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Introduction 3,L D continues to garner both budget and buy in 4. Industry standards for measuring impact and engagement have yet to emerge 14. Tap managers to drive engagement and create a culture of learning 21. Digital transformation is catalyzing an upskilling and reskilling revolution 30. Final thoughts 42,Methodology 43,Acknowledgements 44. About LinkedIn Learning 45,2020 Workplace Learning Report 2. Introduction, We asked L D pros people One thing is for sure the stakes have never been higher for. getting it right, managers and learners In this report we will explore the answers to four questions.
globally about their priorities, challenges and what really 1 How are learning leaders resourced to scale learning and. engage executives to create a culture of learning,inspires them to learn What. 2 How do L D pros measure the impact of learning and define. we found may surprise you learner engagement, After years of being under resourced L D budgets are expected to con 3 What can talent developers do to transform managers into. tinue to grow shifting from Instructor Led Training ILT to online learn learning champions. ing and executive buy in continues to build, Because of these factors L D pros are newly positioned as critical stra 4 How are your peers upskilling and reskilling employees to. tegic business partners key to growth and innovation As we enter prepare for what s ahead. 2020 talent developers are focused on finding innovative ways to drive. engagement activate managers and measure the business impact. of learning Simultaneously they are looking ahead preparing for the You ll also hear from learning leaders from Kraft Heinz Verizon MGM. upskilling and reskilling revolution coming in the next 3 5 years when Resorts International Kellogg s LinkedIn and Novartis who share how. digital transformation and automation are expected to have a greater they are harnessing these trends to drive engagement today and develop. impact on the workforce globally the skills needed for tomorrow. 2020 Workplace Learning Report 3,L D continues,to garner both.
budget and buy in,2020 Workplace Learning Report 4. L D budgets continue to grow,and shift to online learning. It wasn t that long ago when the L D department s sole focus was com of L D pros of L D pros who of L D pros in. pliance training It is an incredibly important and necessary box to check who expect their expect to spend more on India who expect. But over the last decade the L D discipline has become so much more budget to grow online learning globally budgets to grow. A leadership and management development engine An onboarding 50. pro A master of Instructor Led Training ILT An expert in scaling learn. ing across the organization by offering online learning programs Most. importantly it has become a growth engine for career trajectories and. meaningful business impact 0,2018 2019 2020, Senior leaders understand the value that L D delivers to their organi 35 43 37. zations That s why the constant struggle for budget and resources has. diminished over the last few years In fact in the LinkedIn Learning 2019. Workplace Learning Report only 27 of L D pros cited budget. Budgets continue to shift from ILT to online learning. constraints as a top concern down from 49 in 2017,in 2020 helping L D scale learning globally. This year s findings bring more good news about learning budgets. Consistent with previous years L D budgets and online learning ILT budgets Online learning. investments are on the rise More than a third of L D pros globally decreasing budgets increasing. are expecting their budgets to grow year over year and it s much. higher in India 57 of talent developers plan to spend more on their. 38 Spend less 9 Spend less, online learning programs and 38 expect to spend less on ILT.
27 Spend the same 18 Spend the same,21 Spend more 57 Spend more. 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 5. L D pros spend most of their time,building and sourcing content. Some say that the way we spend our time defines who we are The same We know that blended learning or a mix of in person and online. is true for talent developers Based on survey results they wear many hats learning is foundational to many learning programs That s why we. with building and sourcing content being the biggest percentage of their asked L D pros how much of their time is spent managing their online. time The rest of their activities are a mix of both strategic and tactical learning solutions and in person training Based on data we ve gathered. activities from creating learning content to working with managers and over the last three years we found that talent developers are spending. executives By having large libraries of content to help quickly curate and more time on online learning and less on instructor led training. personalize learning recommendations we expect that the time spent initiatives indicating that online learning is playing a bigger part in. building and sourcing content will go down over time blended learning programs. How much time L D spend on the following activities 57 of L D pros report that 37 of L D pros spend less. they spend more time with time with instructor led. 29 Building or sourcing learning programs and content online learning than they did training than they did three. 17 Building and delivering compliance training three years ago years ago. 16 Promoting learning programs to employees,15 Identifying skills gaps. 15 Spending time with managers to identify learning needs. 10 Championing learning programs to executives, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 6. L D has executive buy in but championship,is the next big opportunity.
According to the 2019 PWC CEO Survey 79 percent of CEOs. worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce. Percentage of L D pros who said that executive, is threatening the future growth of their organization This compares. to just 63 in 2014 confirming that concern over skills has risen in line. buy in is not a challenge 83, with the advent of new technologies over the past five years. Percentage of L D pros who use executives, Our research is consistent with those findings 83 of L D pros said to encourage learning. that executive buy in is not a challenge Yet it s one thing to buy into. a strategy and quite another to champion it across the organization. Here s where the opportunity lays Only 27 of L D pros report that. Percentage of L D pros who report that their, their CEOs are active champions of learning even though CEOs spend CEO s are actively championing learning. 20 more time learning soft skills than their employees. Percentage of L D pros who state that,executive buy in is a challenge 17.
