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N great shows Unfortunately they did not live up to. Neexxtt PPrroojjeecctt M,Maaggiicc ffoorr A, pprriill their potential There was a bright spot on the. Performing at 6 45 PM on April 20 for,Saturday night show and that was Tony Chapek His. Project Magic are,interactive magic and video was outstanding And. Steve Buesking Terry Richison Ted Schnarre and, speaking of standing the audience was on it s feet. Steve Zuehlke, with a standing ovation before he even finished his.
act The good news is that he is already booked for. PROJECT MAGIC the Midwest Magic Jubilee and you will have chance. to witness this pure marvel for yourself, Thanks to One of the highlights this year was my fellow co. Bob Blattel Robert Campbell and John Davit pilot Terry Richison s entrance into BOTH the stage. for their performances at the Shriners and close up competition Although Terry didn t place. Hospital in the events he received lots of good comments in. both stage and close up A great piece of advice for. Next Show is on those who perform One of the comments I most. April 20 2005 at 6 45 PM heard about Terry was his appearance He looked. sharp for both events which is a task in itself since the. Magi Fest competitions start at 8 00am A piece of advice All. the world is a stage So dress like it Congrats to,Review our own Terry Richison. Steve Zuehlke,Rumor has it that next year s Magi Fest will be a. The 74th annual Magi Fest was held over Super complete blowout since it will be their 75th. Bowl weekend Although my team didn t win I had a Anniversary This is a convention that you should. great pre game in Columbus Ohio at this year s consider attending. Magi Fest With 74 years behind this great,convention they have it down to a science On hand. Magic Magazine, this year were St Louis members Steve Zuehlke For those who subscribe to Magic Magazine check.
Terry Richison Harold D Russell Tom Westerheide out the March issue I was surprised to open the cover. Steve Buesking and Jeff Lefton Jeff elected to fly and see a picture of our own Shep Hyken Shep has. due to prior commitments while the five of us drove written a great two page article which is a must read. One of the highlights was the drive up to the for any serious worker Even if you don t do magic. convention 8 hours of me driving while listening to full time Shep s advice will make you a better. some great magic stories by my fellow passengers person Congrats Shep and hopefully we will see. Although the Magi Fest mirrors the Midwest Jubilee more in the future issues. in format this biased reviewer s opinion is Don t,miss this year s Jubilee While the Magi Fest is. always great due its long tradition our Jubilee has so. Where to buy Magic Steve Zuehlke,I would like to think that everyone is on Steve. much more to offer, Bender s mailing list If not drop him a line and have. This years entertainers included Stephen Bargatze, him add you to the list I recently was over at Steve s. Eric Buss Nels Cremean Richard Forget Mathew, with the latest newsletter in hand Needless to say.
David Stanley Danny Archer The Magic of Stewart, when I left my wallet was a little lighter than when I. and Lori and Tony Chapek Lectures there were,arrived He has some really neat stuff this month. only 5 Jay Sankey Bill Jarvis Barrie Richardson, Don t let these deals slip away Speaking of dealers. and Danny Archer,don t forget to support Conrad Dunn s shop at Mid. The hit lecture was Jay Sankey He had 300,Rivers Mall and Dennis Hampel s shop on the east.
people there and totally energized You could tell,side Both of these long time magicians promise to. when he sold out of almost everything he had after. order anything you may need If you see something in. the lecture Barrie Richardson had a fresh new, a magazine or catalog call these two gentlemen first. lecture on Mentalism Barrie has a way of consuming. before spending your hard earned dollars on some, his audience so that you are riveted through his final. out of town dealer or some fly by night internet,words The evening shows had the potential to be. Michael just lectured in Houston last night to a, 2005 Spring Parade crowd of 60 magicians Everyone was very.
