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TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. Sony BRAVIA KDL Product Description broadcast TV satellite and. other HD sources like your,Brilliant Full HD 1080p picture. BX450 1080p quality Blu ray Disc player or, Four HD inputs for a cable PlayStation 3 entertainment. HDTV Black box PS3 and more system,your pictures on Four HD Inputs. the big screen,via USB input With the KDL40BX450 you. can plug into the action with,detail contrast,w Clear versatile HD connection.
Resolution options Four HD inputs,Enhancer include two HDMI inputs for. grain clear sources like your HD cable,picture w Digital box home theater system. Noise Reduction Blu ray Disc player or PS3,like movie system one HD component. viewing with 24p input and a PC input HD 15,True Cinema pin which lets you use your. One remote for multiple,devices with BRAVIA Sync HDTV as a computer.
Product Features,Amazing High Definition USB Input. picture quality Experience Full HD 1080p, 40 HDTV clarity the highest resolution Share your vacation photos. available with the Sony instantly on the big screen or. 5 1 Channel Audio KDL40BX450 Full HD 1080p listen to your favorite music. HDTV From football games,Technical Details Simply connect your. to TV shows everything will, look its best And with 4 HD compatible digital camera. Brand Name Sony, inputs you can connect your USB enabled MP3 player or.
Model KDL40BX450 cable box Playstation 3 Blu USB storage device directly. Display Technology LCD ray Disc player and more to your HDTV s USB input. Display Size 40 inches There s also a USB port for It s a fast and simple way to. enjoying your camera s, Image Aspect Ratio 16 09 relive the memories without. photos on the big screen,Weight 37 00 pounds,Key Features Clear Resolution Enhancer. Image Contrast Ratio,40000 1 Full HD 1080p Fine details and textures. Resolution 1080p appear in whatever you re,Enjoy crystal clear detail. Refresh Rate 60 watching even in flat areas,with Full HD 1080p picture.
quality It s the highest in Powered by Sony s advanced. home resolution available noise reduction algorithm. and takes advantage of the this technology boosts image. all out HD experience of clarity with heightened, Please allow time for delivery usually one 1 to two 2 week. 325 8600 795 9112, PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP ASSISTANCE IF REQUIRED. TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. contrast and depth that you Product Specifications. won t find on most Cables sold separately,televisions Backlight. CCFL Syncs with BRAVIA Sync,Scene Select or Theatre Sync products. With the KDL40BX450 LCD COST TT,adjusting the picture is as.
easy as changing the Display TV,Full HD 1080p TOTAL DP. channel Just make a quick Resolution SIZE,choice among five pre 40. Screen Size 6 800 00 3 500 00,configured audio and video diagonal. settings for a customized fit 46, to what you re watching HDMI 2 1 Rear 1 Side 8 500 00 4 300 00. Scene Select options include Balance payable upon delivery. Sports Photo Game Video,1 Rear Hybrid with,Cinema and Music Composite.
24p True Cinema,1 1 Rear Hybrid,Enjoy movie theater like Video. quality with Sony s 24p True,USB 2 0 Ports 1 Side,Cinema technology The. technology allows the TV to RF,maintain a movie s original Connection. 24 frames per second fps,Analog Audio,rate so it looks less like 1 Rear. television and more like it,would in the movie theater 1 D Sub Rear Audio.
PC Input IN Rear Hybrid with,BRAVIA Sync,With BRAVIA Sync you can Input. conveniently operate and,Digital Audio,control other BRAVIA Sync Output. compatible devices,including BRAVIA HDTVs Audio Out 1 Side. Blu ray Disc players,38 5 8 x 23 3 4 x 3,surround sound systems 3 4 3 5 8 Inches 38. Dimensions,Handycam camcorders and 5 8 x 25 1 4 x 9 1 8.
Cyber shot digital still Inches With Stand,cameras all with one remote. Please allow time for delivery usually one 1 to two 2 week. 325 8600 795 9112, PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP ASSISTANCE IF REQUIRED. TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. player or PlayStation 3,entertainment system,Sony BRAVIA KDL Product Description. Motionflow XR 240,Brilliant Full HD 1080p Technology. EX640 1080p LED picture quality, Lifelike movement with Motionflow XR 240 technology.
