the road in the U S as of 1 1 07,User Guide Contents. 08 T O W I N G G U I D E,PUBLISHER EDITOR,BOB LIVINGSTON. SENIOR MANAGING EDITOR,KRISTOPHER BUNKER,MANAGING EDITOR.
Elkhart Indiana,NATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES,PAUL GILLERLAIN. NATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES,6 Towing 2008,New vehicle lines and improved towing. capacities make this year s models more,TACY HENDERSHOT. NATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES,LOU CICIRELLI, capable than ever before 2300 MIDDLEBURY STREETT ELKHARTT IN 46516. TEL 574 295 7820 FAX 574 522 0418,11 Tow Vehicle Selection.
Choosing the right tow vehicle is easy when,you understand all of the variables involved. Seattle Washington,NATIONAL SALES,SCOTT OAKESS JOHN MARCIANO. 15 How to Use This Guide 1818 WESTLAKE AVENUE N 420. SEATTLEE WA 98109,TEL 206 283 9545 FAX 206 283 9571. 16 2008 Tow Ratings Guide Detroit Michigan,TIME SPACE INC. SPENCER LONGSHOREE SCOTT CROMPTON,33 Hitching Up,Selecting the right hitch and hardware.
isn t as difficult as you may think,SPENCER TIMEANDSPACEE NETT. SCOTTT TIMEANDSPACEE NET,TEL 334 260 7765 FAX 334 260 7762. 38 Towing Package Essentials,For trouble free towing it s important to. pick the right towing package,TRAILER LIFE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF. AFFINITY GROUP INCC COPYRIGHT 2008 BY AFFINITY,GROUP INCC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TRAILER LIFE USPS.
454 970 IS PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY TL ENTERPRISES, 41 Controlling Trailer Brakes INCC SUBSCRIPTION PRICEE U S AND POSSESSIONSS. 1 YEARR 15 97 2 YEARSS 27 97 ALL OTHER, Some cool new braking systems are COUNTRIESS ADD 12 PER YEAR. improving safety and reliability,45 Be Aware,Enjoy a long future in RVing with some. simple safety tips,FOR MORE INFORMATIONN VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT. www trailerlife com,Photos by Rich Cox Slide Action.
4 2008 AB Towing Guide,User Guide Contents,User Guide Contents. 08 T O W I N G G U I D E,Bigger vehicles higher ratings more. power and improved fuel economy are,among this year s highlights. BY CHRIS H EMER,6 2008 AB Towing Guide,User Guide Contents. 2008 AB Towing Guide 7,User Guide Contents,08 T O W I N G G U I D E.
Ford F 250,Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, t was probably seven years ago when an en 16 000 pounds with a conventional hitch and. gineer at a full size truck introduction told us up to 24 500 pounds with a fifth wheel hitch. These tow ratings can t go much higher Not to be outdone GM s HD trucks are. They just can t the drivetrains won t take it available in three cab styles three cargo box. That may have been true at the time but what configurations and five wheelbase lengths and. our friend may not have taken into considera can tow up to 13 000 pounds with a conven. tion is the sheer determination of the Big Three tional hitch and 16 500 pounds with a fifth. to maintain bragging rights Tranny can t take wheel hitch And though this may not match. the torque Re engineer it Rear end won t the big Ford s number GM still retains horse. hold up Slap a bigger one under there That power and torque bragging rights its revised. would explain why today s trucks are typically 6 6 liter Duramax churns out 365 HP and 660. more capable than ever before LB FT of torque compared to Ford s 350 HP. And you ve likely noticed another trend and 650 LB FT. Heavy duty trucks are getting bigger as in Dodge made waves this year with the intro. massive Last year Ford introduced its all new duction of its all new chassis cab trucks which. Super Duty with its 6 4 liter twin turbo Power will give RVers a new choice in the heavy duty. Stroke diesel and a few months later GM de towing game Available in 3500 4500 and. buted its much anticipated all new heavy duty 5500 designations these new chassis cab. lineup Now Dodge just introduced the new trucks have a number of interesting features. Ram 4500 5500 series And the heavy duty that should make them popular with RV upfit. trucks capability matches their physicality ters The 3500 models are available with either. Ford s top dog F 450 has a payload of more the 5 7 liter Hemi or 6 7 liter Cummins while. than 6 000 pounds and a towing capacity of the 4500 and 5500 trucks come with the. 8 2008 AB Towing Guide,User Guide