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5 Development Questionnaire 33,1 5 Actualisation of information. 1 6 Training information, 1 7 Price discounts and rebates for authorised repairers. 2 Arrangements enabling diagnostic tool manufacturers to produce devices with the. same functions as manufacturers devices,2 1 Information provision. 2 2 Test and diagnosis of information,2 3 Communication Protocol Information. 3 Arrangements relevant for publishers,3 1 Information provision.
Part B Information Medium Internet B1 CD DVD B2 Paper B3. 1 Arrangements relevant to independent repairers roadside assistance operators and. automobile clubs,1 1 Registration and access conditions. 1 2 Registration costs,1 3 Cost models,1 4 Payment. 1 5 Number of users,1 6 Covered vehicles and update periods. 1 7 Hard and software requirements,1 8 Languages,1 9 Information structure. 2 Scope of Technical Information,2 1 Vehicle identification.
2 2 Search Criteria,2 3 Display of search results,2 4 Information scope. 4vs0356 doc,5 Development Questionnaire 34,3 Test Cases. 3 1 Replacement of a defective engine ECU,3 2 Maintenance and service instructions. 4 Differences of the information systems provided to authorised operators and those to. independent operators, Some questions ask for information relating to one specific vehicle In the passenger car. sector a common mid size vehicle was chosen and in the truck sector a heavy duty truck. These vehicles are described in Tab 5 1 and Tab 5 2. Company Brand Model,BMW BMW 3 Series,Fiat Alfa 156.
Fiat Fiat Stilo,Ford Ford Mondeo,Ford Jaguar X Type. Ford Volvo V40 S40,DaimlerChrysler Mercedes C Class. DaimlerChrysler Smart fortwo coup,GM Opel Vauxhall Vectra. PSA Citro n C5,PSA Peugeot 406,Renault Renault Laguna. Toyota Toyota Avensis,Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat.
Tab 5 1 Overview of passenger car models for specific information questions. 4vs0356 doc,5 Development Questionnaire 35,Company Brand Model. DAF DAF XF,DaimlerChrysler Mercedes Actros,Iveco Iveco Stralis. MAN MAN TGA,Renault Renault Magnum Premium,Scania Scania R Series. Volvo Trucks Volvo FH, Tab 5 2 Overview of truck models for specific information questions. After approval the questionnaire was sent out by the Commission as request for information. pursuing to Article 11 of Regulation 17 to the above mentioned addressees Based on these. questionnaires completed by the manufacturers the different measures and systems which. have been introduced to grant independent operators effective access to all relevant repair. information are described comprehensively in the following chapters The given information. is mainly based on the questionnaires which were filled in by the different manufacturers. Any inconsistent or unclear replies have been crosschecked with the respective information. medium provided by the manufacturer On a spot check basis all other information have also. been reviewed If necessary the manufacturer replies have been adjusted. The systems and measures put in place by the motor vehicles manufacturers are evaluated. in the chapters 17 18,4vs0356 doc, 6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A 36.
6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A. At the beginning of Part A of the questionnaire each manufacturer has to provide the. percentage of vehicles for which information has been made available for independent. operators Apart from Peugeot 94 each manufacturer has covered 100 of their vehicle. fleet produced within the last 10 years, The second question deals with the used medium to provide repair information The majority. has chosen an Internet based concept As shown in Tab 6 1 few manufacturers use. The last question of this paragraph refers to the information policy concerning the authorised. dealer network The majority provides information on CD DVD to their own network. Opel Vauxh,Volvo Cars, 1 1 1 covered 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 94 100 100 100 100. 1 1 2 Internet 100 0 90 100 97 0 0 100 75 0 50 0 100. 1 1 3 CD DVD 0 40 0 0 97 100 100 100 76 88 30 361 100. 1 1 4 Paper 0 60 10 0 3 0 0 100 25 12 20 100 0, 1 1 7 Medium for all CD Inter Inter CD CD CD CD all CD CD CD CD. authorised forms Pa net net DVD DVD DVD DVD forms DVD DVD Pa DVD. dealer per per Intern,Tab 6 1 Information Provision1. 6 1 Diagnostic Tools 1 2, At the beginning of this paragraph the manufacturers have to state the prices for the most.
