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2 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. Disclaimer Copyright,Copyright 2019 by Mukesh Kumar. All rights reserved Share this eBook as it is don t reproduce republish change or copy This is a free. eBook and you are free to give it away in unmodified form to whomever you wish No part of this. publication may be reproduced distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means including. photocopying recording or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission. from the author, The information provided within this eBook is for general informational purposes only While we try to. keep the information up to date and correct there are no representations or warranties express or. implied about the completeness accuracy reliability suitability or availability with respect to the. information products services or related graphics contained in this eBook for any purpose Any use of this. information is at your own risk, The methods described in this eBook are the author s personal thoughts They are not intended to be a. definitive set of instructions for this project You may discover there are other methods and materials to. accomplish the same end result,Mukesh Kumar,By Mukesh Kumar. 3 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. About The Author, Mukesh Kumar is a Software Developer and Microsoft MVP who has a.
Master s degree in Computer Science He is also C Corner MVP Blogger. Writer and has more than seven years of extensive experience designing. and developing enterprise scale applications on Microsoft Technologies like. C Asp Net Web API Asp NET Core Microsoft Azure Angular 4. JavaScript Node JS Python etc, He is a passionate author on www mukeshkumar net and believes in the. motto Think for the new, You can also follow him on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and Google. By Mukesh Kumar, 4 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. Table of Contents,1 About DevOps 5,1 1 Definition 5. 1 2 Why DevOps 6,1 3 DevOps Lifecycle 6,1 4 Prerequisites 8.
2 CI CD Pipeline 10,3 Why Azure DevOps 12,4 DevOps Project Setup 13. 4 1 Create Asp Net Core Project 13,4 2 xUnit Test Project 22. 4 3 Add Project to GitHub 27,5 Create Organization and Project 30. 6 Continuous Integration 35,7 Create Azure App Services 49. 8 Continuous Delivery 59,8 1 Create Dev Stage 59,8 2 Create QA Stage 66.
8 3 Create Prod Stage 79,9 Add Slot 90,10 Run and Test Azure DevOps Pipeline 96. By Mukesh Kumar, 5 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. 1 About DevOps,1 1 Definition, DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations It means Dev Ops DevOps It is a culture which. automates the system and improves and accelerates delivery to the client in a repeated manner It s basically a. collaboration between the Development team and the Operations team for serving a better quality application It is. a culture for continuous integration and continuous delivery where we make the automated build system as well as. automated deployment system In other words DevOps is practice collaboration between Development and. Operations from the planning of a project to deployment on production It involves the complete SDLC life cycle as. well as monitoring, Understanding DevOps you should consider the following points as well. DevOps means only combining the two teams of Development and Operations. It is not a separate team,It is not a product or tool.
DevOps people do not hire from outside they are internal team members who are working either in the. development phase or in the operations phase, It is a group of people processes and tools It basically brings the two or more different teams like development and. operations together with a well defined process using some great tools for automatic software delivery to the. client It is a set of practices which are used by the DevOps teams to speed up the quality delivery There are. different kinds of tools or set of tools which are used in Continuous Integration CI and Continuous Delivery CD. where it performs restoring the code building the processes executing the test cases and deployment on the stage. environment etc,By Mukesh Kumar, 6 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. 1 2 Why DevOps, To understand why DevOps is required let s first understand what happens without DevOps. As an IT consulting firm while initiating a new project we have two different kinds of teams First is the. Development team which is involved completely in developing and testing including writing code and unit test. cases The other team is the Operations team which is involved in operating and monitoring the product. Without DevOps both teams Development and Operations work completely in an isolated manner. If DevOps is not there then the team spends most of the time in building the code and deploying on multiple. environments, Each team waits for others to be done This means if development is going on then the testing team waits. for the deployment of the code Artifact on the QA environment and in the same manner the operations. team waits for the deployment on the Production environment So due to this a large amount of time gets. As a human being we make mistakes Every time building the code and deploying on specific environments. in a manual fashion can increase the issues and resolving it will take a lot of time Rather than doing it. manually we can make it automated using DevOps, So the above points show that we face lots of human issues and system issues if we are not following DevOps Now.
let s see how we can make it more systematic using DevOps and how DevOps helps us to achieve the same tasks in. less time without any errors, DevOps increases the higher success rate of new releases without any error. It helps us to simplify the whole development and deployment process. Automates the manual process like build process release process etc. Automates executing the test cases, Configures the continuous delivery and continuous deployment in the release cycle. Live monitoring,It also helps in team collaboration. Reduces the failures and rollbacks,Provides continuous improvement. 1 3 DevOps Lifecycle, DevOps is a culture where Development and Operations teams get involved The development phase has its own.
