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Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. Native or Cross Platform Mobile,Development, As the world is getting rapidly digitalized and 7he choice you will have to make regarding. JOREDO PRELOH GDWD WUD F JURZV H WUHPHO IDVW you app is whether to engineer it natively or use. by 69 SHUFHQW as of 2014 the question is not cross platform mobile development tools If you. DERXW the need to create a multiplatform app EXW do decide to write separate versions of youU app. rather which SURJUDPPLQJ tools DQG PHWKRGV WR on each platform your app will get truly native. use Android and iOS continue to be the most interfaces and great hardware related features. supported mobile platforms while WP8 is the Yet you will waste time replicating the app and. platform that tops the users wish list According spend a lot of money on development and. to the data provided by comScore Android support Assuming you write the app in a VLQJOH. hovers at around 52 PDUNHW penetration the codebase and drop it into a magic box WRRO. iPhone has a 42 share and Windows 3KRQHV the user experience and performance RXWSXW. own 3 of the market hen FRQVLGHULQJ RXU is likely to be extremely poor The third RSWLRQ. mobile development options PDNH VXUH RX would be using Xamarin as youU cross SODWIRUP. take into account all tKree RI WKH PDMRU SODWIRUPV GHYHORSPHQW WRRO WV XOWLPDWH EHQH W LV GHOLYHULQJ. for your app to run on native experiences while reducing FRVWV DQG. time to market Anyhow let us go WKURXJK DOO,the pros and cons of all the options WRJHWKHU. Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. Native 2obile evelopment as t s, What you need when creating a native app is However odds are that native GHYHORSPHQW. people having deep expertise with the language might become the most H SHQVLYH RSWLRQ. and API Native mobile development results in option for you 7he main reason IRU LW ZRXOG. truly native experiences that take the most EHQHILW be WKH quite limited code reusability KLOH. RXW of D JLYHQ platform Thus once you decide building exclusive apps on the three major. to provide your business with D digital presence platforms such as iOS Android and Windows. you start leaning towards this exact option and RX VWD WKUHH VHSDUDWH WHDPV ZLWK GL HUHQW VHWV. quickly make the obvious choice in its favor RI H SHUWLVH HQJLQHHU DOO WKH IHDWXUHV LQ GL HUHQW. ZD V DQG WKHQ TXLWH D YDULHW RI GL HUHQW, QGHHG QDWLYH HQYLURQPHQWV DUH WKH EHVW W IRU D bugs In addition if you suddenly feel the PDUNHW. number of applications These are the cases needV RX to replicate the app on another. when it s preferable to engineer a native mobile platform like Blackberry 10 you will have to. application VWDUW E ZULWLQJ VSHFL FDWLRQ UHTXLUHPHQWV. gathering a team and going through the entire, hen developing mobile solutions based development cycle all over again.
on video or game scenarios or apps with, visually loaded design navigation and Likewise the challenge arises when your. animations app requires some additional changes or. hen integrating hardware related features enhancements You have to mobilize all the. such as gestures multitouch events teams in order to complete a simple task like. geo location tracking etc editLQJ a text or modifyLQJ a button color which. LV UHDOO quite wasteful As a smart business owner,hen developing utilities that manage system. RU CTO you would avoid all the time consuming,resources or Operating Systems OS. DQG FRVW LQH HFWLYH H RUWV 7KLV LV ZKHUH FURVV,Ken the solution requires processing large. platform development tools enter the picture,amounts of data on the client side.
iOS App Android Windows, Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. 9MJ Write Once Run Anywhere UUWTFHM, Walking down this path of reasoning WKH next The app you get DW ORQJ ODVW will have a number. WXUQ you see is LQFUHGLEO tempting why not use RI SODWIRUP VSHFL F LVVXHV DSSHDULQJ KHUH DQG. ZULWH once run anywhere approach with tools there during use on desktops smartphones DQG. OLNH PhoneGap Titanium DQG Sencha Touch WDEOHWV UXQQLQJ RQ GL HUHQW RSHUDWLQJ V VWHPV. 7KH promise is about running on any RSHUDWLQJ Both the user experience and performance will. system of making the underlying code of the VX HU GXH WR WKH OLPLWDWLRQ RI HDFK SODWIRUP V. computer irrelevant So you organize a single capabilities Moreover the framework s vendor. team to write a single piece of code put it LQWR will take control over the app s features IURP. the magic box adapting the app to the RSHUDWLQJ your enterprise In WKH HYHQW the framework IDLOV. system and form factor of each VXSSRUWHG GHYLFH to adopt the app it leaves your mobile VWUDWHJ. Finally the app runs across all WKH W SHV RI WKH at risk. devices What could be PRUH simple,Yet it is not as good as it sounds What you QHHG. LV to take seriously users expectations DQG,Write once runanywhere black box. preferences For instance iOS users are XVHG WR, a tab bar for navigation at the bottom RI WKH VFUHHQ.
