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www masseyferguson com,Page 8 Page 12 Page 14 Page 20 Page 22. Head first feed Choose your table Threshing and separation Results Operator friendly controls Control from your fingertips. FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,04 Quality manufacturing,06 This is where it matters. 08 Head first feed Choose your table,10 Pure Gold from Massey Ferguson. 12 Threshing and separation,12 Two systems in one,13 A multitude of applications. 14 Results, 16 Make the most of your working day with a specially designed workplace.
18 My Space to work,20 Operator friendly controls,22 Operation and control from your fingertips. 24 Guidance and Precision farming,26 ParaLevel system. 28 Good design makes for easy work,29 Time to harvest. 30 How much importance do you place on your combine engine. Page 26 Page 30, ParaLevel system How much importance do you place 31 Parts There when you need them. on your combine engine 32 Specifications,34 3D walkaround.
www masseyferguson com,Breganze Italy, Harvesting Centre of Excellence for Massey Ferguson. Home of precision engineering and manufacture, This is where each machine comes to life where every tiny piece. comes together to produce machines of incredible capabilities. The Breganze combine factory lies within the beautiful province of. Vicenza in Italy Like the various Massey Ferguson production plants. around the world the Breganze factory has an extensive and proud. agricultural manufacturing history, The Breganze factory manufactures mid range hybrid and 8 walker. combine harvesters for Massey Ferguson for distribution in Europe. Africa and the Middle East This modern facility covers 25 Hectares. and employs over 600 people Produced using the latest technology. combine harvesters at the Breganze plant are built to the highest. specification and quality by a very dedicated team. Today Breganze produces combines with a range of threshing. technologies All combines are complemented by a range of. FreeFlow or PowerFlow headers available in different sizes that. are designed to maximise harvesting speed and efficiency while. minimising crop loss,FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,www masseyferguson com. FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,This is where it matters, The MF Beta combine harvesters offer a straightforward practical design with a mix of Premium quality operator environment with the Skyline cab.
technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field where time designed for productivity. is of the essence, Low operating costs excellent fuel economy and simple servicing. Model Max power No of straw Grain capacity Quality sample from grain through to straw thanks to gentle. hp kW walkers litres threshing and intensive separation. MF BETA 7360 306 225 5 9000, Flexible 2 in 1 threshing system for all crop capability with. MF BETA 7370 360 265 6 9000 easy setting,MF BETA 7360 ParaLevel 306 225 5 8600. High capacity headers using quality materials designed to work in. MF BETA 7370 ParaLevel 360 265 6 8600, all conditions PowerFlow or FreeFlow the professionals choice. with Power Boost,Head first feed,www masseyferguson com.
Choose your table, Head first feed start well finish well your header is critical to how well your combine performs. with a lifetime of experience Massey Ferguson offers you a choice of its premium PowerFlow table or high capacity FreeFlow tables. up to 7 6 m, Combined multicoupler is standard The Schumacher knife is the best Full width auger fingers on the The Power Feed Roller at the front of the. for quick table dismount performing knife in the business at FreeFlow table increase auger main crop elevator gives a consistent crop. 1220 cuts a minute Self cleaning throughput ensuring positive flow from the table into the main crop. and consistently sharp this keeps the and fast feed into the main elevator It can be reversed simply and. crop moving in tough conditions crop elevator effectively from the cab. FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,TerraControl II provides a mix of automatic. functions for the standard table levelling,FreeFlow or PowerFlow ground following. system Field pressure and headland,management all the metrics are controlled.
from the operator s multifunction lever Small,up to 7 7 m. changes in height requirement can be made,quickly and easily creating an even feed in. changing conditions The automatic reel,speed function takes tasks away from the. operator so they can focus on getting the,best from the machine. The optional rape auger for the PowerFlow table The knife is a massive 1 14m from the table auger so vision and. increases the flow of tall crops into the elevator performance are optimum The rugged PowerFlow belts power. thereby increasing the output considerably Two the crop away from the knife and into the main crop elevator at a. electrical side knives are available as options consistent speed The belts also deflect stones rather than taking. complete the Rape seed kit them into the machine where they might cause damage. www masseyferguson com,FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,FROM MASSEY FERGUSON.
