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about us 20 open source,2 latest technologies 21 mobile solutions. 3 solutions we delivered 22 responsive web, 6 what our clients say 23 cloud applications migration. 24 big data analytics AI,our value propositions 25 internet of things. 8 your strategic software partner 26 embedded software. 9 end to end software solutions 27 telecom network. 10 dynamic engineering team 29 software development. 11 ONE team principle 30 software testing,12 effective communication 31 IT managed services. 13 established engineering process 32 business analysis. 14 secured environment 33 UX UI design,15 experience in large complex projects.
our culture,35 open and friendly environment,our capabilities 36 we help. 17 skill matrix 37 our history, 19 Microsoft technologies Why Vietnam for software outsourcing. 3 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019,want to maximize the value of. software outsourcing,leverage our extensive experience and successes. 22 years of experience,2 600 engineers,clients from 27 countries.
1 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019,leverage the latest technologies to build. the next generation of your product,R D centers for leading technology companies. R D research collaboration with universities in USA Canada Sweden Norway Finland. Australia etc, Innovation as a Service http tma innovation center. Internet of Things,Analytics AI,TMA Solutions 2,22 years 1997 2019. solutions we delivered,Telecom Finance,4G LTE Wireless and edge router.
Unified Communication Wealth management,VoIP IVR SIP Asterisk. E commerce Capital market,Fund management,Network and Access Management. NFV SDN WebRTC Asset management,Distribution Financial analyst tool. Online and mobile store,Visual product catalogue,Retail back office. Distribution management,3 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019.
solutions we delivered,Education Healthcare,Smart e TextBook DNA GENOME alignment. e Library e Book Clinic e Health solutions,Learning management Medication management. Student management Pharmaceutical applications,Media Publishing. Digital content management and distribution,DRM Digital Right Management technology. e Newspaper e Magazine e Catalog e Brochure and e Flyer. pdf e Pub3 custom formats,Video and audio player apps mp3 mp4.
TMA Solutions 4,22 years 1997 2019,solutions we delivered. High Tech Hospitality Logistics,Agriculture Travel Transportation. Dairy data analytics Travel and hotel portal apps Maritime solutions. IoT solutions Hospitality services platform Logistics management. Genetics Restaurant POS Fleet and vehicle management. Crop information system Visual menu app Field force automation. 5 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019,what our clients say. The management team is attentive responsive to feedback and demonstrates. initiative in continually improving effectiveness Our partnership with TMA has. allowed us to significantly reduce our labour costs and increase round the clock. utilization of expensive lab equipment,Lori Ciaralli. Karen Holliday,Engineering,Director Network Avaya Engineering.
Management Security Director USA,GENBAND USA, With dedication and training TMA were able to successfully grow this team. This large and complex product solution is now very stable with very good. quality indicators This was a very impressive ramp up activity. TMA Solutions 6,22 years 1997 2019,what our clients say. Rick Hansen TMA have good customer focus and are good at listening to. Regional CIO Brightstar our feedback and taking action. Jens Jonasson,TMA has the capability to get in to the. requirements fast understand the needs of,Falco Sweden. what has to be done ramp up a team in,short time for a given ok They provide a solid.
technical architecture that is scalable and level,of communication through the assignment is. 7 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019,our value propositions. your strategic software partner, Long term relationships many of our clients have been with us for 10 20 years. Moving from provider buyer to partnership model, Strong technical partner wide range of skills scalability flexibility. TMA Solutions 8,22 years 1997 2019,our value propositions.
end to end software solutions, From ideas to design implementation testing deployment maintenance and support. From software development and testing to application support and IT services. Visual Development Production,Design Support,Technical IT Managed. Solution Porting Migration Services,9 TMA Solutions. 22 years 1997 2019,our value propositions,dynamic engineering team. By hiring the top 5 of candidates from 6 000 resumes a year and heavy investment in. training hundreds of courses a year we have built a dedicated and strong engineering. team that is capable of working on large and complex projects. Hire top 5 of hundreds of training,candidates courses a year.
frank honest,communication, 40 have overseas experience ENGLISH is our working languages. TMA Solutions 10,22 years 1997 2019,our value propositions. ONE team principle, Fully integrated onshore offshore team to support your end customers. end customer,your team onshore team,end customer,TMA offshore team. end customer,product engineering team end customer.
11 TMA Solutions,22 years 1997 2019,our value propositions. effective communication,channels activities,email technical discussion. instant messaging task status,phone project reports. web video conference SCRUM meeting,web based tools milestone review. TRANSPARENCY VISIBILITY REGULAR COMMUNICATION,TMA Solutions 12.
TMA Solutions 1 21 years 1997 2018 Your quality partner for software solutions TMA BOOKLET www tmasolutions com 1997 2018

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