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An appendix is the additional material you often find at the end of books. The following information will help you learn how to use the Appendix in. Journey Across Time The Early Ages, SkillBuilder Handbook important to bilingual students or those. The SkillBuilder Handbook offers you Spanish speaking students who are learning. information and practice using critical thinking the English language. and social studies skills Mastering these skills will. help you in all your courses Gazetteer,The Gazetteer GA zuh TIHR is a geographical. Standardized Test Preparation dictionary It lists some of the largest countries. The skills you need to do well on standardized cities and several important geographic features. tests are practiced in the Standardized Test Each entry also includes a page number telling. Practice section of this Appendix where this place is talked about in your textbook. Primary Sources Library, The Index is an alphabetical listing that includes. The Primary Sources Library provides additional,the subjects of the book and the page numbers. first person accounts of historical events Primary. where those subjects can be found The index in,sources are often narratives by a person who.
this book also lets you know that certain pages,actually experienced what is being described. contain maps graphs photos or paintings about,the subject. Suggested Readings, The Suggested Readings list suggests the titles Acknowledgements and Photo Credits. of fiction and non fiction books you might be This section lists photo credits and or literary. interested in reading These books deal with the credits for the book You can look at this section. same topics that are covered in each chapter to find out where the publisher obtained the. permission to use a photograph or to use excerpts,Glossary from other books. The Glossary is a list of important or difficult,terms found in a textbook Since words.
sometimes have other meanings you may,wish to consult a dictionary to find other. uses for the term The glossary gives a definition Find the answers to these questions by using. of each term as it is used in the book The the Appendix on the following pages. glossary also includes page numbers telling 1 What does dynasty mean. you where in the textbook the term is used 2 What is the topic of the first Unit 3 Primary. Source reading, The Spanish Glossary 3 On what page can I find out about Julius Caesar. The Spanish Glossary contains everything that 4 Where exactly is Rome located. an English glossary does but it is written in 5 What is one of the Suggested Readings for Unit 3. Spanish A Spanish glossary is especially,Appendix 707. Finding the Main Idea 709,Taking Notes and Outlining 710. Reading a Time Line 711,Sequencing and Categorizing.
Information 712,Recognizing Point of View 713,Distinguishing Fact From Opinion 714. Analyzing Library and Research,Resources 715,Analyzing Primary Source Documents 716. Building a Database 717,Summarizing 718,Evaluating a Web Site 719. Understanding Cause and Effect 720,Making Comparisons 721. Making Predictions 722,Drawing Inferences and Conclusions 723.
Recognizing Economic Indicators 724,Interpreting Political Cartoons 725. 708 SkillBuilder Handbook,SkillBuilder Handbook,Finding the Main Idea. Why Learn This Skill Cultural diffusion has increased as a. Understanding the main idea allows result of technology Cultural diffusion is. you to grasp the whole picture and get the process by which a culture spreads its. an overall understanding of what you knowledge and skills from one area to. are reading Historical details such as another Years ago trade the way people. names dates and events are easier to shared goods and ideas resulted in cultur. remember when they are connected to a al diffusion Today communication technol. main idea ogy such as television and the Internet,links people throughout the world. Follow these steps when trying to detail detail detail. find the main idea,Read the material and ask Why was. this written What is its purpose,Read the first sentence of the first para.
graph The main idea of a paragraph is 1 What is the main idea of this paragraph. often found in the topic sentence The,2 What are some details that support that. main idea of a large section of text is,often found in a topic paragraph. 3 Practice the skill by reading three paragraphs, Identify details that support the main in your textbook and identifying their main. ideas ideas, Keep the main idea clearly in your 4 Do you agree or disagree with the main idea. mind as you read presented above Explain,Read the paragraph in the next col.
umn that describes how the culture of Bring a newspaper or magazine. the world is changing Answer the ques to class With a partner identify the. tions and then complete the activity that main ideas in three different articles. follows If you have trouble use the Then describe how other sentences or. graphic organizer to help you paragraphs in the article support the. SkillBuilder Handbook 709,SkillBuilder Handbook,Taking Notes and Outlining. Why Learn This Skill You also may find it helpful to use an. outline when writing notes Outlining can, If you asked someone for his or her help you organize your notes in a clear. phone number or e mail address how and orderly way. would you best remember it Most peo First read the material to identify the. ple would write it down Making a note,main ideas In this textbook section head. of it helps you remember The same is,ings and subheadings provide clues to the. true for remembering what you read in a,main ideas Supporting details can then.
be placed under each heading Each level,of an outline must contain at least two. items The basic pattern for outlines is as,Taking notes as you read your text. book will help you remember the infor Main Topic, mation As you read identify and sum I First idea or item. marize the main ideas and details and II Second idea or item. write them in your notes Do not copy A first detail. material directly from the text B second detail,Using note cards that you can 1 subdetail. reorder later can also help First write 2 subdetail. the main topic or main idea at the top of III Third idea or item. the note card Then write the details that A first detail. support or describe that topic Number B second detail. the cards to help you keep them in order,Schools in the Middle Ages 3.
