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Halex Electronic Dartboard 2,LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY. This Halex product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or. materials at the time of purchase for a period of 1 one year. Should any evidence of defects appear within the limited warranty period. after the date of purchase Regent Sports will either send replacement. parts or advise another course of action A list of replaceable parts can be. found on the parts order page of this manual Parts not listed on this order. form are not replaceable This warranty covers normal consumer use and. does not cover failures which result from alterations accidents misuse. abuse or neglect, For prompt warranty service and special offers please register your Halex. product by visiting our website at www regent halex com Please be sure. to visit our website to order additional parts not covered under the. warranty as well as on line instruction manuals and new product. information, A purchase receipt or other proof of date of purchase will be required. before warranty service is performed Requests for warranty service can. be provided by e mailing the Customer Service Department at. Csdartboards regent halex com or by calling customer service at. 877 516 9707 Toll Free,10 30AM to 6 30 PM EST Dec through Feb. 10 30 AM to 5 00 PM EST March through November,Or send request in writing to.
Regent Sports Corporation,45 Ranick Road,Hauppauge NY 11788. Attn Halex Customer Service, This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other. rights which vary from state to state,1 Electronic Dartboard Owner s Manual. A C Adapter 12 Darts unassembled,Soft tip replacement pack Wood Cabinet. If you are missing a part or have any questions please call our Customer Service. Department between 10 30 AM and 7 00 PM EST at 877 516 9707 Toll Free. protective film has been applied to the display and. button areas to prevent scratching See page 6,for removal instructions.
Halex Electronic Dartboard 3,Setup Mounting Instructions. Choose a location to hang the dartboard where there is about 10 feet of open space in front. of the board The toe line should be 7 9 1 4 from the face of the dartboard Since this. dartboard is powered with an AC adapter you may want to mount it close to an electric. outlet for convenience, The mounting holes on this dartboard set are 16 apart so it can be mounted securely on. wall studs in your home Locate a wall stud and place a mark 82 from the floor. Measure 16 from your first mark staying level with the first mark and place the second. mark on the wall which should be over another wall stud refer to diagram on next page. Screw 2 mounting screws in the center of the studs using the marks you made as guides. Be sure the screws are level to ensure an accurate playing surface If not mounting into. studs be sure to use drywall anchors or other securing hardware appropriate to the wall you. Mount the dartboard on the wall by lining up the hang holes on the back with the screws. see diagram below It may be necessary to adjust the screws until the board fits snugly. against the wall If you want to mount the dartboard even more securely to the wall you can. fasten four screws through the holes located in the catch ring area the area outside the. scoring segments,Center of bullseye should be 5 8 from the ground. Plug the A C adapter into the wall outlet and into the jack at the bottom right of the. dartboard and you re ready to play,Hang Brackets,Halex Electronic Dartboard 4. Wall Studs,5 8 from Floor,to center of,Dartboard Functions.
POWER button Located on the lower right corner of the dartboard when doors are open. Be sure the AC Adapter is plugged into the jack on the right side of the dartboard Press. the POWER button to turn game on or off, GAME GUARD button Press to activate Game Guard Feature see page 7 for. instructions, SOUND button Press continually to set desired volume level or mute. DOUBLE MISS button This button is used to activate the Double In Double Out and. Master Out options for the 01 games This function is only active when selecting 301. 401 etc games The MISS feature is active during play of any game Press button to. register a missed dart Player can press when dart lands outside target area so computer. registers a thrown dart, DART OUT SCORE button The dart out feature is active only during the 01 games. 301 401 etc When a player s score falls below 160 he she can press the DART OUT. button to get a suggestion from the dartboard as to the 3 darts needed to finish the game. Halex Electronic Dartboard 5, Note doubles and triples are indicated with 2 and 3 dashes to the left of the number. respectively The SCORE feature allows player to access score not current on display. BOUNCE OUT button Decide before play if you want to count darts that do not remain in. board bounce outs or not If not simply press the BOUNCE OUT button immediately. after a bounce out occurs to deduct the score that registers. CYBERMATCH button Press to activate Cybermatch feature where you can play against. the computer Press continually to cycle through the 5 different skill levels See page 7 for. detailed instructions, PLAYER PAGE button This button is used at the start of each game to select the number.
of players you want to play the game In addition this button allows players to see other. player scores of not on active display This dartboard keeps track of scores for up to 8. GAME button Press to page through the on screen game menu and select game. SELECT button Press to select various difficulty settings for games Many games contain. several difficulty options that can be accessed by pressing this button. START HOLD button This multi function button is used to. START the game when all options have been selected. HOLD to put dartboard in HOLD status between rounds to allow player to. remove darts from the target area, RESET button Press to clear display and reset dartboard to opening sound. Halex Electronic Dartboard 6, This dart board utilizes the Halex exclusive state of the art BristleTech target playing. surface BristleTech dartboards allow for both Soft tip and Steel tip dart play. Traditional steel tip dart play combined with the modern convenience of electronic scoring. gives you the best of both worlds The electronic scoring BristleTech playing surface plays. and feels just like the natural sisal bristle dartboard. BristleTech dartboards will provide years of durability and enjoyment as well The synthetic. fiber targets are not susceptible to moisture humidity and volatile temperature conditions. BristleTech dartboards will not give off potent odors or dry out as sisal bristle dartboards. BristleTech dartboards are also a great choice for Soft tip dart players The BristleTech. playing surface provides a smooth quiet dart playing experience The way the sport was. meant to be played No longer will you experience unpleasant crashing sounds from darts. making impact on plastic targets Additionally there are no small holes in the BristleTech. playing surface Darts have the maximum amount of surface area to strike upon This. minimizes the chances of deflections and bounce outs. Please use very special caution when playing with darts especially steel tip darts. The steel tip points are sharp and can cause harm Dart play should always be. monitored under close adult supervision,Halex Electronic Dartboard 7. Interactive Game Play Feature, Your Halex electronic dartboard includes an exciting interactive trash talking feature that. emits rewarding comments of praise for high scoring darts and trash talking insults for. poorly thrown darts The humorous interactive comments are sure to add plenty of fun and. excitement to your dart game, There are four levels to choose from to control how frequent you will hear these interactive.
