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Yuval Noah Harari takes us on a thrilling journey through today s most. urgent issues The golden thread running through his exhilarating. new book is the challenge of maintaining our collective and. individual focus in the face of constant and disorienting change as. Courtesy and Marc Quinn studio, well as information overload Are we still capable of understanding. the world we have created, Prof Yuval Noah Harari has a PhD in History from the University of. Oxford and now lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. specialising in world history His first two books Sapiens A Brief History of. Humankind and Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow have become. global bestsellers with more than 12 million copies sold and translations. in more than 45 languages,21 Lessons for the 21st Century 2. Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Welcome to the KS5 teacher resource,pack for 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. by Yuval Noah Harari,PURPOSE OF THE PACK, These activities are designed to help KS5 students consider the.
swiftly changing nature of the UK s job market and to evaluate what. skills and knowledge will best equip them for success in the future. The activities can be run as individual short sessions or as a. single 60 minute careers focused lesson depending on your. lesson structure and should complement your school or college s. programme of integrated careers education and guidance. LEARNING OUTCOMES, The learning outcomes for the activities in this pack have been. identified based on the documents Careers guidance Guidance. for further education colleges and sixth form colleges February. 2018 and CDI Framework for careers employability and enterprise. education March 2018,AREA OF LEARNING BE ABLE TO, Self awareness Assess how you are changing and be able. to match your skills interests and values,to requirements and opportunities in. learning and work, Exploring careers and career Reflect on changing career processes and. development structures and their possible effects on. your experience and management of your,own career development.
Investigating work and working life Discuss the personal social economic. and environmental impacts of different,kinds of work and working life in the. context of your own thinking about career,satisfaction. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century 3, Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Activity 1 Evergreen or out of date,INTRODUCTION, The only thing that we can be completely sure of when considering. the 21st century is change This means that in education or training. we are learning and developing skills that we hope will be relevant. in the future but are we learning the right things. THE ACTIVITY, Look at the skill below and arrange them into a diamond with the most useful at the top and.
the least useful at the bottom Be prepared to explain your reasoning including what current. and future careers they might support, When deciding your order and reasoning bear in mind. Is it something that could be done Is it linked more to creative. accurately by a computer or robot problem solving or a methodical. without a human to oversee it step by step process. Is it linked to an industry or career Could it be used in a range of. in decline jobs or situations, DEVELOPING LEARNING LEARNING TO WRITING REMEMBERING THE. REUSABLE A FOREIGN DISTINGUISH COMPUTER LOCATIONS,MATERIALS LANGUAGE MEDIA BIAS CODE OF COUNTRIES. IDENTIFYING,TREATING LEARNING UNDERSTANDING,AUDIENCES HOW TO MANAGE. MENTAL A MUSICAL,FOR NEW FINANCES,ILLNESSES INSTRUMENT.
SUMMING UP,What order did you decide on and why, How do these skills compare to what most young people in the UK. are learning at school or in college, If you were to update our current curriculum what changes would you. recommend in order to give today s teenagers the best opportunities. in the 21st century,21 Lessons for the 21st Century 4. Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Activity 2 Problems and solutions,INTRODUCTION, Recently a section of Yuval Noah Harari s new book 21 Lessons for. the 21st Century was published in Wired magazine reproduced in. this pack In the extract divided into three sections. 1 Change is the only constant,2 The heat is on,3 And hacking humans.
Harari suggests that the best skill to teach young people is. reinvention and reveals what he believes 2050 has in store. for humankind,Credit Britt Spencer,21 Lessons for the 21st Century 5. Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Activity 2 Problems and solutions,THE ACTIVITY, In a small group read through the section that you have been allocated. Either as a large poster or on a slide prepare a short presentation to answer these questions. about your section, What are Harari s key arguments As a group do you agree with the. What potential problems does he problems Harari picks out and the. identify and what examples does he possible solutions that he presents. give to illustrate them Why do you agree or disagree. What solutions or advice does he What real life examples from your. suggest to address these problems experience can you give to support or. disapprove Harari s argument Are,there any additional solutions that you. would suggest,When creating your presentation make sure.
It will not take longer than five minutes,to present to the other groups. Everyone in the group contributes in,SUMMING UP,Listen to each group s presentation in turn. Which group do you feel presented the ideas from their section most. Are there any issues around skills learning and the changing job. market of which you are now more aware, What questions do you still need to answer regarding your own skills. and the UK job market,21 Lessons for the 21st Century 6. Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050,has in store for humankind.
