2009 BMW 3 Series Convertible 328i The Ultimate 335i

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A BMW that s open to the air and to innovative engineering. Push its Start button and it will push yours,Raises the roof and the standard for. all around performance,A vehicle in which innovation and. comfort are synonymous, Even with an abundance of fresh air you ll still be left breathless. The 3 Series Convertible,It s time to open up, The road ahead The skies above And the perfect connection between the two. This is how much has gone in And this is what comes out. At BMW we create dynamic vehicles that thrill you with quick acceleration predictable handling and unshakable control We are also busy. nding ways to sustain this level of performance while incorporating innovative fuels and technologies to help preserve the environment. This is what we refer to as Ef cientDynamics This goal has led to the visionary CleanEnergy hydrogen powered engine which is currently. used in the BMW Hydrogen 7 Sedan BMW Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance which offers diesel power with quick acceleration. increased fuel ef ciency and reduced emissions is being introduced to the U S in select models in 2009 In fact every BMW on the road. today comes standard with technology that boosts performance while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Double VANOS Aerodynamics, VANOS is BMW s valve timing system that The more smoothly that air flows over a vehicle the more.
can steplessly vary the points in the efficiently it can operate All BMWs are designed for a. combustion cycle when valves open and low coefficient of aerodynamic drag which translates. close Double VANOS refers to the fact into quicker acceleration more stable handling quieter. that it operates on both the intake and operation and greater fuel efficiency A BMW s inte. exhaust camshafts Electronically controlled grated front spoilers reduce the amount of air flowing. in response to engine speed load and underneath minimizing front end lift This allows a BMW. temperature VANOS reduces emissions to hug the road at higher speeds for excellent stability. and enhances low to medium speed torque,as well as fuel efficiency. BMW models have low CO2 emissions today,But that s just for starters We re carrying on. our research in the quest to bring you greater,driving pleasure with fewer emissions and. Valvetronic Efficient transmissions Lightweight construction decreased fuel consumption. Instead of using a traditional throttle The 3 Series Convertible offers a choice Our engineers use lightweight aluminum. Valvetronic technology in the 328i lets the of two 6 speed transmissions a smooth throughout our vehicles in the front section. engine breathe more easily by varying the shifting manual and an equally fuel efficient for example or for the suspension BMW s. lift height of the valves to regulate air intake STEPTRONIC automatic transmission inline six cylinder twin turbo engine is all. The result improved cold starts smoother aluminum the naturally aspirated inline six. running and a significant drop in fuel con is an aluminum magnesium composite the. sumption Using revolutionary technology lightest in its class Taken together these. such as this BMW has improved its overall weight savings lead to lower fuel consump. average fuel economy more than any other tion and better axle load distribution for more. manufacturer agility especially in curves,Twin turbocharged engine. Benefiting from BMW s twin turbocharging,technology the 300 hp 335i delivers quick.
acceleration without any turbo lag Fuel,economy is strong as well thanks to precise. piezo direct fuel injection,BMW Ef cientDynamics,Less consumption More exhilaration. Recommended color combinations,Materials Leatherette1 Dakota Leather 2. Cream Beige Black Cream Beige Gray Coral Red Black Saddle Brown Black Black. Upholstery colors,Exterior colors,Non metallic p p p p p p p. 300 Alpine White,Non metallic p p p p p,A61 Crimson Red.
Non metallic p p p p p p p,668 Jet Black,Metallic 3 p p p p p. 354 Titanium Silver,Metallic 3 p p p p p p,A53 Platinum Bronze. Metallic 3 p p p p p p,896 Blue Water,Metallic 3 p p p p p p p. A52 Space Gray,Metallic 3 p p p p p p,A17 Mojave,Metallic 3 p p p p p. A13 Atlantic Blue,Metallic 3 p p p p p p,A51 Montego Blue.
Metallic 3 p p p p p p,A35 Monaco Blue,Metallic 3 p p p p p. A39 Barbera Red,Metallic 3 p p p p p p,A81 Tasman Green. Metallic 3 p p p p p p p,475 Black Sapphire,Interior trims. 4AB Dark Burl Walnut Wood4,4A3 Light Burl Walnut Wood5. 4AS Gray Poplar Wood5,4B9 Aluminum5,1 Standard in 328i not available in 335i.
