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5 Drafting 06 hrs,5 1 Report Writing,5 2 Inspection Notes. 5 3 Memos Circulars and Notes,5 4 Notices,5 5 Press Release. 5 6 Agenda and Minutes of Meetings, 5 7 Applying for a Job Forwarding letter Resume C V follow up. 6 Glossary of Technical Scientific Terms 04 hrs,7 Communication 08 hrs. 7 1 Media and Modes of Communication,7 2 Channels of Communication.
7 3 Barriers to Communication,7 4 Listening Skills. 7 5 Body language,7 6 Humour in Communication,LIST OF PRACTICALS. 1 Practice on browsing information from Internet and e mail. 2 Group Discussions,3 Mock Interviews,4 Telephone Etiquette demonstration and practice. 5 Situational Conversation with feedback through video recording. 6 Presentation on a given theme using PowerPoint, 7 Exercises leading to personality development like mannerism etiquettes body language etc. 8 Reading unseen passages,9 Writing developing a paragraph.
10 Exercises on writing notices and telephonic messages. 1 The Text Book on English and Communication Skills Book II By Kuldip Jaidka et al developed. by NITTTR Chandigarh is recommended to be used for teaching setting up the question. 2 A communication laboratory may be set up consisting of appropriate audio video system with. facility of playing CDs DVDS and a video camera for recording the performance of each student. with play back facility A set of CDs from any language training organization e g British Council. etc may be procured for use of students, 3 Elements of body language will be incorporated in all practicals. 4 The practical exercises involving writing may also be included in Theory Examination. RECOMMENDED BOOKS, 1 English and Communication Skills Book I By Kuldip Jaidka Alwinder Dhillon and Parmod Kumar. Singla Prescribed by NITTTR Chandigarh Published By Abhishek Publication 57 59 Sector. 17 Chandigarh, 2 Rich Vocabulary Made Easy by Kuldip Jaidka Mohindra Capital Publishers Chandigarh. 3 Spoken English 2nd Edition by V Sasikumar PV Dhamija Published by Tata MC Graw Hills. 4 Spoken English by MC Sreevalsan Published by M S Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd New. 5 Spoken English A foundation course Part I Part II By Kamlesh Sdanand Susheela. Punitha Published by Orient BlackSwan Hyderabad, 6 Practical Course in English Pronunciation by J Sethi Kamlesh Sadanand DV Jindal Published. by PHI Learning Pvt Ltd New Delhi, 7 A Practical Course in Spoken English by JK Gangal Published by PHI Learning Pvt Ltd New.
8 English Grammar Composition and Usage by NK Aggarwal and FT Wood Published by. Macmillan Publishers India Ltd New Delhi, 9 Business Correspondence Report writing 4th Edition by RC Sharma and Krishna Mohan. Published by Tata MC Graw Hills New Delhi, 10 Business Communication by Urmila Rani SM Rai Published by Himalaya Publishing House. 11 Business Communication Skills by Varinder Kumar Bodh Raj NP Manocha Published by. Kalyani Publisher New Delhi, 12 Professional Communication by Kavita Tyagi Padma Misra Published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd New Delhi, 13 Business Communication and Personality Development by Bsiwajit Das and Ipseeta Satpathy. Published by Excel Books Delhi, 14 Succeeding Through Communication by Subhash Jagota Published by Excel Books Delhi.
15 Communication Skills for professionals by Nira Konar Published by PHI Learning Pvt Ltd New. 16 Developing Communication Skills 2nd Edition by Krishna Mohan Meera Banerji Published by. Macmillan Publishers India Ltd New Delhi, 17 Effective Technical Communication By M Ashraf Rizwi Published by Tata MC Graw Hills New. 18 Basic Communication Skills for Technology by Andrea J Rutherfoord Published by Pearson. Education New Delhi, 19 English Communication Skills for students of Science Engineering by SP Dhanavel. Published by Orient BlackSwan Hyderabad, 20 Technical Communication Principles Practices by Meenakshi Raman Sangeetha Sharma. Published by Oxford University Press New Delhi, 21 Technical English by S Devaki Reddy Shreesh Chaudhary Published by Macmillan. Publishers India Ltd New Delhi, 22 Advanced Technical Communication by Kavita Tyagi Padma Misra Published by PHI.
