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Ohio Fire Academy,2019 Ohio Fire Academy,News 32 Pump Operations Basic Fundamentals. 32 Pump Operations Theory Hydraulics, 4 Contact information 32 Search Rescue Training Lab Three Day. 5 OFA history and timeline 32 Stress First Aid for Fire and EMS Personnel. 6 Messages from the Marshal and Superintendent 33 Structural Fire Attack Lab Fire Blast. 8 Flipped Classroom information 33 The Fire that Burns Within Fire Service Suicide. 9 Close to Home Series information 33 Volunteer Firefighter ODPS 2018. 10 Academy accomodations and map of the campus, 12 Instructors are strength of the Academy EMS Training. 14 OFA supports key initiatives, 15 Firefighter Mile and Regional Coordinator information 35 Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist. 16 Loans grants available to Ohio s fire departments ATOMS NFPA 3000. 18 OFA partnerships 35 Emergency Medical Responder Ohio 2012 EMS Curriculum. 20 Benefits of IFSAC accreditations available 35 Emergency Medical Technician Ohio 2012 EMS Curriculum. 22 Rescue Technician Series information 35 Emergency Medical Technician Refresher. 23 Educational benefits for veterans Ohio 2012 EMS Curriculum. 24 Ohio Fire Service Hall of Fame 36 Emergency Vehicle Operations EMS Vehicle. 25 Remembering the fallen NFPA 1002 2014 edition, 26 Benefits of 24 7 membership 36 Paramedic Refresher Ohio 2012 EMS Curriculum.
27 COTC partnership programs 36 Stress First Aid for Fire and EMS Personnel. 36 2019 Exam dates,Fire Services,29 Aerial Ladder Operations Development. 29 Driving Simulation Lab 39 EMS Instructor Module ODPS 2012. 29 Emergency Vehicle Operations Fire Apparatus 39 EMS Instructor Practical Skills Exam. NFPA 1002 2014 edition 39 EMS Instructor Ohio 2012 EMS Curriculum. 29 Essentials of Structural Fire Attack 40 Fire Chiefs Symposium. 30 Feel the Heat 40 Fire Instructor I II NFPA 1041 2012 edition. 30 Fire Behavior Lab 40 Fire Instructor Knowledge Exam NFPA 1001 2013 edition. 30 Fire Investigations NFPA 1033 2014 edition 40 Fire Instructor Module ODPS 2018. 30 Fundamentals of Wildland Firefighting 41 Fire Life Safety Educator Level I NFPA 1035 2015 edition. 31 Firefighter I II NFPA 1001 2013 edition 41 Fire Life Safety Educator Level II NFPA 1035 2015 edition. 31 Interagency Wildfire S 190 S 130 L 180 41 Fire Officer I NFPA 1021 2014 edition. 31 Interagency Wildfire Annual Refresher NWCG 42 Fire Officer II NFPA 1021 2014 edition. Course delivery options and icon key, The Ohio Fire Academy offers three ways to deliver high quality. training and education on our main campus via the OFA s Close. to Home series or by request For more information on the Close FC. to Home series turn to Page 9,IFSAC Free Grant NFA class Pro Board Flipped. MAIN CAMPUS 1 Courses delivered only at the Ohio Fire cert courses money taught at Accred Classroom. Academy s Reynoldsburg Ohio location eligible available OFA. Look for these icons abbreviations throughout, CLOSE TO HOME 2 Courses offered at a department s SFM State Fire Marshal. location Regional delivery courses are OFA Ohio Fire Academy. available to multiple departments in an NFPA National Fire Protection Association. area IFSAC International Fire Service Accreditation Congress. USFA United States Fire Administration, BY REQUEST 3 Courses not regularly scheduled but ODPS Ohio Department of Public Safety.
