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Important Bow Information 1 3,Archery Safety Warnings 4 5. Bow Diagrams 6 8,Care Maintenance 9,Bow Cam Adjustments 10 18. Initial Bow Setup 19 22,Arrow Selection Information 23. Warranties Contact Information 24 25,Record important bow information here. and keep for future reference,Weight Range,Draw Length.
String Length,Cable Length,Purchased From,Date Purchase. Serial Number, Congratulations Your new Bear Archery compound bow is the finest available It has. been engineered for accuracy long life and built with quality and pride No other. bow delivers a higher performance to value ratio than a Bear We know how much. you are going to enjoy your new bow For this reason we ask you read the Care. and Maintenance section carefully to learn how easy it is to maintain the quality. performance and level of satisfaction you expect from a Bear Archery product. ENJOY YOUR NEW BOW,IMPORTANT LIMB INFORMATION, Your new Bear Archery bow uses the latest technology in limb design This creates. a limb capable of storing optimal amounts of energy unlike any other bow in the. industry For that reason the use of limb mounted accessories such as vibration. dampeners must be restricted These particular accessories MUST NOT BE mounted. more than 2 inches from the limb pockets Mounting limb accessories more than 2. inches away from the pockets particularly clamping type accessories can potentially. damage the limbs and void the warranty See the illustration below. After market,dampeners to be,installed in this,Factory installed limb. mounted accessories CAN,BE MOUNTED IN THIS,REGION OF THE LIMB.
ONLY Sonic Wave Limb,Dampeners are to be,mounted 2 5 from the. end of the limb,IMPORTANT PRESS INFORMATION, Due to the design of your Bear Archery bow limbs it is of the utmost importance. that your bow ONLY BE PRESSED IN PROPER BOW PRESSES Traditional style presses. that use rollers to apply pressure only to the mid section of the limbs CANNOT BE. USED As illustrated below only presses that are capable of applying pressure to the. last 2 of the limbs should be utilized, Limb bolts MUST be backed out 3 complete turns prior to pressing a bow equipped. with flare quad limbs and 4 complete turns for bows equipped with max pre load. quad limbs,DO NOT USE THIS STYLE BOW PRESS,APPROVED BOW PRESSES. For the most up to date and accurate list please visit your local Bear Archery dealer. or www BearArchery com customer serivce bowpress, Failure to adhere to this list of presses can result in immediate failure of the limbs.
possible injury and void the manufacturer s warranty. IMPORTANT PRESS INFORMATION, Certain bow models require the use of Bow press MUST only be. fixed stops to prevent the press forces from applied to the outer 2 of. pushing the bow out of the bottom of the the limb tips. Press must ONLY apply,pressure to the limbs in,SAFETY FIRST. Before using this equipment read and follow these manufacturer s instructions. carefully If you have any questions contact the manufacturer or a qualified dealer. Dry firing a bow severely reduces the life expectancy of the bow and may cause. immediate damage to the bow resulting in injury to yourself or others Never dry. fire your bow If a bow is dry fired it should be fully inspected before being shot. Never pull back and release the bowstring without an arrow attached to the string. Your bow is designed to transfer energy to a properly weighted arrow. Shooting underweight arrows has the same effect as dry firing a bow and may. cause serious injury Use the proper arrow for you and your bow If you are unsure. about your arrow choice contact your local Bear Archery dealer or an arrow. manufacturer, Do not use wooden or fiberglass arrows They are not designed for use with this. compound bow and may cause serious injury Use the proper arrow for you and. your bow If you are unsure about your arrow choice contact your archery dealer or. an arrow manufacturer, Inspect your arrows and nocks regularly Immediately discard any dented split. splintered or otherwise damaged arrows and replace cracked or broken nocks. Do not draw your bow beyond its maximum draw length as damage to the limbs. cables and strings could occur, The use of safety glasses is recommended with any archery product.
Bear Archery compound bows are designed to be shot using a Mechanical Release. Aid Bear Archery does not recommend shooting with your fingers. SAFETY FIRST,Targets and Hunting Safety, Be sure of your target Bow hunters often wear camouflage and are difficult to. Never aim at anything you don t intend to shoot,Never point or aim a drawn bow at another person. Never draw or shoot when anyone is between you and your target. Never shoot at a target or object unless you are sure that it can stop your arrows. Make sure the area behind and around your target is clear. Before shooting be sure that no part of the bow will strike any tree branches or. other obstacles, Never shoot arrows straight up in the air or in any direction where you might. destroy property or endanger life,Pre shooting checklist. Are these items in good condition,Properly installed In working order.
Cables Sight,String Arrow Rest,String Serving Arrow Nocks. Loop Nock set Arrow Shafts,Cable Slide Set Screws,BOW DIAGRAMS. Understanding your bow and its component parts will add to your archery. enjoyment Although bows differ in performance and features these photos. represent the components available in various combinations on most models. Being familiar with this information will help you with the instructions throughout. this manual Also you can refer to these photos when ordering parts or making. technical inquiries,Sonic Wave,Limb Dampener Idler Wheel. Flare Quad Limbs,Buss Cable,Assembly String,Sight Window and Cable Slide. Mounting Holes,Rest Mounting Cable Guard Rod,Holes Berger Hole.