Learning Pvt Ltd New Delhi, 23 Communication Skills for Engineer Scientist by Sangeeta Sharma Binod Mishra Published. by PHI Learning Pvt Ltd New Delhi,SUGGESTED DISTRIBUTION OF MARKS. Topic No Time Allotted Hrs Marks Allotted,Total 48 100. 2 2 APPLIED MATHEMATICS II, Applied mathematics forms the backbone of engineering students Basic elements of Differential calculus. and integral calculus and statistics have been included in this course This will develop analytical abilities. to apply in engineering field and will provide continuing educational base to the students. DETAILED CONTENTS,1 Differential Calculus 30 hrs,1 1 Definition of function Concept of limits.
Four standard limits x a,Lt Sin x Lt a 1,x Lt 1 x 1 x. 1 2 Differentiation by definition of xn sin x cos x tan x ex logax only. 1 3 Differentiation of sum product and quotient of functions Differentiation of function of a. 1 4 Differentiation of trigonometric inverse functions Logarithmic differentiation Exponential. differentiation Successive differentiation excluding nth order. 1 5 Applications,a Maxima and minima, b Equation of tangent and normal to a curve for explicit functions. only Simple problems only,2 Integral Calculus 30 hrs. 2 1 Integration as inverse operation of differentiation. 2 2 Simple integration by substitution by parts and by partial fractions for. linear factors only, 2 3 Evaluation of definite integrals simple problems. Evaluation of Sin x dx Cos x dx Sinm x Cosn x dx, using formulae without proof m and n being positive integers only.
3 Ordinary Differential Equations 10 hrs, 3 1 Definition and formation of Differential Equations. 3 2 Solution of first order Differential Equations of the type. i Variable separable form,ii Homogeneous Differential Equations. iii Linear Differential Equations,4 Statistics 10 hrs. 4 1 Measures of Central Tendency Mean Median Mode, 4 2 Measures of Dispersion Mean deviation Standard deviation. RECOMMENDED BOOKS, 1 Elementary Engineering Mathematics by BS Grewal Khanna Publishers New Delhi.
2 Applied Mathematics II by Dr Sunita Rani Jain Abhishek Publishers Chandigarh. 3 Engineering Mathematics by Vol I II by S Kohli IPH Jalandhar. 4 Applied Mathematics by Dr RD Sharma, 5 Applied Mathematics Vol I II by SS Sabharwal Sunita Jain Eagle Parkashan Jalandhar. 6 Comprehensive Mathematics Vol I II by Laxmi Publications. 7 Engineering Mathematics by Dass Gupta, 8 Engineering Mathematics by C Dass Chawla Asian Publishers New Delhi. 9 Engineering Mathematics Vol I II III by V Sundaram et al Vikas Publishing House P Ltd. 10 Engineering Mathematics by N Ch S N Iyengar et al Vikas Publishing House P Ltd New. 11 Engineering Mathematics Vol I II by SS Sastry Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd. 12 Engineering Mathematics Vol I II by AK Gupta Macmillan India Ltd New Delhi. SUGGESTED DISTRIBUTION OF MARKS,Topic No Time Allotted Hrs Marks Allotted. Total 80 100,2 3 APPLIED PHYSICS II, Applied physics includes the study of a large number of diverse topics related to things that go in the. world around us It aims to give an understanding of this world both by observation and prediction of the. way in which objects behave Concrete use of physical principles and analysis in various fields of. engineering and technology,DETAILED CONTENTS,1 Optics 10 hrs.
1 1 Review of basic optics laws reflection and refraction. 1 2 Refraction and refractive index image formation in lenses image magnification lens. formulae thin lens only power of lens total internal reflection and their applications. 1 3 Simple and compound microscope astronomical telescope magnifying power and its. calculation in each case Terrestrial and Galileo s telescope Concept only and their. applications,2 Electrostatics 12 hrs, 2 1 Coulombs law unit of charge electric potential and electric potential difference. 2 2 Electric field electric field intensity electric lines of force electric flux Gauss s Law. 2 3 Applications of Gauss law in finding electric field of point charge straight charged. conductor plane charged sheet and between two plane parallel charged sheets. 2 4 Capacitance types of capacitors capacitance of parallel plate capacitor series and. parallel combination of capacitors Dielectric and its effect on capacitance and dielectric. break down, 2 5 Application of electrostatics in electrostatic precipitator. 3 DC Circuits 12 hrs, 3 1 Concept of electricity current and its units direct and alternating current voltage. resistance potential difference and e m f, 3 2 Ohm s law and its applications concept of resistance conductance specific resistance. effect of temperature on resistance co efficient of resistance series and parallel. combination of resistors introduction to super conductivity. 3 3 Kirchhoff s laws Wheatstone bridge principle and its applications Slide Wire. 3 4 Heating effect of current and concept of electric power energy and their units related. numerical problems, 3 5 Application of electricity in various equipments advantages of electrical energy over.
