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Scope of Manual, This manual helps the reader understand the machine how to prepare it for operation how to control. it during operation and how to keep it in good working condition We assume the reader has a basic. understanding of how to operate this type of machine but that the reader is not familiar with the. controls and adjustments of this specific model As with all machinery of this nature learning the. nuances of operation is a process that happens through training and experience If you are not an. experienced operator of this type of machinery read through this entire manual then learn more. from an experienced operator schooling or research before attempting operations Following this. advice will help you avoid serious personal injury and get the best results from your work. Manual Feedback, We ve made every effort to be accurate when documenting this machine However errors sometimes. happen or the machine design changes after the documentation process so the manual may not. exactly match your machine If a difference between the manual and machine leaves you in doubt. contact our customer service for clarification, We highly value customer feedback on our manuals If you have a moment please share your. experience using this manual What did you like about it Is there anything you would change to. make it better Did it meet your expectations for clarity professionalism and ease of use. South Bend Lathe Inc,O Technical Documentation Manager. P O Box 2027,Bellingham WA 98227,Email manuals southbendlathe com.
For your convenience any updates to this manual will be available to download free of charge. through our website at,www southbendlathe com,Customer Service. We stand behind our machines If you have any service questions parts requests or general questions. about the machine feel free to contact us,South Bend Lathe Co. P O Box 2027,Bellingham WA 98227,Phone 360 734 1540. Parts Department 417 886 2954,Fax 360 676 1075 International. Fax 360 734 1639 USA Only,Email cs southbendlathe com.
Table of Contents,INTRODUCTION 2 Blade Tension 25,About This Machine 2 Blade Breakage 25. Capabilities 2 Blade Care Break In 26,Features 2 Blade Care 26. Identification 3 Blade Break In 26,Machine Specifications 4 Blade Speed 26. Blade Speed Chart 27,Chip Inspection Chart 27,Understanding Risks of Machinery 6. Downfeed Pressure 28,Basic Machine Safety 6,Downfeed Rate 28.
Additional Metal Bandsaw Safety 8,Work Stop 28,PREPARATION 9 Vise 29. Preparation Overview 9 Blade Guide 30,Required for Setup 9 Vertical Cutting 30. Power Supply Requirements 9 Operation Tips 31,Availability 9 Horizontal Cutting 31. Full Load Current Rating 9 Vertical Cutting 31,Circuit Information 10. ACCESSORIES 32,Circuit Requirements for 110V 10,Accessories 32.
Circuit Requirements for 220V 10,Grounding Requirements 10 MAINTENANCE 33. Extension Cords 11 Maintenance Schedule 33,Unpacking 12 Cleaning 33. Inventory 12 Lubrication 33,Assembly 13 Gearbox 33. Cleaning Protecting 16 V Belt Replacement 34,Location 17 Machine Storage 34. Physical Environment 17 Downfeed Stop Bolt 35,Electrical Installation 17 Blade Tracking 35.
Lighting 17 Blade Guide Bearings 36,Weight Load 17 Squaring Blade 37. Space Allocation 17 Auto OFF Tab 37,Power Connection 18. TROUBLESHOOTING 38,Test Run 18,Inspections Adjustments 18 ELECTRICAL 41. Electrical Safety Instructions 41,OPERATION 19,220V Conversion 42. Operation Overview 19,Wiring Diagram 43,Controls 20.
Blade Selection 21 PARTS 44,Blade Terminology 21 Table 44. Blade Length 21 Cabinet Stand 45,Blade Width 21 Head 46. Tooth Set 22 Motor Blade Guides 48,Tooth Type 22 Switch 50. Blade Pitch TPI 23 Machine Labels 51,Blade Changes 24. WARRANTY RETURNS 53, Model SB1017 INTRODUCTION For Machines Mfg Since 8 09.
