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Patient Education,Table of Contents PATIENT EDUCATION BROCHURES. Patient Education 2 3 The AANS Patient Education Brochures will . New Publications from Thieme 4 Ensure patients receive thorough credible information about neurosurgical conditions and treatment. options authored by board certified neurosurgeons . Historical Publications 5 Assist you in managing your patient s expectations crucial to minimizing professional liability . Coding Resources 6 7 Provide easy to understand information written in language geared towards the general public . Ensure the same message is conveyed to each patient . Online Resources 7 8, Save you the time of developing your own literature . Member Discount Programs 9 10,Order Form 11, A Patient s Guide to Minimally Invasive A Patient s Guide to Neck Pain. Spine Surgery, N E C K P A I N, This brochure outlines. MINIMALLY INVASIVE A detailed explanation the explanations. SPINE SURGERY, G U I D E, of how minimally of possible surgical.
G U I d E, invasive approaches procedures descriptions. work and how they of post surgical recovery , differ from traditional and what to expect after. open procedures in being discharged from, P A T I E N T S. P A t I E N t S, regards to neurosurgery the hospital . A, A, an educational brochure from the, american association of neurological surgeons.
an educational brochure from the, american association of neurological surgeons. 11 067 indd 1 9 14 11 12 22 PM, 20 Pages 50 Brochures Pack. 20 Pages 50 Brochures Pack Order 847 09 , Order 934 List Price 60. List Price 60 AANS Member Price 50, AANS Member Price 50. A Patient s Guide to Neurosurgery A Patient s Guide to Diagnostic Testingy. This brochure This brochure, emphasizes that explains the common.
neurosurgeons do technologies used in, more than brain diagnosing neurological. surgery It outlines disorders An excellent, some of the specific overview suitable for. disorders of the brain many types of exams , spine and nerves this brochure lets. commonly treated by patients know what to, neurosurgeons expect and how these. tests will be used to help, their physician interpret.
their symptoms , 12 Pages 50 Brochures Pack 12 Pages 50 Brochures Pack. Order 774 08 Order 936 , List Price 60 List Price 60. AANS Member Price 50 AANS Member Price 50,2 8 8 8 566 AAN S. Patient Education, PATIENT EDUCATION BROCHURES, A Patient s Guide to Low Back Pain A Patient s Guide to Cerebral Aneurysms. This brochure outlines common causes of This brochure provides patients with an. low back pain including herniated discs overview of the various types of intracranial. disc degeneration lumbar spinal stenosis and aneurysms and discusses factors believed to. spondylolisthesis contribute to their formation early warning. signs symptoms and treatment , 16 Pages 50 Brochures Pack 20 Pages 50 Brochures Pack.
Order 839 06 List Price 60 Order 905 List Price 60. AANS Member Price 50 AANS Member Price 50, A Patient s Guide to Spinal Fusion A Patient s Guide to Brain Tumors. This brochure discusses when spinal fusion B r a i n T u m o r s. This brochure examines the types and causes, techniques might be used to treat low back of brain tumors in both children and adults . G u i d e, pain defines types of spinal fusion and symptoms how they can be diagnosed and. describes instrumentation approaches the variety of treatment options available . P a T i e n T s, 12 Pages 50 Brochures Pack 20 Pages 50 Brochures Pack. Order 928 List Price 60, a, Order 899 07 List Price 60.
AANS Member Price 50, an educational brochure from the. american association of neurological surgeons AANS Member Price 50. 10 036 indd 1 7 7 10 11 27 AM,A Patient s Guide to Stereotactic Radiosurgery. Stereotactic radioSurgery This brochure provides patients with an. explanation of radiosurgery and why its use Patient Information. Online, g u i d e, may be recommended over traditional surgery. to treat a variety of vascular abnormalities Access detailed patient focused. tumors or functional disorders focused in the descriptions of more than 80. neurosurgical conditions and, brain and spinal regions . treatments online at, P a t i e n t S, www AANS org in the.
patient education section This, resource provides essential. information such as prevalence, and incidence statistics risk. 16 Pages 50 Brochures Pack factors symptoms diagnosis and. both surgical and nonsurgical, a, Order 925 List Price 60. an educational brochure from the, american association of neurological surgeons. AANS Member Price 50 treatment options New topics. are added on an ongoing basis , w w w A A N S o r g 3.
