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Model Sensor Voltage,370 T C 115,371 T C 230,380 IR 115. 381 IR 230,T C is a thermal conductivity sensor,IR is an infra red sensor. All units are 50 60 Hz,MANUAL NUMBER 7010370, 9 40388 7 24 15 Added note about spring rod usage to pg 1 8 ccs. 8 31343 IN 4592 10 22 14 New magnetic door switch parts list expl dwg elec schermatics RoHS ccs. 7 29174 IN 4469 3 21 14 Updated solenoid valve pgs 8 6 Back Panel 9 1 through 9 3 Schematics ccs. 6 30384 IN 4435 1 7 14 Added SRO ext door part number 1900567 to parts list and expl dwg 370 200 9 ccs. 5 26924 SI 10866 12 14 12 Updated elec schematics new RH sensor ccs. 4 27067 IN 4125 10 3 11 Removed 770001 filter added kit 2270112 kit pg 8 1 ccs. 3 27292 IN 4073 9 28 11 400119 to 400201 kit pg 8 1 ccs. 2 25694 IN 3954 6 17 10 Updated 200 drawings and electrical schematics ccs. 1 25577 IN 3953 1 7 10 Hinge 116101 to 116129 drawing 370 200 9 revision ccs. 24851 24849 IN 3971 1 7 10 Inner dr and CO2 valve kits on parts list drawing revision 370 200 5 ccs. Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator i,Contains Parts and Assemblies. Susceptible to Damage by,Electrostatic Discharge ESD.
Important Read this instruction manual Failure to read understand and follow the instructions in this manual. may result in damage to the unit injury to operating personnel and poor equipment performance s. Caution All internal adjustments and maintenance must be performed by qualified service personnel s. Material in this manual is for information purposes only The contents and the product it describes are subject. to change without notice Thermo Fisher Scientific makes no representations or warranties with respect to this. manual In no event shall Thermo be held liable for any damages direct or incidental arising out of or related. to the use of this manual, Warning If the incubator is not used in the manner specified in this operating manual the protection provided. by the equipment design may be impaired s,2009 Thermo Fisher Scientific All rights reserved. ii Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator Thermo Scientific, Important operating and or maintenance instructions Read the accompanying text carefully. Potential electrical hazards Only qualified persons should perform procedures associated with this. Equipment being maintained or serviced must be turned off and locked off to prevent possible injury. Hot surface s present which may cause burns to unprotected skin or to materials which may be. damaged by elevated temperatures, Marking of electrical and electronic equipment which applies to electrical and electronic equipment. falling under the Directive 2002 96 EC WEEE and the equipment that has been put on the market. after 13 August 2005, This product is required to comply with the European Union s Waste Electrical Electronic.
Equipment WEEE Directive 2002 96 EC It is marked with the WEEE symbol Thermo Fisher. Scientific has contracted with one or more recycling disposal companies in each EU Member State. European Country and this product should be disposed of or recycled through them Further. information on Thermo s compliance with this directive the recyclers in your country and. information on Thermo Scientific products will be available at www thermofisher com. 4 Always use the proper protective equipment clothing gloves goggles etc. 4 Always dissipate extreme cold or heat and wear protective clothing. 4 Always follow good hygiene practices, 4 Each individual is responsible for his or her own safety. Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator iii,Do You Need Information or Assistance on. Thermo Scientific Products, If you do please contact us 8 00 a m to 6 00 p m Eastern Time at. 1 740 373 4763 Direct,1 800 438 4851 Toll Free U S and Canada. 1 877 213 8051 FAX, http www thermoscientific com Internet Worldwide Web Home Page.
service led marietta thermofisher com Tech Support Email Address. www unitylabservices com Certified Service Web Page. Our Sales Support staff can provide information on pricing and give you quotations We can. take your order and provide delivery information on major equipment items or make. arrangements to have your local sales representative contact you Our products are listed on the. Internet and we can be contacted through our Internet home page. Our Service Support staff can supply technical information about proper setup operation or. troubleshooting of your equipment We can fill your needs for spare or replacement parts or. provide you with on site service We can also provide you with a quotation on our Extended. Warranty for your Thermo Scientific products, Whatever Thermo Scientific products you need or use we will be happy to discuss your. applications If you are experiencing technical problems working together we will help you. locate the problem and chances are correct it yourself over the telephone without a service. When more extensive service is necessary we will assist you with direct factory trained. technicians or a qualified service organization for on the spot repair If your service need is. covered by the warranty we will arrange for the unit to be repaired at our expense and to your. satisfaction, Regardless of your needs our professional telephone technicians are available to assist you. Monday through Friday from 8 00 a m to 6 00 p m Eastern Time Please contact us by. telephone or fax If you wish to write our mailing address is. Thermo Fisher Scientific,401 Millcreek Road Box 649. Marietta OH 45750, International customers please contact your local Thermo Scientific distributor. iv Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator Thermo Scientific,Warranty Notes.
