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j ob s of t he f u t u r e,jobs table of contents,bloemfontein campus area history 3. campus staff 4,bloemfontein campus 5,future tips to do s. student life,Current trends show that jobs success stories 8. that exist today could potentially,accommodation 9. Today s learners have to not exist in five years time There. is increasing emphasis on cloud financial info assistance 10. prepare themselves for automation artificial intelligence and. machine learning while networks general information 11. jobs that may not even and applications are tying everything. the ctu journey 12,While there is no clear prediction of.
Ctu community portal 13, The biggest change that we are exactly which skills will be in demand important dates 13. seeing at the moment is the in the future it is a safe bet that IT. emergence of role based jobs technology are going to play a key microbotics 14. A role based job is one that is role going forward. connected to a specific function Ctu faculties 15,We are now well into the fourth. instead of a generic one The IT, industrial revolution but the fifth popular short course packages 21. industry in particular is becoming,industrial revolution is on its way. increasingly specialised and it is stellenbosch rugby academy 22. and it will bring humanity back into,looking for very specific skills in.
technology harlequins rugby factory 22,very specific areas. Ronald Meeske national footprint 23,with a number of restaurants a car. bloemfontein campus, b l oe m f on t e in c am pu s and ar ea h ist ory. wash gymnasium hair salons and, Free State Bloemfontein ATM s what more could you ask for. Bloemfontein the capital City of Across from us you will find a filling. the Free State Province is home to station and more restaurants as well. approximately 520 000 residents as a Pick n Pay centre no need to. The atmosphere that one feels in run out of petrol or be hungry. Bloemfontein is an appreciation of,No car no problem Bainsvlei.
family values where quality of life is,Brandwag and Universitas are. of prime importance There is little,within reach of our campus and. stress and less haste The peaceful,offers a variety of convenient well. atmosphere which is somehow,located safe and affordable student. almost tangible is felt in every street,accommodation.
on every pavement,Safety First, CTU Bloemfontein Campus Not only is Bainvlei Police station. The City of Roses as known by a few minutes away trained. the locals would be the ideal place professional security guards surround. to begin your life as a student CTU Bloemfontein 24 7. specializing in IT business or design Should you or your pet feel ill no. CTU Bloemfontein campus is modern need to panic Langenhoven Park. yet intimate but is well equipped Clinic and two veterinary clinics are. to cater for both full time and part walking distance to our campus. time students alike We represent, the highest level of competence Things to see and do in Bloemfontein. and expertise in delivering training,Botanical Gardens. and development solutions through,Windmill Casino,multiple learning methodologies. Free State Rugby Stadium home to, Important places around Campus Cheetah Rugby players.
Cheetah Wildlife Experience,Student Life Day and Night Markets. campus area history CTU Bloemfontein ideally situated. in Pretty Gardens Lifestyle centre in,Langenhoven Park has a number of. Park runs sporting facilities,Naval Hill Planetarium. facilities available for your every need Night life. The lifestyle centre is fully equipped,C am p u s staf f. campus staff, Ursula Spruew San Mari Fourie Sulet Ferreira Ta Nicke Janse van rensburg Monique Klaasin.
welcome note Campus manager ACADEMIC PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR student advisor corporate consultant. from the campus manager,With the rapidly evolving world around us. we design and deliver quality programmes,that would enhance industry specific. expertise and encourage your personal, JD Myburgh Jolandi Small Mantsho Maina Selina Gatyana Adrian Fransman. education and transformation Campus Technician Receptionist Testing Centre administrator caretaker project management and human. resource management Facilitator,Our dedicated staff are committed to. facilitate an exciting educational learning,environment that combines a creative and.