Publications, Thieme, NEW PUBLICATIONS FROM THIEME. Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery Neurosurgery Knowledge Update A Biomechanics of Spine Stabilization 3rd. Jamie S Ullman MD FAANS and P B Raksin Comprehensive Review Edition. MD FAANS Robert E Harbaugh MD FAANS Edward C Benzel MD FAANS. Atlas of Emergency Christopher Shaffrey MD FAANS A comprehensive. Neurosurgery part William Couldwell MD PhD FAANS reference on. of the Neurosurgical Mitchel Berger MD FAANS the latest spine. Operative Atlas Certification from technologies, Series co published the American Board that helps spine. by Thieme and the of Neurological specialists, AANS is a step by Surgeons ABNS is understand the. step visual guide to the gold standard clinically important. performing surgical for certification biomechanical. procedures used in of neurosurgeons principles, neurotrauma as well practicing in the underpinning spinal. as non traumatic U S This text is the surgery and instrumentation so that the best. emergency cases The chapters address such most up to date clinical decisions can be made for patients This. topics as cerebral trauma and stroke shunt failure board guide for new edition includes coverage of the latest spine. central nervous system infection pituitary apoplexy neurosurgeons It features actual cases over technology that has evolved over the past decade . and reconstructive procedures Special sections on 300 high quality illustrations and images clinical such as motion preservation technologies and. pediatrics as well as military related injuries are overviews and a Q A that mimics the ABNS minimally invasive spine surgery . also included exam format , 568 Pages Hardcover Price 199 99.
528 Pages Hardcover Price 249 99 984 Pages Hardcover Price 249 99 Order 9242 AANS Member Price 180. Order 3684 AANS Member Price 225 Order 0361 AANS Member Price 225. , , Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology, AANS Member Discount Charles J Prestigiacomo MD FAANS. with Thieme Covering not only the latest techniques but also the science and. rationale behind neuroendovascular treatment this reference reflects. Receive a 10 discount on all of, the current knowledge base of the endovascular surgical neuroradiology. Thieme s neurosurgical titles with subspecialty It covers all aspects of neuroendovascular surgery . the discount code specifically for from the science of vascular biology to the more advanced clinical. applications in acute stroke interventions and AVMs Written by. AANS members neurologists neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists this timely text. Visit www Thieme com and enter provides readers with a thorough review of all the considerations. pertinent to the endovascular treatment of diseases of the. code AANS10 in checkout cerebrovascular system spine head and neck . 773 Pages Hardcover Price 279 99, Order 0577 AANS Member Price 252. 4 8 8 8 566 AAN S, Publications, Historical, , The Legacy of Harvey Cushing Profiles of Cherokee Neurosurgeon A Biography of Harvey Cushing A Life in Surgery. Patient Care Charles Byron Wilson MD Michael Bliss PhD. Aaron A Cohen Gadol MD FAANS and Dennis D Brian T Andrews MD FAANS Here is the first biography. Spencer MD FAANS to appear in 50 years of, The Legacy of Derived from Harvey Proceeds from Harvey Cushing a giant.
Spencer, Cohen Gadol, Harvey Cushing, Cushing s remarkable this book benefit of American medicine and. Profiles of Patient Care, Aaron A Cohen Gadol personal collection in the the Neurosurgery without doubt the greatest. The Legacy of Harvey Cushing, Research and, Dennis D Spencer. Brain Tumor Registry figure in the history of,al, s. cal, Education neurosurgery Drawing on,r,ts ,e, The Legacy of Harvey.
n ,ns, Cushing Profiles of Patient Foundation NREF new collections of intimate. Care presents a stunning personal and family papers . historical account of diaries and patient records . Cushing s surgical casesAmerican, Association of, Michael Bliss captures. and research from 1905 Cushing s professional, Neurological. AR Surgeons, H, EY C US HIN, G, V, and the American Association of Neurosurgeons. AANS, to 1930 This beautifully and personal life in remarkable detail Bliss paints an.