Grip Panels,Stabilizer,String Suppressor,Mounting Hole. Bear Species Shown,BOW DIAGRAMS SINGLE CAM BOW,Sonic Wave Idler Wheel. Limb Dampener,Limb Pocket,Buss Cable,Limb Pocket,Barrel Nut. Sight Window and,Mounting Holes,Bear Hinge Guard,Rest Mounting. Holes Berger Hole,Stabilizer,Mounting Hole,String Suppressor.
and Suppressor,Pre Load Quad,Bear Sole Intent Shown. BOW DIAGRAMS HYBRID CAM BOW,Sonic Wave,Limb Dampener. Limb Pocket,Buss Cable,Limb Pocket,Barrel Nut,Sight Window and. Mounting Holes Bear Hinge,Roller Guard,Rest Mounting. Holes Berger Hole,Stabilizer,Mounting Hole,Control Cable.
String Suppressor,and Suppressor,Pre Load Quad,Bottom Cam. Bear Kuma Shown,CARE AND MAINTENANCE, With proper care and a minimum amount of routine maintenance your bow will be. kept in top condition However it is still important to carefully inspect your bow on. a regular basis, Your bow should be kept clean of dust mud and grime Use a damp soft cotton. cloth to remove dirt and moisture Do not use solvents such as acetone or mineral. spirits as they may damage the finish,Storage and Transportation. Avoid exposing your bow to temperatures over 125 degrees Excessive heat may. damage your bow Do not leave your bow in your vehicle on a hot sunny day or. store in a hot attic or other hot enclosed area Clean your bow thoroughly after. each use Never put your bow away wet or store it in a damp place Lightly oil. all steel parts axles mounting screws to prevent rust You can relax the limbs. if storing for more than a year Follow the instructions under Peak Draw Weight. Adjustment in the bow adjustment section,Bow Presses.
Use only APPROVED bow presses Older style single pull bow presses that contact. the bow only in the grip area can result in bent or broken risers. See page 2 and or www BearArchery com for additional bow press information. Lubrication, Your Bear Archery compound bow requires very little lubrication Wipe the cable. guard periodically with a dry cloth to keep the cable slide running smoothly and free. of dust Cam and idler wheel bearings do not require lubrication If other lubrication. is necessary use white lithium grease or Teflon lubricants Avoid excessive. lubrication of any item as this can attract dirt On hunting bows avoid lubricants. with obvious odors,String and Cable Maintenance, Regularly apply a high quality bowstring wax to your string and cable system. Regular waxing protects your cables and strings from abrasion wear and separation. Smear the wax into position Then rub it gently with your fingers or a soft piece of. leather to work the wax into the strands Replace frayed or worn bowstrings and. cables immediately, Bear Archery strongly recommends replacing the bowstring and cable annually. Please visit your local Bear Archery dealer for assistance. BOW ADJUSTMENTS,Peak Draw Weight Adjustment, Bear Archery bows have an approximate 2 3lb limb bolt turn peak weight. adjustment range, Using a hex wrench turn the limb bolts clockwise to increase peak weight and.
counter clockwise to reduce peak weight Bow weight will increase or decrease. approximately two to four pounds per turn IMPORTANT Both limb bolts must be. adjusted equally Likewise do not turn one limb bolt more than two turns ahead of. the other when making adjustments Finally limb bolts must never be backed out. more than the specified number of full turns on any bow. Clockwise Increases,Peak Weight,Counter Clockwise,Decreases Peak. Limb Bolt Adjustment,Bows Max Turns,Approach 6,Approach HC 6. Cruzer G2 12,Cruzer Lite 12,Sole Intent 6,CAM ADJUSTMENTS. Adjusting Draw Length,Synchronized Hybrid Cam Systems. DRAW LENGTH CHART HYBRID CAMS,MODULE SETTING KUMA MOMENT APPROACH HC.
5 5 25 5 25 5 26,6 26 26 26 5,6 5 26 5 26 5 27,7 27 27 27 5. 7 5 27 5 27 5 28,8 28 28 28 5,8 5 28 5 28 5 29,9 29 29 29 5. 9 5 29 5 29 5 30,10 30 30 30 5, The Synchronized Hybrid cam has a rotating module for draw length adjustment. All draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press Draw. length changes are made by simply rotating the modules to the desired position and. moving the draw stop To change draw length remove the socket head cap screws. from the top and bottom modules rotate the modules to the desired positions. line up the indicator mark on the cam with the correct draw length indicator mark. on the module making sure to align the top and bottom to the same setting and. reapply the screws Next remove the draw stop on both the top and bottom cam. and remount it in the corresponding stop locations to the draw length you selected. Such module draw length adjustments will not affect peak draw weight or timing. Modules are right and left hand specific and top and bottom specific. In order for the Synchronized Hybrid cam system to operate at maximum efficiency. the timing needs to be set correctly This means that the top and bottom cams. roll over and hit their respective draw stops at the same time The cam timing is. set during assembly at the factory but once the bow is broken in or if you change. strings cables it is possible that the cam timing will need to be checked. If the cam system is out of time and the top stop hits before the bottom stop add. twists into the control cable until both stops hit at the same time If the cam system. is out of time and the bottom stop hits before the top stop take twists out of the. control cable until both stops hit at the same time The high quality string materials. used on your Bear Bow will exhibit very little stretch and should maintain proper. timing for extended periods under normal use,CAM ADJUSTMENTS. Synchronized Hybrid Cam Systems,Control Cable Post.
Axle Indicator,Bearing Mark,Indicator Marks,RH TOP CAM Front View. Wrap Post Module,Bearing Indicator,Cable Track Control Cable. Bottom Stop Buss Cable Post,RH BOTTOM CAM Front View. 2018 Owner s Manual Members of the ATA 2200 Stringtown Rd Evansville IN 47711 800 694 9494 fax 812 467 1245 www BearArchery com

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