innovative experience on campus Above,all our wish for you is to enjoy the campus. experience and classroom challenges,while building friendships of a lifetime and. nurturing a community that will always be Bernard Fourie Carlie Niehaus Elana Kruger France Mantile Gerhard Roets. IT Tech and MCSA Facilitator Graphic Design Facilitator CAD Facilitator ICB Facilitator Cisco Facilitator IT Tech and. there for you as you emerge and evolve to Cisco HOP. be a global professional leader and citizen,Be the next success story and join CTU. Bloemfontein today,Yours sincerely,ursula spruew Hanli van Rooyen Leandri Pretorius. MCSD Facilitator project management and,4 Tourism Facilitator.
bloemfontein campus,b l oe m f ont e i n c am pu s. t ips an d t o do s,tips t0 do s,Restaurants Student discounts rest recreation. specials free wifi,Caramellos ster kinekor,Tel 051 451 1469 Tel 086 166 8437. Shop 23 24 Pretty Gardens Du Pretty gardens Lifestyle Centre Mimosa Mall 131 Kellner St Brandwag. Plessis Rd Langenhoven Park Student discounts,Tel 051 451 1400 Naval Hill Planetarium. RocoMamas Cnr Du Plessis Faan Ferreira Avenue Tel 051 401 9751. Tel 051 446 0707 Langenhoven Park Naval Hill Bloemfontein. Shop G001A The Walk Shopping,Centre Cnr Jan Spies and Maretha national museum.
Maartens St Langenhoven Park Tel 051 447 9609,36 Aliwal St Bloemfontein Central. Yum A Licious,Tel 073 390 3897,No 6 Du Plessis Rd Langenhoven Park. Your CTU student card will give you access to a variety. of FREE Discounted special in and around Bloemfontein. Student life,St uden t l if e,This charity event was organized by the. Project Management students as part of,their practicals It showcased the best of. Bloemfontein s talent dancing singing,and acting and provided the students.
with invaluable experience,CANSA Shavathon,This annual event is a fun filled day with. spraying shaving and shenanigans In,benefit of CANSA for cancer research and. treatment the students always contribute,their best for this day. LAN s Movie Nights Field Trips, The LAN or movie evenings are nights where the students Whether you are studying CAD PM or ICB field trips are. spend the entire night playing online games against each a fun and exciting way to see your theory applied in real. other or watching movies on campus It provides the best life scenarios This usually takes place off campus and. opportunity for our students to bond with others getting provides the students with the knowledge of how it looks. to know each other better and compete in a healthy way to like in the industry. build student morale on campus,su c c e s s st or ies.
success stories view more of our national success stories on. ctutraining ac za success stories,whoami whoami,Liam Beukes Schalk Hollenbach. Akasha Mhlanga Zandre Schalkwyk IT Network Administrator CTU Facilitator. view my success story view my success story, I have always been interested in technology In my second year of studies at CTU. and decided to pursue a career in the Bloemfontein when I was doing the Cisco. field In 2014 I started studying at CTU course I was asked to present corporate. Stellenbosch for the MCSA qualification classes These classes was in A N. I then moved on to MCSE and finally Windows 8 1 and also Server modules. I got to the game changer Cisco This I started working for CTU in 2015 as the. was one of the best career paths I could MCSA and Cisco Facilitator whilst at the. have chosen So here I am in 2016 a 22 same time doing the Cisco Certified. year old new in the job market and ready Instructors course also known as CCSI I. to take on whatever is thrown my way passed all the requirements and became. That was when Computacenter came into the youngest CCSI trainer at the age of 19. whoami whoami the picture and they employed me as a turning 20 In 2015 at the end of the year I. desktop support administrator to start received the award for MCSA facilitator of. Brendon de Meyer Ronald Katlego Maako with Within 3 months I was promoted the year This was then followed in 2016. view my success story view my success story into the Network side of life Today I can when I received over all trainer of the year. say with pride that Heathrow airport is,one of my biggest clients and got the. opportunity to travel and see Europe, view their success stories and more by visiting our youtube channel Thanks to CTU I am the best product for. ctu training solutions the job market I can be,accommodation.