whereas Android users mostly XVH D VLGH GUDZHU LQ, their apps To enable WKH FRUUHVSRQGLQJ H SHULHQFHV. for your users on HDFK SODWIRUP DSSO LQJ,a completely cross SODWIRUP GHYHORSPHQW DSSURDFK. is VLPSO no good iOS Android Windows,App App App,As Xamarin chief Nat Friedman says by. GH QLWLRQ LW 25 DSSURDFK UHVXOWV LQ D,mediocre experience. Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. You an ave t ll 8olution,The JHQXLQH compromisH option would be using a.
development model ZKLFK enablHV WKH advantages,Shared Code. RI WKH both extremes 7ime optimized and cost saving. code sharLQJ and reuse ZKLOH at the same time D, rich performance regardless of the device LW V used Business Logic. RQ Xamarin is just the right mobile development,Data Access. platform IRU answering these FKDOOHQJHV Here is why. Network Communication,7KH Xamarin mobile development platform. FRPELQHV H LELOLW LQ FRGH UHXVLQJ LQ DGGLWLRQ WR,advantageous native experiences The platform.
lets engineers integrate the core logic of,your app in a portable code layer used for all. devices It in turn becomes the foundation,Native Native Native. IRU EXLOGLQJ GL HUHQW QDWLYH XVHU LQWHUIDFHV IRU,iOS UI Android Windows. each operating system separately Developers UI UI,have access to the full spectrum of the platform. functionality e g iBeacons Android Fragments,and make the best use of it DOO As a result the.
pages layouts and controls are fully featured engineers enable a native functional product in. whereas the app looks native across devices and a timely manner Your team develops an app. performs accordingly with much of the code reused single toolset. DYDLODEOH DQG 3 V XQL HG This cuts GRZQ WKH, Due to HIIHFWLYH allocation of resources H SHQVHV on knowledge transferring development. Xamarin development is timesaving and cost IUDPHZRUN FRQ JXUDWLRQ DQG GHSOR PHQW RI WKH. H HFWLYH RXU DOO H SHUW WHDP ZRUNV RQ WKH various app s features In other words you get. project in the familiar API knowing exactly DQ attractive well performing app up and. how the app will work and behave in advance running faster and less expensive than EXLOGLQJ. 7KH Xamarin controls are convenient and help VHYHUDO GL HUHQW QDWLYH DSSV. Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. Down to etails,Mat s Xamarin and hy se t, If you have not used Xamarin yet you SUREDEO test your app on over 1000 mobile devices. have not heard of it According to the LPPHGLDWHO LQ WKHLU 7HVW ORXG ZKLFK R HUV. research2guidance s Cross Platform Tool continuous integration illustrative reports test. Benchmarking RI 2014 low awareness is the main for fragmentation and object based UI testing. barrier for making use of this convenient cross Moreover you have an opportunity to analyze. platform development tool et Xs get familiarL HG your app s performance and users behavior. with its capabilities WKURXJK Xamarin Insights, The NET based Xamarin platform allows Once you get to know WKH Xamarin capabilities the. developers to use C in creating various study says there is RQO a very sPDOO chance you. apps for desktop PC s smartphones tablets ZLOO switch to its competitors User satisfaction. smart TVs and even in car devices Since C for Xamarin is very high 75 of users are. is a simple contemporary multipurpose object pleased with their pre installed applications. oriented language you can take great advantage access to device hardware features and Cloud. of strong typed language lambdas LINQ DQG API services Currently over 650 000 developers. DV QF programming use Xamarin to engineer crucial enterprise and. consumer mobile apps in a range of business, Xamarin supports a number of operating verticals The list of companies using Xamarin is. V VWHPV LQFOXGLQJ L26 QGURLG 3 DQG quite impressive and lengthy Have a look. SSOH 26 As an additional service you can, Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin.