Information You Should Know Before Requesting Warranty Service. Locate the model and serial numbers A serial tag is located on the unit itself. For equipment service or maintenance or with technical or special application inquiries contact Technical. Services at 1 800 438 4851 or 1 740 373 4763 USA and Canada Outside the USA contact your local. distributor,Repairs NOT Covered Under Warranty, Calibration of control parameters Nominal calibrations are performed at the factory typically 1 C for. temperature 1 for gases and 5 for humidity Our service personnel can provide precise calibrations as. a billable service at your location Calibration after a warranty repair is covered under the warranty. Damage resulting from use of improper quality water chemicals or cleaning agents detrimental to. equipment materials, Service calls for improper installation or operating instructions Corrections to any of the following. are billable services,1 electrical service connection. 2 tubing connections,3 gas regulators,4 gas tanks,5 unit leveling. 6 room ventilation,7 adverse ambient temperature fluctuations.
8 any repair external to the unit, Damage resulting from accident alteration misuse abuse fire flood acts of God or improper. installation, Repairs to parts or systems resulting from unauthorized unit modifications. Any labor costs other than that specified during the parts and labor warranty period which may. include additional warranty on CO2 sensors blower motors water jackets etc. Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator v,Table of Contents. Section 1 Installation and Start Up 1 1,Control Panel Components 1 2. Keypad Operation 1 3,Displays 1 4,Installing the Incubator 1 4.
Stacking the Incubators 1 5,Preliminary Cleaning 1 7. Installing the Duct Sheets and Shelves 1 7,Access Port Filter CO2 Sensor Cover Plate 1 9. Installing the Air Sample Filter 1 9,Installing the HEPA Filter 1 10. Leveling the Unit 1 10,Connecting the Unit to Electrical Power 1 10. Filling the Humidity Pan 1 11,Connecting the CO2 Gas Supply 1 12.
Incubator Start Up 1 13,Setting the Operating Temperature 1 13. Setting the Overtemp Setpoint 1 14,Setting the CO2 Setpoint 1 15. Section 2 Calibration 2 1,Temperature 2 1,Thermal Conductivity CO2 System 2 2. Infrared CO2 System 2 3,Relative Humidity 2 4,Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator vi. Table of Contents,Section 3 Configuration 3 1,Turn Audible Alarm ON OFF 3 1.
New HEPA Filter 3 1,Set REPLACE HEPA filter reminder 3 2. Set Access Code 3 2,Set Low Temp Alarm Limit tracking alarm 3 3. Enable Low Temp Alarm to Trip Contacts 3 3,Set Low CO2 Alarm Limit tracking alarm 3 4. Set High CO2 Alarm Limit tracking alarm 3 4,Enable CO2 Alarms to Trip Contacts 3 5. Set New Zero Number for T C CO2 Sensors 3 5,Set New Span Number for T C CO2 Sensors 3 6.
Setting a Low RH Alarm Limit 3 6,Enable RH Alarms to Trip Contacts 3 7. Enabling Temp RH to be Displayed 3 7,Select a Primary Tank w Gas Guard Option 3 8. Disabling the Gas Guard System 3 8,Set an RS485 Communications Address 3 9. Section 4 Alarms 4 1,Temp Controller Failure TMP CNTR ERR 4 2. Sensor Fault Alarms 4 2,Preventive Maintenance 4 3.
Section 5 Routine Maintenance 5 1,Clean Cabinet Exterior 5 2. Clean Glass Doors 5 3,Clean Humidity Pan 5 3,Reverse Door Swing 5 3. HEPA Filter Maintenance 5 5,Replace Power Fuses 5 5. Replace Air Sample Filter 5 6,Electronics Section 5 6. Major Components 5 7,Sterilization Cycle 5 8,vii Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator Thermo Scientific.