INTRODUCTION,About This Machine,Capabilities Features. This metal cutting bandsaw uses a gravity fed In addition to its capabilities the Model SB1017. blade to make straight cuts through workpieces has several features to increase versatility and. that are clamped in a vise Since the workpiece is efficiency. secured and remains stationary while the blade, feeds automatically accuracy and operator safety The vise can be rotated to perform angled cuts up. are maximized to 45 while three blade speeds ensure that the. proper cutting rate is available for a variety of, The vise on the Model SB1017 is capable of workpiece sizes and materials. holding rectangular stock up to 5 x 6 and round, stock up to 5 Both the downfeed rate and pressure are. adjustable for fine tuning each cutting operation, After a cut is complete the OFF switch is and an adjustable auto OFF power switch.
triggered and the motor automatically turns off maximizes safety and minimizes energy use by. turning the machine off at the end of every cut,A storage compartment in the cabinet base. provides a convenient location for keeping spare,blades or other accessories and the transport. handle makes moving the machine easy,Finally the cast aluminum knobs and belt cover. proudly bear the legendary South Bend name, For Machines Mfg Since 8 09 INTRODUCTION Model SB1017. Identification,Blade Tension Guide Post Belt Cover.
Rate Adjust,Switch Knob,Tab Downfeed,Downfeed Feed. Stop Bolt Pressure,Work Stop Vise Jaw,Front View,Head Transport. Locking Pin Handle,Leveling Foot Cabinet Access,Figure 1 Identification. Serious personal injury could occur if Untrained users have an increased risk. you connect the machine to power before of seriously injuring themselves with this. completing the setup process DO NOT machine Do not operate this machine until. connect power until instructed to do so later you have understood this entire manual and. in this manual received proper training, Model SB1017 INTRODUCTION For Machines Mfg Since 8 09. Machine Specifications,Machine Specifications,P O Box 2027 Bellingham WA 98227 U S A.
PHONE 360 734 1540 South Bend Lathe Co,www southbendlathe com. Model SB1017,5 x 6 Horizontal Vertical Bandsaw,Product Dimensions. Weight 166 lbs,Length Width Height 383 4 x 173 4 x 391 2. Foot Print Length Width 383 4 x 173 4, Space Required for Full Range of Movement Length Width Height 80 x 55 x 78. Shipping Dimensions,Type Carton,Weight 170 lbs,Length Width Height 42 x 17 x 16.
Type Carton,Weight 47 lbs,Length Width Height 17 x 13 x 23. Electrical, Required Power Source 110V 220V Single Phase 60 Hz. Switch Toggle ON OFF Switch,Switch Voltage 110V,Cord Length 6 ft. Cord Gauge 18 gauge,Recommended Circuit Size 15 Amp. Plug Included Yes,Type TEFC Capacitor Start Induction.
Horsepower 1 2 HP,Voltage 110V 220V,Phase Single Phase. Amps 8 6 4 3A,Speed 1725 RPM,Cycle 60 Hz,Number Of Speeds 1. Pre Wired 110V,Power Transfer V Belt Gear,Bearings Shielded and Permanently Sealed. Model SB1017 Page 1 of 2, For Machines Mfg Since 8 09 INTRODUCTION Model SB1017. Main Specifications,Operation Information,Head Swivel 45 deg.
Blade Speeds 80 120 200 FPM,Std Blade Length 641 2. Blade Size Range 1 2,Cutting Capacities,Angle Cuts 45 deg. Vise Jaw Depth 65 8,Vise Jaw Height 25 8,Max Capacity Rect Height At 90D 5. Max Capacity Rect Width At 90D 6,Max Capacity Rnd At 90D 5. Max Capacity Rect Height At 45D 3,Max Capacity Rect Width At 45D 41 2.
Max Capacity Rnd At 45D 3,Construction,Wheel Construction Upper Cast Iron. Wheel Construction Lower Cast Iron,Body Construction Cast Iron. Base Construction Cast Iron,Stand Construction Steel. Tire Material Rubber and Steel,Wheel Size 5,Blade Guides Upper Yes. Blade Guides Lower Yes,Table Info,Floor to Cutting Area Height 251 2.
Other Specifications,ISO Factory ISO 9001,Country Of Origin Taiwan. Warranty 1 Year,Serial Number Location ID Label on Body Frame. Customer Setup and Cleaning Time Approximately 1 Hour. Heavy Duty One Piece Steel Stand,Conveniently Located ON OFF Toggle Switch. Adjustable Hydraulic Down Feed,Cast Iron Handwheel with Chromed Handle. Die Cast South Bend Star Knobs,Die Cast South Bend Belt Guard.
