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Learn to do by doing,4 H PLEDGE,My HEAD to clearer thinking. My HEART to greater loyalty,My HANDS to larger service. My HEALTH to better living,For my club my community and my country. Tune of Auld Lang Syne,We thank thee Lord for blessings great. On this our own fair land,Teach us to serve thee joyfully.
With head heart health and hand, This project was developed through funds provided by the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation. Program CAAP No portion of this manual may be reproduced without written permission. from the Saskatchewan 4 H Council phone 306 933 7727 email info 4 H sk ca. Developed May 2013,Writer Pat Shier,Table of Contents. Introduction 1,Overview of the Project 3,Unit One Requirements 4. At Achievement Day 4,A Note to the Leader 5,Supplies You Will Need 6. Before You Bake and Decorate,Kitchen Safety 7,Metric or Imperial 8.
Baking Supplies,Scraper or spatula what s the difference 9. Cake Pans 9,Baking Pan Sizes 10,Activity 1 Understanding Pan Capacity 11. How Much Cake Batter 14,Preparing Baking Pans or Cake Tins 14. A Few Reminders 15,A Few Words about Ovens 16,How to Read Recipes 16. Collect Recipes 17,What about Allergies 17,Things to Know about Flour 18.
Baking a Cake,Walking Through the Steps 19,Levelling a Cake 21. Making a Layer Cake 23,Planning the Cake Design 24. Look at the Whole Cake 25,Repetition 25,Balance 25. Repeating a Pattern or Design 26,Evenly spaced Designs 27. Proportion 28,Number of Flowers 28,Focal Point 28,Looking for Ideas 29.
Activity 2 Finding Ideas for this Project 30,Making Icing 32. Understanding the Ingredients 32,Buttercream Icing Recipe 34. Chocolate Buttercream Icing Recipe 35,How much icing will I need 35. Icing Consistency 35,Activity 3 Make Different Icing Consistencies 37. Icing a Cake 38,Crumb Coat 38,Final Icing Coat 38,Activity 4 Demonstrate Icing a Cake 40.
Cake Boards 41,How to Cover a Cake Board 42,Activity 5 Covering a Cake Board 43. Cake Storage 45,Transporting your Cake 46,Activity 6 Bake Level and Crumb Coat a Cake 47. Getting Ready to Pipe Icing 48,Pastry Decorating or Piping Bags 48. Activity 7 Make a Parchment Paper Decorating Bag 51. Attachments 53,Let s Do It 54,Decorating Steps 54,Preparing an Icing Bag 55. Filling the Icing Bag 56,How to Hold an Icing Bag 56.
It Takes Practice 57,Activity 8 Make a Practice Board 58. Icing Tip Basics 60,The Colour Wheel 62,Activity 9 Colour Wheel Exploration 64. Colour Schemes 67,Activity 10 Colour Scheme Awareness 68. Colour and Cake Decorating 70,Food Colourings 71,Colouring Icing 72. How do I make different colours 72,Learning to Use the Tips.
Round Tip Piping 73,Round Tip Borders 75,Activity 11 Round Tip Practice 77. Star Tip Piping 79,Borders Using Star Tips 80, Activity 12 Make Medium Icing Tint Some and Practice with the Star Tip 82. Activity 13 Plan and Decorate a Cake 84,Activity 14 Plan and Bake a Cake that will use. a Gel Transfer of a Simple Picture and Lettering 86. Gel Transfer 88, Activity 15 Decorate a Cake Using Gel Transfers 89. Cupcakes 92,Making Cupcakes 92, Activity 16 Bake Cupcakes and Find Decorating Ideas 94.
Icing a Cupcake 95,Cupcake Ideas 97,Fur Hair Grass Tip 233 98. Activity 17 Grass Hair Fur Tip and Cupcake Swirl Practice 99. Activity 18 Decorating Cupcakes 101,Closed Star or Drop Flower Tips 103. Leaf Tips 104,Activity 19 Drop Flower and Leaf Practice 105. Petal or Ruffle Tips 107,Activity 20 Ruffle and Bow Practice 109. Can I Decorate a Cake Without Using Tips and a Piping Bag 111. Other Ways to Decorate a Cake 111,Activity 21 Brainstorm and Record as a Group.
