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container and is not in direct contact with fluffy Eg Idli. the water or liquid Idli custard and Cooking time is less and. idiappam are made by steaming fuel wastage is less. Vegetables can also be steamed Steamed foods like idli. and idiappam contain less,fat and are easily digested. and are good for children,aged and for therapeutic. Nutrient loss is, Pressure When steam under pressure is used the Cooking time is less The initial investment may not. cooking method is known as pressure cooking and compared to other be affordable to everybody. the equipment used is the pressure cooker methods Knowledge of the usage care. In this method the temperature of boiling Nutrient and flavour loss and maintenance of cooker is. water can be raised above 1000C Rice is minimised required to prevent accidents. dhal meat roots and tubers are usually Conserves fuel and time Careful watch on the cooking. pressure cooked as different items can be time is required to prevent over. cooked at the same time cooking,Less chance for burning. and scorching,Constant attention is not, Poaching This involves cooking in the minimum No special equipment is Poached foods may not appeal to.
amount of liquid at temperatures of needed everybody as they are bland in. 800C 850 C that is below the boiling point Quick method of cooking taste. Egg and fish can be poached and therefore saves fuel Food can be scorched if water. Poached foods are easily evaporates due to careless. digested since no fat is monitoring,added Water soluble nutrients may be. leached into the water, Blanching This can be achieved by blanching In Peels can easily be Loss of nutrients if cooking. this method food is dipped in boiling removed to improve water is discarded. water for 5 seconds to 2 minutes digestibility, depending on the texture of the food This Destroys enzymes that. helps to remove the skin or peel without bring about spoilage. softening food Texture can be maintained, Blanching can also be done by pouring while improving the. enough boiling water on the food to colour and flavour of. immerse it for short periods and then food,immediately immersing in cold water.
The process causes the skin to become,loose and can be peeled off easily. DRY HEAT METHODS, Roasting In this method food is cooked in a Quick method of cooking Food can be scorched due to. heated metal or frying pan without It improves the appearance carelessness. covering it Eg Groundnut flavour and texture of the Roasting denatures proteins. food reducing their availability,Spices are easily powdered if. they are first roasted, Grilling or broiling refers to the Enhances flavour appearance Constant attention is required to. Grilling cooking of food by exposing it to and taste of the product prevent charring. direct heat In this method food is It requires less time to cook. placed above or in between a red hot Minimum fat is used. surface Papads corn phulkas,chicken can be prepared by this.
Toasting This is a method where food is kept Easy and quick method Special equipment required. between two heated elements to Flavour improved Careful monitoring is needed to. facilitate browning on both sides prevent charring. Bread slices are cooked by toasting, Baking In this method the food gets cooked Baking lends a unique baked Special equipment like oven is. in an oven or oven like appliance by flavour to foods required. dry heat The temperature range Foods become light and fluffy Baking skills are necessary to. maintained in an oven is 1200C cakes custards bread obtain a product with ideal. 2600C Uniform and bulk cooking texture flavour and colour. The food is usually kept uncovered in can be achieved Eg bun characteristics. a container greased with a fat coated bread Careful monitoring needed to. paper Bread cake biscuits pastries Flavour and texture are prevent scorching. and meat are prepared by this method improved,Variety of dishes can be. Sauteing Sauteing is a method in which food is Takes less time Constant attention is needed as. lightly tossed in little oil just enough Simple technique there is chance of scorching or. to cover the base of the pan The pan Minimum oil is used burning. is covered with a lid and the flame or,intensity of heat is reduced The. product obtained is slightly moist and,tender but without any liquid or gravy. Foods cooked by sauteing are,generally vegetables, Frying In this method the food to be cooked Very quick method of Careful monitoring is required as.
is brought into contact with larger cooking food easily gets charred when. amount of hot fat The calorific value of food is the smoking temperature is not. When food is totally immersed increased since fat is used as properly maintained. in hot oil it is called deep fat frying the cooking media The food may become soggy due. Samosa chips pakoda are examples Frying lends a delicious to too much oil absorption. of deep fat fried foods flavour and attractive Fried foods are not easily. In shallow fat frying only a little appearance to foods digested. fat is used and the food is turned in Taste and texture are Repeated use of heated oils will. order that both sides are browned Eg improved have ill effects on health. Omelette cutlets parathas,COMBINATION OF COOKING METHODS. Braising Braising is a combined method of Food preparations prepared by. roasting and stewing in a pan with a combination methods are. tight fitting lid Flavourings and Uppuma Roasting and boiling. seasonings are added and food is Cutlet Boiling and deep frying. allowed to cook gently Vermicilli payasam Roasting and. Microwaves are electromagnetic Quick method 10 times Baked products do not get a. Microwave waves of radiant energy Food placed faster than conventional brown surface. cooking in the oven is heated by microwaves method So loss of nutrients Microwave cooking cannot be. from all directions can be minimised used for simmering stewing or. Moist foods and liquid foods can be Only the food gets heated and deep frying. rapidly heated in such ovens Food the oven does not get heated Flavour of all ingredients does. should be kept in containers made of Food gets cooked uniformly not blend well as the cooking. plastic glass or china ware which do Leftovers can be reheated time is too short. not contain metallic substances These without changing the flavour. containers are used because they and texture of the product. transmit the microwaves but do not Microwave cooking enhances. absorb or reflect them the flavour of food because it. cooks quickly with little or no, Solar Cooking Solar cooking is a very simple Simple technique requires Special equipment is needed. technique that makes use of sunlight no special skill Slow cooking process. or solar energy which is a non Cost effective as natural Cannot be used in the. conventional source of energy The sunlight is the form of energy absence of sunlight. temperature up to 1400C can be Original flavour of food is. obtained which is adequate for retained,cooking There is no danger of. scorching or burning,Loss of nutrients is minimum,as only little amounts of water. is used in cooking, 1 http www textbooksonline tn nic in Books 11 Nutrition EM CHAPTER 2 pdf.
2 http www dnr mo gov env wpp boil Boil1 jpg,3 http z hubpages com u 115786 f260 jpg. 4 http i185 photobucket com albums x146 smananthi DCP 3950 jpg. 5 http www healthgoods com Shopping images Pressure Cooking Step2 jpg. 6 http thediningdiva typepad com the dining diva images veracruz blanching the tomatoes jpg. 7 http z about com d localfoods 1 0 e WateronEggs jpg. 8 http cache daylife com imageserve 02VtbrNbtQ2T3 610x jpg. 9 http farm2 static flickr com 1323 1258471481 a764e2aa32 o jpg. 10 http muhammadfarms com Kitchen 10 biscuits JPG, 11 http farm2 static flickr com 1096 529143527 c8cd9a3d8b jpg v 0. 12 http farm4 static flickr com 3241 2280353615 79ff7f7b22 jpg. 13 http chillies files wordpress com 2007 01 semiya payasam1 JPG. 14 http farm2 static flickr com 1155 1267216536 bd5f417d29 jpg v 0. 15 http images2 wikia nocookie net solarcooking images thumb 7 7e Ju jpg. leached into the water Blanching This can be achieved by blanching In this method food is dipped in boiling water for 5 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the texture of the food

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