Internet TV Black MotionFlow XR 240 takes motion clarity beyond. Vivid detail refresh rates which are only,contrast with Clear measured in Hz to double the. Resolution motion effect for lifelike clarity,Enhancer Golf balls roll clearly with less. Bright blurring as the camera follows,picture thin them across the green Footballs. design with Edge retain their detail and move,LED backlight smoothly as the camera pans. Movies quickly during a kickoff Even,music apps with quick motion seen in action.
movies appears amazingly,Entertainment,Wi Fi Clear Resolution Enhancer. adaptor included,to stream HD Fine details and textures appear in. Product Features entertainment whatever you re watching even in. flat areas Powered by Sony s, Brilliant Full HD 1080p picture quality advanced noise reduction algorithm. Lifelike movement with Motionflow Experience vivid picture quality this technology boosts image clarity. XR 240 and unlimited entertainment with with heightened contrast and depth. the Sony KDL40EX640 1080p that you won t find on most. Clear Resolution Enhancer for clear LED Internet TV This elegantly. detail televisions,slim LED TV boasts Full HD, Bright picture thin design with 1080p for incredible detail and. Edge LED backlight Edge LED backlighting for Edge LED. boosted contrast Internet, Movies music apps with Sony Experience Sony s Edge LED.
Entertainment Network connectivity is easily accessible. so you can watch YouTube clips Backlight technology with the. and access online HD movies KDL40EX640 Powerful yet thin. Technical Details, music and more LEDs deliver a drastically brighter. Brand Name Sony picture than conventional LCD,Vivid Picture Quality backlighting They also help. Model KDL40EX640,achieve an ultra slim TV design,Display Technology LED lit Full HD 1080p. that looks beautiful in your home, Display Size 40 inches Enjoy crystal clear detail with Full Plus Sony s Edge LED Backlight. Image Aspect Ratio 16 09 HD 1080p picture quality It s the technology delivers outstanding. highest in home resolution contrast rich colors and. Weight 40 00 pounds available and takes advantage of. enhanced dark scene detail, Image Contrast Ratio 100000 1 the all out HD experience of.
broadcast TV satellite and other, Resolution 1080p HD sources like your Blu ray Disc. Refresh Rate 240, Please allow time for delivery usually one 1 to two 2 week. 325 8600 795 9112, PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP ASSISTANCE IF REQUIRED. TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. Digital Noise Reduction require fees Wireless connectivity COST TT. requires 802 11 home network, Enjoy ultra vivid HD clarity and less 802 11n recommended. grain while watching TV with the TV, whole family Digital Noise Reduction Product Specifications SIZE.
enhances detail in whatever you re 40, watching with meticulous processing 10 000 00 5 500 00. It even helps clean up video from USB Backlight,and other PC sources so the picture. 13 500 00 7 000 00,looks pristine and vivid INCH,Smart Features. 20 000 00 13 000 00, Picture Settings Made Easy Display Balance payable upon delivery. Full HD 1080p,Resolution,Adjusting the picture is as easy as.
changing the channel Just make a Screen Size,quick choice among five pre diagonal. configured audio and video settings, to customize the look and sound of HDMI 4 1 Side 3 Rear. what you re watching Scene Select,includes options for sports photos Component. 1 Rear Hybrid with,games cinema and music Video,Wi Fi Ready. 2 1 Rear 1 Rear Hybrid,Easily connect to a wireless network Video.
with the EX640 series Using the,UWA BR100 Wi Fi adapter included USB 2 0. you have instant access to stream Ports,movies photos music and videos. straight to your TV from the internet RF,or your home network without Connection. 2 1 Rear 1 Side,Audio Input,Sony Entertainment Network. Experience the endless entertainment 1 D Sub Rear Audio IN. Rear Hybrid with HDMI,of the Sony Entertainment Network.
where thousands of movies TV,Ethernet 1 Rear,shows online videos games and. music are always at your fingertips,Digital Audio,By connecting to the Internet you can 1 Rear. access Full HD 1080p entertainment,3D content and made for TV apps like. Audio Out 1 Rear,Netflix Pandora YouTube Facebook,37 1 8 x 22 3 4 x 2 3 8. Dimensions Inches 37 1 8 x 24 1 8 x, Broadband speed of at least 2 5 Mbps 9 1 8 Inches With Stand.
recommended 10 Mbps for HD,Content subject to change and may. Please allow time for delivery usually one 1 to two 2 week. 325 8600 795 9112, PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP ASSISTANCE IF REQUIRED. TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. Image Contrast Ratio even YouTube clips look so, Sony BRAVIA KDL 100000 1 natural Lifelike motion comes via. Motionflow XR 480 technology for,HX750 240 Hz Resolution 1080p. that at the game feeling Plus,Refresh Rate 480 Internet connectivity provides.