Edible and Nonedible Decorations 113,Edible Decorations 114. Nonedible Decorations 115,Creative Additions 115, Activity 22 Creative Ideas Baking and Finding Decorations 116. Activity 23 Share Creative Designs and Decorate Your Cake 117. Activity 24 Theme Cupcakes 119,Shaped Pans for Character Cakes. Using Shaped Pans Famous Character or Other Shapes 120. Icing a Shaped Cake 121,Activity 25 Select Bake and Decorate. a Shaped Cake and Calculate the Cost to Make It 123. Activity 26 Cake and Cupcake Designs for Achievement Day 127. Activity 27 Optional Practice Cake and Cupcakes for Achievement Day 129. Achievement Day Tips 130, Common Baking and Cake Decorating Conversions Imperial to Metric 131.
Introduction, Maybe you have seen some of the cake or cupcake decorating shows on. television where teams of people make elaborate huge cakes or hundreds of. cupcakes for weddings or events What they can do with cake and icing in a. short amount of time is amazing Remember all these people began like. you learning the basics of cake decorating They practiced their skills and. gradually learned enough to be experts, This year you will learn the basics of cake decorating right from baking a. cake to icing and decorating it You will practice lettering edging and. decorating cakes and cupcakes using icing, There are different types of icings Some are soft and easy to spread with a. knife some are great for squeezing out of a tube to write letters or flowers. one type needs rolling with a rolling pin and can be molded into shapes or. draped like fabric and another popular icing called royal icing is often used. for tiered cakes or more intricate designs as it dries hard Because they each. have different qualities you need to learn a bit about them how they are. useful and when to use them, Buttercream icing is the most commonly used icing for cupcakes birthday cakes. and on ice cream cakes It is easy to make and work with stays soft can be. coloured spread and shaped when squeezed through special tips or tubes This. year you will concentrate on learning decorating skills using buttercream icing. Cake decorating can transform a plain delicious cake into a special dessert. Decorated cakes or cupcakes are parts of birthday anniversary wedding and. seasonal celebrations A cake can be an elegant centrepiece on the table or. be a reflection of a person s hobbies or interests It can be humorous. dramatic or scary A cake can be elaborate or simple With basic skills and. imagination your decorating creations can reflect your personality and the. special occasion, Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual Unit One 1.
Besides learning basic cake decorating skills you may be able to think of. simple creative ways to use candies or other objects you have at home to. personalize birthday cakes You know a few carefully placed chocolate chips. on a plain cupcake suddenly becomes a face with expression and that. personalizing a simple cake with piped letters and decorations can make a. birthday cake So instead of piping icing for the entire design why not use. licorice to draw a musical staff and notes for a karaoke party cake or place a. small toy car on an icing road to celebrate someone getting his driver s. license If your little brother is crazy about a superhero you could make an. icing scene with a kids meal character as your centrepiece or you may. want to use a specially shaped pan for your character Use your imagination. and have fun adding character to your cake creations. If you have ever flipped through a magazine that has pictures of decorated. cupcakes gingerbread houses or cakes you may wonder how they decorated. them If you look on the internet you can find thousands of images of cakes. for almost any occasion As part of your 4 H project you will look at pictures. of cakes to try to figure out how the cake was decorated what shape they. started with the type of icing they probably used and how they made some. of the designs and patterns on it That way as your cake decorating skills. develop you can learn to copy or adapt cake designs that you see. Cake decorating basics do not change but people s expectations of cake. appearance or style change over time Over the years more cake decorating. tools have become available particularly for working with fondant also called. sugarpaste or gum paste Fondant is often used in combination with other. types of icing At the end of Unit Two you will be introduced to both royal. and fondant icing to give you a taste of what is to come if you continue. learning to do by doing through 4 H cake decorating. Cake decorating is a skill anyone can master It is a fun and delicious art. With the right ingredients tools and practice you are on your way to many. years of cake decorating, 2 Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual Unit One. Overview of the Project, This Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual has a lot of. information in it and you may master all the