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Kawasaki Technology Click on the Icon to view more information. Change Your View Key Features,Sharp Sporty Styling. Adjustable windscreen,43mm Inverted Forks,Petal Discs with the latest specification ABS. Genuine Accessories Range,Assist and Slipper Clutch. Centre Stand as Standard Equipment,Horizontal Back Link Rear Suspension. Clean mount Pannier System,Aluminium Twin tube Frame.
Thickly padded Seat,Large Volume 21 litre Capacity Tank. Wide Handlebars,Upright Riding Position,Substantial Payload. Power Mode Selection, 1043cm3 Liquid cooled 4 stroke In line four cylinder engine. Overseas model fitted with optional accessories, Thickly Padded Seat Centre Stand Triple Petal Disc Brakes. Deep cushioning and tailor designed seat The centre stand on the 2015 Versys 1000 is Larger 310mm front petal discs gripped by. material offer superb comfort for long distance now a standard feature offering increased utility opposed 4 piston calipers deliver stronger. riding The seat s slim desing and the knee grip and facillitating maintainence work stopping power with good brake touch and feel. characteristics of the tanks afford good freedom The revised brake pad material offer stronger. of movement allowing the rider to change sitting A true sports touring bike feature the centre initial bite. position Thick urethane increases comfort and stand. contributes to a seat height that places the rider The latest spec ABS is a standard feature on all. in a position of fun controllability Essential to make the ongoing maintainence Versys 1000 models The high spec ABS unit is. tasks like lubricating your chain and checking ultr compact very lightweight and enables high. The rear seat is sculpted to support and lock in the tyre pressures easier to do precision ABS control. the pillion Kawasaki s most comfortable and, secure pillions seat on a sports touring bike True to the Versys 1000 s envisioned riding.
environment ABS settings are designed to, facillitate controlled braking in a variety of street. riding situations,Sharp Sporty Styling, Completely revised design package blends style wind protection. aerodynamics and airflow management The new twin headlamp design. contributes to strong Kawasaki looks while reflecting the Versys 1000 s. abundant potential for fun sporty riding The sporty good looks give the. Versys 1000 a stronger identity and show the exciting sport riding offered. by the nimble chassis and exhilarating in line four engine. The upper Cowl features a horizontally split design that is compact. and sporty The Versys 1000 face is now adorned with twin. headlights arranged horizontally, The front turn signals have been relocated compared to the. previous model from the upper cowl to the shrouds to match the. new headlight design, Tapered handlebar with a shorter rise adds tougher looks to the. cockpit area complemented by the new single piece handlebar. Revised mirror design adds the the fresh sporty appearance. Heel guard pads prevent paint from being rubbed off adding to th. ehigh quality finish,Tachometer face is black, Striking finish on the silencer body and an aluminium die cast end.
cap add to the overall appeal, The front brake reservoir tank adds a touch of class with the wedge. shape design, The aerodynamic chin spoiler is both functional and superbly stylish. creating a front face that calls to mind a wicked grin of fun that will. resemble you own smiling face as you ride the 2016 Versys 1000. Sporty 17 Wheels Aluminium Twin Tube Frame,Race Derived Clutch Technology. Lightweight 6 spoke wheels that measure 17 Aluminium twin tube frame design features. Race inspired clutch technology offers both a are ideal for sporty street performance frame beams that go over the engine allowing. back torque limiting function as well as a much a narrow construction that is easy to grip with. lighter feel at the lever The tyre selected for their road sports potential your knees. offer increased cornering performance for more, Assist Slipper Clutch was developed based fun in hills increased high speed stability and a Lighweight and highly rigid the frame uses the. on feedback from racing activities The clutch stronger on road image to go with the Versys engine as a stressed member It contributes to. uses two types of cams an assist cam and a 1000 refreshed styling handling offering a firm planted feel good. slipper cam offering two new functions not stability and light nimble turning. available on the standard clutch of the previous, model Setting the caster angle to 27 contributes to a.