1080p 3D LED access to music thousands of,movies TV shows and more. Internet TV Black,Product Vivid Lifelike Entertainment. Description X Reality Picture Engine, creates vivid detail Experience a picture so real you. in each scene you won t believe it s TV Skin tones. watch landscape foliage and countless,Experience details come alive as Sony s. realistic movement exclusive X Reality Engine,with Motionflow XR displays realistic images The.
480 processor optimizes four key,Dynamic characteristics texture outline. Edge LED backlight contrast color so each scene,for amazing looks authentic. contrast color,Movies Motionflow XR 480,music apps w. Motionflow XR 480 technology, Entertainment Network1 takes motion clarity beyond. 3D in Full HD 1080p for refresh rates which are only. Product Features exceptional 3D picture measured in Hz to double the. quality2 motion effect for lifelike clarity, X Reality creates crisp detail in Stream HD entertainment Golf balls roll clearly with less.
each scene you watch wirelessly with built in Wi,blurring as the camera follows. Enjoy ultra realistic movement Fi1,them across the green Footballs. with Motionflow XR 480 Make life sized video calls. with Skype retain their detail and move, Dynamic Edge LED backlight for PC and tablet content3 on smoothly as the camera pans. amazing contrast color your TV with Intelligent quickly during a kickoff. Movies music apps w Sony Connect Even quick motion seen in action. Entertainment Network Media Remote app to movies appears amazingly. control your TV with a,3D in Full HD 1080p for realistic. smartphone4, phenomenal 3D picture quality Connect to the TV via Wi Fi.
without using a router,Technical Details Dynamic Edge LED. Brand Name Sony Perfecting a natural look,Experience all the features of the. Dynamic Edge LED backlighting,Model KDL46HX750 Sony KDL46HX750 1080p 3D LED. Internet TV as it becomes the delivers pitch black night scenes. Display Technology LED lit and illuminates bright scenes that. centerpiece of your living space, Display Size 46 inches With highly acclaimed X Reality pop with vibrant color Rather. Engine technology that analyzes than illuminating the entire. Image Aspect Ratio 16 09, each scene it s no wonder the screen contrast is boosted in just.
Weight 50 00 pounds colors and textures in everything the right spots for a more. you watch HD movies sports, Please allow time for delivery usually one 1 to two 2 week. 325 8600 795 9112, PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP ASSISTANCE IF REQUIRED. TELEVISIONS 40 INCH 42 INCH 46 INCH 55 INCH 65 INCH. realistic picture point router so it s easy to set shaking a smartphone that s. up 3 running the Media Remote app 4,Experience Sony 3D Eco Drive. 3D in Full HD Enjoy lower energy bills with, Skype video calls bring your reduced power consumption of. Brace yourself for pure 3D family and friends closer than up to 30 while maintaining. excitement that feels like you re ever as they appear as large as beautiful image quality with Eco. participating in the actual scene life on your big screen for Drive technology It. Through advanced Active 3D free 1Just connect the easy to automatically reduces power. technology immerse yourself in use Skype camera sold consumption while boosting color. Full HD 1080p clarity and separately for a face to face and detail on the screen and. phenomenal 3D picture quality look at the caller on the beauty conserving energy used by the. Just slide on the comfortable 3D of your Sony HDTV backlight 6. active glasses and enter a whole,new dimension 2 Intelligent Connect Game Mode.
Experience your content on a Play your PlayStation Vita system. Auto 3D Depth Adjustment grand scale simply by connecting or other handheld gaming. Sony BRAVIA KDL EX640 1080p LED Internet TV Black Product Features Brilliant Full HD 1080p picture quality Lifelike movement with Motionflow XR 240 Clear Resolution Enhancer for clear detail Bright picture amp thin design with Edge LED backlight Movies music amp apps with Sony Entertainment Network Technical Details Brand Name Sony Model KDL40EX640

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