skills one year You will build. and develop your skills with practice and this project is planned for you to. learn the techniques well enough that you are comfortable with them and. can build on them as you become more experienced You can take Unit One. again if you want to strengthen these skills before working on more. advanced cake decorating You can take each level for more than one year. Once you have mastered most of the skills in a Unit you can add more. advanced techniques but do not need to use them on your Achievement. Day cake or cupcakes, Why take cake decorating over a few years and not just go straight to. Unit Three It takes a lot of practice to become good at the techniques The. skills you learn in Unit One are needed in Unit Two or you will find it difficult. and frustrating, Your family will be glad to know that you will be making and decorating a. lot of cakes and cupcakes this year They will be impressed with your special. desserts and creativity of how you use the things you learn To challenge you. and help you see what possibilities you can experiment with at home you. will be introduced to techniques in the next level but not be evaluated on it. To develop good decorating skills it is best to start with the basics and. become comfortable with using buttercream icing before you start using. royal icing or fondant The skills you learn now can be used with other icings. and in more complicated ways later As you get better and can do more you. will see the potential to try things in a new way combine decorating. techniques different icings and let your creativity and curiosity lead you to. try more complicated things even now It all takes practice so the more you. bake and decorate the more you will learn, Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual Unit One 3.
Unit One Requirements, Make and decorate at least five single layer cakes including the one. you display at Achievement Day, Make and decorate at least 36 cupcakes including the six you will. display at Achievement Day, Decorate a cake or cupcakes as a community service. Use icing tips 3 or 4 1M 12 16 102 or 104 131 233 and 352 to. create a variety of patterns flowers borders and designs. Complete a journal of each cake or set of cupcakes made which. includes photographs a sketch or image,showing the plan or inspiration list of. icing tips techniques other,decorations colours and recipes.
used Comments about the,decorating experience will be. Calculate the cost of one decorated,cake or set of cupcakes. Collect cake and icing recipes and,images of ideas for cakes and. Complete a record book,Cupcakes with flowers,At Achievement Day. Present a one layer cake on a cake board The cake must be made by. you the member The cake will be decorated with buttercream icing. and use at least two different tips using a minimum of four different. decorating techniques Cake design can incorporate other edible. decorations The cake will be evaluated on smoothness of icing quality. and cleanliness of workmanship overall design use of colour balance. spacing and skill with decorating tips and techniques used. 4 Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual Unit One. Present six cupcakes on a cake board Cupcakes must be made by you. the member and decorated with buttercream icing Cupcakes will be. related in theme but not identical and use at least two different tips. though this may not necessarily be on an individual cupcake Cupcake. design can incorporate other edible decorations Cupcakes will be. evaluated on quality and cleanliness of workmanship overall design. use of colour balance spacing and skill with decorating tips. Display a completed Record Book,A Note to the Leader.
Cake Decorating Basics is intended to be a project that members will take in one. year You may have a variety of capabilities in your group and should encourage. those who are ready for more advanced skills to challenge themselves and try. them Skills develop with practice and they build on each other. If you have a group of young inexperienced decorators they will not likely. be ready for the more advanced techniques included in Unit Two until the. end of Unit One These skills may be simply introduced to help members as. they evaluate pictures of cakes to determine if they can copy them or how. they would change the cake design to be able to do it. Fondant is popular and can be introduced to create characters The fondant. techniques which require more skill will be the focus of Unit Three. Cake Decorating Basics Reference and Activity Manual Unit One 5. 4 H MOTTO Learn to do by doing 4 H PLEDGE I pledge My HEAD to clearer thinking My HEART to greater loyalty My HANDS to larger service My HEALTH to better living For my club my community and my country 4 H GRACE Tune of Auld Lang Syne We thank thee Lord for blessings great On this our own fair land Teach us to serve thee joyfully With head heart health and hand This

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