good balance of high speed stability and,neutral handling character that suits sporty. street riding,Suspension, Real world riding occurs on streets that are often less than circuit smooth. road imperfections bumps holes are far from rare and some streets are. not even sealed Kawasaki engineers chose long travel suspension to. enable riders to carve corners with aplomb The Versys 1000 is not. designed for off road use but the long travel suspension s ability to cope. with less than perfect street conditions allows the Versys to remain. composed where ever you take it, At the fron the Versys 1000 is supported by 43mm inverted. cartridge type fork, Damping mechanism is now concentrated in the right fork tube. The front suspension is adjustable for rebound compression and. Rebound and compression damping are about 30 less than on the. previous model The more supple suspension setting contributes to. improved rider comfort, Longer outer tubes 20mm longer increases fork rigidity.
Top out springs with revised softer spring rate and increased length. contribute to reduced shock at maximum extension for increased. The horizontal back link rear suspension positions the shock unit. and linkage above the swingarm, A 109N m rear shock spring gives sport riding stability and enables. the bike to perfom when fully loaded, A remote preload adjuster means changes to suit two up riding or. luggage can be made easily and by hand, The rear shock is also adjustable for rebound damping. Clean Mount Pannier Wind Protection High Payload Carrying. System Accessory Capacity,Adjustable windscreen has a. The mounting system for the stepless range of approximately Robust steel pipe rear frame. accessory panniers allows the 75mm previously 30mm Height enables the substantial payload of. panniers to be attached and can be adjusted without tools 220kg A lightweight resin rear. removed very simly contributing using two knobs on the front of carrier 6kg capacity is fitted as. to increased convenience the screen to suit rider standard equipment. Completely revised to allow the preference,panniers to be better integrated 47L Top Case.
with the rear of the bike the clean The greater range of adjustment. contributes to increased wind Accessory,mount system positions the. panniers much closer to the bike protection and comfort. An accessory top case and, centreline and thanks to the clean mount can be fitted The top case. clutter free design ensures the is rate to 5kg and the 47L size is. rear of the bike looks good with large enough to fit two full face. the panniers removed Available helmets Colour coded accessory. as accessory Colour matched panels enhance the look of the. covers and details add to the high bike,end finish of the Versys 1000. Exciting Engine, To maximise the Versys 1000 s fun factor engineers wanted to provide the. most exciting engine possible The engine needed to deliver more than just. performance figures The engine they chose is a 1043cm3 In line Four. tuned for flexibility Superb throttle response strong torque at all rpm. especially in the lo mid range and a seductive intake howl ensure that. every twist of the throttle delivers a physical and aural sensation that you. will find addictive, Z1000 based liquid cooled DOHC 16 Valve 1043cm3 In line four cylinder.
The addition of two more intake passages from 2015 one below. the main passage one at the bottom of the airbox improve the. engine performance, Connecting passageways added between the cylinders reduce. pumping loss Maintian the power performance and achieve. cleaner emmissions, Long type Denso 12 hole fine atomising injectors with tapered. holes previously 8 hole to give a more consistent droplet size. Denso type ignition coils with reversed coils to minimise electrical. interference, Revised ignition timing matches the changes to the injectors air. cleaner and exhaust, With the cowling cooling performance is improved allowing the. water cooled oil cooler to be eliminated to save weight. The high generator output 15 3A at idling speed ensures. sufficient generating capacity with a full complement of accessories. Instrumentation Fuel Tank Wide Handlebar, Tough design multi function instrumentation 21 litre fuel tank adds to the touring abilities of The wide handlebar offers easy control.
