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TABLE OF CONTENTS,The Four Winns Story 2 12,SPORTBOATS PAGES. H180 16 18,H190 20 22,H183 24 26,H203 28 31,H200 32 35. H200SS 36 39,H210 40 43,H210SS 44 47,H220 48 52,H220SS 54 57. H240 58 63,H260 64 67,H310 68 72,SL242 76 79,SL262 80 84. FS204 86 89,FS224 90 93,FS244 94 97,FS274 98 101,S215 104 107.
V248 110 113,V258 114 117,V278 118 121,V288 122 125. V318 126 129,V338 130 133,V358 134 137,V378 138 141. V458 142 145,H SERIES 146 156,SL SERIES 157 158,F SERIES 159 162. S SERIES 163,V SERIES 164 166,STERN DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS 167 196. INBOARD SPECIFICATIONS 197 205,DIMENSIONAL DATA 206.
WINNING EDGE 207 211,INTRODUCTION,FOR SALES PERSONNEL. FOUR WINNS Fast Facts is your ready reference to the specific. details necessary to assist customers in their boat buying process. In addition to boat specs and engine characteristics each model s. description is followed by the available options Four Winns boats. also have these added advantages as available by model. AquaflexTM vinyl,Chrome stainless components,Comfort RideTM seats. Copper wiring harness,Faria Gauges,iPod MP3 player port. Fiberglass liner,Interstate Marine batteries,Intuitive switch design. Ladder angled deep reach,Mercury Smart Tow and DTS.
Sony Stereo,Sirius Satellite Entertainment,Stable Vee hull. Sure LoadTM trailers,Volvo Penta IPS, A brief description of these features follows and will serve as a. pocket reference refresher on the Four Winns advantages For more. specific detail refer to the Four Winns website current catalogs or. FIRST training modules,Aquaflex Vinyl, Aquaflex vinyl is made exclusively from Four Winns It. is designed to be more comfortable highly resistant to. scuffing and abrasion and has a stronger backing to. resist tearing and cracking Aquaflex is not available on. Chrome Stainless,Components,Every Four Winns boat,features a raised model. designator and chrome,stainless steel,Hull and deck are triple.
fastened with stainless,steel screws sealed with,polyurethane and topped. with a rugged stainless steel,Chrome Stainless,Components. stainless steel fittings,The strength durability and beauty of. stainless steel cleats drink holders,lifting eyes rails and other hardware. are appealing to customers They are,also low maintenance.
PASSENGER ASSIST HANDLES, Whether crafted in stainless steel or durable composite. material look for assist handles to be well placed and. Comfort RidE Seats,Stay Dry Molded Comfort Foam,Water gets squeezed out. by the suspension springs,and passes through the,reticulated foam and out. Stainless Steel,The stout suspension,provides comfortable yet. sturdy support system,polyboard surround won t,rot or mildew.
Reticulated Foam,There s a complicated, network of cells in this foam which allows for excellent. wicking properties and long lasting performance,MORE SEAT FEATURES. Ergonomically Designed,The contour of the bolster allows. boaters to bring their feet back,for greater comfort and better. Many Four Winns models feature,adjustable seating that allows.
for the seat to slide fore and aft,and to rotate Levers are located. beneath the seat,TIN PLATED,Copper Wiring Harness,Four Winns utilizes. copper wiring har,nesses with a tin,coating to inhibit. corrosion in saltwater,environments Internal,silicone seals protect. against damage and,the contacts are rated,for the high amperages required for today s boats.
Faria Gauges,Fog resistant,The plastic lenses,are specially coated. to resist fogging and,condensation,Fiberglass Liner. Four Winns boats feature a fiberglass liner and snap in. carpet making them easy to keep clean,Interstate Marine Batteries. Four Winns includes a long lasting,Interstate Marine battery ies. with each boat,iPod MP3 Player Port,There is an iPOD MP3.
12VDC port in every,Four Winns model making,it easy for customers to lis. ten to their preferred music,utilizing the stereo system. The 12VDC port also allows,boaters to charge players. and cell phones,Intuitive Switch Design, Intuitive switch design and selection is just one way to. show that Four Winns understands the boaters Each helm. features the right switching mechanism for the type of op. eration to be performed There are a combination of toggle. switches rotary knobs and stainless steel push button. switches for operating pre and post launch functions. ROTARY TOGGLE PUSH BUTTON,Deep Reach Ladder,The Four Winns swim ladder is.
designed to faciliate boarding it s,angled for easy accessibility and. it features wide step pads that are,easy on the feet Most importantly it. extends much deeper into the water,than competitive models The ladder. folds into a storage compartment,Mercury DTS and Smart Tow. Digital Throttle and Shift DTS is a throttle and shift by. wire system that takes the effort out of shifting and throt. tling Docking picking up riders and other maneuvers are. much easier than with conventional controls Synchroniza. tion on twins is automatic Smart Tow combines with DTS. to achieve pre established towing speeds and acceleration. rates Once programmed and when the rider is ready driv. ers simply advance to full throttle and the rider experienc. es the same pull and the same steady speed every time. Sirius Satellite Radio,Four Winns provides a six month subscription to.
