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Page 3 of 137,GENERAL INFORMATION D1, State Agency Administering the CHILD WELFARE Programs. Department of the Family Organizational Structure, The Puerto Rico Department of the Family DF is the agency of the Government of Puerto Rico. responsible for the provision of the diversity and or variety of social welfare services Originally. Puerto Rico Law No 171 of June 30 1968 created the Department of Social Services which was. reorganized under Puerto Rico Law No 1 of July 28 1995 as the Department of the Family As. an umbrella agency four Administrations operate with fiscal and administrative autonomy. The Department of the Family s composition is as follows. Office of the Secretary, Administration for Families and Children AFC ADFAN Spanish acronym. Administration of the Socioeconomic Development of the Family ADSEF Spanish. Child Support Administration ASUME Spanish acronym enacted by PL 86 August 17. Administration for Integral Development of Childhood ACUDEN Spanish acronym PL. 179 August 1 2003, The Administrations are agencies dedicated to execute the public policy established by the. Secretary in the different priority areas of services to children and their families including the. elder population This includes the development and implementation of standards norms and. procedures to manage the programs and provide the operational supervision of the Integrated. Services Centers ISC at the local levels The regional level 10 regional offices supervises the. local offices, They regional and local levels are responsible for implementing and developing those functions.
delegated by the Secretary through the redefinition and reorganization of the variety of. services for the families including traditional services and the creation of new methods and. strategies for responding to the needs of families Work plans are prepared in agreement with. guidelines and final approval of the Secretary, The Department of the Family incorporates the following principles into its public policy. The Government of Puerto Rico proposes to improve the quality of life of families through. a better use of government resources as well as community and faith based resources. therefore family and community involvement and participation are essential in adopting this. administrative philosophy and in channeling public services. The family is recognized as the fundamental unit of society and government should. facilitate the means by which families and their communities can effectively become part of the. PR CFSP 2015 2019,Page 4 of 137, design planning implementation and evaluation of services. The organizational structure and delivery of services of the Department of the Family. must respond to the characteristics of a changing family in terms of the roles of its members. educational level income status structure functions and problems that affect all its members. Under this structure the Administration of Families and Children is responsible for the. provision of all child welfare services and for the administration of Title IV E Program in. coordination with the Administration for Socioeconomic Development of the Family and the. Child Support Administrations, It should be mentioned here that in January 2013 there was change in government. administration as result of state elections The new Secretary of the Department of the Family. began the implementation of a new project as part of the strategies to prevent Child Abuse. and Neglect CAN named Redes de Apoyo Familiar y Convivencia Comunitaria Networks of. Family Support and Community Life, This is an emblematic project of this new agency administration designed and being developed. by the Office of the Secretary with a strong support of the various Administrations that. compose the Department of the Family especially through ADFAN s Assistant Administration. for Prevention and Community Services Its purpose is to promote the integral well being of. families living in communities where high risk factors have been identified to strengthen. parent child youths relationships their social connections and their socio economic. development Multidisciplinary Service Centers will be located in 6 of these communities as. pilot projects The Centers will also be supported by collaborative agreements with agencies. and organizations to enable them to meet the needs of these families in an integral and. coordinated manner, Administration for Families and Children Organizational Structure.
The Administration for Families and Children ADFAN central level was reorganized in. January 2013 and returned to its original structure and functions. Administrator Office Deputy Administrator, Assistant Administration for Elderly and Adults with Disabilities. Assistant Administration for Prevention and Community Services. Assistant Administration for Child Protective Services. Assistant Administration for Family Preservation and Support Services. Assistant Administration for Foster Care and Adoption Services. CENTRAL LEVEL, Office of the Administrator and the Office of the Deputy Administrator. The Administrator is responsible with the assistance of the Deputy Administrator for the. implementation of public policy established by the Secretary They are responsible for. PR CFSP 2015 2019,Page 5 of 137, managing all services programs under the Administration as well as supervising and evaluating. the compliance of the work plans prepared in agreement with the Office of the Secretary. Four of the Assistant Administrations Prevention Protection Preservation and Foster Care. and Adoption intervene in the provision of services within the continuum of child welfare. services Assistant Administrators are responsible for the formulation development. implementation and evaluation of the norms procedures and standards that services programs. must adhere to Social Work Specialists in each Assistant Administration keep up to date. regarding federal regulations local mandates models of intervention theories and new. practices in the field of social work and child welfare They are responsible for the development. of new projects and intervention strategies designed to improve the services and responses to. the changing needs of individuals families and communities Policy recommendations are. made based on identification and adaptation of demonstrated best practices and evidenced. based models and practices Assistant Administrators also assist the Administrator and the. Deputy Administrator in insuring that funds are used according to the purposes of the. legislative mandate and that service provision is monitored. A number of offices maintain the organizational structure by providing administrative support. The Assistant Administration for Administrative Services includes the Budget Finance. General Services Purchasing and Facilities Contracting Division of ADFAN This area. provides support to the Office of the Administrator and all other components The. Administrator provides leadership in the planning coordination and supervision of the. execution of work plans of all the administrative components of this support area. The Office of Human Resources and Labor Affairs plans directs coordinates and supervises. all activities related to personnel administration in accordance with Government and. Federal labor laws and regulations The Director advises the ADFAN Administrator on all. matters related to human resources and labor laws and regulations and provides. technical assistance to the managerial staff on the application of such regulations This. Office includes the Divisions for Classification and Retribution Appointment and. Changes Recruitment Staff Relations Employee Services and Evaluation and Analysis. The Office of Legal Counsel advises the Administrator on all legal aspects and plans and. supervises legal procedures In coordination with the Courts Administration and the. Department of Justice of Puerto Rico this Office is responsible for all legal procedures. related to the minors and families served by ADFAN The staff of this Office prepares. and processes all contracts and other legal documents and represents the Administrator. in legal forums in and outside of Puerto Rico, The Training Institute evaluates training needs of staff of all the dependencies of the. Administration and contracted community based organizations Identifies and. coordinates or contracts with quality training resources for the provision of. professional development services to fill identified needs The staff of the Training. Institute evaluates the effectiveness of the training activities in achieving objectives and. the participant satisfaction, The Quality Assurance Office is responsible for designing and executing services reviews to.