can be offered if demand meets minimum O A C Ohio Administrative Code. O R C Ohio Revised Code,enrollment requirements ON CAMPUS. NFIRS National Fire Incident Reporting System, ONLY To request a course contact the OFA OFIRS Ohio Fire Incident Reporting System. Registrar at 614 752 7196,2 888 726 7731 or 614 752 7196. Course Catalog 2019,Index Course Offerings, 42 Fire Officer III IV NFPA 1021 2014 edition 51 Underground Storage Tanks Installer. 42 Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Knowledge Exam 51 Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist NFPA 1035 2015 edition. NFPA 1031 2014 edition 51 Youth Firesetter Program Manager NFPA 1035 2015 edition. 42 Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Module ODPS 2018. 43 Fire Safety Inspector Instructor NFPA 1021 2014 edition. 43 Firefighter I II IFSAC Certification Exam Rescue Hazmat. 43 Health and Safety Officer NFPA 1521 2015 edition. 44 Incident Command for High Rise Operations F0321 53 Chlorine Emergencies Lab. 44 Incident Safety Officer NFPA 1521 2015 edition 53 Confined Space Rescue Level I II NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 44 Live Fire Instructor NFPA 1403 2018 edition 53 Farm Rescue Awareness. 44 Managing MAYDAY Calls Rapid Intervention Strategies 53 Grain Bin Rescue Awareness. 45 Courage to be Safe 54 Hazardous Materials Awareness NFPA 1072 2017 edition. 45 Leadership Accountability Culture Knowledge 54 Hazardous Materials Operations Core. 45 Leadership So Everyone Goes Home NFPA 1072 2017 edition. 46 Leadership in Supervision Creating Environments for 54 Hazardous Materials Technician NFPA 472 2013 edition. Professional Growth 0646 54 Hazardous Materials Officer Safety Officer. 46 Leadership in Supervision Perspectives in Thinking 0647 NFPA 472 2013 edition. 46 Leadership in Supervision Frameworks to Success 0648 55 Ice Rescue NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 46 Shaping the Future F0602 55 Intro to Rescue Tech NFPA 1006 Ch 4 5 2013 edition. 47 Preparations for Initial Company Operations 55 Modern Hybrid Vehicle Technology. 47 Decision Making for Initial Company Operations 56 Rope Rescue Level I NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 47 Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations 56 Rope Rescue Level II NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 56 Structural Collapse Level I NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 57 Surface Water Rescue NFPA 1006 2013 edition,Prevention 57 Swift Water Rescue Awareness.
57 Swift Water Rescue Level I NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 49 Fire Safety for Older Adults, 58 Swift Water Rescue Level II NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 49 Fire Safety for Older Children, 58 Trench Rescue Level I II NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 49 Fire Safety Inspector Continuing Education,58 Vehicle Rescue I II NFPA 1006 2013 edition. 49 Fire Safety Inspector NFPA 1031 2014 edition, 50 Hazard Recognition Officer NFPA 1031 2014 edition. 50 Fundamentals of Sprinklers Standpipes,50 Ohio Fire Incident Reporting System.
50 Plan Review for Fire Officials 61 Industrial Fire Brigade Series. 51 Underground Storage Tanks Inspector 61 LPG Flammable Combustible Liquid Fires. www fireacademy com ohio gov 3,Ohio Fire Academy,OFA contact information. Registration Records Certification Courses, Administration Jay Clevenger Fire Training Supervisor Dan Swords Fire Training Supervisor. 614 752 7208 614 752 7160, Phone James Clevenger com ohio gov Dan Swords com ohio gov. 614 752 7196 or, Toll free 888 726 7731 Training Grounds Regional Close to Home. Web Pat Lemming Fire Training Supervisor, fireacademy com ohio gov 614 752 7094 614 752 7196.
Email Patrick Lemming com ohio gov Webofa com ohio gov. webofa com ohio gov,Industrial Services Inspection. Superintendent, Jack Smith Lewis Bailey Fire Training Officer II Jim Starrett Fire Training Officer II. 614 752 7177 614 752 2078,614 752 0523, Lewis Bailey dnr state oh us James Starrett com ohio gov. Jack Smith com ohio gov, Deputy Superintendent EMS Training Hazardous Materials. Scott Walker Heidi Stone Fire Training Officer II Jamie Allen Fire Training Officer II. 614 752 7119 614 752 7180 614 387 1062, Scott Walker com ohio gov Heidi Stone com ohio gov James Allen com ohio gov.
Administrative Professional Wildland Firefighting Professional Development. Asst to the Superintendent Tom Wilcox Fire Training Officer II. Tina Packard,Lewis Bailey Fire Training Officer II. 614 752 7177 614 752 7299,614 752 8818, Lewis Bailey dnr state oh us Tom Wilcox com ohio gov. Tina Packard com ohio gov,Registrar Audio Visual Resources Firefighter I II. Kathy Smith, Mitch Casey Audio Visual Specialist Greg Otting Fire Training Officer II. 614 752 7263,614 752 7203 614 752 7189,Kathleen Smith com ohio gov.
Mitch Casey com ohio gov Greg Otting com ohio gov,Administrative Professional. Rescue Prevention,Invoicing Accts Receivables, Teresa Holtz Jamie Allen Fire Training Officer II Richard Palmer Fire Prevention Bureau. 614 752 7181 614 387 1062 614 752 7280, Teresa Holtz com ohio gov James Allen com ohio gov Richard Palmer com ohio gov. 4 888 726 7731 or 614 752 7196,Course Catalog 2019. Our Vision,To be recognized as the national premier.
leader in the development and delivery,of fire emergency medical services and. emergency responder training programs,Our Mission,To provide fire service personnel and. other allied professionals with training,education and accredited courses that. are consistent with nationally recognized,standards to improve the safety and. proficiency of Ohio s Fire Service,Academy History.