Percentage of learners,According to LinkedIn Learning data. 34 whose executive team, encouraged them to learn CEOs spend 20 more time learning soft skills. than the average learner, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 7. How do you get your executives involved in learning. Takeaway LinkedIn Learning Course, Creating and curating executive content is a great tactic to get your. executives more engaged in actively championing learning It also drives Communicating to drive action. employee engagement If your CEO teaches a course on leadership Alexia Vernon helps you develop the mindset. your employees will be inspired to take that course because of proximity and skills needed to see results. and relevancy Your CEO is known to every employee and the CEO s. leadership advice is relevant to the employees career advancement. Watch course, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 8.
Executives in large companies,are leading the way, Given that enterprises are generally more impacted by global economic L D professionals at enterprise companies understand the power of the. shifts digital transformation and automation it makes sense that C suite Still the numbers are much lower than expected given the urgent. executives at these larger companies understand and value the impact need to upskill and reskill their workforce. of learning And L D leaders are leveraging these decision makers. to champion learning in new and exciting ways These executives in Percentage of L D professionals who leverage. executives to champion learning, particular believe that closing skills gaps is an urgent business priority. Although the numbers are not as big it s encouraging that companies of 75. 50 Small organizations, all sizes are leveraging their executives to cultivate a culture of learning 200 1 000 employees. 51 Mid market organizations,1 001 5 000 employees, Percentage of L D professionals who stated that their executives 25. believe that closing skills gaps is an urgent business priority 60 Enterprises. 0 5 001 employees,27 Small organizations, 200 1 000 employees To encourage learning across the organization senior executives in.
50 enterprise companies are more likely to create mandatory learning. 29 Mid market organizations,1 001 5 000 employees, 25 Percentage of L D professionals who create corporate. 38 Enterprises initiatives or executive mandates for employees to learn. 0 5 001 employees,26 Small organizations,200 1 000 employees. 28 Mid market organizations,1 001 5 000 employees,36 Enterprises. 0 5 001 employees, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 9. 3 takeaways from the,LinkedIn Learning Challenge, At LinkedIn our L D team likes to dream big and try out new ideas Here s what we learned.
to drive learner engagement Last year we hosted a LinkedIn Learning. Challenge a week long company wide competition where each. executive s organization competed to be the team who learned the most 1 Build your internal marketing campaign around a big prize. It s important to have a visible prize that is truly a showstopper. in our case it was a giant gleaming silver trophy that we could. center our marketing campaign around Our campaign included. digital signage videos of executives encouraging learning on. their teams and a video of the cup around our California campus. that went viral, 2 Executive championship effectively drove engagement. Guess what inspired employees to spend more time learning. Executives recommending specific online courses For example. our CEO Jeff Weiner recommended leadership courses. including one of his own,3 Use data to encourage a friendly competition. During the competition everyone wanted to know how their team. was performing and whether they were inching closer to the top. spot on the leaderboard This led to teams at all levels having higher. overall engagement, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 10. The LinkedIn Learning Challenge By the Numbers,Compared to 2018 LinkedIn Learning Challenge Week. In 2019 we doubled each employee s learning goal from 15 minutes to. 30 minutes and blew last year s numbers out of the water Our Global. Talent Organization took home the victory this year with an incredible. 76 engagement across the department We also saw most of our. 44 more engaged learners, departments engagement increase with the top three all achieving.
over 50 engagement a new record,53 more hours viewed. 50 more courses viewed,365 Content created internally by LinkedIn. 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 11. KEVIN DELANEY,VP of Learning Development,When it comes to activating executives I approach. them the same way I approach anyone else I regularly. ask them what they are learning and share with them. what I m learning By bringing this into our everyday. conversations it generates even more sharing which. has a multiplying effect That energy is what inspires. people to learn and helps create a culture of continu. ous learning, We know that activating executives is a proven and. powerful way to drive higher learner engagement, For example in the LinkedIn Learning Challenge the.
courses taught or recommended by our executives,were the most watched in the library hands down. KEVIN DELANEY,VP of Learning Development, 2020 Workplace Learning Report L D budget buy in 13. Industry standards for,measuring impact,and engagement. have yet to emerge,2020 Workplace Learning Report 14. Measuring the impact of learning,is the top focus area for L D in 2020.
When we asked L D professionals globally what their most import means that talent developers have a lot of priorities that are both. ant area of strategic focus was for 2020 evaluating the effectiveness urgent and important. of learning programs topped the list This is an interesting shift given. that the top strategic focus area of 2019 was to identify and assess Strategic areas of focus differ slightly based on region and country. skills gaps which fell to the fourth spot this year Given that the top from increasing engagement in the United States to enabling self directed. six focus areas had a distribution of only 10 percentage points it learning in Germany India and Australia. Top strategic areas of focus globally Top strategic areas of focus in different countries. of L D pros who identified their top 3 strategic priorities. Canada Evaluating,40 the impact of learning UK Identifying tracking. and closing skills gaps,US Increasing,learner engagement. 38 Evaluating the impact of learning Germany India and Australia. At LinkedIn our L amp D team likes to dream big and try out new ideas to drive learner engagement Last year we hosted a LinkedIn Learning Challenge a week long company wide competition where each executive s organization competed to be the team who learned the most 1 Build your internal marketing campaign around a big prize It s important to have a visible prize that is truly a

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