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Introduction 1,Inspection 1,Safety Notes 2,Usage Notes 6. Chapter 1 Overview 10,1 1 Product Overview 10,1 2 Features 10. 1 3 Parts Names and Functions 11,Chapter 2 Measurement Procedures 19. 2 1 Pre Operation Inspection 20,2 2 Voltage Measurement 22. 2 3 Frequency Measurement 24,2 4 Current Measurement 25.
2 5 Resistance Measurement 28,2 6 Continuity Check 29. 2 7 Diode Check 30,Chapter 3 Additional Functions 31. 3 1 HOLD AUTO Function 31,3 2 HOLD Function 32,3 3 Overflow Warning Function 33. 3 4 Relative Display Function 34,3 5 Auto Power Save Function 36. 3 6 Voltage Detecting Function 37,3 7 Dynamic Recording Function 38.
3 8 Memory Function 39,Chapter 4 Specifications 41. 4 1 General Specifications 41,4 2 Accuracy 44,4 3 L9207 10 TEST LEAD Specifications 47. Chapter 5 Maintenace and Service 48,5 1 Replacing the Batteries and Fuses 48. 5 2 Cleaning 50,5 3 Service 50,5 4 Error Message 50. Introduction,Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI 3256 50 51.
DIGITAL HiTESTER To obtain maximum perfor,mance from the product please read this manual. first and keep it handy for future reference,Inspection. When you receive the product inspect it carefully,to ensure that no damage occurred during ship. ping In particular check the accessories panel,switches and connectors If damage is evident or. if it fails to operate according to the specifications. contact your dealer or Hioki representative, Before using the product the first time verify that it.
operates normally to ensure that the no damage, occurred during storage or shipping If you find any. damage contact your dealer or Hioki representa, Before using the instrument check that the coating. of the test leads is not damaged and that no white. or red portions insulation layers are showing from. the inside and that no metal parts are exposed,Using the product under such conditions could. result in electrocution Replace the test leads and. probes with the specified Hioki Model L9207 10,Accessories. L9207 10 TEST LEAD 1,3256 51 2 Instruction Manual 1.
R03 Manganese battery 2,Supplied with this product for. 9378 CARRYING CASE 1,3256 50 only,Protective holster 2 3256 51only. Safety Notes,This manual contains information and warnings. essential for safe operation of the product and for. maintaining it in safe operating condition Before, using the product be sure to carefully read the fol. lowing safety notes,This product is designed to conform to IEC.
61010 Safety Standards and has been thor,oughly tested for safety prior to shipment. However mishandling during use could,result in injury or death as well as damage to. the product Be certain that you understand,the instructions and precautions in the man. ual before use We disclaim any responsibil,ity for accidents or injuries not resulting. directly from product defects,Safety Symbols,In the manual the symbol indicates particu.
larly important information that the user should,read before using the product. The symbol printed on the product indicates, that the user should refer to a corresponding topic. in the manual marked with the symbol before,using the relevant function. Indicates that dangerous voltage may be present,at this terminal. Indicates a double insulated device,Indicates a grounding terminal.
Indicates DC Direct Current,Indicates AC Alternating Current. Indicates DC Direct Current or AC Alternating,The following symbols in this manual indicate the. relative importance of cautions and warnings,Indicates that incorrect operation presents an ex. treme hazard that could result in serious injury or. death to the user,Indicates that incorrect operation presents a sig. nificant hazard that could result in serious injury or. death to the user,Indicates that incorrect operation presents a pos.
sibility of injury to the user or damage to the prod. Advisory items related to performance or correct,operation of the product. Other Symbols,Indicates the quick guide for operations. Indicates the prohibited action,Indicates the reference. We define measurement tolerances in terms of f s,full scale rdg reading and dgt digit values. with the following meanings,maximum display value or scale length.
The maximum displayable value or the full length, f s of the scale This is usually the maximum value of. the currently selected range,reading or displayed value. rdg The value currently being measured and indicated. on the measuring product,resolution,The smallest displayable unit on a digital measur. dgt ing product i e the input value that causes the. digital display to show a 1,Measurement categories Overvoltage categories. This product complies with CATIII 600 V CATII 1000 V safety. requirements, To ensure safe operation of measurement products IEC 61010.