PR CFSP 2015 2019,Page 6 of 137, measure performance vis a vis services standards It creates the findings reports that are. shared with direct services staff supervisors and management and solicits the. corrective actions plans to the regional offices based on those findings. PR CFSP 2015 2019, The following are the organizational charts of the structure of the Department of the Family and ADFAN. Page 2 of 137,PR CFSP 2015 2019,Page 3 of 137,PR CFSP 2015 2019. The following is the link to the location of where the APSR will be located in the Agency s. http www2 pr gov agencias adfan Pages default aspx. The following is the contact person for the CFSP APSR Rosa L Fuentes Deputy Administrator. Phone 787 625 4900 x 1803 email address rfuentes adfan pr gov. A leading expedient sensitive and facilitating agency in the provision and promotion of. services of excellence to families and communities with human fiscal and technological. resources to achieve social justice, We are facilitators in the provision of preventive supportive and remedial services for. families and communities to develop their strengths capacities and self sufficiency and. enable them to be an integrated component of the Puerto Rico society. The guiding principles to achieve the mission include. Implement an integrated service delivery system organized around the needs of the family. Build community capacity and develop partnerships to serve families. Emphasize prevention and early intervention both at home and in the community. Integrate and coordinate services effectively across systems. Strengthen organizational and professional competence of the Agency. The basic values and beliefs to support the established child welfare goals of. Safety Children have the right to live in an environment free from harm and or sense on. impending harm, Permanency Children have the right to live in a permanent family setting with the.
opportunity to form lifetime relationships, Well Being Children have the right to be reared by primary caretakers who display sincere. dedicated responsiveness to the child s educational developmental psychological and. physical needs, The Agency will use the mission principles and values to focus planning efforts in developing. and implementing the Program Improvement Plan PIP to attain a Competent Agency with a. Broad array of Services with Client s and Community members fully engaged in pursing child. welfare best practices and outcomes for children and families. Page 2 of 137,Collaboration, During the process of transition from the past to the new government administration more. than the usual public scrutiny took place especially regarding the Department of the Family. The increased public interest had its positive results in that it drew the legislature public. agencies various professional associations and community organizations to initiate contact. with or respond to ADFAN s call for exploration of how they could contribute or bring about. specific collaboration efforts Since early 2013 these efforts have multiplied and strengthened. The PIP which ADFAN intensively worked on during last year was a significant catalyst and. vehicle to not only at working collaboratively on the PIP but to develop stronger relations with. other agencies and organizations, The most mutually satisfying and fruitful one has been with the courts Shortly after ADFAN. approached the CIP Coordinator about the strategy on the training of agency attorneys. regarding the federal requirements on the different types of court hearings CIP shared a copy. of their State Plan It became immediately evident that their objectives were amazingly similar. to those ADFAN pursued on the PIP This was a strong motivator as we realized that by working. closely together and sharing resources our mutually shared objectives had a real chance of. being accomplished This became a self fulfilling prophecy in that we have produced. measurable positive results such as improvements in the punctual filing in the court of the. social reports by ADFAN s social workers notifications of hearings to caretakers interviewing of. minors by the Family Affairs Advocate in San Juan in the cases in which the new court reporting. guide is being used the reports have improved in content and in the organization of the. PR CFSP 2015 2019 GENERAL INFORMATION D1 State Agency Administering the CHILD WELFARE Programs Department of the Family Organizational Structure The Puerto Rico Department of the Family DF is the agency of the Government of Puerto Rico responsible for the provision of the diversity and or variety of social welfare services Originally

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