PART ONE CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT, Humankind is facing unprecedented revolutions women life expectancy would still be about 40. all our old stories are crumbling and no new and the human body would be exactly the same. story has so far emerged to replace them How Hence in 1018 poor Chinese parents taught. can we prepare ourselves and our children for a their children how to plant rice or weave silk. world of such unprecedented transformations and wealthier parents taught their boys how to. and radical uncertainties A baby born today will read the Confucian classics write calligraphy or. be thirty something in 2050 If all goes well that fight on horseback and taught their girls to be. baby will still be around in 2100 and might even modest and obedient housewives It was obvious. be an active citizen of the 22nd century What these skills would still be needed in 1050. should we teach that baby that will help him or In contrast today we have no idea how China. her survive and flourish in the world of 2050 or or the rest of the world will look in 2050 We. of the 22nd century What kind of skills will he don t know what people will do for a living. or she need in order to get a job understand we don t know how armies or bureaucracies. what is happening around them and navigate the will function and we don t know what gender. maze of life relations will be like Some people will probably. Unfortunately since nobody knows how the live much longer than today and the human. world will look in 2050 not to mention 2100 body itself might undergo an unprecedented. we don t know the answer to these questions revolution thanks to bioengineering and direct. Of course humans have never been able to brain computer interfaces Much of what kids. predict the future with accuracy But today it is learn today will likely be irrelevant by 2050. more difficult than ever before because once,technology enables us to engineer bodies. brains and minds we can no longer be certain,about anything including things that previously. seemed fixed and eternal,A thousand years ago in 1018 there were many. things people didn t know about the future but,they were nevertheless convinced that the basic.
features of human society were not going to,change If you lived in China in 1018 you knew. that by 1050 the Song Empire might collapse,the Khitans might invade from the north and. plagues might kill millions However it was,clear to you that even in 1050 most people. would still work as farmers and weavers rulers,would still rely on humans to staff their armies. and bureaucracies men would still dominate,Credit Britt Spencer.
21 Lessons for the 21st Century 7, Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050,has in store for humankind. PART ONE CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT, At present too many schools focus on cramming to focus and when politics or science look too. information In the past this made sense because complicated it is tempting to switch to funny cat. information was scarce and even the slow trickle videos celebrity gossip or porn. of existing information was repeatedly blocked by In such a world the last thing a teacher needs to. censorship If you lived say in a small provincial give her pupils is more information They already. town in Mexico in 1800 it was difficult for you have far too much of it Instead people need the. to know much about the wider world There ability to make sense of information to tell the. was no radio television daily newspapers or difference between what is important and what. public libraries Even if you were literate and had is unimportant and above all to combine many. access to a private library there was not much to bits of information into a broad picture of the. read other than novels and religious tracts The world. Spanish Empire heavily censored all texts printed, locally and allowed only a dribble of vetted In truth this has been the ideal of western liberal. publications to be imported from outside Much education for centuries but up till now even. the same was true if you lived in some provincial many western schools have been rather slack. town in Russia India Turkey or China When in fulfilling it Teachers allowed themselves to. modern schools came along teaching every focus on shoving data while encouraging pupils. child to read and write and imparting the basic to think for themselves Due to their fear of. facts of geography history and biology they authoritarianism liberal schools had a particular. represented an immense improvement horror of grand narratives They assumed that. as long as we give students lots of data and a, In contrast in the 21st century we are flooded modicum of freedom the students will create.
by enormous amounts of information and even their own picture of the world and even if this. the censors don t try to block it Instead they are generation fails to synthesise all the data into. busy spreading misinformation or distracting us a coherent and meaningful story of the world. with irrelevancies If you live in some provincial there will be plenty of time to construct a good. Mexican town and you have a smartphone you synthesis in the future We have now run out of. can spend many lifetimes just reading Wikipedia time The decisions we will take in the next few. watching TED talks and taking free online decades will shape the future of life itself and. courses No government can hope to conceal we can take these decisions based only on our. all the information it doesn t like On the other present world view If this generation lacks a. hand it is alarmingly easy to inundate the public comprehensive view of the cosmos the future of. with conflicting reports and red herrings People life will be decided at random. all over the world are but a click away from the,latest accounts of the bombardment of Aleppo. or of melting ice caps in the Arctic but there are. so many contradictory accounts that it is hard to,know what to believe Besides countless other. things are just a click away making it difficult,21 Lessons for the 21st Century 8. Teacher Resource Pack KS5 Careers Education and Guidance. Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050,has in store for humankind. PART TWO THE HEAT IS ON, Besides information most schools also In 1848 millions of people were losing their jobs.
focus too much on providing pupils with a on village farms and were going to the big cities. set of predetermined skills such as solving to work in factories But upon reaching the big. differential equations writing computer code city they were unlikely to change their gender or. in C identifying chemicals in a test tube or to add a sixth sense And if they found a job in. conversing in Chinese Yet since we have no idea some textile factory they could expect to remain. how the world and the job market will look in in that profession for the rest of their working. 2050 we don t really know what particular skills lives. people will need We might invest a lot of effort By 2048 peop.

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