establishes safety standards for various electrical environments. categorized as CAT I to CAT IV and called measurement cate. gories These are defined as follows, Secondary electrical circuits connected to an AC elec. CAT I trical outlet through a transformer or similar device. Primary electrical circuits in equipment connected to. an AC electrical outlet by a power cord portable tools. CAT II household appliances etc, CAT II covers directly measuring electrical outlet re. Primary electrical circuits of heavy equipment fixed. CAT III installations connected directly to the distribution pan. el and feeders from the distribution panel to outlets. The circuit from the service drop to the service en. CAT IV trance and to the power meter and primary overcur. rent protection device distribution panel, Higher numbered categories correspond to electrical environ. ments with greater momentary energy So a measurement. device designed for CAT III environments can endure greater. momentary energy than a device designed for CAT II. Using a measurement product in an environment designated. with a higher numbered category than that for which the product. is rated could result in a severe accident and must be carefully. avoided Never use a CAT I measuring product in CAT II III or. IV environments, The measurement categories comply with the Overvoltage Cate. gories of the IEC60664 Standards,Usage Notes,Follow these precautions to ensure safe operation.
and to obtain the full benefits of the various func. Installation Operating Environment and Handling,To avoid electric shock do not allow the. product to get wet and do not use it when,your hands are wet. Do not use the product where it may be,exposed to corrosive or combustible. gases The product may be damaged or,cause an explosion. Observe the following to avoid damage to the,Installation and Operating Environment.
Between 0 C and 40 C 80 RH or less,indoors only However it can be safely operated. at as low as 10 C, Direct Do not store or use the product where it could. be exposed to direct sunlight high temperature,or humidity or condensation Under such condi. tions the product may be damaged and insula,tion may deteriorate so that it no longer meets. specifications, High temper This product is not designed to be entirely.
ature high, humidity dust water or dust proof To avoid damage do not. use it in a wet or dusty environment,Do not use the product near a device that gener. ates a strong electromagnetic field or electro, Electromag static charge as these may cause erroneous. netic radiation measurements,To avoid damage to the product protect it from. vibration or shock during transport and handling,and be especially careful to avoid dropping.
Adjustments and repairs should be made only,Impact by technically qualified personnel. If the protective functions of the product are,damaged either remove it from service or mark. it clearly so that others do not use it inadvert,To avoid corrosion from battery leakage remove. the batteries from the product if it is to be stored. for a long time,Accurate measurement may be impossible in the. presence of strong magnetic fields such as near,transformers and high current conductors or in.
the presence of strong electromagnetic fields,such as near radio transmitters. To avoid battery depletion turn the function,selector OFF after use the Auto Power Save. feature consumes a small amount of current,The indicator appears when battery voltage. becomes low Replace the batteries as soon as,Handling the Cables. Removable sleeves are attached to the,metal pins at the ends of the test leads.
To prevent a short circuit accident be sure,to use the test leads with the sleeves. attached when performing measurements,in the CAT III and CAT IV measurement. categories Remove the sleeves from the,test leads when performing measurements. in the CAT I and CAT II measurement cate,For details on measurement categories. see Measurement categories page 5 in,the instruction manual.
To prevent an electric shock accident con,firm that the white or red portion insulation. layer inside the cable is not exposed If a,color inside the cable is exposed do not. use the cable,The ends of the test leads are sharp Be careful. to avoid injury,To avoid damaging the cables do not bend or. pull the cables,Avoid stepping on or pinching the cable which.
could damage the cable insulation,10 1 1 Product Overview. Overview Chapter 1,1 1 Product Overview,This measurement product is a multi functional. digital multimeter capable of measuring DC and,AC voltages DC and AC currents and the resis. tance checking the diode and continuity and,detecting voltage. 1 2 Features,Compliance with CE marking requirements.
The measurement product is designed to comply,with the international safety standard IEC61010. 1 and EMC standards,Safety designed handy digital multimeter. The measurement product is equipped with test, lead misinsertion preventive shutters and fast act. ing fuses at the current measurement terminals,Multi functional and voltage detecting. Live conductors can be examined safely and easily,The Hold Auto function allows measured values to.
be maintained by simply disconnecting the test,The Hold function maintains the displayed value. The Memory function saves the held value dis,The Recording function displays the maximum. minimum average and currently measured values,selectively. The Relative function displays any discrepancy,from the reference. 1 3 Parts Names and Functions 11,1 3 Parts Names and Functions.
for details see,the following,pages LCD display,Button H AUTO REL. Press this button Button,to change to the,function indicat. ed in blue RANGE,For other func Button,tions see the fol. lowing pages,Selects functions,and turns the,V terminal power on off. Terminal used to,measure voltag,es and resis A terminal.
Terminal used to,red test lead measure currents,in 10 A mode. COM terminal A mA terminal,Terminal common to Terminal used to. all functions measure currents in,black test lead A mA mode. The terminal shutter works together with the,function selector to prevent incorrect operation. Note that if the function selector is toggled with. the test leads connected the measurement,product may be damaged.
Indicates that incorrect operation presents a sig nificant hazard that could result in serious injury or death to the user Indicates that incorrect operation presents a pos sibility of injury to the user or damage to the prod uct Advisory items related to performance or correct operation of the product Indicates the quick guide for operations Indicates the prohibited action Indicates the

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