thresh it gently and correctly and your profits increase. www masseyferguson com,Threshing and separation Two systems. The flexible heart of the combine Equipped with a robust high inertia cylinder and a heavy. duty concave these machines can handle crops easily. The Multicrop separator provides a massive separation. area to remove as much of grain as possible before it. reaches the walkers,The MCS Multicrop Separator has one unique. feature that sets it apart from the rest the,ability to rotate the concave up over the top of. the rotary separator when it is not required The,MCS concave is moved electrically requiring. no tools This makes it possible to optimise,machine performance in dry conditions.
reducing the load on the shaker shoes and,considerably improving the straw quality. The threshing drum has added weight in the form of ballast bars which increases the. inertia in the cylinder as the rasp bars threshes the heads This reduces load on the drives. power requirement and fuel consumption, The concave has differentiated wire spacing the rear section of the concave has half as. many wires as the front section This principle provides the optimum balance between high. threshing capacity and good grain flow through the concave The concave front and rear. can be set from the cab independently in order to optimise the threshing quality. At the rear the main concave is extended by the Active Beater Concave which is adjustable. in three positions depending on conditions,FROM MASSEY FERGUSON. A multitude,of applications, A full maize kit can be fitted including a maize concave A special Rice cylinder concave version can. For this application the chopper speed reduction kit be ordered with unique peg and tooth design. comes as standard with the grain version specifically for separation in tough conditions. Additional components are also fitted which have, To increase versatility and save time Massey Ferguson.
extra wearing capability This includes the grain,can offer an optional Sectional concave which. augers elevators and the MCS teeth These,is designed to harvest a multitude of crops The. specifications coupled with self lubricating, conversion time when moving from small grain to large. tracks and tables specific with hard wear,seeded crops such as Soya Maize and Sunflower can. components provide a versatile machine for rice,be completed in minutes rather than hours.
as well as grain and maize, Or a Universal concave with removable elements can. be fitted if required,www masseyferguson com, The quality of your sample affects your margin Special attention to the shaker shoe with the use of high capacity cleaning. sieves gives you the best quality sample from the field An optional yield monitor and moisture sensor with integral SD card. can be fitted to allow measurement and traceability for the combine. The grain tanks have a high capacity 9000 litres on standard version and 8600 litres on the ParaLevel version while the. unloading rate of 105 l sec is one of the highest in the class. Electric Sieves operated from,the cab enable easy attention. to the sample high sieve,dividers give increased output. on undulating land,The long straw walkers feature four.
steps with active walls The 210 mm,high vertical sections of the walker. steps are made up of permeable,grids These are the highest for any. conventional combine The front steps,of the straw walkers are reinforced for. maize harvestmaking the combine,much more durable for variable crops. A simple returns sensor displays,volume in the cab and enabling.
quick changes to improve the,FROM MASSEY FERGUSON,An adjustable dimple pate is. standard to make sure straw is,chopped consistently. A twin rotor multi adjustable chaff,spreader is available Electrical. deflectors for the straw chopper are,available as an option This allows. the straw to be directed from the,uncut crop if required.
The 6 row straw chopper is specifically designed For those that require straw. to give chopping and spreading performance the threshing system is gentle. suitable for farmers using reduced tillage and leaves the straw in perfect. operations The knives are serrated to give a clean condition for baling feed and. fine chop and reduce the power required The fully bedding straw or producing. adjustable stationary knives and straw chopper products for power generation. hood ensure complete control over the quality and,spread of the chopped straw. MF BETA 7360 ParaLevel 306 225 5 8600 MF BETA 7370 ParaLevel 360 265 6 8600 Premium quality operator environment with the Skyline cab designed for productivity Low operating costs excellent fuel economy and simple servicing Quality sample from grain through to straw thanks to gentle threshing and intensive separation Flexible 2 in 1 threshing system for all crop capability

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