2 Standard in 335i optional and included in 328i Premium Package. 3 Optional,4 Standard,5 No cost option,s Standard equipment o Optional equipment. s Xenon Adaptive Headlights provide brilliant clarity of the road ahead and to the side at night and in conditions with poor visibility. The dynamic auto leveling feature adjusts for varying passenger and cargo loads helping to keep headlight glare out of the eyes of oncoming. drivers BMW Adaptive Headlights provide optimum road illumination around corners thanks to an electromechanical control system that. directs the headlights into and around the bend as soon as the vehicle begins cornering The Corona headlight rings that circle both headlights. and high beams also act separately as Daytime Running Lights and parking lights. s BMW s distinctive front kidney shaped s Halogen free form foglights integrated s Adaptive Brake Lights help other drivers. grille features a chrome surround and vertical into the deep front spoiler enhance your recognize the intensity of your braking actions. slats on all 3 Series Convertibles margin of safety in bad visibility Ellipsoid In emergency braking the illuminated area. free form technology ensures even light of the brake lights increases alerting drivers. distribution on the road behind you to brake quickly. s Standard equipment o Optional equipment, s 17 x 8 0 Star Spoke Style 157 light s 17 x 8 0 Star Spoke Style 185 light o Cross Spoke Style 197 light alloy. alloy wheels with 225 45 run flat1 alloy wheels with 225 45 run flat1 wheels and run flat1 performance tires 2. all season tires std on 328i all season tires std on 335i In front 18 x 8 0 wheels and 225 40 tires. in back 18 x 8 5 wheels and 255 35 tires,included in 328i Sport Package. o Star Spoke Style 189 light alloy wheels,and run flat1 performance tires 2. In front 18 x 8 0 wheels and 225 40 tires,in back 18 x 8 5 wheels and 255 35 tires.
included in 335i Sport Package, o Star Spoke Style 230 light alloy wheels and run flat1 performance tires 2. In front 19 x 8 0 wheels and 225 35 tires in back 19 x 9 0 wheels and 255 30 tires. opt on 335i requires optional Sport Package,1 Run flat. tires do not come equipped with a spare tire, 2 Performance tires not recommended for driving in ice and snow Due to low profile tires please note. wheels tires and suspension parts are more susceptible to road hazard and consequential damages. s Standard equipment o Optional equipment, o Steering wheel mounted paddle shifters1 allow you to quickly upshift and downshift without a clutch. 1 The 3 Series Convertible when equipped with optional STEPTRONIC automatic transmission and optional Sport Package also comes with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. s 6 speed manual transmission delivers a o 6 speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmis s Storage compartments are integrated into. precise athletic feel Its responsiveness is due sion provides a choice of three modes Drive both doors A tilt out bin below the armrest. in part to the enhanced synchronization of with Adaptive Transmission Control a more offers different compartments in which to tuck. shifts from neutral to each gear A shortened dynamic Sport mode and STEPTRONIC away sunglasses change and other small. shift lever and throw add to the sporty feel automatic for the hands on control of a items a convenient open storage space for. of the gearbox The sixth gear drops revs at manual without a clutch 1 maps and larger items is just behind it. highway speeds for smooth cruising, 1When both optional Sport Package and optional STEPTRONIC automatic transmission are ordered.
optional paddle shifters are automatically added,s Standard equipment o Optional equipment. s BMW Ambiance Lighting adds a touch of elegance to cabin lighting In addition to soft white s Seat integrated front safety belts help. light turn the headlights on to enjoy the drama of a warm reddish light that runs from front to rear keep occupants firmly and comfortably in. beneath the inner door ledge place The seat integrated design also helps. ease entry and exit for rear seat passengers, s Rear console provides rear seat occupants with ample storage both open and covered and rear cabin climate controls. s Standard equipment o Optional equipment,o Navigation system features a high. resolution glare free monitor Using GPS,satellites in conjunction with data stored on an. internal hard drive a choice of detailed maps,show and tell the directions to your desired.
destination In many areas 1 it also provides,Real Time Traffic Information on potential. traffic problems along your route and can even,plan a detour around them. 1 See bmwusa com for up to date coverage,o With the optional Navigation system you. can program up to six easy access memory,keys with your most frequently used functions. At a touch call up your favorite radio stations,Navigation system addresses phone numbers 2.
2 Requires optional Bluetooth wireless technology and a. BMW approved Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, s Dynamic Cruise Control lets you store and s Engine Start Stop button4 and remote s Auxiliary input port lets you connect an. keep to a chosen speed above 20 mph auto key control the engine First insert the remote external audio source such as an iPod or. matically applying the brakes on a downhill It key into the starter switch slot After the elec MP3 player. is activated via the left hand steering column tronic identification system confirms that it is o iPod and USB adaptor lets you scroll. switch and deactivated by applying the brakes the correct remote key you can start or later through and select the music you want by. or via the switch 3 turn off the engine by pressing the Start Stop using the car s radio controls the multi. 3 Cruise Control is not a substitute for the driver s own. button function steering wheel buttons or iDrive, responsibility in adjusting speed and otherwise controlling 4 Foot must be on brake and with manual transmission must. Controller Music titles are displayed on the, the vehicle Due to road traffic and visibility conditions also depress the clutch in order to start. the driver decides whether and how the system is used radio or Navigation screen. 2009 BMW 3 Series Convertible 328i 335i The Ultimate Driving Machine A BMW that s open to the air and to innovative engineering Push its Start button and it will push yours Raises the roof and the standard for all around performance A vehicle in which innovation and comfort are synonymous Even with an abundance of fresh air you ll still be left breathless The 3

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