The Ohio Fire Academy has served over 600 000 first responders 2011 Introduced online CEUs for Ohio s fire and EMS providers. since being established which now has over 18 000 users Engine 3 purchased and. refurbished Introduced largest and most comprehensive Grain. 1967 Ohio State Firemen s Training Academy now known as the Bin Rescue Trailer in the nation. Ohio Fire Academy established, 2012 Placed S R Trailer and new Mobile Fire Behavior Lab in. 1999 OFA purchased two engines and a ladder bringing its service and formed partnership with COTC. apparatus to a modern state and introduced the Mobile Fire 2014 Partnered with Findlay Fire Department to use its Mobile. Behavior Lab FireBlast Live Fire Training Trailer, 2002 OFA s third burn building went into service 2016 Implemented Acadis Operating System to manage all OFA. day to day operations, 2006 Several major infrastructure projects were started to. improve training grounds that continue today including a 70 bed 2017 Introduced Mobile Driving Simulator purchased Heavy. dorm facility and renovated classrooms Built a driver s training Rescue truck renovated training tower Named one of the nation s. pad purchased Engine 4 installed campus wide generator top fire training academies by FireRescue1 magazine. electrical upgrades added new metal roofs and renovated 2018 OFA underwent reaccreditation process with IFSAC. apparatus building successfully accrediting 35 courses. www fireacademy com ohio gov 5,Ohio Fire Academy,A message from the Marshal. Jeff A Hussey,Dear Fellow Fire Service Member, Since my appointment as State Fire Marshal in 2017 the SFM team has worked hard to carry forward the.
great work of the Ohio Fire Academy OFA Previous accomplishments were highlighted by the recent. reaccreditation by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress IFSAC of 35 certification levels. The OFA also received national recognition last year as one of the top firefighter recruit training facilities in. the nation These accomplishments speak volumes to the hard work and dedication of our staff. Regardless of these accomplishments we continue to work hard to improve the programs and course. offerings at the OFA With the hiring of Superintendent Jack Smith in January 2018 we have taken the. opportunity to reevaluate all aspects of OFA operations We continue to refine the business operations by. streamlining registration invoicing and course payment processes We also are continuously recruiting. top notch talent to join our instructor staff As part of our operational review we are taking a hard look at. course content and quality to ensure that our students receive the highest quality instruction when they. walk through our doors, We also are working on several other projects to ensure students will have a great experience at the. OFA We are presently replacing and expanding our wireless IT network to make certain students can. easily and reliably access our guest computer network Along with that project we are moving away from. paper testing to an electronic platform We also are starting a process to replace fire apparatus in the OFA. training fleet Thanks to approval of the recent capital budget by Governor John R Kasich and the General. Assembly we will soon be replacing apparatus including an aerial ladder and one engine My vision is to. diversify our training fleet acquire a full sized aerial platform and a metro style custom engine The goal. is to expose our students to a more varied fleet so firefighter recruits will have a broader skill set when they. return to the communities they serve, Thank you for your dedication and service to your local communities and our great state You all do. amazing work in a constantly changing demanding and dangerous environment Let s continue to train. hard and work to keep each other safe,Jeff A Hussey OFE OFC CFO. State Fire Marshal,6 888 726 7731 or 614 752 7196,Course Catalog 2019. A letter from the Superintendent,Jack Smith,Dear Fellow Firefighters.
I am extremely honored to have been selected as the newest Superintendent of the Ohio Fire Academy. OFA Ohio s fire service has high expectations for quality and excellence in the training they receive from. OFA and we re committed to providing that high standard of training as we implement our continuous. process improvement plan for all OFA programs and operations. The ever changing hazards and risks that first responders face on a daily basis make this job tough enough. On top of that the budget constraints that many departments face can limit training opportunities making it. COURSE CATALOG FIRE EMS RESCUE 2 888 726 7731 or 614 752 7196 Ohio Fire Academy 29 Aerial Ladder Operations 29 Driving Simulation Lab 29 Emergency Vehicle Operations Fire Apparatus NFPA 1002 2014 edition 29 Essentials of Structural Fire Attack 30 Feel the Heat 30 Fire Behavior Lab 30 Fire Investigations NFPA 1033 2014 edition 30 Fundamentals of Wildland Firefighting 31

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