SIRIUS satellite radio many of the channels are 100. commercial free Dealer activation is required available. in North America only,Sony Stereo,Four Winns has,partnered with. the leading name,in audio Sony,for its on water,entertainment Each. model features a,marine grade AM FM CD player some models have. available stereo upgrades which include amplifiers and. additional speakers see the Four Winns website or catalog. for availability,Stable Vee Hull,Engineer Tom Wenstadt designed the Four Winns. Stable Vee hull design an official patent and received. the coveted Popular Mechanics award Since then, plenty of others have attempted to emulate the design.
but there s only,one true Stable Vee,design Nowhere. is the Stable Vee,advantage more,evident than during. a hard cranking turn,The running surface,clings to water like. it s on rails Stays flat much like driving a sports car. Other features of Stable Vee that should be explained. to a customer,There is a stepped running surface that. reduces drag friction while underway,After pods help the boat plane more quickly.
much like a set of trim tabs,The angle of the rise in the boat s hull creates. a smooth ride,The unique shape of the chine gives the boat. a large stable footprint,The SL model below features a Stable Vee. modification the split chine SC The chine,surface starts as one surface aft then splits. into two diverging surfaces forward This,provides a new level of forward load carrying.
roll stability and ride comfort,SURE LOADTM TRAILERS. Four Winns is one of the only recreational boat manufac. turers in the world to make its own trailers Everything. about a Sure LoadTM Trailer is designed for ease of use and. hassle free ownership,Low profile, Boats that sit too high on a trailer are tough to tow the. Four Winns low profile allows for vehicle responsiveness. and easier handling A Sure LoadTM trailer has a lower cen. ter of gravity It s easier safer and more fuel efficient. Fully welded fabrication, Unlike other trailers that incorporate bolts and clamps a. Four Winns Sure Load trailer is fully welded There s. nothing to loosen over time and fewer places for corrosion. Closed box steel construction, Trailers are constructed of 11 gauge closed box tube. steel Many competitive trailers are fabricated using open. channel c stock potentially compromising strength and. structural integrity,Polyurethane finish, Compared with the spray enamel used on some trailers.
electrostatically applied polyurethane is both longer lasting. and more resistant to the long term effects of sun wind. and temperature changes Colors are matched to the,gelcoat some exceptions apply. HEAVY DUTY JACK STAND, The Sure Load jack stand has a rotating wheel base the. jack stand swivels and locks in place when towing,turbolube system. TurboLube is an oil bath bearing system that features a. plastic hub so you can visually see the oil level in each. wheel NA on some models,Side guides, The vertical rails help keep the boat straight during cross. current or cross wind conditions eliminating stressful. situations at the launch NA on some models,Longitudinal bunks.
While roller style trailers may look easier to load bunk trail. ers do the job more effortlessly with perfect alignment. each time These bunks cradle the boat along each chine. so the weight is distributed across a greater area. fixed tie downs, Four Winns has devised a way to attach the mechanism to. the trailer frame so users have ready access to this impor. tant safety feature NA on some models,high quality tires. Four Winns utilizes high quality tires on every trailer it. manufactures,non marking bow rollers, The forward portion of the keel rests against these high. density rollers which are made of a special material that. won t leave scuff marks,Disc brakes, Disc brakes are less prone to heat build up which means. they provide more potent stopping power even under. demanding towing conditions NA on some models,Fold away tongue.
Planning to store your boat in the garage or outbuilding. The handy swing away trailer tongue feature will minimize. space requirements or reduce wasted space,VOLVO PENTA IPS. IPS is the revolutionary Integrated Propulsion System with. individually steerable azimuthing pod drives Each pod is. steered independently of the other Sophisticated software. transforms the driver s joystick commands into steering. angles gear shifts and throttle positions The boat moves. precisely as the driver intends it to For more information. visit www volvopenta com,Benefits of IPS,Better fuel economy greater range. Increased maneuverability,Reduced sound levels,Enhanced acceleration. Higher top speed,Less vibration,Virtually no fumes. Car like handling,Joystick control,FAST FACTS NOTES.
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