ac c om m odat ion, KPA Student Campus Key Bains Game Lodge Property Pro Group. Accommodation 0861 7883368 Annerie 051 451 1081,051 411 2600 kovsies campuskey co za Wendy Marais. info studentaccommodation co za campuskey co za campus 082 553 0552 051 446 0316. www bainsgamelodge co za, kpastudentaccommodation co za bloemfontein Nel Smit. Head Office 245 President Paul 4 Logeman Street Universitas 31 Old Kimberley Road Bainsvlei. Bloemfontein 9301 082 309 2134,Kruger Avenue Universitas Bloemfontein 9930. Bloemfontein 9301 Bains Lodge offers a variety of,Our student accommodation provides.
accommodation options such as Hotel,Johan Jansen, KPA provides a full spectrum you with everything you need under. accommodation service to students one roof Inside our biometric secured Rooms Standard Rooms Self catering 084 262 4961. in Bloemfontein and acts as an agent buildings you ll find our trendy Chalets Log Cabins and Hotel Suites. between the owner and the tenant modern and personalized CampusKey All accommodation options have the. Leaving home to prepare for your Student Living design style The following features Air Conditioning. future Come home to KPA facilities below are all included in our Tea Coffee Facilities Bathrooms. offering one price one awesome life DSTV Channels,f in anc ial as sistan c e. financial info assistance, student loans financial assistance in bloemfontein. CTU has partnered with some of the Please feel free to contact the service providers directly for financial assistance. major commercial banks to assist,our students with student loans Our. banking partners are professionally Nthabiseng Brislin. equipped to assess creditworthiness Sales Consultant. ctu Banking Details, in accordance with the National Mobile 082 780 9066 Bank ABSA.
Credit Act Email Account,nthabiseng brislin absa co za Name CTU Training. Students must provide the Solutions,Branch Code 632 005. following documentation Meladi Morufane Account, Proof of registration customer service consultant Number 914 540 0025. A quote from a CTU Career Mobile 081 836 7644 Type Savings. Campus for study fees Email meladim fundi co za,Green bar coded identity Full time. document Campus surname ID number, Results of the previous paying registration deposit.
academic year Campus surname student number,Proof of current residential or account reference. address e g electricity or paying instalments,cellphone statement etc Part time. Please note a study loan is Campus surname ID number or. taken out in the name of the account reference,sponsor and therefore the. sponsor will be required to, provide the information listed Contact our Enrolment Officer for. assistance with Student Loans and,in the sponsor section.
Bursary offers,enrolmentoffice ctutraining co za,General information. ge ne r al infor m at ion,the students to interact with content. bring your own device and engage in learning activities Enrolled students will receive. A device tablet laptop and a before during and after the face Student card Registered students. to face class This interaction will, minimum of 5GB data uncapped will receive a student card at the. take place in the group and research, recommended are required to access beginning of the academic year This. training material Should you prefer card will give you access to a variety. to use or purchase your own PC for of Free Discounted specials in and. studies at home or laptop for studies ctu Recruits division around Bloemfontein. at the campus refer to the website for,Finding employment can be CTU Student Bag.
device specifications,challenging The CTU recruits team. assists the students with workshops, Hybrid Learning and guidance throughout the student Transfer between campuses. life cycle to correctly approach With CTU s national footprint you can easily transfer between campuses should. Background the job market from compiling, Hybrid learning is a knowledge anything change in your life. the perfect CV preparing for an,and skills learning process learner. interview what to expect during an,centred that uses various teaching.
methods which integrates digital interview and creating profiles on. internet and mobile recorded and various recruitment platforms Visit Back from the left. traditional face to face class activities ourwebsite for more information or Nadine Geldenhuys. 3 campus amp area history bloemfontein campus Free State Bloemfontein Bloemfontein the capital City of the Free State Province is home to approximately 520 000 residents

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