Table of Contents,Section 6 Factory Options 6 1,Remote Alarms 6 1. RS485 Interface 6 2,Analog Output Boards 6 2,CO2 Gas Guard 6 4. Connecting CO2 Gas Supplies 6 5,De activating Gas Guard 6 5. CO2 Gas Guard Operation 6 5,Humidity Readout 6 6,Section 7 Specifications 7 1. Section 8 Spare Parts 8 1,Exploded Part Drawings 8 2.
Section 9 Electrical Schematics 9 1,Section 10 Warranty Information 10 1. Section 11 Declarations of Conformity 11 1,Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator viii. Section 1 Installation and Start Up,Chamber Gas,Sample Port Control Panel. Power Steri,Sterilization,Switch Cycle Button,Inner Door. Door Heater See Section 5,Figure 1 1 Steri Cycle Components.
Outer Door Reversible to opposite swing see Section 5. Inner Door Reversible to opposite swing see Section 5. Chamber Gas Sample Port Used for sampling chamber CO2 content. using a FYRITE or similar instrument,Main Power Switch. Control Panel Keypad displays indicators Figure 1 2. Leveling Legs Used to level the unit,Power Switch Mains disconnect. Sterilization Cycle Button Switch to initiate sterilization cycle. Note The incubators are stackable Information follows s. Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator 1 1,Installation and Start Up. Control Panel Silence Mutes the audible alarm, Components Alarm Indicator Light pulses on off during an alarm condition. Mode Select Switch Used to select Run Setpoints Calibration and. System Configuration Modes,Message Center Displays system status.
Mode Select Indicators,Run Run Menu,Set Set Points Menu. Cal Calibrate Menu,Config Configuration Menu, Up and Down Arrows Increases or decreases number values toggles. between choices,Enter Stores the value into computer memory. Heat Indicator Lights when power is applied to heaters. Temp Display Programmable to display temperature continuously RH. continuously with RH option or toggle between temperature and. humidity with RH option See Configuration Section, Scroll for Parameters Arrows Moves the operator through selected. mode choices, CO2 Inject Indicator Lights during CO2 injection into chamber.
CO2 Display Displays CO2 percentage continuously,Figure 1 2 Control Panel. 1 2 Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator Thermo Scientific,Installation and Start Up. Keypad Operation The Model 370 Series incubator has four basic modes which allow. incubator setup Run Setpoints Calibration and System Configuration. Run is the default mode in which the incubator will normally be. during operation, Set is used to enter system setpoints for incubator operation. Calibration is used to calibrate various system parameters. Configuration allows for custom setup of various options. Table 1 1 Selections Under Each Mode,RUN SETPOINT CALIBRATION CONFIGURATION. Default Mode Temperature Temp Offset Audible,Overtemp CO2 Cal New HEPA Timer.
CO2 IR Cal Replace HEPA Reminder,RH Cal Access Code. Temp Lo Alarm,Temp Relay,CO2 Lo Alarm,CO2 Hi Alarm. RH Lo Alarm,Display Temp,Display RH,Tank Select,RS485 Address. T C units only Base Unit Displays,IR units only Option Displays. T C units only,Thermo Scientific Steri Cycle CO2 Incubator 1 3.
Installation and Start Up, Keypad Operation Scroll for Parameters Arrows Steps the operator through parameters of. SET CAL and CONFIG Modes The right arrow goes to the next. continued parameter the left arrow returns to the previous parameter. Up Arrow Increases or toggles the parameter value selected in SET CAL. and CONFIG Modes, Enter Must press Enter key to save to memory all changed values. Down Arrow Decreases or toggles parameter values selected in SET CAL. and CONFIG Modes, Silence Key Press to mute audible alarm See Section 4 for alarm ringback. Displays Message Center Displays system status Mode at all times Displays. CLASS 100 or SYSTEM OK during normal operation or alarm mes. sages if the system detects an alarm condition see Section 4 Alarms. The display message CLASS 100 is a timing mechanism indicating that. under normal operating conditions with the HEPA fi. Thermo Fisher Scientific makes no representations or warranties with respect to this manual In no event shall Thermo be held liable for any damages direct or incidental arising out of or related to the use of this manual Warning If the incubator is not used in the manner specified in this operating manual the protection provided

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