impressed with Mike and his thinking on magic He, of Magic really wants to make everyone a better magician Do. April 16th yourself a favor and catch Mike s lecture if he is. anywhere near your area You won t be,Mark your calendarscalendars for the Annual. disappointed GARY PLANTS HOUSTON,Ring 1 Spring Parade of Magic Show This year. promises to be one of the best so far We have a great. This may be the best lecture I have ever seen in my. line up that will keep the audience on the edge of their. 29 years of magic JIM SHORT OKLAHOMA,seats Scheduled to perform is Keith Smith Ray. Belz Steven Sheilds Tim Shegitz Terry Richison, So there you have it Make plans to arrive early as.
and Brian Boyd Chuck Levy and John Davit will, this caliber of lecture will truly bring out a strong. be wowing the audience with their fantasic close up. crowd Time again is at 7 30pm at the Best Western,magic prior to the shows. Westport Park Hotel 2434 Old Dorsett Road,Maryland Heights MO 63043 Directions From I44. We also want to thankthank Steve and Audrey Levit,or I64 40 take I 270 North Take the Dorsett Road. Larry Skorepa Mike Sirota Dave Snetsinger Don, exit Turn right then make a quick left turn From I.
Rataj and Sr Michael Therese Bauer for helping,70 Take I 270 South Take the Dorsett Road exit. make things operate smoothly behind the scenes A, then left to the 2nd light then turn left on Old Dorsett. special thanks to Ben Stuparits for our poster design. Please print off copies of the show flyer and,distribute to your friends and around your work. place There will be 2 great shows 1 30PM and,7 30PM Most of all we need help getting the word. out to our family and friends Tickets are 8 for,2005 Ring One Elections.
Adults and 6 for Children Advanced ticket sales A Nomination Committee was appointed to create. can be made by calling 636 947 1517 a slate of officers for years 2005 2006 The. committee submitted the nominee s names to the, Ring Board and they have approved the slate listed. Michael Close Lecture below All candidates indicated their willingness to. April 18th serve if elected, It is that time of the year again that all anxiously All additions to the ballot were made by the. await It is time for a guest lecturer The past few March 15th deadline A ballot will be sent to qualified. years have brought Ring One 12 incredible standing voters thirty days before the May Board Meeting at. room only lectures On Monday April 18th Ring which the votes will be counted All Ballots are to be. One will be host to one of magic s most well known mailed to Henry Schaper at 241 Tapestry Dr. magicians This is the guy other magicians go to for Oakville MO 63129 Officers assume their positions. guidance and critique He has authored numerous after the June meeting. books videos and invented many small miracles we,The nominees for offices are. call close up magic, This lecture is not just an educational experience President Terry Richison. it s a lot of fun You ll laugh you ll be amazed and Vice President Ted Schnarre. you ll leave knowing more about the world of magic Secretary Steve Buesking. OK who is it you ask Straight out of the Houdini Treasurer Larry Skorepa. lounge in the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas will be Sgt At Arms Eugene Schafer. Michael Close doing a new lecture that features Board Members Elect Four. routines from his ground breaking ebook CLOSELY Ray Belz Chuck Levy Harry Monti. GUARDED SECRETS Michael will also discuss, some old favorites from his critically acclaimed John Reider Ram Suntha Steve Zuehlke.
WORKERS series Board Member per Constitution, Listen to what others have said Past President Keith Smith. the article he suggested that I meet him at the bar of a. A Little Bit of History well known South St Louis restaurant That turned. Jim Creighton, out to be just the first of several South Side bars and. taverns we hit that night Everywhere people knew,Back in the early 70s when I joined Ring One. Joe and usually they asked him to do a trick, there was this kind of cranky old guy who sat in the. Joe was pushing 70 then but he wowed those, back of the room during lectures and kept up a flow.
folks under very difficult conditions It was sort of. of comments often unflattering in a whisper that, like Matt Schulien or Heba Heba Al taking his act on. could become embarrassingly loud, the road instead of performing in his own bar I can t. The cranky old guy was Joe Scott and I soon, remember everything Joe did but I do recall a signed. found out that Joe was actually one of the major,card that vanished and wound up in a small coin. figures in St Louis magic history Later when I, purse He also fried people with the ashes through the.