sound effects,FREQUENCY LEVELS, Level 4 Every throw All throws will include an interactive sound effect. Level 3 Frequently Frequent interactive sound effects. Level 2 Occassional Occassional interactive sound effects. Level 1 OFF Turns OFF the interactive Trash Talk sounds. The default setting when the dartboard is turned on is Level 4 Every Throw Players do. have the ability to change the frequency level while a game is in process Simply press the. Trash Talk button to change the frequency level, IMPORTANT The interactive TRASH TALK feature can only be used with standard games. of Cricket and 01 301 501 etc,Have fun and Don t Choke. Halex Electronic Dartboard 8,Electronic Dartboard Operation. 1 Press the POWER switch to activate dartboard A short musical introduction is played. as the display goes through power up test, 2 Press GAME button until desired game is displayed see Game Menu on.
3 Press DOUBLE button optional to select starting and or ending on doubles or. Master Out used only in 301 901 games This is explained in the game rules. 4 Press PLAYER button to select the number of players 1 2 8 The. default setting is 2 players, 5 Press START HOLD button red to activate game and begin play. 6 Throw darts, The dart indicator display is located above the numbers in the LED displays. The lights indicate the number of darts thrown in the round. When all 3 darts have been thrown a voice command will indicate. Remove Darts and the score will flash The darts can now be removed. without affecting the electronic scoring When all darts are removed from. the playing surface press the START button to go to next player Voice. command will indicate which player is up Also the player indicator lights. will illuminate to show which player s turn it is,Display Protective Film. This electronic dartboard may have a clear film over the entire display area and over the. button area to prevent scratching during shipping It is recommended that you remove this. film so display is easier to read To remove simply lift edge peel off and discard. Game Guard Feature, After the START button has been pressed and play has begun the GAME GUARD feature. can be activated When the button is pressed all of the keys will lock When Game Guard. is active a misguided dart hitting a button will not affecting your game To deactivate the. Game Guard simply press the button again and the keys will unlock. Halex Electronic Dartboard 9,CyberMatch Feature, This exciting feature allows single player to play against the computer at one of five different.
levels of skill Only 1 player can compete against the CyberMatch competitor at a. time The CyberMatch feature adds a level of competition to normally routine practice. To activate the CyberMatch opponent,1 Select the Game you wish to play. 2 Press CYBERMATCH button, Select CyberMatch opponent skill level by pressing the CYBERMATCH button. continually voice command will indicate level,Level 1 C1 Professional. Cybermatch Level 2 C2 Expert,Skill Levels Level 3 C3 Advanced. Level 4 C4 Intermediate,Level 5 C5 Beginner,3 Press START to begin play.
When play begins, The human player throws first After 3 darts are thrown go to the board to take darts. out and press START to change to the next player CyberMatch Watch as the. CyberMatch opponent s dart scores are registered on the display After the. CyberMatch opponent completes his round the board will automatically reset for the. human player Play continues until one player wins Good luck. Halex Electronic Dartboard 10,Caring for your Electronic Dartboard. Do not use excessive force when throwing darts Throwing darts too hard will cause. frequent tip breakage and cause excess wear on the board. Turn darts clockwise as you pull them from the board This makes it easier to remove. darts and extends the life of the tips, If you need to replace your AC adapter use only a genuine Halex AC adapter. available directly from Halex for this dartboard Use of a non Halex AC adapter may. cause electrical shock fire and damage to the electronic circuits and will void your. Do not spill liquids on the dartboard Do not use spray cleaners cleaners that contain. ammonia or other harsh chemicals as they may cause damage. Halex Electronic Dartboard 11,Game Rules, Your Halex electronic dartboard is loaded with games and options The rules for each. game are detailed below in the order they appear on the LED display when paging through. the games An illustration of the LED displays is indicated next to the game description for. your reference Please note the characters may appear slightly different than illustrated. This popular tournament and pub game is played by subtracting each dart from the starting. total until the player reaches exactly 0 zero If a player goes past zero it is considered a. Bust and the score returns to where it was at the start of that round For example if a. player needs a 32 to finish the game and he she hits a 20 8 and 10 totals 38 the score. goes back to 32 for the next round, In playing the game the double in double out option can be chosen double out is the most.
widely used option Simply press the DOUBLE button to change this setting LED. indicators will display your current setting, Double In A double must be hit before points are subtracted from the total. In other words a player s scoring does not begin until a double is hit. Double Out A double must be hit to end the game This means that an. CricketView 5000 ELECTRONIC DARTBOARD 69805 Owner s Manual And Game Instructions Includes Halex Electronic Dartboard 2 LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY This Halex product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship or materials at the time of purchase for a period of 1 one year Should any evidence of defects appear within the limited warranty period after the date of purchase Regent

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