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https members atra com events,upcoming webinars,And Sign Up. For The Next,6T40 45 Diagnostics Fixes,6T40 45 GF6. Global 6 Speed,Presented by Mike Souza,ATRA Senior. Research Technician, 6T40 45 Diagnostics Fixes Webinar 2017 ATRA All Rights Reserved. Introduction, The first step to diagnosing and fixing any transmission is to first learn how it works.
Once we understand what does what and when it s supposed to do it then we can better. determine what to check first and what does not need to be checked at all. If we know what the component is and what it s supposed to do then we can move forward. to diagnosing and fixing the problem, It s never any fun for the rebuilder to get the transmission on the bench only to find nothing. wrong internally, Transmissions in today s market are more complex and require a more detailed diagnosis. prior to being removed from the vehicle There are so many things on the other side of the. flywheel that can effect a transmissions performance than ever before. The best way to diagnose and test any transmission. is to use a dynamometer and every shop has Dyno,one without realizing it. The best dyno is the one that has 4 wheels,on it that the transmission was attached to. when vehicle arrived at your shop,First Things First.
Always start by determining if there are any codes present in all modules write them down. Even if a code is cleared and hasn t returned yet does not mean the problem disappeared It. may take several key cycles before it appears again. Your aftermarket scan tool may not show any codes present pending or in history when the. year make and model is entered into the scan tool This does not mean there are no codes. located somewhere in the one of the modules, The next step would be to double check by scanning the vehicle in the Generic or Global. If there are any hidden codes that effect fuel economy which would cause engine load. issues they will usually show up using the generic or global mode feature of your scan tool. Then verify if a sensor function or computer,command is working correctly with what. ever data your scan tool can provide,If your scan tool cannot provide you with. enough information you will have to verify,sensor computer command and or. component function with electronic testing,Identification.
Always identify what your working with In this case we need to make sure which unit we are. working on, The easiest way to identify the unit from the outside at a quick glance is the fill plug The fill. plug on the 6T70 75 is located on the side cover Where as the fill plug on the 6T40 45 is. located near the center of the case The 6T30 is a bit smaller. There are several differences between a 6T40 45 GEN I II 6T30 6T41 46 GEN 3 and a. 6T70 75 GEN I II transmission,Fill Plug 6T40 45 Fill Plug. Identification, GM 6T30 MH9 Family came out in the later part of the 2008 model year outside. the U S before being used here in the states sometime in 2012. The earlier part of 2012 we have seen,some 6T30 with no bolt at this 6T40. location just the embossed area,for the bolt,Later models have 5 bolts like.
Early 2012 No Bolt,Located Here,Identification, The 6T30 40 45 is chain driven like a 4T65E with a converter driven pump. Except the 6T41 46 GEN III which uses an off axis chain driven pump like the 6T70 75. The 6T70 75 is gear driven with an off axis chain driven pump. 6T30 40 45 Converter Driven Chain Driven,Gear Driven. Chain Driven,Identification, The ID tag is always the best way to identify what unit you have. 6T45 vs 6T40,1 1 2 Chain instead of a 1 chain,5 Pinion Planetary Gear Set. Heavier ribbed case,Heavier differential,We have covered parts and software.
updates in past webinars,The architecture of the 6T40 45 is similar. to the Ford 6F35 with the exception of the,Ford has an external TCM. Very few parts will interchange as a,complete assembly. Identification, There will be times when a vehicle gets to your shop that someone else has worked on. If you look up the RPO code located in the glove box spare tire or the glove compartment. you can identify if the correct transmission is in the vehicle. 1 Code for Automatic Transmission,2 Model Year,3 Model for Transmission.
4 Transmission Family,5 Source Code for Plant,6 Calendar Year. 7 Julian Date,8 Shift Line A B,9 Numeric sequence starting at 0001 12 01. AM each day,Identification, All automatic transmission applications are identified starting with the letter M and then. followed by numbers letters or a combination All the codes are three digit Below is a list. of the current RPO codes,6T70 FWD M7W MH2 LCT 1000 M74 MX2 MW7. 6T70 AWD M7U MH4 VT20 M83,6T75 M7V MY9 MH6 VT25 FWD M75.
6T30 MH9 VT25 AWD M16,6T40 MH8 MHH MHB 4T65E MN3,6T45 MH7 MHC 4T65EHD MN7. 6T50 MHK 4T65E AWD M76,6L45 MYA 4T65E Advanced Controls M15. 6L50 MYB 4T40E MN4,6L80 MYC 4T45E MN5,6L90 MYD 4T80E MH1. 4ET50 ELEC MKA,4L60E HYBRID M33,2ML70 2 MODE M99,General Information. Fluid Type Dexron VI, Fluid capacity Valve body cover removal 5 3 7 4 qts 5 7 liters.
Fluid capacity fluid change 4 2 6 3 qts 4 6 liters. Fluid capacity Overhaul 7 4 9 5 qts 7 9 liters, No dipstick oil level checked via a plug most applications. EC3 236 mm hyper elliptical furnace brazed torque converter Torque converter contains. a lip seal that will be damaged if the converter is removed or installed in any position other. than vertical Special tools are available J46409, 5 Clutches 3 holding 2 driving clutch to clutch shifting. 1 Diode one way clutch, 1 3 Port shift solenoid used On Off Design SS1 normally closed NC. 6 Variable bleed solenoids PCS1 PCS2 PCS3 PCS4 PCS5 TCC changed to variable. feed in 2012,1 Fluid temperature sensor integral to TECHM. Gerotor type oil pump 3 selective gears thicknesses available. Except the 6T41 46 GEN III which uses an off axis chain driven pump like the 6T70 75. GM 6T30 MH9 Family came out in the later part of the 2008 model year outside the U S before being used here in the states sometime in 2012 The earlier part of 2012 we have seen some 6T30 with no bolt at this location just the embossed area for the bolt Later models have 5 bolts like the 6T40 6T30 6T40 Early 2012 No Bolt Located Here

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