costly diagnostic tools The diagnostic tools from DaimlerChrysler Mercedes and Smart are. the most expensive EUR 15 000 The figures for the other manufacturers can be drawn. from Fig 6 1 The average costs for the most costly diagnostic tool from the other. manufacturers are EUR 5 000, Apart from reading and resetting the fault memory the most expensive diagnosis tool offered. by the manufacturers also usually provides profound repair information Therefore a higher. price in comparison to the standard tool which predominantly only provides fault code. reading is inevitable, In Italy 36 of the repair information is also available on CD DVD. 4vs0356 doc, 6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A 37. most expensive tool 1 most expensive tool 2 most expensive tool 3 most expensive tool 4 most expensive tool 5. BMW Fiat Alfa Ford Jaguar Volvo Mercedes Smart Opel Peugeot Citroen Renault Toyota VW. Cars Vauxh,Fig 6 1 Five most costly diagnosis tools. Fig 6 2 shows the prices for common brand independent diagnosis tools These tools are for. instance able to read and to reset the fault memory of the engine control the brake system. the transmission control or the AC system Furthermore these tools provide repair. information to certain vehicles A great discrepancy concerning the number of covered. vehicles by each tool exists Additionally the extent of their functionality is different see Fig. 6 3 which precisely explains the need of independent tool manufacturers in order to. produce multi brand scan tools which are able to access all different vehicle systems. Manufacturer Tool name Purchase Price Annual Price. AVL DiScan 8000 E EUR 3530 EUR 518,Tecno Reflex 3130 Y EUR 4551 EUR 681.
additional PC required Depends on information,Bosch scope E g Engine. KTS 650 EUR 7200 diagnostics EUR 430,BrainBee ST 6000 EUR 2800 EUR 379 after 1 year. Gutmann Mega Macs EUR 8380 EUR 490,PDL 1000 EUR 1042. Sun PDL 2000 EUR 1025,Modis EUR 6700,Texa Axone 2000 EUR 3200 EUR 500 after 1 year. Depends on information,W rth WoW Pro EUR 4299,scope EUR 348 1 668.
Fig 6 2 Prices for common brand independent diagnosis tools. 4vs0356 doc, 6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A 38. The more expensive versions are equipped with instruments to measure voltage and electric. current or with oscilloscopes to record oscillating signals The prices for these tools vary in a. range from EUR 950 to EUR 8 380 plus annual software and license costs and. correspond to the prices of the brand dependent diagnosis tools Only the prices for the tools. from DaimlerChrysler and Jaguar are outstanding,Tecno Bosch Brain Bee Gutmann Texa Mercedes. DiScan 8000 Reflex 3130 KTS 650 ST 6000 Mega macs 55 Sun Modis Axione 2000 Wuerth WoW Star Diagnosis. engine electronics EOBD EOBD I F FR I F FR AV AT I F FR AV EOBD EOBD I F FR AV I F FR AV AT. brake system I F FR I F FR AV I F FR AV AT,airbag I F FR I F FR AV I F FR I F FR AV AT. Vehicle not listed,Vehicle not listed,Vehicle not listed. Vehicle not listed,instruments I F FR I F FR AV AT.
transmission control I F FR I F FR AV AT, heating ac I F FR AV AT I F FR AV I F FR I F FR AV AT. immobiliser I F FR AV,headlamp levelling I F FR AV AT I F FR AV AT. comfort systems I F FR AV AT I F FR AV I F FR AV AT. central locking system I F FR AV AT,ignition control I F FR I F FR AV AT. park assistant I F FR AV AT I F FR AV AT,seat control I F FR AV AT I F FR AV AT. roof electronics I F FR I F FR AV AT, Legend I Identification F Fault Reading FR Fault Reset AV Actual Values AT Actuator Test System not clearly identified.
