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03 Korea always on the cutting edge of telecommunication. 04 Korea switches on commercial 5G,04 Commercial Milestone. 05 Subscribers,05 Data Traffic,06 Key Success Factors for Early 5G Launch. 07 Government s Initiative,08 Carriers Ambition,10 Samsung s 5G Leadership. Korea has long been regarded a leader when it comes to mobile technology. and service adoption and it is a market that other operators and vendors follow closely. Samsung s significant role in helping all three Korean mobile operators roll out. their commercial 5G networks gives the vendor significant credibility as it looks to expand. its 5G network solutions into other markets around the globe. Daryl Schoolar Practice Leader for Service Provider Technologies at Ovum. Korea always on the cutting edge,of telecommunication. No1 Download,Speed No1 LTE,Availability, Korea certainly is the hottest LTE market in the world Given the title of the first country to reach 100 LTE coverage Korea featured in.
the No 1 rank for LTE availability1 hitting 97 5 according to Opensignal The nationwide LTE coverage ensures being connected at. high speed anywhere Korea also ranked No 1 in terms of download speed experience2 of 3G and 4G combined. Opensignal The state of mobile network experience May 2019. Skyrocketing LTE Subscribers and Monthly LTE Data Traff ic. The monthly data traffic per user in Korea has been skyrocketing with an average of 9 GB LTE traffic in May 2019. according to MSIT3 The total monthly data traffic is 475PB in the same period of which 4G accounts for 93 9 totaling. 445 9PB The LTE data traffic is about 807 times than that of 3G which proves the solid technological stance of LTE. in Korea When it comes to total wireless subscribers LTE subscribers are increasing continuously and according to. WCIS LTE penetration rate has reached 111 9 in May. Total Wireless Subscribers 07 19 Total Monthly Data Traffic 12 19 Communication Quality Comparison 18. MSIT May 2019 MSIT May 2019 Korea Telecommunications Operators Association. 1 LTE Availability the proportion of time users with a LTE device have a LTE connection. 2 Download Speed Experience the average download speed experienced by users across an operator s 3G and 4G networks. 3 MSIT Ministry of Science and ICT,Korea switches on commercial 5G. 5G Milestones in Korea, Korean mobile carriers are at the forefront of the 5G commercialization as well In April the U S and South Korea switched on the first. mobile 5G networks bringing the much anticipated new technology officially into its first stage of global adoption and those lucky enough. to own a 5G capable smartphone are getting a taste of the future. The Year 2019 will be a cutthroat yet exciting year for Korea as 5G is about to bring changes in day to day lives of 50 millions of people. Pre commercial 5G, At the 2018 Winter Sport Events pre commercial 5G services. were successfully showcased in Korea with Samsung s 5G. end to end solution 5G based immersive services such as Time. Slice Sync View and Omni Point View were introduced. 5G Spectrum Auction,Korea completed auctioning off 5G spectrum 3 5GHz. and 28GHz band KT and SKT each won 100MHz of the,3 5GHz band while LGU clinched 80MHz All three.
carriers secured 800MHz of the 28GHz band,Commercial 5G. with Mobile Hotspot, The three Korean carriers launched limited 5G commercial. services in the capital city Seoul and six metropolitan. cities in 3 5 GHz band With 5G Mobile Hotspot as a. device initial services targeted B2B customers,Commercial 5G. with 5G Smartphone, KKorea claimed to launch full 5G commercial services in. April with Samsung s Galaxy S10 5G Korean carriers are. providing 5G coverage in dense urban areas in 85 cities. Immersive media cloud VR Game and many other 5G, services for general customers have been introduced.