decided to do a story about him as part of a series on. St Louis magicians that I was writing for the Post. And Joe was still going strong long after I was, Dispatch I also discovered that he was a very nice. ready to call it a night,man despite the dim view he sometimes took of. visiting lecturers and his frank approach to expressing. Editors Note Jim was a writer for the Post Dispatch. his opinions,before retiring to California Thanks Jim for your. I was thinking about Joe because of that great, contribution to the Spirit We are looking forward to. little quiz than ran in February s Spirit the one where. reading more in the upcoming months, you had to match performers stage names with their.
real names Joe s real name was Piskulic His family The. was Croatian and he grew up on the South Side along. with a buddy who also showed up in that quiz Paul Central Illinois Get Together. Joe told me that he used to hang out in the Barr May 7th. Branch Library at Jefferson and Lafayette after school Central Illinois Magic Get Together on May 7th. in the winter mainly to stay warm That was where 2005 which will be hosted by IBM Ring 239 at the. Joe Piskulic and Paul Braden discovered the books on Center for the Arts in Springfield Illinois We have. magic that started them on the path to becoming Joe an awesome line up of entertainers lecturers and. Scott and Paul LePaul dealer s, Early in his career Joe and another young St Another reason to come to Springfield is all of the. Louis magician William Warfield toured across the cool Lincoln historic sites especially the brand new. Midwest with the full evening Warfield and Scott Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Also. Show playing dozens of cities and small towns over a while in town you should try to see Frank Lloyd. four year span But Joe really became an institution Wright s Dana Thomas Home. in his hometown doing hundreds and hundreds of Call or e mail Jeff Harpring at 217 496 2462. shows in a 30 year career magic4u famvid com if you have any. In those days before the big suburban malls the questions They are also making some plans for a. hot shopping spot was Famous Barr s downtown special night before event to be announced soon. store and its Christmas parties were eagerly awaited Send your registration in early to get the best. by generations of St Louis kids For 13 years Joe seating We are looking forward to a really fun day. was the featured magician at those holiday parties. In the 1940s he performed for even more St,Louisans on the excursion boats President and. Mentoring Program,Admiral One year we worked 116 consecutive. In the near future you will be receiving a letter from. days on the Admiral s afternoon cruises playing to. our Mentoring Leaders Steve Finkelstein and Ram, audiences of well over a thousand in the ballroom of. Suntha If you would like to sign up as a mentor or. the huge boat, would like to be mentored please fill out the form.
People who saw Joe s stage shows probably, and return it to Ram If you receive your Spirit via. remembered his card sword best but he was also a,regular mail it will be attached to this issue. good close up magician When I interviewed him for, Show Mac presents his show twice daily to sold out. The World Magic Summit crowds at Harrah s Casino The show is outstanding. Steve Zuehlke, and great for the old and young alike In the audience. This year s event in held in beautiful Las Vegas at the was our own John Apperson who was in Vegas for. Orleans Hotel Three and a half days of some some official S A M business. awesome magic Making the trip this year were Steve All and all a great time was had by all If you ever. Zuehlke Karl Grice Jeff Lefton Harry Monti and get the chance to make the trip you won t be. Shep Hyken along with one time resident Joe disappointed. Dobson An outstanding line up featuring a host of, some of the biggest names in magic For those who Who is Performing Where.
have not attended this wonderful convention you Thursday Evenings 6pm 8pm MOUNTAIN. really don t know what you re missing So much took GRILL located at 8924 Watson Road in Webster. place that it would be hard to review the entire Groves MO Chuck Levy. convention but I will try to give some of my personal. favorites One of the big draws is the stage contest First week in April 2 lectures at the World Clown. Magic Magazine For those who subscribe to Magic Magazine check out the March issue I was surprised to open the cover and see a picture of our own Shep Hyken Shep has written a great two page article which is a must read for any serious worker Even if you don t do magic full time Shep s advice will make you a better person Congrats Shep

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