other forms of energy,4 Electromagnetism 13 hrs, 4 1 Magnetic field and its units magnetic intensity magnetic lines of force magnetic flux. and their units Right hand thumb rule magnetic lines of force due to straight conductor. circular coil and solenoid, 4 2 Force on a charge moving in a uniform magnetic field Lorentz force Force on a current. carrying straight conductor Torque on a current carrying rectangular coil. 4 3 Moving coil galvanometer conductor its principle construction and working conversion. of a galvanometer into ammeter and voltmeter, 4 4 Electromagnetic induction Faradays Laws Lenz s Law. 4 5 Applications of Electromagnetism,5 Semiconductor physics 07 hrs. 5 1 Energy bands intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors p n junction diode and its. characteristics, 5 2 Diode as rectifier half wave and full wave rectifier semiconductor transistor pnp and.
npn concept only,6 Modern Physics 10 hrs, 6 1 Electro magnetic spectrum photo electric effect and work function X rays properties. production and their applications in medicine and industries. 6 2 Lasers concept of energy levels ionizations and excitation potentials spontaneous and. stimulated emission lasers and its characteristics population inversion types of lasers. Helium Neon and ruby lasers their engineering and medical applications. 6 3 Fibre optics introduction to optical fiber materials types light propagation and. applications in communication, LIST OF PRACTICALS To perform minimum eight experiments. 1 To find the focal length of convex lens by displacement method. 2 To determine the magnifying power of an astronomical telescope. 3 Conversion of Galvanometer into an Ammeter of given range. 4 Conversion of Galvanometer into Voltmeter of given range. 5 To verify ohm s laws by drawing a graph between voltage and current. 6 To verify laws of resistances in series and in parallel connection. 7 To find resistance of galvanometer by half deflection method. 8 To measure very low resistance and very high resistance using Wheat Stone bridge. 9 To find the time constant of a capacitor, 10 To draw characteristics of a pn junction diode and determine knee and break down voltages. 11 To find wave length of He Ne semiconductor laser. INSTRUCTIONAL STATREGY, Teacher may use various instructional media like models charts and graphs while imparting instructions. The field application should be made clear before teaching the basics of waves sound light. electrostatics dc circuits electromagnetism and semiconductor physics etc to develop proper. understanding of the physical phenomenon Use of demonstration can make the subject interesting and. develop scientific temper in the students,RECOMMENDED BOOKS.
1 Text Book of Physics for Class XI Part I Part II N C E R T. 2 Applied Physics Vol I and Vol II TTTI Publications Tata McGraw Hill Delhi. 3 Concepts in Physics by HC Verma Vol I II Bharti Bhawan Ltd New Delhi. 4 Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick Halliday and Walker Asian Book Pvt Ltd New Delhi. 5 Fundamentals of Optics by Francis A Jenkins Harvey E White McGraw Hill International. Editions Physics Series, 6 A Text Book of Optics Subramanian and Brij Lal S Chand Co New Delhi. 7 Comprehensive Practical Physics Vol I II JN Jaiswal Laxmi Publishers. 8 Engineering Physics by PV Naik Pearson Education Pvt Ltd New Delhi. 9 Applied Physics I II by RA Banwait R Dogra Eagle Parkashan Jalandhar. 10 Applied Physics Vol II by Jasmer Kaur and Bhupinder Singh Lords Publications Jalandhar. 11 Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits by NN Bhargava et al Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishers New. 12 Principles of Electronics by SK Sahdev Dhanpat Rai and Co New Delhi. 13 Engineering Physics by Vanchna Singh and Sheeetal Kumar Cengage Learning India Pvt Ltd. Patparganj Delhi year 2008, SUGGESTED DISTRIBUTION OF MARKS FOR FACILITATING PAPER SETTER. Sr No Topic Time Allotted Marks Allotted,1 Optics 10 15. 2 Electrostatics 12 20,3 DC Circuits 12 20,4 Electromagnetism 13 20. 5 Semiconductor Physics 07 10,6 Modern Physics 10 15.
Total 64 100,2 4 APPLIED CHEMISTRY II, The role of chemistry in every branch of engineering and technology is expanding greatly Now a days. 1 English and Communication Skills Book I By Kuldip Jaidka Alwinder Dhillon and Parmod Kumar Singla Prescribed by NITTTR Chandigarh Published By Abhishek Publication 57 59 Sector 17 Chandigarh 2 Rich Vocabulary Made Easy by Kuldip Jaidka Mohindra Capital Publishers Chandigarh 3

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