Fig 6 3 Scope of multi brand tools vs manufacturer tools Mercedes Star Diagnosis. Vehicle Mercedes C220 CDI 09 2003 Source Kfz Betrieb. Apart from Peugeot Citro n and Volkswagen the manufacturers offer the diagnostic tools. for the same price to independent operators in comparison to their own network Fig 6 4. The main diagnostic tool from Peugeot is not available for free operators For them Peugeot. offers a reduced version of the main diagnostic tool with less functionalities and a price. reduction of EUR 1 000 This tool is for example not able to reset the security system PSA. uses a similar policy for Citro n As one exception to the general rule the Regulation. specifies that it is legitimate and proper for a supplier to withhold access to technical. information which might allow a third party to bypass or disarm on board anti theft devices. However tools exist which enable to reset the security system without allowing a third to. crack anti theft devices The facility Pass Through Programming is able to program. manufacturer specific electronic control modules using a standard PC connected to the. Internet Free operators are in favour of this approach. Opel Vauxh,Volvo Cars, 1 2 2 same price ind op auth op yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no yes yes no. diff in deliv betw,1 2 5 no no no no no no no no no no no no no. ind auth op, 1 2 6 special finance models no no no no no yes yes no no no yes no yes. tools available from other,1 2 7 yes yes no no no no no no no yes no no no. prod sources,Fig 6 4 Policy of distributing diagnosis tools.
4vs0356 doc, 6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A 39. The Volkswagen tool for independent workshops is EUR 436 more expensive for the. following reasons, The scope of delivery is larger additional diagnosis cable and compatibility to. Internet system different screen resolution, The different scope of delivery is necessary as the additional items of equipment. are already in use at authorised workshops, The handling costs for the importer are higher set up of the customer number and. administration, The manufacturers indicate a delivery period between 5 and 90 days for their diagnostic tools.
and only minor differences exist between the authorised workshops and independent. operators Fig 6 4, All manufacturers correspond that there is no specific condition that independent operators. have to fulfil such as training professional experience or other qualification to purchase. information for diagnostic tools Fig 6 4 Jaguar mentions an administration fee of 10 for. independent operators but the service provided for this fee has not been explained. Four brands offer special financing models to purchase diagnosis tools Independent. operators can either buy or rent the Mercedes Smart diagnosis hardware For authorised. repairers only renting of this equipment hardware is offered Volkswagen offers a leasing. concept e g in Germany via the Volkswagen Financial Services AG Renault only answers. that they offer special financing models Fig 6 4, For four manufacturers the diagnostic tools are also available from other producers For. example the Pass through programming tool for BMW from an independent tool. manufacturer has been tested with BMW interfaces and is officially validated as a supported. tool Other Pass through tools can also be supported due to the SAE J2534 specification. Furthermore the vehicles from Fiat can be connected with tools from different producers. The PSA Group does not sell tool devices themselves Therefore this manufacturer. enumerates different tools producers which support vehicles from Peugeot and Citro n. The contact points of the manufacturers can be drawn from the appendix. 6 2 Operations relating to ECU s 1 3, The possibility to provide operations to ECU s is a prerequisite for the independent operators. to guarantee their competitiveness vis vis the authorised network Today a usual mid size. vehicle is equipped with over 80 ECU s These components are responsible for a great. number of breakdowns Solving this issue usually involved the car owner driving to a. 4vs0356 doc, 6 Passenger Car Manufacturers General Information Part A 40. workshop where a diagnostic tool is connected with the car In the workshop the following. operations may be executed, 1 Software Update The download of a redeveloped software version.
2 Variant coding This operation consists of assigning parameters of a hardware. component to the software of an ECU The operation is necessary after flashing a. new software version as well as after replacing a hardware component. 3 Initialisation Reinitialisation During this operation e g a sensor and the relevant. controller are accustomed to a certain extent together The data of the initialisation is. stored in the EPROM of the controller Every time the sensor or the controller is. replaced or dismantled a new initialisation is necessary. 4 Pass Through Programming This facility is able to program manufacturer specific. electronic control modules using a standard PC connected to the Internet The new. Block Exemption Regulation does not prescribe such a facility. 5 Reset security system Normally the engine ECU or other components are connected. with the vehicle immobiliser After the replacement of such a component it is often. Ford Jaguar X Type Ford Volvo V40 S40 DaimlerChrysler Mercedes C Class DaimlerChrysler Smart fortwo coup GM Opel Vauxhall Vectra PSA Citro n C5 PSA Peugeot 406 Renault Renault Laguna Toyota Toyota Avensis Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat Tab 5 1 Overview of passenger car models for specific information questions 5 Development Questionnaire 4vs0356 doc 35 Company Brand Model DAF DAF XF

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