Look back at Chapter 2 Section 1, Catholic church set up Outline the main ideas of the section as. cathedral schools shown above,Only sons of nobles could go. to these schools Use the outline that you created in. step 2 to write a paragraph with a main,idea and at least three supporting details. 710 SkillBuilder Handbook,SkillBuilder Handbook,Reading a Time Line. Why Learn This Skill,Have you ever had to remember.
events and their dates in the order in Examine the time line below It. which they happened A time line is an shows major events in the history of. easy way to make sense of the flow of early Egypt Then answer the questions. dates and events It is a simple diagram and complete the activity that follows. that shows how dates and events relate,to one another On most time lines years. are evenly spaced Events on time lines 1 When does the time line begin When does. are placed beside the date they occurred it end,2 What major event happened around. 3 How long did the Hyksos rule Egypt,To read a time line follow these. steps 4 What happened to Egypt around,Find the dates on the opposite ends of. the time line They show the period of,time that the time line covers.
Note the equal spacing between dates,on the time line. List 10 key events found in Unit 1 and, Study the order of events the dates on which these events took. Look to see how the events relate to place Write the events in the order in. each other which they occurred on a time line,Ancient Egypt. Great Pyramid,of Khufu built,Upper and c 2540 B C The Hyksos are. Lower Egypt unite overthrown,3100 B C c 1550 B C, 3000 B C 2500 B C 2000 B C 1500 B C 1000 B C 500 B C A D 1 A D 500 A D 1000 A D 1500.
The Hyksos Egypt is conquered,conquer Egypt by Assyrians. 1670 B C 670 B C,SkillBuilder Handbook 711,SkillBuilder Handbook. Sequencing and Categorizing Information,Why Learn This Skill. Sequencing means placing facts in, the order in which they happened Read the paragraph below and then. Categorizing means organizing informa answer the questions that follow. tion into groups of related facts and, ideas Both actions help you deal with Buddhism started in India about 500 B C.
large quantities of information in an,but was mostly driven out by 300 B C The. understandable way,religion of Islam also influenced India s his. tory In the A D 700s Muslims from south,west Asia brought Islam to India In the. 1500s they founded the Mogul empire and, Follow these steps to learn sequenc ruled India for the next 200 years. ing and categorizing skills,Look for dates or clue words that pro.
vide you with a chronological order in 1 What information can be organized by. 2004 the late 1990s first then finally sequencing, after the Great Depression and so on 2 What categories can you use to organize the. information What facts could be placed, Sequencing can be seen in unit and under each category. chapter time lines or on graphs where,information covers several years. If the sequence of events is not impor,tant you may want to categorize the. information instead To categorize infor, mation look for topics and facts that Look at the Geographic Dictionary on.
are grouped together or have similar pages GH14 and GH15 Record any terms. characteristics If the information is that would fit into the category bodies of. about farming one category might be water Also find two newspaper or mag. tools of farming azine articles about an important local. issue Sequence or categorize the informa,List these categories or characteristics. tion on note cards or in a chart,as the headings on a chart. As you read look for details Fill in,these details under the proper cate. gories on the chart,712 SkillBuilder Handbook,SkillBuilder Handbook. Recognizing Point of View,Why Learn This Skill,If you say Cats make better pets.
than dogs you are expressing a point of Read the following statement about. view You are giving your personal opin wildlife in Africa and answer the ques. ion Knowing when someone is giving tions below,you his or her personal point of view. can help you judge the truth of what is Mountain gorillas live in the misty. being said,mountain forests of East Africa Logging. and mining however are destroying the,forests Unless the forests are protected all. of the gorillas will lose their homes and dis, Most people have feelings and ideas appear forever As a concerned African nat. that affect their point of view A person s uralist I must emphasize that this will be. point of view is often influenced by one of the worst events in Africa s history. his or her age background or position in,a situation.
To recognize point of view follow 1 What problem is the speaker addressing. these steps 2 What reasons does the speaker give for the. loss of the forests,Identify the speaker or writer and. examine his or her views on an issue 3 What is the speaker s point of view about. Think about his or her position in life the problem facing the gorillas in East. and relationship to the issue Africa,Look for language that shows an emo. tion or an opinion Look for words such,as all never best worst might or should. Examine the speech or writing for, imbalances Does it have only one view Choose a Letter to the Editor from a. point Does it fail to provide equal cov newspaper Summarize the issue being. erage of other viewpoints discussed and the writer s point of view. about that issue State what an opposing, Identify statements of fact Factual point of view to the issue might be.
statements usually answer the Who Describe who might hold this other view. What When and Where questions point in terms of their age occupation. Determine how the person s point of and background. view is reflected in his or her state,ments or writing. SkillBuilder Handbook 713,SkillBuilder Handbook,Distinguishing Fact From Opinion. Why Learn This Skill,Suppose a friend says Our school s. basketball team is awesome That s a Read each statement below Tell. fact Actually it is not a fact it is an whether each is a fact or an opinion and. opinion Knowing how to tell the differ explain how you arrived at your answer. ence between a fact and an opinion can, help you analyze the accuracy of politi 1 The Han dynasty ruled China from. cal claims advertisements and many,202 B C to A D 220.
other kinds of statements,2 The Han dynasty was a much better. dynasty than the Qin dynasty,3 The Han divided the country into dis. A fact answers a specific question tricts to be better able to manage such. such as What happened Who did it a large area, When and where did it happen Why did 4 The government should not have. it happen Statements of fact can be encouraged support for arts and. The Glossary is a list of important or difficult terms found in a textbook Since words sometimes have other meanings you may wish to consult a dictionary to find other uses for the term The glossary gives a definition of each term as it is used in the book The glossary also includes page numbers telling you where in the textbook the term is

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