5G subscribers surge in Korea hitting 1 million in just 69 days. Global 5G Subscribers 2Q 2019 Korea was estimated to have 1 6 million 5G subscribers at the end of. June 2019 accounting for an overwhelming 82 4 percent of the global. total at 2 million according to GSMA The figure far surpassed USA s. 130 000 and the UK with 90 000 as of the end of June. 5G adoption in Korea outpaced early uptake of 4G Korea hit 1 million. 5G subscribers in only 69 days beating 4G record of 80 days 5G. subscribers surpassed 1 million on June 10 following the country s. official April 3 launch of commercial 5G services and has seen an. average 17 000 new 5G customers each day The industry expects. that the total 5G subscriber number is expected to reach over 4 million. GSMA Intelligence 2019 by year s end particularly with more availability of 5G smartphones. Major Drivers,Greater weight More attractive tariff Compelling. on 5G subsidy than 4G 5G contents, Carriers are putting greater weight Unlimited 5G data plans are another A large amount of content and value. on 5G subsidy to attract more 5G growth driver 5G subscribers can added services are bundled in order. subscribers in the initial stage since access data with virtually no limit to attract early adopters of 5G Most. subscribers usually sign 2 year in speed and capacity whose unit of these new services relate to video. contract price is eventually cheaper than its games and social applications in new. 4G counterpart formats especially VR and AR,Data usage is also going through the roof. Data use surges on Korea 5G network Average data usage by 5G users is as high as 18 3GB and average 4G users use 9GB in. the same period according to MSIT in May 2019 5G data is about 2 times than that of 4G. Monthly Data Traffic per User GB,Source MSIT May 2019. 20 of 5G data traff ic is from AR VR contents, This remarkable traffic growth is driven by UHD and AR VR contents According to LG Uplus new services.
featuring AR and VR functions are proving popular and already account for 20 of 5G traffic compared. with 5 for 4G The company said it aims to double the number of AR content to 1 500 by the end of this. year including K pop dance home training and sports videos to cater to varied consumer needs. Key Success Factors for Early 5G Launch,Cooperation is the key. Amid intensifying competition among global mobile carriers it is significant for the government and companies to join hands and. reach the goal together Early 5G commercial launch in Korea is attributed to the close cooperation among government carriers. and vendors, Korean government paved the way for early commercial launch by advancing the 5G spectrum auction date and forming 5G. Strategy Promotion Committee Carriers passion to deploy 5G network fast enabled early and successful commercial launches. together with unlimited data plans and compelling 5G services On top of them Samsung s 5G end to end solution played a key. role in fast deployment and operation,Government s Initiative. Early Spectrum Auction, In order to be at the forefront of the global 5G competition Korean government advanced the 5G spectrum auction date. Consequently a year earlier than initially planned Korea completed a tender process in June 2018 in 3 5 GHz and 28 GHz bands. The government made available a total of 280 megahertz in the 3 5 GHz spectrum band and 2 400 megahertz in the 28 GHz band. The spectrum was divided into 28 blocks and 24 blocks Participant operators SK Telecom KT and LG U had a 10 block cap per. spectrum band The telcos paid a total of 3 6183 trillion won 3 3 billion for the spectrum 340 billion won higher than the starting. price of 3 3 trillion won The 3 5 GHz band licenses covering a ten year period and the 28 GHz band licenses a five year term. Korea Operators 5G Spectrum Auction Result, Our is goal is to lead the fourth industrial revolution.
and to support the early commercialization of 5G technology. Jun Sung bae Senior ICT Ministry Official,5G Strategy Promotion Committee. One of the crucial factors Korean carriers early commercial launches. is attributed to the cooperative organization called the 5G Strategy. Promotion Committee led by Korean government since 2015 In. order to promote strategic 5G 5G Strategic Promotion Committee. was formed Once every half year the committee shared the current. status of Korea s 5G policy and the difficulties of the private sector. and various discussions on future plans were held,Global Standardization Effort. Before commercial launch the committee tried to make. mmWave selected as a 5G global candidate spectrum in. ITU as well as participating in 3GPP standardization to drive. domestic standards to be reflected in global standards. Tax Breaks and Government Investments, After commercial launch in order to maximize the 5G early. commercialization effect Korean government further enhanced. the committee announcing 5G Strategy The 5G Plus Strategy. includes tax breaks and government investments totaling 27. billion by 2022 Government announced to foster 15 5G based. strategic industries which consist of five core services and. 10 core industries,15 5G based Strategic Industries. MSIT 5G Plus Strategy April 2019,Carriers Ambition.