Contents,Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra. Hummer H3 Alpha Nissan Titan, Cummins exclusively Transmission choices in duces 310 HP and 330 LB FT of torque a 30. clude a six speed manual standard five percent and 10 percent boost respectively The. speed automatic optional with Hemi and six increased output is attributed to a new cylinder. speed automatic optional with Cummins The head design with dual plugs per cylinder and re. highest frame strength in the segment ac vised ports as well as a higher compression. cording to Dodge bestows the 3500 trucks ratio The new engine also runs on Ethanol E85. with a gross vehicle weight rating GVWR of up and reportedly is more fuel efficient as well The. to 12 500 pounds while 4500 and 5500 mod popular Ford F 150 meanwhile is due for a. els boast GVWRs of up to 16 500 and 19 500 complete revision next year but in the mean. pounds respectively These attributes com time Ford has added a new F 150 XL Super. bined with a clean frame top all chassis com Crew with either a 51 2 or 61 2 foot Styleside box. ponents are below the top of the frame sur Of course trucks aren t the only things that. face a number of different wheelbase and can tow and there s a lot happening with SUVs. cab to axle lengths power take off capability and crossovers for 08 as well Buick s new En. and a standard exhaust brake are sure to make clave is the latest crossover built on GM s Lamb. Dodge a contender for 08 and the future da architecture the GMC Acadia and Saturn. Half ton trucks see a number of improve Outlook preceded it and Chevy s version is com. ments this year as well GMC s Sierra and ing soon and it is positioned to compete. Chevy s Silverado while essentially unchanged against the likes of Acura and Lexus with a 275. now have the availability of an integrated trailer HP V 6 six speed automatic transmission and. brake control a welcome addition And half seven passenger seating Standard features in. ton Dodge Ram trucks benefit from a new 4 7 clude StabiliTrak stability control Xenon head. liter V 8 standard on 4WD models that pro lamps tri zone climate control and six air bags. 2008 AB Towing Guide 9,User Guide Contents,08 T O W I N G G U I D E. Acura MDX Toyota s flagship SUV is powered by the same. 381 HP 5 7 liter V 8 found in last year s Tun,dra A new Sequoia SUV also available with.
5 7 liter power is expected to bow soon al,though details were not available at presstime. Nissan has flushed out its popular Titan,pickup line with longbed versions of its King. Cab and Crew Cab models as well as a new,Pro 4X off road package featuring Rancho. shock absorbers a lower final drive ratio addi,tional skid plates on the oil pan and transfer. case and an electronic locking rear differential,Visual cues include 18 inch alloy wheels and.
GM is introducing Chevy Tahoe and GMC P275 70R18 all terrain tires body colored. Yukon models with its 2 Mode hybrid system grille and bumpers unique instruments PRO. which is reputed to deliver a 25 percent in 4X embroidered seats and other details. crease in fuel economy over a comparable Clearly no matter what you plan to tow and. non hybrid model Created in a partnership be where you plan to tow it there s a vehicle that. tween GM BMW and Chrysler the 2 Mode will do the job in comfort and style And with. system allows the vehicle to be powered by ei fuel saving technologies becoming more com. ther electric motor the 6 0 liter V 8 with Ac monplace your tow rig can also serve as the. tive Fuel Management cylinder deactivation family vehicle whether you re going to the. technology or both power plants and it can mountains or the mall TG. still tow 6 000 pounds,Chrysler is using the same hybrid technolo. gy in its Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango 2008 Guide to. claiming a whopping 40 percent increase in,fuel economy in the city and 25 percent on the. Towing Sponsors, highway And yeah both have a Hemi Ford Motor Company. Also all new at the Chrysler camp is the 800 392 3673 www ford com. Jeep Liberty which sheds some of its cutesy Weekend Warrior Trailers Inc. appeal in favor of a more masculine look shared 800 634 0855. by the Commander Power comes from a 3 7 www warriormfg com. liter V 6 and standard six speed manual or op,tional four speed automatic transmission New. front and rear suspension as well as two 4WD,systems are offered along with features such.