illustrated book features Cherokee Neurosurgeon is the authorized biography engaging portrait of a man of ambition boundless . 800 of Cushing s surgical drawings and photographs of of famed neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Wilson one of driving energy a fanatical work ethic a penchant for. patients and tumor specimens America s great neurosurgical pioneers Cherokee self promotion and ruthlessness more than a touch. Neurosurgeon gives fascinating insight into Dr of egotism and meanness and an enormous appetite. 586 Pages Hardcover Price 144 95 Wilson s inspirations achievements and failures for life . Order 3891 AANS Member Price 130, 204 Pages Softcover Price 20 522 Pages Softcover Price 25. Order 1560 AANS Member Price 20 Order 9612 AANS Member Price 22. , Heart of a Lion Hands of a Woman What The Edwin Smith Papyrus. Women Neurosurgeons Do Gonzalo M Sanchez MD FAANS and Edmund S . Deborah L Benzil MD FAANS and Karin M Meltzer PhD. Muraszko MD FAANS The Edwin Smith Papyrus, This limited edition volume offers an authoritative. showcases the creative treatment of the Egyptian, collections of women text which clarifies. neurosurgeons From the meaning of many, personal memoirs of the passages from the papyrus.
surgeons struggles as and points the way to, they faced overwhelming their correct medical. obstacles entering interpretation The Edwin, a traditionally male Smith Papyrus is the first. dominated profession to comprehensive trauma, showcasing their varied treatise in the history of medicine This volume contains. talents in the areas of the original hieratic text complete transcription. painting photography and poetry Heart of a Lion into hieroglyphs transliteration English translation . Hands of a Woman gets into the mind of female philological apparatus and copiously illustrated medical. neurosurgeons like no other commentaries for the for the 48 clinical cases of the. Edwin Smith Papyrus , 175 Pages Softcover Price 40. Order 5732 AANS Member Price 40 400 Pages Hardcover Price 250. Order 0017 AANS Member Price 225, , , w w w A A N S o r g 5.
Coding Resources, AANS Publications, , 2015 AANS Guide to Coding AANS ICD 10 Express Code Neurosurgeon s E M Reference Card. NEW , Mastering the Global Service Package John Kevin Ratcliff MD FAANS and Joseph S Cheng AANS. for Neurological Surgery Services MD MS FAANS, A pocket sized guide to the. Joseph S Cheng MD MS FAANS John Kevin Ratcliff , With the implementation of basic coding and documentation. MD FAANS and Luis Manuel Tumialan MD FAANS, ICD 10 CM the number of guidelines for Evaluation and.
Simplify your coding with possible diagnostic codes Management Services specific to. this collection of procedure approaches 68 000 The a neurosurgical practice Keep. related information specific AANS ICD 10 Express Code this updated reference handy for. to neurosurgery The 2015 eliminates the daily need of a accurate E M coding . AANS Guide to Coding weighty unwieldy reference, has related procedures by including only the most. grouped into sections for common diagnoses faced by. easy reference Updated the practicing neurosurgeon . with 2015 coding changes For optimal ease of use . and current AANS coding these codes are condensed. recommendations the Guide to help coders and physicians locate the correct codes in a. includes features requested by neurosurgical coders The quick and logical way . Guide is ideal for neurosurgeons their billing and coding Order 436 13. Order 437 14 Price 22, personnel and office managers . Price 49 AANS Member Price 12, Order 435 14 AANS Member Price 39. Price 135 , AANS Member Price 115 , CPT 2015 Professional Edition NEW AANS Managing Coding Course. American Medical Association, Correctly interpreting and reporting.
Course co directors John Kevin Ratliff MD FAANS and Luis Manuel. Managing Coding, medical procedures and services Reimbursement Challenges. in Neurosurgery, Tumialan MD FAANS invite you to attend the most comprehensive coding. begins with CPT 2014 Professional 2015 update course designed specifically for neurosurgeons and their office staff . The Legacy of Harvey Cushing Profiles of Patient Care Cohen Gadol Spencer The Legacy of Harvey Cushing Derived from Harvey Cushing s remarkable personal collection in the Brain Tumor Registry The Legacy of Harvey Cushing Profiles of Patient Carepresents a stunning historical account of Cushing s surgical cases and research from 1905 to 1930

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