Aggressive Rollout, Korean carriers are leading the pack when it comes to deploying 5G Korea has for many years been at the forefront of cellular. technology deployment being one of the first to deploy a number of advanced network features. After the 5G frequency auction in June 2018 3 Korean carriers started commercial 5G in December 2018 in Seoul and six. metropolitan areas And then April 2019 5G commercial service with 5G smartphone has started focusing on dense urban. area of 85 major cities in Korea By the end of 2019 carriers will cover both rural and suburban areas of 85 major cities heading. toward a perfect nationwide coverage for the next two to three years. In addition shared 5G deployment model is one other factor for driver for fast deployment Led by Korean government the three. carriers announced to share the 5G deployment costs which will save nearly 1 billion over a decade. 5G Unlimited Data Plan, All three Korean carriers adopted unlimited 5G tariff plan Unlimited means that neither the amount of data nor its network speed. is in any way capped 5G plan is higher than 4G But the unit data price of 5G is eventually cheaper than its 4G counterpart due to. unlimited data Thus many 4G subscribers are migrating to 5G and more than 80 of them chose unlimited data plan. One characteristic is the wide gap in the amount of data between data plans There is a huge gap in the amount of data between. the lightest data plan and the very next one which is the strategy to induce subscribers to unlimited data plan. Compelling 5G Services, The key of 5G service is contents This is because end users can experience the difference of 5G most directly through. contents Korean carriers are actively introducing new 5G services in order to secure initial customers. Immersive Media VR AR, The first killer media service is broadcasting of professional With 5G motion sickness removed with latency as low as 1. baseball games Baseball is one of the most popular sports millisecond immersive experience with wireless VR headsets. in Korea and each game demands 3 to 4 GB for watching would also flourish All three Korean carriers are trying to take. leading to higher data consumption the lead in the 5G era by competitively investing in AR and VR. Wide View SKT Motion Tracking KT Idol Live LG U Social VR SKT. Wide View shows a panoramic Motion tracking shows the Idol Live is gaining huge Multiple users can watch sports. view of the stadium in 12K movement of baseball and batter popularity among K POP and movies together in a virtual. UHD quality with three 4K easily with four field tracking fans Users can focus on an reality environment Users can. cameras Users can expand cameras Users can check the individual idol and enjoy the gather in the same VR space to. the areas that they want without trajectory restraint rotation stage as if they you were sitting watch video content as if they. degrading image quality direction turnover rate etc in a real theater are right next to each other. There is also fierce competition in the areas of games and In the era of 5G B2B industry applications will become a key. e sports Korean carriers have struck partnerships with global territory for operators mid and long term success and new. game developers and content providers to offer killer content sources of revenue as business restructuring and innovation. available on 5G smartphones in vertical industries take center stage. e Sports Live KT Cloud Game LG U Smart Factory SKT Barista Robot KT. e Sports Live is a live 5G has flattened the experience 5G AI Machine Vision A robot barista takes orders. streaming application of of cloud games under wired automatically identifies product and serves customers drinks. e sports competition Users conditions and wireless defects A 12 megapixel camera and coffee The status of the. can watch up to five game conditions With a mobile device takes 24 pictures from various robot and high quality CCTV. screens simultaneously and connected to the internet directions Picture sent to a are sent to the control tower 24. select which screen to watch everyone can play masterpieces cloud server AI checks for any hours a day KT will apply voice. anytime and anywhere just like defects and filters out defective recognition and AI function to. playing a current web game products with robotic arm. the same period according to MSIT in May 2019 5G data is about 2 times than that of 4G This remarkable traffic growth is driven by UHD and AR VR contents According to LG Uplus new services featuring AR and VR functions are proving popular and already account for 20 of 5G traffic compared with 5 for 4G The company said it aims to double

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