includes an analogue style tachometer and the 2015 Versys 1000 With engine and especially at low speed manoeuvring. LCD with speedometer fuel gauge odometer transmission settings calculated range on one Positioned to offer natural grip it allows the. clock dual trip meters current and average fuel tank could be 400km New design fuel guage ridier s elbows to be slightly bent when sitting in. consumption remaining range and external air inside the fuel tank enable a very precise a relaxed upright stance. temperature Large analogue style tachometer estimation of the remaining range. is complemented by a multi function LCD,screen controlled by a convenient handle. switch Revised meter face adds to sporty, 3 Mode KTRC Kawasaki TRaction Power Mode Selection. Control Using high precision electronic control for. Power modes offer riders an easily selectable engine management Kawasaki models can. 3 mode KTRC combines the traction control choice between Full and Low Power While Full achieve a high level of fuel efficiency However. Power is unrestricted in Low Power mode, technology of both 1 mode KTRC which maximum power is limited to approximately fuel consumption is greatly affected by throttle. provides enhanced stability in slippery 75 80 of Full use gear selection and other elements under. situations by preventing wheel slip and the rider s control The Economical Riding. S KTRC which helps maintain optimum Indicator is a function that indicates when. traction in sport riding situations by predicting current riding conditions are consuming a low. the rear wheel slip ratio during acceleration amount of fuel. into a single system,Kawasaki Genuine Accessories,Talk to your local dealer for more information. and availability, LED Fog Lamps Hand Guards Grip Warmers Gear Position Indicator.
40W DC Socket Helmet Lock Radiator Guard Frame Sliders. Accessories for KLZ1000BFF 2015 VERSYS 1000 2650, Aluminium Cover Black Aluminium cover silver BACK REST PAD 47L BASEPLATE TOP CASE 47L2. Aluminium plate Black Anodized Aluminium plate for KLZ1000 Silver For optimal riding comfort for the pillion BASEPLATE TOP CASE 47L2 for. Anadized passenger Features a faux leather Versys 1000 top case. stitched cover with a qualilty feel, DC OUTPUT DECO STRIPE KIT Candy FOG LAMP FRAME SLIDER. Burnt Orange, High capacity generator develops LED fog lamps positioned in front of the Optional extra part helps to protect your. enough electricity to power a 40w Deco stripe kit candy burnt orange for radiator shrouds just below the chin motorcycle but will not prevent all types. accessory DC socket The DC socket pannier set spoiler on the upper cowl offer of damage. can be used to power small electronic significantly increased night time. devices visibility, Gear Position Indicator GRIP HEATER HAND GUARDS SHELL SET HANDGUARD BRACKETS. Shows what gear the bike is currently in Optional part The Kawasaki handguards are equipped. through calculation using RPM and Hand guard set black Brackets sold with an aluminum bar for the stongest. wheel speed Bike is pre wired so separately protection available Plastic shells sold. installation is virtually plug and play separately. HELMET LOCK INNER BAG SET FOR K PANNIER COVERS Candy Lock set for Panniers 2. PANNIER SET Burnt Orange LOCKS, Optional part This nylon interior bag set 2 bags keeps Candy Burnt Orange covers to complete Allows for pannier locks to be.
everything in place They make it easy to the design of the panniers programmed to the Bikes ignition key. carry luggage from the pannier cases,Comes with a mesh separator handles. and a carrying strap, LOCK SYSTEM 47L PADS KNEE PANNIER CASES ONLY Pannier Fitting Kit. Tankpads side Top quality gel resin Quick release 56 litre pannier system Fitting kit for panniers for the Versys. One key lock system for the topcase self adhesive tank protector Semi that will hold most full face helmets 1000 2015. allows you to use the ignition key to transparent allowing the original tank Panniers attach to the factory handgrips. conveniently unlocked and removed the colour to show through and give a clean look when removed. topcase Features our One Key System the bike,ignition key also fits the pannier locks. For the system to work you need to order,the following 5 parts 1 Pannier Cases 2. Pannier Fitting Kit 3 Lock Set 4 Cover,Set Color 5 Deco Stripe Kit Color.
RADIATOR TRIM BLACK Tank pad kit Versys 1000 TOP CASE 47L TOPCASE COVER 47L2. Top case providing a spacious 47 litres Colour matched top shell cover for the. 2016 Versys 1000 Change Your View On any street the new Versys 1000 offers maximum riding enjoyment The highly responsive in line four engine combined with a nimble chassis delivers sport performance in the most comfortable of settings A weekend solo scratch the daily commute the long distance tour solo or two up the Versys 1000 will handle all that you can throw at it The upright

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