lifecycle and the Operations phase has its own as well If we combine both lifecycles we get the lifecycle of DevOps. If an organization is not following or considering some of the points from the DevOps lifecycle then we can say they. are not following DevOps culture From planning to deployment we have several stages which are very important. and we cannot skip any of them So let s understand the DevOps lifecycle. By Mukesh Kumar, 7 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. It is the first stage of any new project Here we plan for a new project from requirement gathering from the. customer and planning to deliver the final project to the customer. What the requirements are,What types of product we have to create. What the timelines are for different sprints and the final product. What technologies we will use,What tools we will use. How many team members will be available for this project. What process we are going to follow like agile, In this stage we do the coding for creating the product with actual functionality as discussed with the customer We. use different types of methodologies for achieving the goal like Agile methodology Here we group the tasks in the. sprint and their estimation as well Sprints are basically for 2 3 weeks Unit Test cases are also to be a part of the. In this stage we build the code Code building happens two times first when a developer is writing the code then. he she has to build the code every time in their own local system to see the functionality The second time when a. team member checks in the code in source control repository then it automates the build for the code and makes. the artifact for deployment,By Mukesh Kumar, 8 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide.
Testing is the heart of any development process We write the Unit Test cases along with code In DevOps test cases. auto execute and validate the build process, In this stage it collects the build artifact which can deploy further. Here we start the deployment on the respective stages which are configured in the Release Pipeline Actually after. testing and validating the build artifact it auto starts the deployment on the respective environment using a. continuous delivery process But before deploying it to the production environment it asks for approval which can. be done manually, We can also automate the whole deployment process using continuous deployment This is basically used when we. have small changes which can be deployed on production as well without any approvals. OPERATE MONITOR After successful deployment on the production environment we have to operate the whole. system and monitor the application This monitoring is not only the performance but also the functionality. 1 4 Prerequisites, In order to do this practical demonstration we will require a few tool and some accounts. Visual Studio 2017 or Higher Version It is a world class IDE which supports more than 40 programming languages. We will create the sample application along with a test project using Visual Studio 2017 So before starting the. demonstration we will require Visual Studio 2017 If you would like to download Visual Studio 2017 we can. download it from HERE,Alternatively, 1 We can also use the Visual Studio Code which is totally open source and can be download from HERE. 2 We can also create the Virtual Machine on the cloud Cloud Account is required and install Visual Studio 2017. Azure DevOps We need an Azure DevOps account If we have an account with Azure DevOps that s fine otherwise. we can sign up from HERE Earlier it was known as VSTS Visual Studio Team Service We can also get the free trial. Azure DevOps account Just click on the button Get Azure DevOps Free as follows. By Mukesh Kumar, 9 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide.
Microsoft Azure Account We also require Microsoft Azure account to access Cloud Services like VM App Service. and Database If we don t have any subscription for Microsoft Azure then we can go with a Free Trial. https portal azure com is the portal for accessing all Microsoft Azure Services. By Mukesh Kumar, 10 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide. 2 CI CD Pipeline, Now a days the delivery process in software development is rapid and fast With the help of several tools we try to. customize our delivery process If delivery process will be smooth then we can deliver the high quality of product to. customer within timeline Actually customer wants to get the small change or small functionality to be added in. minimum time To enable to faster delivery process we take the help of some of the mechanism like agile and. various tools and people and it is called DevOps, Let see what the old process in development are and what happens if some issues are there. 1 Get the requirements from Business, 2 Make a plan for converting the requirements into the actual functionality. 3 Developers do the code and check in it to a repository like TFS GitHub etc. 4 After all code checks in to the repository a developer executes the build process. 5 Run the test cases against the code, 6 If everything is fine code gets deployed on the DEV server and then on QA.
7 If QA confirms the OK then deployment goes started on PROD. Above is the general development workflows which are used mostly in small organizations But is this process. correct Let understand the problem with the above development and delivery process. 1 Every time a developer check in the code into repository but he she doesn t know about Build Is build. created successfully or not, 2 Developers should wait for other developers to do the check in the code and building the code before. deploying to DEV QA server, 3 If a developer has completed his her work and has checked in the code they have to wait for others. developers to check in the code as well, 4 If something wrong with anyone code then builds cycle will stop and wait again till the issue is resolved. 5 As a human being we do a lot of mistakes We can also do a mistake while doing the manual. deployment, 6 Chances to get more issues from development to deployment. As we can see with above points there are several issues while using the old deployment process Which also need. more time as doing manual deployment more resource for completing manual deployment and obviously more. money We can resolve all the above issues if we implement the Azure DevOps In Azure DevOps we have. Continuous Integration CI and Continuous Delivery CD These help us to make the whole process as automated. So let understand what these are, Continuous Integration CI It is an automated build process which starts automatically when a developer checks in.
the code into the respective branch Once the code check in process is done the Continuous Integration process. starts It fetches the latest code from the respective branch and restore the required packages and start building. automatically After build process it auto starts executing the Unit Test Cases and at the end build artifact is ready. This build artifact further will use for deployment in Release process. Continuous Delivery 59 8 1 Create Dev Stage 59 8 2 Create QA Stage 66 8 3 Create Prod Stage 79 9 Add Slot 90 10 Run and Test Azure DevOps Pipeline 96 5 Azure DevOps Complete CI CD Pipeline Practical Guide By Mukesh Kumar 1 About DevOps 1 1 Definition DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations It means Dev Ops DevOps It is a culture which automates the system and

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