8 ltimate dvantages of Xamarin, SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION IN TIME TO MARKET AND COSTS You save an enormous. amount of time and money by avoiding cross platforms code duplication That enables. programmers take time to do a number of programming tasks regarding database usage. QHWZRUN DFFHVV DQG EXVLQHVV ORJLF QYHVWLQJ LQ D VLQJOH WHDP OHWV RX PDQDJH QDQFLDO. UHVRXUFHV PRUH H HFWLYHO 2I HYHQ JUHDWHU DSSHDO RXU DSS JDLQV WKH DGYDQWDJH RI HQWHULQJ. the market ahead of the competition While your rivals are still IXPEOLQJ DERXW managing three. WHDPV working separately on building native apps your product is already conquering customers. OVERALL RISK MITIGATION AND LOWER TCO As soon as you release the product its. market journey KDV EHJXQ You will have to implement the app s enhancements feature. updates and modify the app taking into account Hmerging technologies which is TXLWH FRVWO. LQ D QXPEHU RI ways That is when Xamarin support will be of great value Xamarin delivers QHZ. UHOHDVHV within two weeks RI new device operating system features are available RQVHTXHQWO. RXU app stays up to date at all times, WIDE FUNCTIONALITY INTRODUCED USING NATIVE APIS Xamarin s bindings equally. correspond ZLWK those of native environments If you request any native features for. RXU DSS H J HR HQFH DFFHOHURPHWHU VHQVRU YRLFH UHFRUGLQJ SXVK QRWL FDWLRQV RXU. development team can use native documentation to easily build them with C Additionally. your app gets the same visual appeal as in the development stage so while creating the. product you can be aware of how it will H DFWO look DW the end. APPEALING NATIVE USER INTERFACES Having standard native UI controls RQ hand. developers are able to create D corresponding look feel IRU the app s pages customized. WR WKH VSHFL F PRELOH SODWIRUP RU H DPSOH HQJLQHHUV DUH DEOH WR XVH FRPPDQGV. and refer to Apple s CocoaTouch SDK frameworks and Google s Android SDK as QDPHVSDFHV. Meanwhile they can also get hold of Android Fragments iBeacons and similar SODWIRUP VSHFLILF. IHDWXUHV 6R DPDULQ PDNHV LW HDV IRU SURJUDPPHUV WR XVH V QWD DQG DFFHVV WKH. SODWIRUP VSHFL F 8 FRQWUROV 7KDQNV WR WKLV KHOSIXO IHDWXUH RXU DSS JHWV ULFK QDWLYH XVHU. experience and all RI the wide UDQJLQJ functionality you require. Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. ROBUST NATIVE PERFORMANCE Mobile apps built with the help of Xamarin perform. QDWLYHO EHFDXVH WKH WRRO OHYHUDJHV WKH SODWIRUP VSHFL F KDUGZDUH DFFHOHUDWLRQ 7KH. C code for iOS apps is ahead of time AOT compiled to assembly level ARM assembly. language The C code for Android apps in turn is compiled to intermediate language IL. and then packaged with MonoVM JIT ing As for Windows Phone you compile the C code. for it to IL and then it is executed by the runtime with no additional tools needed. GREATEST POSSIBLE BUG ELIMINATION With Xamarin you can avoid introducing. SODWIRUP VSHFL F HUURUV GXH WR WKH VLJQL FDQW DPRXQW RI VKDUHG FRGH XUWKHUPRUH WKH. single programming language aORQJ ZLWK API allowV developers WR spend less time hunting. DQG LQJ EXJV 7KHUHIRUH RX VDYH WLPH IRU HQJLQHHUV WR LQWHJUDWH DGGLWLRQDO VRSKLVWLFDWHG. functionality and polish the user experience, EXTENDED LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES KDV SURYHQ WR EH D FRQVLGHUDEO EHQH FLDO. development language over the years Its up to date patterns such as generics LINQ. implicit typing extension methods async methods and closures provide the basis for. building clear and URFN solid code Meanwhile your iterations can be implemented rapidly. and safely without DQ interruptiRQV WR the development process itself If you do not need. RXU DSS EXLOW IURP VFUDWFK DPDULQ DOVR R HUV IXOO LQWHJUDWLRQ ZLWK EDFNHQG V VWHPV VXFK. DV VDOHV inventory customer service supply chain and CRM. SIMPLY IMPLEMENTED CORE LOGIC Xamarin makes engineering an app for enterprises. or customers easy and convenient The availability of NET and other C Libraries for. instance HTTPClient supported by PCLS and Microsoft along with the option to choose. from the two integrated development environments Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. VLPSOL HV WKH MRE IRU GHYHORSHUV KDW RX JHW LQ UHWXUQ LV DQ DOPRVW OLPLWOHVV QXPEHU RI. RSSRUWXQLWLHV IRU creating complex apps to streamline business operations. Pros Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. Conclusion, In light of the VLJQLILFDQW growth of WKH mobile digital market your enterprise haV to keep up with emerging. Pros amp Cons of Native vs Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin 6 Down to etails lt Mat s Xamarin and lt hy se t If you have not used Xamarin yet you SUREDEO have not heard of it According to the research2guidance s Cross Platform Tool Benchmarking RI 2014 low awareness is the main barrier for making use of this convenient cross

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