Built In Storage Cabinet,Leveling Feet and Wheels to Ease Mobility. Work Stop for Horizontal Cuts,Satin Chromed Handle Bar. Model SB1017 Page 2 of 2,Model SB1017 SAFETY For Machines Mfg Since 8 09. Understanding Risks of Machinery, Operating all machinery and machining equipment can be dangerous or relatively safe depending. on how it is installed and maintained and the operator s experience common sense risk awareness. working conditions and use of personal protective equipment safety glasses respirators etc. The owner of this machinery or equipment is ultimately responsible for its safe use This. responsibility includes proper installation in a safe environment personnel training and usage. authorization regular inspection and maintenance manual availability and comprehension. application of safety devices integrity of cutting tools or accessories and the usage of approved. personal protective equipment by all operators and bystanders. The manufacturer of this machinery or equipment will not be held liable for injury or property. damage from negligence improper training machine modifications or misuse Failure to read. understand and follow the manual and safety labels may result in serious personal injury including. amputation broken bones electrocution or death, The signals used in this manual to identify hazard levels are defined as follows.
Death or catastrophic Moderate injury or fire,harm WILL occur MAY occur. Death or catastrophic Machine or property,harm COULD occur damage may occur. Basic Machine Safety, 1 Owner s Manual All machinery and 3 Trained Supervised Operators Only. machining equipment presents serious Untrained users can seriously injure. injury hazards to untrained users To themselves or bystanders Only allow. reduce the risk of injury anyone who uses trained and properly supervised personnel. THIS item MUST read and understand to operate this item Make sure safe. this entire manual before starting operation instructions are clearly. understood If electrically powered use, 2 Personal Protective Equipment Operating padlocks and master switches and remove. or servicing this item may expose the user start switch keys to prevent unauthorized. to flying debris dust smoke dangerous use or accidental starting. chemicals or loud noises These hazards, can result in eye injury blindness long 4 Guards Covers Accidental contact with.
term respiratory damage poisoning moving parts during operation may cause. cancer reproductive harm or hearing loss severe entanglement impact cutting. Reduce your risks from these hazards or crushing injuries Reduce this risk by. by wearing approved eye protection keeping any included guards covers doors. respirator gloves or hearing protection installed fully functional and positioned. for maximum protection,For Machines Mfg Since 8 09 SAFETY Model SB1017. 5 Entanglement Loose clothing gloves 11 Chuck Keys or Adjusting Tools Tools used. neckties jewelry or long hair may to adjust spindles chucks or any moving. get caught in moving parts causing rotating parts will become dangerous. entanglement amputation crushing projectiles if left in place when the machine. or strangulation Reduce this risk by is started Reduce this risk by developing. removing securing these items so they the habit of always removing these tools. cannot contact moving parts immediately after using them. 6 Mental Alertness Operating this item 12 Work Area Clutter and dark shadows. with reduced mental alertness increases increase the risks of accidental injury. the risk of accidental injury Do not let a Only operate this item in a clean non. temporary influence or distraction lead to a glaring and well lighted work area. permanent disability Never operate when, under the influence of drugs alcohol when 13 Properly Functioning Equipment Poorly. tired or otherwise distracted maintained damaged or malfunctioning. equipment has higher risks of causing, 7 Safe Environment Operating electrically serious personal injury compared to. powered equipment in a wet environment those that are properly maintained. may result in electrocution operating near To reduce this risk always maintain. highly flammable materials may result in a this item to the highest standards and. fire or explosion Only operate this item in promptly repair service a damaged or. a dry location that is free from flammable malfunctioning component Always follow. materials the maintenance instructions included in. this documentation,8 Electrical Connection With electically. powered equipment improper connections 14 Unattended Operation Electrically. to the power source may result in powered equipment that is left unattended. electrocution or fire Always adhere to all while running cannot be controlled and is. electrical requirements and applicable dangerous to bystanders Always turn the. codes when connecting to the power source power OFF before walking away. Have all work inspected by a qualified, electrician to minimize risk 15 Health Hazards Certain cutting fluids.
and lubricants or dust smoke created, 9 Disconnect Power Adjusting or servicing when cutting may contain chemicals. South Bend Lathe Co P O Box 2027 Bellingham WA 98227 Phone 360 734 1540 Parts Department 417 886 2954 Fax 360 676 1075 International Fax 360 734 1639 USA Only Email cs southbendlathe com Updates For your convenience any updates to this manual will be available to download free of charge through our website at www southbendlathe com Scope of Manual This manual helps the

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