as hill descent control and hill start assist,Right on the heels of its new Tundra full. size pickup Toyota is introducing an all new,Highlander and Highlander Hybrid for 08. along with drumroll please an all new eight,passenger Land Cruiser The Highlander is. significantly larger roomier and more power,ful than the vehicle it replaces according to. Toyota and even though it s also heavier the,company claims an improvement in fuel econ.
omy The Land Cruiser rides on an extra,heavy duty frame shared with its luxury coun. terpart the Lexus LX570 There is an overall,length and width increase and not surprisingly. 10 2008 AB Towing Guide,User Guide Contents,08 T O W I N G G U I D E. Tow Vehicle, Paying close attention to the tow ratings is necessary. to make appropriate model and option choices,BY DUNCAN O N EAL.
h decisions decisions With so many Words of Wisdom. choices available in tow vehicles The tow ratings guide in this section lists. selecting the one that works best for the maximum tow ratings for vehicles with. your application may seem like a monu specific equipment but for many vehicles. mental task After all there are many vari the maximum tow rating is optimistic Al. ables to consider including budget brand ways check with the manufacturer before. and towing capacity it s important to exam making a purchase What follows is a lay. ine them all carefully before making a pur man s explanation of the terms you need to. chase Going through the effort to better un know which when combined with readings. derstand each variable and to account for all from a public scale and your own calculator. of them up front will lead to a more pleasant should help you determine the correct tow. trailering experience later rating for the tow vehicle you plan to buy. 2008 AB Towing Guide 11,User Guide Contents,08 T O W I N G G U I D E. Selecting the,proper axle ratio,is important to,performance and. fuel economy,The ratio indicates,the proportion,between the. pinion shaft,and ring gear,revolutions,Gross Combi. nation Weight,Rating GCWR,The total allowable,weight of the truck.
the trailer the,cargo in each flu,ids and occupants. Gross Vehicle,Weight Rating,GVWR The total, allowable weight for the vehicle including flu And don t forget the fuel fill tanks that some. ids options occupants hitch cargo and trailer SURVs offer for campground refueling of mo. hitch weight The trailer s GVWR sometimes re torcycles and ATVs. ferred to as Gross Trailer Weight Rating is the The GVWR figures are neither guidelines nor. total allowable weight of the trailer fluids oc estimates they are limits and there are numer. cupants options and cargo ous valid reasons the manufacturer arrived at. Gross Axle Weight Rating GAWR The the figures given If you think these figures are. total allowable weight on any given individual close enough or have a fudge factor percent. axle Note that this includes the weight of the age built in think again Your warranty cover. tires wheels brakes and axle itself age and your safety may be at risk. Maximum Tow Rating The manufac There is one sure way to find out what your. turer s weight limit for towed loads For con trailer weighs and that is to fill it with every. ventional trailers this normally includes a hitch thing you normally travel with right down to. weight limit as well for fifth wheels the pin the soap and soda and weigh it at a public. weight is applied to the truck s GVWR and its truck scale Without forming a long queue get. rear axle GAWR the hitch weight axle weight and total weight. The GVWR and GAWR for all motor vehicles Assuming that the axle weight is below the. are listed on the data plate typically affixed to GAWR the total is below the GVWR and the hitch. S troke diesel and a few months later G M de bute d its muc h anticipate d a ll new heavy duty lineup N ow D odge just intro duce d the new R am 4500 5500 series And the heav y dut y trucks ca pability matches their physicality Ford s top dog F 45 0 has a payload o f mor e than 6 000 pounds and a towing capacity o f 16 000 pounds with a conventional hitch an d up to 2 4 5 00 pounds

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